Donkey Love

donkey love

In a small northern Colombian town named San Antero, the Festival del Burro (Donkey Festival) is held to celebrate the donkey. Some of the highlights include a donkey stampede and a costume contest, but most of all, the carnival celebrates having sex with donkeys. That’s right, donkey love. Think we’re kidding? Check out this investigative report from VICE:

Yes, I repeat, the main focus of the festival is to celebrate the tradition of men having sex with donkeys. Apparently when a boy grows up in Colombia, his hand is inadequate and he’s too nervous to have his first experience with a (human) female. No, the sweet tender embrace of a donkey (probably with the appropriate amount of make up like the one featured above) is what’s needed to stir the passions of an all-too-eager but anxious Colombian adolescent. With an abundance of donkeys available, a strong zoophilic culture has taken root and we end up with human-donkey love.


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  1. David Guaraglia says:

    The name of the country is Colombia, and the locals are called Colombians.

  2. […] Festival del Burro (Donkey Festival) in San Antero, Colombia, if you want to be brutally frank about it, is all about […]

  3. Shaun Apple says:

    That’s not what I mean by my web site name “Love Across Borders”.

  4. alec says:

    This is what I get for spending my time in the Upper West side, David. Thanks for the mistake, I’m going to go flirt with a mule and see if I can get to second base.

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  6. […] From PBH: In a small northern Colombian town named San Antero, the ‘Festival del Burro’ (Donkey Festival) is held to celebrate the donkey. Some of the highlights include a donkey stampede and a costume contest, but most of all, the carnival celebrates having sex with donkeys. […]

  7. squadoo says:

    I myself am a active zoo. I can recall several fond memories of my neighbors ponies back at our house in maine. it’s good to see our kind presented in a neither good nor bad light, we just are. we’re ordinary people with unusual taste. good times.

  8. Brad says:

    They don’t punch the donkey, do they?

  9. Juan Valdez says:

    A relaxed burro make the coffee picking go muy faster.

  10. billfry says:

    alec,do not approach a mule,all mules are male,
    they will kick the shit out of you..

    • Charles says:

      Mules are both male and female.
      I hear that Molly mules (females) love sex.
      Maybe someday I’ll get to try one hot Molly.
      Or better still, a hot Jenny (female donkey).

  11. alec says:

    Bill: What if I’m gentle?? You gotta go slow babyyyyyyyy….

  12. d says:

    …And I thought Colombians were just kinky!

  13. Foog says:

    Q. What’s the worst part about fucking a donkey?

    A. Having to walk around to give it a kiss.

  14. Debra says:


    Billfry is wrong. The donkey is the offspring (son or daughter) of a mule and a horse. Mules are either male and female as are both horses and donkeys. There is no species I can think of that is “always just male.”

  15. Debra says:

    oops – I was totally wrong about the names of the beasts but correct about the gender issue.

    So – even thought I was “wrong” I am still right…

  16. The Atchinator says:

    The host of the show keeps pronouncing Cartagena incorrectly. How can he actually be in the town and mispronounce it. Fuckin’ Yankees. Investigative reporting my ass (get it? “ass”?)

  17. TommyZ says:

    I don’t see anything wrong with having sex with a donkey but I prefer anal sex with a male donkey.

  18. Newbiepuke says:

    TommyZ – Garfiend is an ass not a donkey.

  19. olrednek says:

    Around where I live, we don’t even bother with women anymore.

  20. GWAR says:

    Ooooh…Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii…aaaaammm…fuckin’ an animal!

    Fuckin’ an animal
    Holding on the horns
    Fuckin’ an animal
    I’m involved with porn
    Fuckin’ an animal
    Sure is nice and warm in here…

    In my animal
    Drinkin’ fifty beers
    Fuckin’ an animal
    Blowin’ fifty steers
    Fuckin’ an animal
    Oh, I’m a fuckin’ queer
    Fuckin’ an animal

    Didn’t need to take her on a date
    Just had to stand here on the crate
    No talking, no torment, no long-term commitment
    Just me my animal, Getting my dick bent…

    Oh, animal
    Lovely animal


    Didn’t have to say-ee please
    Fuckin’ an animal
    With Legionnaires disease
    I’m fuckin’ an animal
    Damn hard on the knees…
    I’m fuckin’ an animal

    Animal fucker on the loose
    Fuckin’ an animal
    I’ll go from dog to goose
    Fuckin’ an animal
    One time I fucked a moose
    Fuckin’ an animal

    Now the animal’s in pain!
    It’s in pain, it’s in pain, it’s in pain (terrible pain).
    But now it starts to rain
    But I’m still the same…

    Meet my animal
    Oh, animal
    Oh, animal, animal, animal, animal

    Not proud of what I do…
    I’m fuckin’ an animal
    I had a great time at the zoo
    I’m fuckin’ an animal
    Cause you won’t let me fuck you…

    Spoken: I’m not willing to spend any more time on that song…

    • Cherrykisser says:

      Omg!!! GWAR u had me n my girlfriend rotf 4 dayz!!! Thanks 4 the laughs 😉 u’ve changed my prospective on the Zoo I’ve always thought they were caged 2 protect us 4m harm but now I think they can also be caged 2 protect them 4m ppl! Ah ha ha ha

  21. Unklegwar says:

    GWAR: Ha!

    Now I wanna sing “Sex Cow” too!

  22. shadowseer says:

    The Atchinator says:
    The host of the show keeps pronouncing Cartagena incorrectly. How can he actually be in the town and mispronounce it. Fuckin’ Yankees. Investigative reporting my ass (get it? “ass”?)

    and thats what you see wrong with the video? LoL

  23. Moist says:

    Burning Man decided to change their theme this year from The Green Man to “Donkey Fucking”

  24. Shauna & K.laa says:

    Seriously …WTF Man!?!?
    Are they fkn out of thei’r fkn minds??
    Fucking Animals …THATS FKN WRONG!!


  25. MACHITO23NYC says:


  26. […] went to a sex therapist and got some professional insight, as she provided some interesting insight.Link to Prose Before Hos, where you can view all three videos. Filed under: Beastiality, weird, Burrow, Donkey, Colombia, […]

  27. blueyes says:

    every other woman is 10 and the ugly ones a 7 and they are fucking donkeys

  28. gary ayres says:

    hi iwent to the donkey festival of love last year it was fucking awesome i can still smell and taste the donkeys cunt on my goatee now i have fond memories now when i jerk off have brought my ticket for next years lama festival in peru

  29. paul of hughenden qld says:

    hi i too went to the donkey love festival but i could not feel anything because when i tried to fuck the donkeys my little 2inch cock would not give me pleasure in their big sloppy holes so iam going to go to brazil for this years hampster festival then onto mexico for the rat fucking festival yippie

  30. martin ritter says:

    i too went to the donkey fuck festival and had the best sex of my whole life they taste great when you tounge them out i also get them to piss all over me while i jerk off i whish they had them on kangaroo island

  31. kobidobidog says:

    This is for Gwar;
    The animal should be caressed and loved. A good zoo thinks of the animal first.
    Sex should be wonderful and pleasurable for both, not painful.
    Before proceeding with an encounter consider the results of your actions. Then if you conclude that the animal would be in pain or discomfort in a particular encounter don’t proceed with the act.

  32. tulls says:

    hi there everyone i went to the donkey love festival just last week they have too big of a hole for my little cock so i got a local little boy to suck my cock while i fisted the donkey it was the best sex i have ever had then the donkey cum all over my face and i jerked off again on the little boy i recommend it to one and all

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  34. ??? says:

    tulls u a fag…………

  35. Anonymous says:

    yall are sick mutha fuckas!!!!!

  36. WTF says:

    This is bullshit!!!! Just the Zoophylic colombians do that!!!!

  37. Anonymous says:

    It’s a disgusting cultural costume, but I guess is something right for them. The comments that I see here are just from perverts and people who are really sick. Not all the comments of course, there are some which are OK. For me is really horrible to see that kind of practice with animals, but there are certain societies that are worse, those that let children be abused, those that let women or even men be raped, that’s even worse for me, that’s really insane. One more thing not because a part of Colombian men have sex with donkeys it means that all men do it, and not because some women see it normal means that all women consider it normal.

  38. TBiZoo says:

    hi tulls like to get in touch with you can find me in b-d nick;)TBiZoo

  39. TBiZoo says:

    in beast-dating dot cum iiaahh

  40. Anonymous says:

    I ope the donkey in that clip did’nt get pregnant

  41. alec says:

    It did get pregnant and the baby was Miley Cyrus.

  42. TBiZoo says:

    like to get in touch with people experienced jennyfun in Colombia..
    TBiZoo -beast-dating dot cum iiaahh

  43. Anonymous says:

    my girlfriend enjoys me fucking her female llama

  44. Mr Beriodota says:

    This is the sickest bullshix I have ever heard of. Cant you idiots get a women are you that antisocial you cant even get laid? You even have the option to pay for it.

    • your momma says:

      This is a CULTURE in an specific area, not in the country and let me say they’re not antisocial, but you sir, clearly are an ignorant and shallow dumbass who thinks that is better than anyone else and probably doesn’t know that theres a world out there. There are many countries, you know? Not only u.s.a. full of small minded assholes like you.

  45. Don Rose says:

    Is there more information on this festival available?

  46. […] me. Fredy comes from a place where the standards of conduct between men and women (or donkeys) are vastly different. As a young, successful and wealthy athlete in Colombia, he probably is not used to being rejected […]

  47. Jo4brains says:

    Oh my god, I just saw that documentary about donkey fuck, I was so turned on, but I want to fuck a cow, I hear it’s sexier.

  48. Santiago says:

    Don’t say IN COLOMBIA. This ONLY happens among the peasants in a specific part of the country. I know that in the US some people do it with sheeps and other animals too.

  49. TBiZoe says:

    with respect no pain – Bi.zooguy(lowlands/neth.;)loves to get touch with real fem/donkey,horsey,cowlovers;)Even for such a hot trip to colombia. beast-dating dot com/profile TBiZoo. Zooware hier wil graag in cont. komen/bezittrr/f.hop(geen pijn)

  50. mark says:

    the regions of colombia are 5 (pacif, andean, llanos(plains)amazonas forest, and atlantic coast), in every one, have differents culture, and ways of life, we can not generalize as can not generalize all american as drugs addicts if have 25 million of consumer

  51. Realy it is very interesting , beauseit is realy nature

  52. Kike says:

    Well. This tradition doesn´t involve all Colombians. This is a typical cultural expression of only coastal towns. The most representative places, well known for these particular sexual practices are: San Antero, in Córdoba where almost each member is a “mamaburra” and San Onofre in Sucre where men practice a curious technique called “comer burro chancleteado” which consists on fucking male donkeys.

  53. Anonymous says:


  54. Anonymous says:

    well ok I’m open minded, although I have to confess a bit overwhelmed, I would not do it myself, even if no one would ever find out. I wonder if I might go down there why should the donkeys have all the fun. These men seem to need something that perhaps I could provide. It seems they want any Ass, any ass at all!

  55. Anonymous says:

    i love a sunburnt donkey a beast with a massive cock, may the dreams of jesus n noah make it seem like rock. i love her lipstick her cruel deep blue eyes, i only want to fuck her so whats with the disguise x

  56. Anonymous says:

    i love my mothers uncle
    i love his massive cock
    but by jesus………..
    whose the gorgeous animal in a freekin honkys frock xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    he loves my pinkish lipstick
    when i’m sittin on the throne
    he loves my children when their all alone
    call the fuckin cops this dickhead is …………ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  57. Anonymous says:

    dingle dangle monkeys donkey cock
    stick that fucker…………………rrrrrr

  58. Anonymous says:

    whose the fat chick in the red skirt
    ……….ooooooooo that donkey knows the dirt rrrrrrrrrrrrr yummmmm

  59. donkey cock lover says:

    Nothing beat sucking a donkey cock and having it cum in your mouth while being fucked ba a big assed, thick lipped, monster cock tranny dominant at the same time as another tranny rapes her ass with her mouth. Hmmmmmm!!!!….

  60. Social comments and analytics for this post…

    This post was mentioned on Reddit by sakjd: Seriously. Watch the whole thing. It might not be a very accurate representation of Colombian culture, but it sure is WTF in a very funny although somewhat disturbing way….

  61. Anonymous says:

    this is a very disrespectful video. very ethnocentric, very poor.
    this is not only practiced in colombia but also in other countries.
    just cause you think your culture doesnt do it, doesnt give you the right to look down to other cultures, colombia is a beautiful country and very rich in culture, i love going there. americans are very rude when we visit other countries…

  62. I was lucky to have had sex with a horse.

  63. frankie fly says:

    i am amazed to see this kind of thing.but as long as no one is getting hurt.or injured then whatever rocks your boat.
    if the girls were more easier to have sex with. then maybe this would not have to happen.
    i have to admit even myself.i find girls hard to i get some money and go to prositute.
    maybe money is very low and the guys cannot afford one.
    by the way when is the next donkey festival ?

  64. Anthony Wilcher says:

    LMFAO! this is way too funny. that is so nasty! XD. OMG!

  65. cowlover says:

    i have fucked donkeys before they are hot but cows are better

  66. me says:

    What’s wrong? I fuck chickens, frogs, giraffes everyday… Hell, even ants!

  67. Donkey Lover says:

    Doing lines of coke off my donkey’s ass in Colombia is HOT!!!
    There’s nothing better.

  68. Jeroen Haan says:

    Is there no moderation here?

  69. moolight says:

    Excuse me…. You are totally wrong! That is NOT the focus of the festival and for sure … COLOMBIANS DO NOT HAVE SEXUAL ENCOUNTERS WITH DONKEYS. That is an ill myth spread only in some parts of the coast. MAKE SURE you do some research before you generalize like this about people in a whole country!

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