100 Days of Fair and Balanced

Some highlights:

    • “Socialism has failed”
    • “Our country is less safe today”
    • “Do you want socialism or not?”
    • “Liberal Utopian visions”
    • “March to socialism”
    • “The end of capitalism as we know it”
    • “Obama was elected by black racists and white guilty people”
    • “We’re starting to look at fascism”
    • “Closer to communism”
    • “The new socialist regime”
    • “There is real dishonesty in this man [Obama]”
    • “A walk down the road to socialism”
    • “Liberal vision of a nanny state”
    • “The President has declared a war on prosperity”
    • “I think he wants a catastrophe”
    • “We are heading towards a one world government”
    • “This is Joseph Stalin without the bloodshed”
    • “Obama Attacks America”

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