Yes, People Like This Can Vote

If there were a way to finagle Voter ID legislation to weed people like this out, I’d be in favor of them. Alas.


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  1. GOD THE FATHER says:

    hmmm, lets see!
    if the federal government can get people to keep secrets to build nuclear missiles, in top secret, and won’t let anybody else do it and force their ways in through laws that are antigod, and refuse to listen to god, and gods word is law. then some body is lieing to the people.
    on the way to bus this morning satan said, God! what do you need to do today? i said, my bus pass is about to expire and i need to get a new one, today is payday and i will have it my pocket. satan said, the bus is right there as we walked across the crowded platform with no buses present except for the buses on the far side. i could see, so i went in to get a bus pass. there were people waiting to get passes also, so i started looking out towards the bus that i was to catch, and could not see clearly because it was still dark outside. and the whole time of about thirty seconds satan is laughing out loud and saying God, you don’t what your doing! there is an easier way to do this! you keep going, i could! i could! i could! several times he said, why don’t you just go out to “catch” the damned bus! it would be a lot easier. as i walked out i noticed as i was walking across the platform to the bus all the people that were there were not there. satan said laughing, yeah! maybe they just left! as i walked, i laughed, and satan said don’t laugh so much, they will “see you”! maybe you shouldn’t think, “maybe i could” get a seat. you might be the only passenger, you know that you do need to post this, even though benny said he posted it, because those people don’t know what they really saw because of the politicians, and right now mom, and jesus are so busy laughing with the crew about this, so you need to look down and watch your step.

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