Que the Curtains of Irony

In today’s edition of Haaretz (liberal Israeli daily), there’s a rather pallid article called Shin Bet arrests three Hamas militants who tried to attack IDF troops. Nothing to see here — it’s your typical Israeli-Palestinian situation of shoot, retaliate, and arrest. But check out this gem in the Web 2.0 of Haaretz’s instantaneous discussion and feedback for articles, evidenced no greater than by the zinger at #7 titled ‘to all the ubove’:

Can any one of you(from your past experience in Europe)suggest few romantic,unhurtfull ways to resist militery occupation,humilation and seggrigation?please!!

Zinged to irony and beyond! Nothing like inflicting the same treatment on others like you received yourself for karmic reprisal, because when you suffer greatly, why bother learning from it? Because otherwise, you are entitled to a life of guilt-free mistreatment of anyone who gets in the way of your crazy nationalistic dreams!


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  1. treppenwitz says:

    Oh honey, ‘nationalistic’ has such militaristic connotations these days. I prefer ‘patriotic’ or even ‘non-suicidal’. But thanks.

  2. alec says:

    Actually, I think the first word one would use to describe Israel’s involvement in the Middle East would be militaristic.

  3. treppenwitz says:

    Alec… That is true, if one had absolutely no historic or contextual background on the conflict. However, even a cursory glance at the so-called cycle of violence here would show an interested observer that one side is always attacking and the other is always having to defend itself. If the Arabs had accepted Israel’s presence back in 48 instead of attacking, there would already be a Palestinian state. Every subsequent opportunity that has been offered to the Palestinians to create something has been met with more violence and less chance of there ever being a Palestinian state. You can blame Israel for a lot of things, but the lack of a sovereign Palestinian state is not one of them.

  4. alec says:

    I hate to start another comment with ‘actually’, but I would say one of the things I would truly blame on Israel is the lack of a sovereign Palestinian state. I don’t blame Israel entirely for the cycle of violence or whatever random issues people tend to lump with the Israeli state. But honestly, in 1946 there was one state called the Palestinian Mandate under British Rule. Since 1948, there has been an independent state of Israel and a non-recognized, non-contiguous Palestinian ‘entity’. Am I missing something here?

  5. Western civilization should not rest until god’s wish of greater Israel is fulfilled.

  6. treppenwitz says:

    Yes Alec you are missing something. The world tried through diplomatic means to create two states from the mandate (as was intended from the start) and the Arab world decided to attack rather than accept the rule of international consensus. Several times since – most notably at Camp David – the Palestinians have been given an opportunity to realize their dream of statehood and they answered with violence. At a certain point one has to wonder if they want a state beside Israel or instead of Israel… or if they want a state at all.

    The Palestnians were given Gaza free and clear with no preconditions. The Jewish settlers were uncermoniously taken out and the Israeli government handed everything over to the Palestinean athority. Rather than begin building an autonomous state they have done nothing but lauch relentless daily rocket attacks against Israel and have devolved into fratricide. Gaza was the perfect test of their intentions to use autonomy for their own good and they have failed miserably. You can’t blame that on Israel.

  7. alec says:

    What was intended from the start? 2 states? I don’t think so, and I’d like to know how the British get claim to land they neither inhabited or owned. The international community decided their should be an Israeli/Jewish state there, but no one in the Arab or Middle East world. Basically, it was decided for them that they’d have to accept more white Europeans onto their land.

  8. treppenwitz says:

    Alec, by your first statement am I to gather that you feel Israel is the only country set up by the mandatory powers? Most of the countries in the middle east are products of arbitrary decisions made by the mandatory powers and the League of Nations. Yest somehow you don’t seem to have a problem with modern creations such as Jordan… why do you suppose that is?

    Also, your lack of knowledge about the history of the region is most apparent with your statement about “white Europeans”. You see, the majority of Jews in Israel are Sephardic, meaning that they were kicked out of all those other Arab countries (and had all their property confiscated) before being settled as refugees in Israel.

    Look, I’m not saying you have to love Israel. But if you’re going to bash a country, at least pick some flaws that actually exist.

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