One Terrifying Voter

This Thanksgiving, be thankful you’re not this woman.


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  1. Tulipa says:

    Then you suggest that people like her should be banned from expressing themselves? Aren’t today’s scandalised outspoken and widespread voices the ones who are laying the foundations for tomorrow’s inquisition?
    We appreciate how personal views change throughout life, depending on the number and ages of the people we have to account for.
    One day we live the illusion of freedom as if we really believed it’s true. The next the deafening muted sound of our own voice makes us change our outspoken version for a softened eulogy of what we desperately try to latch onto, which happens to be what we genuinely believed and now reject, a shadow of what it has become our infamous past.
    Like the biblical’s creational stages, there comes a third day when the deafening intensifies, we spit a heartfelt and thoughtful message every now and then, but it’s more comfortable to express ourselves within the scope of the things that are as they should. A prose by any other name would smell as conservative.
    The four day we’re awaken by the corpses of failure’s mimic of our own past. We angrily shout at them that we don’t want anyone to disturb our hangover, but they are younger and more energetic and enthusiastic than us, Besides, we have something they want, something we’ll have as long as we’re alive.
    Fifth day- Bah! It’s a mockery of the fourth.
    On the sixth day we have succeded in getting used to believing our own lies. Like when people are asked about their spouses and they answer exactly what they are expected to answer, not a single word off script.

    What do you think? Are we any different from that lady?

  2. Arthur Pewtey says:

    This woman is just magnificent! I haven’t laughed so much – and for for so long – in many many months. Thank you so much for making the clips available. Quite brilliant.

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