The Best Moments From #StandWithWendy

Wendy Davis Dragons

Take that, Rand Paul. After spending around 11 hours on her feet, Texas state senator Wendy Davis–and the droves of emblazoned women supporting her–was successful in preventing Rick Perry’s anti-abortion bill, which would impose severe restrictions on a woman’s ability to have an abortion and would also close all but five abortion clinics within the Lone Star state, from passing. Around the stroke of midnight, Republican senators hurriedly tried to pass the bill, but the impassioned chants of a “mob” of 400 pro-choice activists prevented Lt. Governor David Dewhurst from signing the bill before the deadline had passed. Everything is bigger in Texas, and to the chagrin of many men within the senate floor last night, that includes a woman’s fight for choice. Here are some of the best moments:

“At what point must a female senator raise her hand to be recognized over her male colleagues?”

Senator Davis Attempts To Fasten Back Brace

Crowd Chants “Let Her Speak”

Mass Cheering Following The Bill’s Failure To Pass


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