One Rabbi Fights The Feds To Open A Pot Shop

Even though medical marijuana is legal in 18 states and the District of Columbia, the feds will stop at nothing to prevent its success–even at the risk of harming those who need it. Despite DC-denizen Rabbi Jeffrey Kahn possessing all the necessary licenses and documents to operate a medical marijuana dispensary, in the eyes of the federal government all of Kahn’s paperwork is meaningless. To Kahn, federal obstinance to the dispensing of medical marijuana aided only in the premature death of his cancer-stricken mother, and is preventing him from running a successful,local business.


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  1. Kizi 10 says:

    I hope everything will remain stable, marijuana will it really good for those using legitimate and effective.

  2. yepi 10 says:

    One Rabbi Fights The Feds To Open A Pot Shop……….i like this things

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