Fox News Calls For Assassination Of Julian Assange

It looks like everyone at Fox News agree: you can’t just imprison a foreign national for unknown crimes, but you can assassinate them! I’m glad we all believe so strongly in freedom of speech.


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  1. Jared says:

    This has nothing to do with freedom of speech! they are stolen documents that threaten our security!

    • John says:

      And revealed things like how American security contractors have been procuring little boys for Afghan cops to have sex with.

      You get how this whole democracy thing works, right? We, the citizens, use whatever means necessary to learn the secrets governments keep from us, and then throw the bums out. But you seem confused… you instead support the bums when they try to keep us in the dark. This sort of behavior is what is commonly associated with “useful idiots”. Is that what you are?

      • Jared says:

        Don’t forget how we hypocritically criticize other countries for enriching uranium (not specifically Iran, since they probably don’t REALLY want to use it for energy) yet we ironically use depleted uranium to torture people in the Middle East.

    • down with it all says:

      The stolen documents, threaten the government’s personal security more so than the security of the general population. Be careful not to confuse the two. The government is clearly far more worried about these being read by the population at large than terrorist.

      The attempt to justify the spying Clinton ordered is pathetic. I doubt that any of the speakers actually read about it in detail and realised the dark and terrible implications. I believe the story about spying was controversial specifically because the spying wasn’t ordered against countries harbouring terrorists but because the spying was ordered against the leaders of the UN. You can’t justify that. The UN while imperfect represents all the nations of the world. The US’s order to spy on its leaders is good evidence of their ambitions towards world dominance. It is clearly apparent by this that they consider them selves willing to make enemy of the entire world or at the very least manipulate it surreptitiously in the shadows. Think about that for a moment. By revealing the order, Assange has aided the national security of every nation in the world by proving the extent the US government is willing to take its aggression. Americans might think this absurd, but I happen to think, that every nation in the world collectively holds greater importance than any single nation. I’m sorry, when a high ranking US diplomat orders the infiltration of an organisation the represents the bulk of the world’s nations, you can’t sweep that under the rug so easily. Yes, I say infiltration, because we’re not talking about pure run of the mill spying here. What she ordered diplomats to do went beyond the conventional spying that normally goes on. Many kinds of information she requested for could only reasonably be used for black mail, extortion, gross manipulation, assassination and infiltration. Anyone situated outside of the USA would be ill advised to ignore it.

      If your government is so ambitious that it is willing to take on the whole world and only cares for its self then I joyously call for the further erosion of US National Security to further the security of the rest of the world. This kind of behaviour collectively reveals that the mind set of the US media and government is a “me first” mind set. I am more and more getting the impression that psychologically the US couldn’t give a damn about what happens to anything or anyone other than themselves as long as it doesn’t hurt their interests. If it came down to it they would be happy to nuke the entire world and let it just be them. I would no longer put it beyond the US government to nuke the entire world out of spite if for example it entered a ruinous nuclear war with China. That might not be the case but would you blame me for fearing so when Americans in various positions of power or influence behave to brazenly? With that, other than through bribery or coercion why would the population of any nation wish to support the USA any longer?

    • Snail says:

      So? He isn’t even a citizen of the U.S. so why the heck are we trying to try him for treason?
      Yes he leaked U.S. cables, but why isn’t our security better?
      If he can steal our confidential documents then many more can do the same.
      So before we decide “assassinate” Assange we should actually create better security in our country.
      Killing him will just free open another spot for some other guy to leak covert information.

    • Jamess says:

      So you approve assassination in the name of security?
      It’s not the documents that threaten USA’s security, it’s its foreign policy that created them.

  2. John Doe says:

    Perhaps you don’t quite understand what the freedom of speech entails you to do. Treason is the purposeful endangerment of one’s own country with the sharing of information that is deemed confidential. This is such an issue where it is not an issue of freedom of speech. Personally I am against any form of the death penalty but I can say without a shadow of a doubt what this man is doing is wrong. Freedom of speech isn’t the right to say whatever you want without repercussion.

    • keefer says:

      “Treason is the purposeful endangerment of one’s own country” So how does this harm Australia, where he is from? You are right. This isn’t about freedom of speech, it is about freedom of press. This is all just fear mongering so we can pass laws to take away more of our rights. After 911 conservatives we’re on board for anything that protected us from those evil doers such as the patriot act. Now you whine about being scanned before getting on a plane. Wait until you have to go through a body scan to use the internet.

    • cde says:

      Except he isn’t American, so he can’t commit treason, you dope.

    • MrSpetsnaz says:

      How can it be treason as Julian is NOT a US citizen ? Your definition of it is in any case flawed. Still with the state of the US education system I guess you can’t expect much more 😀

    • clow says:

      1. He is not a US citizen so he is not endangering his own country
      2. He did not steal the documents. They were obtained by someone else and given to him. He then released them to the public.

      If you want to punish someone then punish those who stole the documents. Everyone cries for government transparency then when we get it everyone gets upset about it. Make up your minds, either you want to know everything or you want to be kept in the dark. You can’t have it both ways.

  3. dkepka says:

    This is insane. You have 4 guys saying that someone should get murdered! On a news show! Wow, I don’t even know what to say to that. For releasing the truth? If he is killed mysteriously the world should rise up. That means if you want the truth and true justice you will die.

    • Jeez says:

      He’s a traitor. Lets nail him to a large wooden cross and leave him to hang until dead.
      I guess who the future generations will follow.

    • Jonathan says:

      I got a solution to these four guys on FOX calling for someone’s murder. It’s called charge them with conspiracy to commit murder and put them on trial..and if found guilty (which hopefully any sane judge or jury would) then shipped to Hotel Gitmo for the rest of their natural lives and perhaps as added punishment all legal records of those four men’s existances could be erased from every computer system that contains the information. Essentially make them cease to exist legally. Assange is more of a patriot than those four men are..he’s doing the one thing our government refuses to do: TELL US THE TRUTH. Our government should learn an important lesson and it is summed up in three words: Too Many Secrets.

  4. James says:

    AT 3:00, fat guy #2 accuses Obama of plotting with the Taliban. what a moron.

    • Jason says:

      I think he meant Osama. Not Obama. I questioned that too, but it makes sense if you say “osama”. He’s talking about our intelligence when “osama” was in afghanistan working with alqeada and the taliban.

      • Anonymous says:

        Osama and Obama are the same thing to Faux News reporters.
        They do it on purpose.
        Its a word association game that makes people think they voted for the guy responsible for 911.

        • R Canadian says:

          the guy responsible for 9/11 is not Osama. The FBI have never charged Osama for 9/11 because there is not one shred of evidence linking him or Al Quada. Go to the FBI website, find Osama’s wanted poster and read the crimes he is wanted for, no mention of 9/11. You may want to look a little closer at who is responsible, get your heads out of the sand and pay attention to groups like Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth, Firefighters for 9/11 Truth, Scientists for 9/11 Truth, Pilots for 9/11 Truth, Patriots for 9/11 Truth and many more groups who ask the questions no one will answer truthfully. Stop blaming a guy who has probably been dead since 2002 and keep in mind Al Quada was an American made terrorist group, fully funded, armed and trained by the USA.

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  6. CJ Styles says:

    Um, John, the definition of Freedom of Speech is exactly being able to say whatever you want without repercussion. If there is a punishment for it, then Freedom of Speech isn’t possible.

    Treason is the act of deliberately cavorting with enemies of the State in order to cause damage.

    Considering Assange hasn’t been tried and convicted in court where it was proven that he intended for this information to be used against the US (and not just to expose what the public should be privy to anyway in my opinion) then it is a case of Freedom of Speech. If he goes to trial and it’s proven otherwise, then it’s Treason.

    So John, get off your high fucking horse.

    • Jason says:

      It’s pretty clear that Assange is doing this with intent to harm the US. He’s an enemy of the state, cut and dry.

      • CJ Styles says:

        Thanks for your reply Jason.

        But I’d like to see your proof of “pretty clear” & “cut & dry”.

        Have you met the man? Listened in on his meetings with foreign powers on what his grand master plan was for releasing the info? Anything you haven’t heard on Fox?

        I’m guessing not. So you know what the means, until proven otherwise his intention is to expose the lies and cover ups the the United States Government wants to keep from the world.

        Is he in the right? In my opinion not completely. I think information that can hurt individual people (positions of soldiers, etc) should be kept secret UNTIL after the situations have changed and what’s being released is then after the fact. So in the same vain, everything that merely exposes the corruption and things that should be accessible to the public should be released. Even if it hurts the credibility of the Government. Because maybe, the government shouldn’t be doing things they don’t want to have exposed.

        And Assange is not responsible for that!

  7. If there were any JOURNALIST at FuxNEWS this would be ironic.

  8. F*** FOX NEWS says:

    This is disgusting. all he is doing is leaking the truth about corrupt US politicians. dont you want to know what your government is up to, and where they are sending your money? Don’t be fooled by the whole “he is a terrorist and threatens our security” bullshit. We already know that Washington has used that excuse as a tool to brainwash the American people into blindly supporting them. Stop being cowards and stand up to our government. That is what a true patriot is. A true patriot would never tolerate the things that these leaked documents reveal. The only people threatened by them are the diplomats and powerful politicians who have broken U.S. law and deserve to be imprisoned.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Someone wo really wants to help the country needs to assasinate the Fox News team.

  10. anonymous says:

    A permanent DDoS on Fox News Server would be great…

  11. Huh? says:

    A traitor? a treasonist? broken every law of the United states? Well then Its lucky he’s AUSTRALIAN and not from the US. Fucking idiots. If it’s not Obama it’s some made-up bullshit they have no idea about.
    Its not blackmail.
    Its not extortion.
    Hes not a traitor.

    Read a fucking dictionary.

    • What does a “fucking dictionary” contain? Definitions on … ?

      • Jared says:

        Definitions on “traitor”
        “treason” or “terrorist”

        These words seem to be continuously taken out of context in America. Ever since 9/11 the media and politicians use key words to get America fired up and on their side. They can just remind them of “9/11” and “terrorist” and suddenly fucking Oprah would be hung if they wanted her to. It’s ridiculous.

        I thought everyone grew out of the “Boogeyman under the bed” fears, but I guess not.

  12. Julian says:

    this terrorist is a security threat to the US. he needs to be gone. dead and gone

    • speedster says:

      So you prefer to not know about how the US military is supplying little boys to Afghan Police officers for them to rape, with our tax money? You prefer not to know how Saudi Arabia, a Muslim country, wants to nuke Iran when Iran thinks all Muslims are on their side and everything is fault of The Jews and The US?

      So you prefer to just be ignorant? Have you even looked at the leaks to see what they are?

      You are a fascist. Plain and simple.

    • R Canadian says:

      I bet you get all your news from Fox, the only threat the your security is your government

  13. Novanglus says:

    This proves how foolish and irresponsible fox news truly is. An enemy of the public.

  14. Derrick says:

    Treason is what founded the USA, so it’s really a matter of perspective. The British felt we were committing treason (which we were) and we felt that we were liberating ourselves (which we also were). The issue with Wikileaks is that most people don’t understand it’s mission — they blindly see it as something akin to selling US nuclear secrets to foreign countries. The correct way to view Wikileaks is to realize that We The People are being lied to by our own government, and other countries of the world are being lied to as well. This has, unfortunately, become the norm for all countries. This deceptive behavior is creatively labelled “Statecraft”. I would suggest that Mr Assange perhaps feels that enough is enough with all of the misdirection and lying. How many people out there think it’s ridiculous that, for example, the Kennedy assasination papers are still sealed? What for? To protect a lie, that’s why. What about 9/11? Afghanistan? Iraq? I would suggest that our government is out of control and that Mr Assange is a patriot, not a hero and not a vigilante. Does his information cost lives? Perhaps, but more lives by far are cost because of all of the lies from our own government.

  15. Barrie says:

    Assange is doing exactly the job that the US news corp is not doing.

    Why are they not breaking this information?
    The government has the police to keep people honest and I always thought we had the US news corps.

    Keep fighting the good fight Julian, someone has to.

  16. Julian assange is not a terrorist!

  17. J says:

    Apparently you wouldn’t have liked to read the Pentagon Papers that were released in a similar fashion in 1967. They similarly embarrassed US politicians and shone some light on what “our” government was actually doing (as opposed to saying).

  18. Drep says:

    How exactly is a non-US citizen or resident a Traitor or Treasonist?

  19. The people in the US are so manipulated by the media, they don’t think for themselves, just consume well crafted messages from the likes of Fox, CNN, ABC, etc. and think they are forming well rounded educated opinions.

    The fact is, that he is protected by laws put in place and rightly so, to protect journalists from government harm, when they release information to the public, which the public should have the right to see anyway. The government is for the people, by the people, and he has exposed them for what they are, an arm of the US Corporations that make, guns, pharmaceuticals, energy products, etc.

    Obama doesn’t have any control over the government, and neither do our elected politicians, and what this information has done is shown us the lie that is our supposedly Democratically elected government.

    It’s a BIG FAT LIE, and you can call Julian Assange whatever you want, but you can’t call him a liar.

    • jared says:

      Well put my friend, and how is this any different than the Nobel Peace prize winner in Government Prison in China, that American media is ridiculing? This isn’t any different, it’s the same exact scenario. He was speaking out against Chinas facist communist government just as Julian Assange and his company WikiLeaks is speaking out against our supposed “democracy” that we’ve had the balls to be plugging all over the world after we invade them. I’m ashamed to be American lately. The world laughs at us.

      • german guy says:

        actually i´m in hope of the american people waking up more and more,
        since i read a lot comments like yours lately in us-blogs or newspaper-comments

        the downside is, that your corporations and especially your media corps are so
        damn powerful that its gonna be hard to deal with that massive desinformation
        like rupert murdoch is applying on a grand scale. unfortunately, to make it worse,
        most people still only watch tv and believe that for bare hand! to convince
        the elder audience from the opposite is almost impossible, they´d rather die…

        it´s up to the younger folks that can create their own opinion through diverse media
        on the internet. if wikileaks gets smashed or forbidden in the US, it won´t be that
        bad for you as their are many more platforms like this coming up (e.g. openleaks)
        but it will be the definite evidence that your goverment (or whoever leads the country)
        gives a damn about democracy

        excuse my bad english

  20. A says:

    It has EVERYTHING to do with Free Speach and Government honesty and transparancy. Wikileaks is just exposing the lies being fed to you over and over and over….

  21. Brian says:

    WTF? Fox = Conservative Republicans = “Christians” = “Let’s murder people who reveal the truth?” Can anyone else say “hypocrites” or “satanists”.

    “Threaten our security”. You mean like oil spills that disappear toxic solvents, or corporate profiteering at the expense of the poor worldwide, or hostile acts like invading countries for petro-dollar security, or using Depleted Uranium Munitions on civilians, or polluting our groundwater for profit, or unregulated GM foods, or unregulated nanoparticles in our food?

    Take a day off of Faux “news” and go read.

  22. Murdoch should be arrested.

  23. Sam Hain says:

    That wasn’t Fox News, that was Bob Beckel, who is the angry lefty they have who is supposed to balance the right leaning commentators. Assange is more a threat to this administration that to the country which is why so many politcians hate him

  24. chris says:

    i today watched some shows of some of those clowns on fox-news, and i must say i’m shocked. if this represents only let’s say 30% of the opinion to be found inside your society, it’s time to cut relations, and wait for it to implode by itself, or for the part being able to use their brains to change society for the better

    we don’t speak about killing political enemies or critics. this matter clearly shows where the real terrorists and threats to the world are hidden: glenn beck, bill o’reilly, sen. lieberman, palin, … (i would all of them call mentally ill, and i think most of your doctors would agree with me here) cause they create brainless zombies easy to manipulate. to make it clear: nowhere in europe you can find such a nationalist, racist-motivated, antidemocratic news-channel like your fox-news represents, and if it would, at least in those countries where thankfully your ancestors got rid of the nazis, it would be deemed illegal and people would be sent to jail for various matters, and if not, those feeling like tendencies to fascism have to be fought, would take matters into their own hands by disturbing their “work” without breaking the law

    your country is in war, so things are heated, also the financial crisis seems endless, but believe me from outside this is looking increasingly dangerous!

    about the cablegates: i think there is one big point related not only to the usa that clearly speaks for wikileaks – it will get rid of those wackos believing in 911-conspiracies, 2012 armageddon and all those irrational anti-scientific nonsense that is lurking behind every crisis inside capitalism (occultism and anti-intellectualism where fundamental ingredients of the nazi-movement in europe in the 20th century), but if this “crisis” which i think isn’t financial based any longer, but many are feeling that the whole system is failing more and more … we all should stand up united for our ideals for doing a permanent and ongoing soft revolution to the better, without falling back to old ideologies, and this new kind of transparency could lead to less fear not only against the “others”, but also to more convenience at those we voted for!

  25. rim says:

    ha ha ha fox real terorist tv

  26. VFORVENDETTA says:

    Cocksuckers!!! FUCK YOU FOX!!!

  27. DrJohn46 says:

    First: this sounds like a conspiracy.

    Second: there would be nothing to leak if nothing bad happened. Practice abstinence.

  28. Antonio says:

    You can agree or disagree with them but making threats on live TV? that just a little bit fucked and for real this should be investigated. I mean if a random person would say the same thing on live TV he would get locked up in no time.

  29. Shendai says:

    Refreshing to hear some candor finally. Not surprised that only Fox would put on commentators willing to speak their minds. It is time to end Assange, and we have a process that exists to do it. Let’s give the CIA or ST6 a target order.

    • look inside of you says:

      fox and minds? i think fox-news is made and seen by psychos, you are only one of them

    • Citizen says:


      That is the crux of the problem. Only paranoid, evangelical christians, and politicians see him as a threat. In short the Psychos of society that are maladapted cannot handle knowing the truth that their fucked up Amerikka is doing shit against the best interests of the public and the country in the name of it’s people, who largely don’t support it’s terrorist agenda.


  30. B.Kee says:

    Really? Treasonous? :face palm: …gotta be an American citizen for that, el douche.

    • B.Kee - Again... says:

      I say leak ’em. Free Assange. On another note, what is with this ancient “off with his head” talk from a supposed “American media outlet?” Hey, I gotta an idea, how about saying this stuff to those who actually should have their heads chopped, you know, rapists (not including those falsely accused *UH-UM!*) and child molesters? Nope…they just get a slap on the wrist and can’t pass out Halloween candy.

  31. Arturo Ui says:


  32. Chris says:

    Wow, ok so let me get this straight……Julian Assange: Runs a website that reveals the sick and twisted truth about people and corporations that are so corrupt and vile that it makes serial killers look like angels. Bob Beckel: A news analyst that spews bullsh*t because he refuses to read the truth about our corrupt nation. Only in the U.S do honest people get treated like shit and two faced assholes like Bob Beckel come out on top.

  33. Notasheeple says:

    Freedom, Democracy, the right to a fair trial….. Isn’t that why America declared war on the oil bearing countries of the world? Wikileaks is a true test of how much these values are truly held by the country. The rest of the world is watching and isn’t very impressed so far.
    I would say that judging by the extreme reaction to this there must be some truly heinous stuff that hasn’t come out yet. Aren’t American citizens curious about what their government has really been up to? Or is ignorance truly bliss?
    Patriotism comes in many forms……….

  34. Observing Australian says:

    The good ol’ boys on that FOX clip are obviously a bunch of muppets, their arguments are transparent and they sound like spoilt 10 year olds instead of grown men. Someone needs to be calling the government out and hold them accountable. If ‘Merica wasn’t doing dodgy shit then they wouldn’t have anything to worry about. The media always talk about how terrorists are threatening ‘national security’ but really is there some facet of fear that the USA government may also be to an extent active in terrorist activity.

  35. Nick says:

    This is not news.
    Not a single thing they’ve said is actually true.

    It’s like the view for retarded, bible bashing hicks.

  36. Bob Beckel says:

    Heres what I propose:

    Collect a list of media figures who made death threats against Julian Assange, or who publically suggested he should be killed.

    And make a web page:

    “List of all prominent media figures asking for death of Julian Assange. (names/addresses)

    If anything happens to wikileaks people, we should kill these media figures in revenge for having gotten truthspeakers killed. Or else it could be YOU or your friends next for speaking the truth. It could be any of US.”

    If you want to be smart about it, you can actually avoid saying “Person X should be killed”, just that “I personally believe people who encite murder to truth speakers, should themselves be killed if their targets end up dying”, and give a list with names/addresses of those people. This way you haven’t actually told anyone to kill anyone. People can just make up their own minds.

    • Ex CIA says:

      I think the US and all forces of the future capitalist fuedalism should use this as an oppertunity to do away with ALL left/terrorist/Muslim/traitor types by using the internet to spy on ALL those who openly support the terrorist Assange using the same logic we apply to those aiding and abetting out mortal terrorist enemies.
      With the Soviet Union long gone we do not need to play the ‘good guy’ role or pretend to be that. Socialism is destroyed and with it the need for the now pointless pretense at democracy which no honest CEO or elite have ever held as a system capable of functioning. We are a capitalist christian republic and all those who do not hew to this line should be killed. No 20th Century horrors; no trials, no ‘concentration camps’ , no prisons. We need to privatise ALL aspects on society other than those involving information control and the infrastructure required to promote our world conquering military. THose who threaten us should simply be killed and ignored. All those who question this should instantly be killed.
      I worked many years as a mercenary in Africa where I got paid alot of money killing the enemies of corporate (ie US) interests and I live very well now and with a good consciounce having served my bosses with enthusiasm and none of the sickly morality the weak use to comfort themselves. Both our power and that of the UK in the days of its empire were built on the premise of the strong ruling or destroying the weak. With these leaks we should liberate ourselves from these superstitions and get with the machievelian program. You are either smart and go with the money or get ‘noble’ and die in a ditch somewhere.
      All decent succesful people undertand this but we continue to talk about ‘principles’ no-one in power has ever taken seriously except as material for speeches the lambs like to listen too. I would gladly kill 100 million third worlders just to maintain my perks let alone any necesities I enjoy. I am NOT new in this. We were ready to exterminate ALL life on the planet to stop the flow of communism as the human race deserved to die if it turned against the natural order of the interests of private property of the elite west were threatened: so I invent nothing here, merely recapitulate the same logic. We need a permanent military Goverment and All citizens should accept implants for surveillance or be kiiled. Many ‘babes in the woods’ are shocked at my attitude but the future I predict is as obvious and as inevitable as the seasons or as the truth of the expression ‘follow the money’.
      Only the ‘talented 10th’ of the population have any value to the future of humanity; the rest are ‘genetic offal’; drones whose numbers threaten the health of the planets life systems as the Deep Greeners see it ( an elite radical right enviromental movement who do not allow believer in democracy to join; its a sign of mental deficiancy to them; quite right too.)
      There will never again be a popular uprising that will lead to a succesful revolution (thank God!). With the new technology and weapons the populace would simply be massacred; and rightly so if they tried. I and all others’ of the financial elite and their supporters will back them to the hilt. No prisons; you disobey the elite you die!
      This is the future that will save the earth (the poor to be replaced by machines and the unnecessary middle classes by computers.) The 10% of survivors will once agian allow our race to restart the process of competitive evolution by going back to the natural pagan truth of the weak dying for the good of the race (human) . I am NOT a stupid racist. It is NOT skin colour but your DNA quality that counts and with the future death of the montheistic religions the culture of caring for the weak or any other masochistic dribble will fade into the mystery of the past and a new hard, cruel and beautiful evolved humanity will rise (‘Christianity was called the ‘religion of Slaves’ before emporere Constantine turned it like we do today with the myth of democracy into state propaganda.
      This is the start of the future. A glorious one for those of us for whoem no method is rejected on moral grounds only those of scientific self interest ala Ayn Rand.
      All of you who who speak critically of our power structures now should die: Obey and be grateful you are permitted to live: there are many militarists (such as myself who will gladly and with joy in our hearts perform the duties the weaker among us have no stomach for), traditionalists, elitists, fascists or whatever such as myself who will do whatever it takes to eliminate you weaklings; and with extreme prejudice! For this we will be rewarded with protection and a comfortable lifestyle. Those who defy the order of things are not fit for life and they as well as their friends, family members and supporters will ALL be eliminated as innocence will be no defense as you will be convicted on your weaknesses.
      Keep you nobility, your moral ‘faiths’, your childish consciounce. The world was built and will continue to be by those of us for whoem no methods are too extreme and who will utilise our pleasure at the suffering of the weak to serve the interests of the strong. I was already at only 17 a senoir sergeant; the youngest in the force. My superiors promoted me and I was personally awarded the DSO for my assault on the radio station during the Falklands war during which I personally killed 4 ‘Argies’: I am proud of that but am more proud of killing far more many as a mercenary in the name of the capitalist system that supplies me with the luxuries that at 49 allow me to attract beautiful young women who as I do for the bosses will do anything to please those with the money.
      Don’t like the sound of reality; Well just proves you and your kin are headed for the evolutionary dustbin; where all the weak and peaceful idealists end up: I am proud to be who I am. I do NOT discriminate. Tell me to kill someone and pay me while keeping me free from the fear of prosecution?: Job done.

  37. antithesis says:

    The United States government is the biggest threat to the world. That’s why they feel so threaten by wikileaks. I think is shocking the fact that they consider the assassination of Julian Assange and I think its even more shocking that some “Americans” support this.

  38. christo says:

    Where to start with this ignorant dribble!

    – Assange isn’t an American (he’s Australian) so he can’t be a traitor and can’t commit treason
    – He didn’t leak the documents – a US soldier did
    – Wikileaks is a publisher, and thousands of other news agencies are also publishing the leaks
    – Assange is not after America, he’s after global governments who treat their citizens with contempt
    – Executing the guy ( USA! USA!) will not “cut off the head of the snake” and bring about a cease of leaks. Wikileaks is distributed across thousands of servers, and has millions of supporters willing to help keep government open and accountable.

    I know why conservative commentators can’t support this guy – they’re part of the problem. Big government and big business what to keep information away from the people. Their motive isn’t about protecting America, it’s about maintaining their own power.

    These idiots represent all that is wrong with America.

  39. ecoleusa says:

    We agree take him out and Operation Payback.

  40. Leiks says:

    Fox is sold too?
    Thanks for letting this so clear, is the last time I see anything at Fox.

  41. anon says:

    that fat guy is why the world hates you america, we laugh at your patheticness

  42. NOYB says:

    Can these hosts be charged with threatning? Surely they can? Asking for someone to be murdered on national tv? Also, he is not a US citizen, so how can he be charged with treason? Second, then should all the other media outlets who also released leaked documents also be murdered?
    Clearly, arrogant Americans bringing their own country down, and they call themselves Christains? Jesus taught the truth. There is nothing more powerful. Also, those that can’t handle the truth, are usually the most bitter. Fox News hosts= Botterness. It’s enjoyable.

    • Dodo says:

      Can these hosts be charged with threatning?
      Yes. It would appear that they have almost certainly breached the Criminal Code of Australia: Section 11.4 Incitement to commit an offence [viz: Section 115.1 Harming Australians: Murder of an Australian citizen] for which the penalty could be up to 10 years imprisonment. They should really be extradited to Australia to face trial.

      • Jonathan says:

        I agree. These four gentlemen (and I use that term loosely..I wouldn’t even give them the honor of being called American citizens..they don’t deserve it) should be extradited to Australia immediately and be tried, convicted and sentenced as swiftly as possible. Guess one need not wonder whether those who speak the truth could ever be punished as they were in Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union..they can and are in America. Assange should be set free and cleared of all charges..he’s doing what our news media and our own government won’t do: tell us the truth. The truth will set us free..guess that’s why Fox News and our government doesn’t want us to have the truth..we wouldn’t need them anymore. Personally if I could I would shut Fox News down today and these four gentlemen would be sitting in private rooms in Hotel Gitmo (got plenty of room now).

  43. Andrew says:

    Assange is simply reporting these things. He didn’t leak the documents. He doesn’t have that kind of government security access. Do you think CNN and the New York Times should be punished too for republishing the data? Why are you holding Assange to a different degree than big news organizations?

  44. […] here: Fox News Calls For Assassination Of Julian Assange | Prose Before Hos Share and […]

  45. Good neighbour says:

    Unbelievable. Osama bin Laden was terribly successful in undermining democracy in the USA. He wanted to create hatred among peoples, and so many people were more than happy to take him up on his offer. Ten years ago, spewing misfactual hatred like this would have shocked people. Now they get into it.

  46. Thunderbolt says:

    Obama said that he was going to run a transparent government, he just did not know how transparent!

  47. Jim G says:

    Was it illegal? I’m not sure, but I think not. Was it unethical? I believe yes, it was. So what do you do when people act unethically, but not illegally? A serious point to make about Wikileaks, it that technologies, more and more are forcing us to “walk a fine line” on what is right and wrong. Not just legally, but ethically. If we don’t have an environment to publicly talk about these issues, we are all in trouble. The motivation behind the act is curious to me. I am a “freedom of information” person, no matter what, but I do worry about creation of the “spectacle” to move moral agendas. Are we a better society when the spectacle wins? Just my two cents.

  48. Daniel says:

    Wikileaks just show the true face of USA diplomacy and the real relations between countries and what is really happening in the world. Thanks to Mr. Assange hundreds of politicians hace been unmasked wolrdwide. Lot of dirty things have seen the ligth.

    Now we know more about the people that control the world and our fates, now we are more free than yesterday.

    Wikileks don’t harm America, just show real América to media. ¿Where is the crime about that?.

    The ones who think that wikileaks should be destroyed are the real enemies of truth, freedom and liberty, the people that try to make America become like China o Venezuela, controling the information and punishing journalist.

  49. Anonymous says:

    Operation Northwoods, or Northwoods, was a false-flag operation plan that originated within the United States government in 1962. The plan called for Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) or other operatives to commit genuine acts of terrorism in U.S. cities and elsewhere. These acts of terrorism were to be blamed on Cuba in order to create public support for a war against that nation, which had recently become communist under Fidel Castro. One part of the Operation Northwoods plan was to “develop a Communist Cuban terror campaign in the Miami area, in other Florida cities and even in Washington.”

    Operation Northwoods included proposals for hijackings and bombings followed by the introduction of phony evidence that would implicate the Cuban government.
    Bobby McNammara has state funeral.

  50. CanMerc says:

    Obama is not the leader of the free world.
    He is the leader of an oppressive criminal country that feels it has the right to assassinate foreign nationals and illegally invade foreign territories/countries.
    I say assassinate all fox news anchors/reporters, anyone who voted for/supported Bush, Bush himself, just to name a few.

  51. Jared says:

    The definition of “freedom of speech” :
    The ICCPR recognizes the right to freedom of speech as “the right to hold opinions without interference. Everyone shall have the right to freedom of expression.” and “Freedom of speech is the freedom to speak freely without censorship or limitation, or both.”

    So yes, Freedom of speech is the freedom of speech without worry of repercussion. What was published was not a threat of national security, stop regurgitating what Fox news tells you.

    It is also not treason against “his country” because he is not American…

    Lastly, the documents he released are an inconvenient truth and fall under Freedom of information. Just because he exposes inconvenient truths doesn’t mean he is treasonous. He is a reporter reporting on what happens in the world. How is this any different from Deep Throat or Contra in the grand scheme of things?

    In a few years everyone will forget about Julian Assange and instead focus on what he and his people exposed.
    That being said, you’d think if these documents were so top secret, then a person who isn’t even American should be able to get a hold of them. If this guy got a hold of them, you think a terrorist wouldn’t have been able to get a hold of them. These documents aren’t a matter of national security, it just uncovered horrible things Americans were ordered to do, and they don’t WANT that uncovered. He has only published a small fraction of what is out there. They want him dead before they can uncover more, why has no one opened their eyes on this yet. Turn off the TV and fucking read.

  52. Joe Michaels says:

    Freedom of speech does not entail one to say anything he/she chooses. You cannot yell “FIRE!” in a crowded theater. Also, the right of freedom of religion does not extend to incarcerated prisoners whose religion includes sacrificing chickens…with knives. (I also find freedom of speech extending to the right to choose issue a little bit of a stretch…as I do the right to bear arms not intended to cover AK47s, hollow-tip bullets, and those that can pierce protective gear worn by law enforcement.)

  53. Stephen says:

    Fat man #1: “A dead guy can’t leak stuff”

    What a moron. Wikileaks is not Julian Assange. With him dead, the leaks will continue.

    The internet not going to go away, and it’s increasingly a force for openness and transparency. Guys like this need to wake up and join us in the current century.

  54. The flaws says:

    The flaws in this are obvious. For one, freedom of speech is perfectly applicable in this event. Secondly, the fuckers that want to assassinate this man need to go shoot themselves. That or get a brain. Finally, “Cut of the head and the body will die,”? That doesn’t always apply to the internet. Hes got fucking hackers on his side. If he dies, he’s a martyr. I support him, I’m only giving the facts as I see them. Also, Fox News :Most Republican Biased news network in america. That is all.

    • Anonymous says:

      Bread and Circuses , keep the Public happy with Righteous anger so they forget the shit the USA is in thanks to unregulated Capitalism . As an Aussie I say Murdoch should be ashamed of his blatant manipulative media. A person with half a brain cell can see that what Wiki is leaking is not State secrets but mostly info about the dickheads we have governing us.

  55. BeckyMinx says:

    While I don’t condone assassination, it appears that Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes would be higher value targets when it comes to defending our U.S. Democracy.

  56. hornblower says:

    …whaaat is this…..who are those clowns screaming and calling for execution of julian assange… …. is this agreeable in the usa to do so…..are americans retards……is it not time to bring this all to fall…all this old men and women in government position ,not really up to date in their heads anymore… time to leave …all you government people above 45……good bye…..leave this to the young generation…we dont need your stone age mentality….go to sleep,before someone has to help you with that!!! ….yes!…this system is not worth keeping alive !!!sorry….soooo 4 more names added to the list……..

  57. Anonymous says:

    Yeah! America! If we don’t like it we just shoot the son of a bitch. I wish somebody would shoot all of these assholes on this soap opera. At least he published factual data rather than articles and videos created to entertain.

  58. Jane says:

    Wikileaks has a good intention, to expose the lies, corruption and cover ups of the Banksters and Government. The ONLY reason why the Banksters and Government do not like Wikileaks is because they don’t want to be exposed of ALL their lies, corruption and cover ups!

  59. […] December 10th, 2010 Fox News calls for assassination of Julian Assange. Fox News Senior Analyst Bob Beckel says US Special Forces should kill Assange. Watch video. […]

  60. Marc says:

    The USA did not learn anything from the past!

    Do you remember the the Tuesday the 11th of September?

    Tausends of people did die!

    And what did die the USA/CIA do? Yes they did initiate the killing!

    Stop! What ist this sun of a bitch talking about? Yet another 9/11 conspiracy theorie?

    9/11/1973 the democratic elected president of chile was overthrown by an military goverment which was supportet by the USA/CIA.

    Now they are calling for murder of people without a proper jurisdiction against the person.

    Even kill people in allied countries. This would be a reason for a war!

    Who is allied with the USA does not need any enemies!

    BTW did anyone find the weapons of massdestruction in the IRAK?

    Did you know that the only country which ever used an atomic bomb in war is the USA?

    There was a time, when the USA brought democracy to the world. Today they bring wars for oil to the world.

    I liked the USA when they where bringing democracy to the world, or atleast where trying to bring it.

    One more point:

    The best thing a islamic terrorist could do is to kill Julian Assange!

    Why this?

    1. The rest of the files will be published without checking them before. Many CIA Agents will die because of this.

    2. Everyone will blame the USA for it!

    3. all other Files which are in the possesion of WL will be released.

    If you seed wind you will be harvesting storm!

  61. nym says:

    American Assholes!

  62. Anon says:

    Americans… If you kill Julian Assange, then the whole world will truly turn against you. And the rest of the cables will be released. So, in any case, you are screwed. =D

    • hornblower says:

      …as a man of honor i have to ask now,what is going on in a head of a Beau Dietl,Bobby Becker and the other clowns there,when they talk like this…question mark…Did they realize that they are on television with worldwide audience …question mark…are they under the influence of drugs or alcohol… to me they look like mobsters of a cheap movie…beau even talks like that,what a joke! Are americans so incredible careless and self absorbed,you got the baby boomer generation trying to tell us what is right to do!!..get out of here,all you guys know = parties, drugs,looks,spreading your useless genes senseless around,lying with option of forgiveness ,defending in what is wrong and doing it any way …short ,……you are fakes!!…….useless without a vision…. On my travels around the world i learned that nobody of the younger generations wants war and is really ok with everybody,is it the Rastafarian ,the Muslim ,indigo south americans,Jews,…..we all dont want this old style of continuing your grandfathers visions !! They are out dated!!! …..can you wanna be evergreens please get a head check…..i am really friendly today…that can change…

      • free assange says:

        Problem is not what Wikileaks publishes, problem is the US Goverment! If Americans want war for no reason then doing it on your ground in your most democratic country where lies seem to be as natural as sunrise and sundown! Where lies seem to be welcome!
        Americans are apparently content with all, even with government’s lies. It seem that the most important essence of life to them is just that you can buy a hamburger or coca cola every day even if that hamburgers mean bloody of other people. Who cares? They do profits!
        But if Americans are satisfied with this WE ARE NOT and the rest of the world will NOT ALLOW this way of democracy!

  63. Anonymous says:

    You can guarantee that Operation Assassinate Assange has already been thought up by those in high places.

  64. Anonymous USA says:

    I would like to take the time here to apologize for the incredibly embarrasing uneducated face this “News” puts on Americans. I assure you we are not all as stupid as the ones who make it on television. We are just as sick of our country’s bullshit as many of you. Free thinkers exist and act in excess, but with the counry’s media outlets primarily dominated by people like FOX news and the lies and misperceptions they spew, it’s easy to see why other countries laugh at the US.

  65. Jan says:

    How the hell does a pillock like Bob Beckel ever come to hold the post of Deputy Assistant secretary of state. If these types are representative of the system I am humbled by those within it who have the strength and decency to expose them. I honor the American people for speaking up. Please look after Bradley Manning he is a gem.

  66. Lithius says:

    “Hey I am a FAUX News fat cat with secrets to hide, please murder this man for shining light on our evil wrong doings so we don’t have to face the scrutiny of the world for our sins.”

    I can’t believe these guys are allowed to call for murder on live TV for someone doing something just.

    Anonymous should be attacking this murder mongering (opinion not news) station.

  67. free assange says:

    For those who think on their own, I am truly sorry. I know in every country there are exceptions even in mine. But things really bring me angry when I hear or read such nonsense as in the article. For a country that considers itself the most democratic, which also sells democracy, I simply cannot stand! Then what is the difference between USA and China? What is the difference between Liu Xiaobo, Aung San Suu Kji and Julian Assange? All are in prison or were! Why????? Because they are all fighting for human rights – mine, yours and for our future! What does it mean if we live in so-called democracy? That we do not need rights and the truth? We Have the right to know because they are playing with our lives.

  68. Europa says:

    The leak was in USA. Julian was only the messenger. America did not secure their documents. They were stolen by one of you. Wake up, America! You can kill the messenger, but you can’t kill your own misdoings. They are spread all over the world now, thanks to the Internet. The best strategy for you would be, to fight for freedom of speech. Otherwise the world will loose more and more respect of the ‘perfect USA’, we know political Parties & government can fail, don’t believe all what they say; ‘ watch them like a shark’. x

  69. […] Shades of the Pentagon Papers and Daniel Ellsberg!  Those critical of WikiLeaks including Fox News first accused the organization of being a terrorist organization, then they went after its […]

  70. Rag says:

    They are talking about killing a person here! They’re no better than the terrorists they claim to be opposing.

  71. you make america suck says:

    Does the fat guy with the gibbering chin flab realise that he is the greatest shame to the USA than anything revealed by wikileaks? Wikileaks doesn’t make me feel violent rage towards the USA, he does. I wonder what his fellow Americans think of that? Perhaps he should be executed for treason. Treason and hurting a country’s image are the same thing now right?

  72. RTPOTIBNGMN says:

    Kill him illegally? In that case, there would be no rule of law, no grounds for prosecution, and no legitimacy for the government. How many children are going to use that as an excuse for murder after seeing it on TV? Attitudes like that are one of the reasons the United States has a high crime rate.

    The example of special forces in Afghanistan (May they be protected from harm, and have the judgement, skill, and good luck to know who are and are not their enemies.) is not apt. They are in a shooting war. And when we killed Soviet spies in the Cold War, they were operating clandestinely. Assange is no spy.

    If we have law and order in this country, Bob Beckel will be held accountable for the crime he has committed, incitement to violence. Assange, on the other hand, has committed no crime. “Cut the head off the snake?” Where did they get that quote? They use Assange’s work as their own journalistic source material at the same time as calling for his murder. The snake is another unapt comparison, since there is only one Iran, but there are countless people to take Assange’s place. Even if, by a miracle of internet hegemony that would put China to shame, the US government manages to shut down Wikileaks and all of its mirrors, countless more websites would spring up to take its place. Any attempt to prevent that would be pure waste and futility.

    The most amazing thing is how they pretend to be journalists while attacking the field of journalism. It is not illegal for a member of the media to pass on classified information, and in case anyone is confused about what the media is, the internet is a medium, which makes it part of the media.

    And of course governments need secrets, as does any organization. They need to be able to keep those secrets. They alone are responsible for that, and they alone are accountable.

    Julian Assange – Nobel Peace Laureate – 2011

  73. Killim Mall says:

    Ass-mange and Private Homo Manning deserve similar fates. The former should be assassinated as an enemy combatant of the USA for leaking classified info. That should please the leftards who are arguing semantics about an infowar attack on the US. The latter (who provided the classified info) should be executed for treason. Ass-mange is a typical leftard America-hating POS, who are unfortunately a dime for six dozen now, ignorance with a larger megaphone. We should honor ass-mange’s hopes for “anarchy” and do away with this vermin.

  74. Hasta cuándo says:

    En un país en serio a tipos como éste se los A SE SI NA.

  75. Just like we did with Kennedy says:

    Let’s shoot this motherf*er illegally.

  76. Aaron says:

    also he’s not an american citizen. so he doesn’t get the freedom of speech. Plus if he’s going to put peoples lives in danger and some people will probably be killed why shouldn’t he be killed.

  77. Rex says:

    It is the responsibility of this and every other institution to protect the privacy and secrecy of the American people, not the privacy and secrecy of government.

  78. […] numéro un des responsables américains.  Le 10 décembre dernier sur la chaîne américaine FOX News, l’expert politique Bob Beckel a déclaré qu’il fallait assassiner Julian Assange : […]

  79. o60060606060 says:

    Mr. Bob Beckel this what you said is a threat. You should know that in light of the law it is punishable!!!

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