Why I Hate Capitalism

9/11 memoribilia crap

And yes, it truly exists.

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  1. Kevin says:

    I understand that this may offend your fragile sensibilities, but that is the stupidest reasoning I have ever come across (since the last time I read any comments on Digg.com). So socialism and communism are your ideals? They sure worked well for Cuba, Eastern Europe, and China. You should educate yourself, or better yet – move:


  2. Joe American says:

    What?? You hate Amerakur? Well you can geet out.

  3. wtf? says:

    Yep, people have no shame sometimes…

  4. wtf? says:

    Capitalism has done more for you and this website than you will ever know…

  5. 'Merikun says:

    Wow… Totally speechless…absolutely stunned

  6. Eric says:

    Your just mad because you didn’t think of it and become crazy rich, filthy crazy rich!!



  8. Ed says:

    Capitalism, like money itself, is just a tool. It’s up to people to use it for good or ill.

    After all, somebody must be willing to pay money for this monstrosity. Otherwise it wouldn’t be for sale. Those people deserve contempt (or perhaps pity).

    Personally, I blame the “education” system.

  9. dAtkRaK says:

    Idiots (except Merikun and anyone else who was being ironic). You miss the point entirely. This is absolutely sick. Actually, those of you “true Americans” ought to be the most offended, because this venture seeks to generate capital off of all those innocent lives.

    Kevin, I doubt the author was necessarily promoting communism or socialism. What you said was what we call a strawman argument. And we don’t have -have- to leave this country. That’s what makes it great. If I don’t like something, I can change it.

  10. New York says:

    Kevin, how does hating capitalism have anything to do with favoring communism or socialism. There are other forms of government such as, perhaps, a true democracy rather than a representative bastardization, some form of libertarian social democracy, or perhaps an emperor, an enlightened monarch, or a philosopher king.

    Furthermore, its not that this offends ones sensibilities. Its that morons like you, who craft arguments riddled with false dilemmas, would actually consider buying something like this thus rewarding the capitalist dipshit who came up with the idea by actually providing him with a market.

    And move? please. I’m in NYC. I’m not moving, but I think we and LA should take our 90% of the nations economy, elect Bloomberg and Arnold to the executive branch and call it “USA2: No Flyover States Allowed”

    In conclusion, Kevin, you’re a moron.

    Love Always,

    – New York.

  11. Gabriel Kent says:

    thoughts in no order::

    I hate the look of these ‘as seen on tv’-type ads, yet they work.

    This has little to do with Capitalism and everything to do with money–which is a subtle statement.

    To decry capitalism is not the same as preferring socialism or communism–insisting on such is classic spin to discredit criticism.

    Silver recovered from ground 0? There is sentimental/monetary value in that.

    I wonder how much money has been donated…


  12. AlvinBlah says:

    I love that if there is a quibble or criticism of America out there it is always rebuked with
    “love it or leave it”
    “well you better deal cause the alternatives suck”

    I like to think of America as my home and my fellow countrymen as my family. The analogy can be extended. I don’t know distant members of my family,and I probably won’t agree with everything they say and do but there is still a common bond. I don’t throw off and forsake family.
    The home analogy can work as well for the country. If I want to re-arrange a room in the house or say that I want to make repairs, that doesn’t mean my only options are to accept the defects or move.
    You can change things about where you live without the requirement of leaving. You can criticize your home specifically because it is that, and one must always be critical of where they live, it’s there home.
    If someone tells me to leave my home because they don’t like me or my thoughts, I consider that bigotry. I am being attacked because of what I believe in. That will not stand.

    Kevin, you do not live in a homogeneous nation. There are different ideas, practices, beliefs, and ideologies that abound in the United States. Our culture is defined by variety. It is actions like yours that are one sided and narrow minded that places a great shame on all Americans.

    Your inability to show toleration, acceptance and a willingness to deal with a variety of views leaves me feeling very sad about the future of reasonable discourse. Please come back and discuss why you have such a passionate faith in capitalism. I would love to discuss.

    But do not ever again insult me or my country like you have here.

  13. Kit says:

    In America 2.0, this will be legal tender, and ice cubes made from the tears of famished brown people will be our 10 dollar bill. Please join me in saying a prayer for all the money lost on that fateful day in September, and in bringing in a new era of American democracy.

  14. GiR says:

    Capitalism is the same as socialism. the only difference is the corporate plutocracy controls the masses instead of ‘elected’ officials.

  15. kiki says:

    “Kevin, how does hating capitalism have anything to do with favoring communism or socialism. There are other forms of government such as, perhaps, a true democracy rather than a representative bastardization, some form of libertarian social democracy, or perhaps an emperor, an enlightened monarch, or a philosopher king.”

    Okay, just wanted to make a quick comment before other readers got mixed up. Let’s not confuse the form of _economics_ (capitalism, communism, etc) with the form of _government_ (democracy, etc, as described above). I’m sure most people already knew this, but it is a common misconception unfortunately. The phrase “there are other forms of government…” raised my red alert flag.

  16. Batin says:

    Why is socialism and communism bad? Why tell me why in a reasonable analytical way not cause were better than them and we won. Why is affordable healthcare considered a form of socialism? Why is a progressive tax system considered communistic? Hey, I just want to be able to get sown up when I get hurt and not be made homeless in the process. I just want the tax breaks that the mega buck people get. I just want to not be taxed at a rate higher than most european counties (yes we are), or get some sort of benifit out of it, like a good school for my kid or healthcare. I just don’t want to feel like a moron for responding to moronic post. I want to stop feeling like I’m from the future dealing with a bunch of monkey people.

  17. Joe says:

    I don’t hate capitalism, but I do hate things that are in bad taste.

  18. TheCatWrites says:


    To start off, as I’m a first-time commenter on this site, I’d like you to know where I’m coming from on this. I’m probably butchering this quote horribly, but as Voltaire said, “I disagree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”

    That said, you seem to have a few misconceptions about communism. Yes, the “everyone works for the good of the whole and gets goods and services according to their needs” economic system is a big part of the idealized communist society, but communism is actually a form of government. Unfortunately, the world has yet to see a pure communist society, and so there is a lot of prejudice, especially here in the US, against communism.

    Pure communism, theoretically, comes about when the divide between the upper and lower class gets too wide. The middle class disappears, and the upper class monopolizes resources while the lower class does all the work. Inevitably, the lower class revolts, and seizes and redistributes all privately owned and government owned property (everything becomes public domain).

    The reason that we have yet to see a pure communist society is that, according to Marx, it must come about through the action of the working class, not one individual. Marx also said that there are two things that such a society needs to build up in order to survive: its agriculture and its military, in that order. All of the supposedly communist societies we’ve seen through history have been brought about by the initiatives of individuals who built up their countries’ militaries before their agricultural strength, and thus they are not actually communist, and the negative connotations surrounding the term came about.

    Sorry to ramble on so long, I’m doing my history homework and trying to avoid going back to it. Have a good night!


  19. City Mouse says:

    I’m smart because I moved to New York.
    I’m not like those dumb people in the rest of the country.
    There aren’t any lawyers, doctors, engineers, professors, authors, poets, astronomers or people with professions like those except in New York City.
    I’m smarter.
    I have a blog, see, and I’m in college so I know that capitalism is bad and I know that it’s stupid to use principles and ideals as a guide to get through life.
    I have this blog, see, and I’m smarter.
    People in other cities are stupid and though I would never call anyone a nigger, I sure do think it’s funny referring to poor people as white trash.
    See, they’re white, so they don’t have to be poor but I expect black people to be poor and if you don’t understand that, you’re a racist.
    I like to call people racist and stupid.
    I’m so smart.
    I’m so smart that I even believe in god.
    Not that other god that all those stupid people believe in.
    Nope, my imaginary friend is better, see.
    I’m spiritual, like all the smart people are, see.
    Atheists, capitalists and the rest of the people in the united states are white trash idiots.
    See, I have a blog. I’m an individual. I’m unique. Think for yourself, everybody! I do!

  20. Kit says:

    if I can blog it there, I’ll blog it ANYWHERE. It’s up to you New York, New York.

  21. AlvinBlah says:

    shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit boy.

    I live in Indiana. That sure the hell ain’t no New York City.

  22. City Mouse says:

    sorry all, I was being a dumb cunt. I will stop being a dumb cunt now

  23. Dhalgren says:

    As a New Yorker AND a survivor of 1 WTC, this doesn’t surprise me at all. What does surprise me is how long it took silver stolen from the WTC site to appear in this form. Of course, I am still skeptical that the silver is from the WTC site.

    I second what “New York” says. California and New York are where most of the nations wealthy and highly educated people live. Throw-in New England, Chicago, the Twin Cities, Portland, Seattle, Miami, parts of New Mexico, Austin, and Dallas, and that might just about cover everyone who has big paychecks.

    I always thought that New York, New England, Quebec, and the Maritime Provinces of Canada should group together to call themselves Atlantica. It would be a big blue country.

  24. Buzzfly says:

    I have no problem with “capitalism” at all.

    But “capitalism”, if not performed in reasonable moderation (much like religion, alcohol, certain medications, etc.) can turn into a detriment.

    And because it has NOT been taken in moderation, it has produced folks like these who made this coin.

    And as a result, a minority of Americans who live-and-breath this form of “capitalism”, would slit their own mothers’ throats, if it meant a quick buck.

    Just an observation.

  25. Buzzfly says:

    Wow, all this deep political commentary is just blowing my mind. Bill Gates is turning over in his grave over the wasted uses of the computers he invented.

    But I agree with the Merikun who sed all you freedom-hatin’, brown-person-lovin’, tairist sympathizers can stuff yer tofu-fryin’ asses into yer Subarus and get back to Madison.

  26. Udon Nomee says:

    Wait a minute. It’s not available in stores!?! Now that is strange. I’m sure I can’t imagine why…

  27. Udon Nomee says:

    Silver recovered from Ground Zero consists primarily of:

    a. Earrings lost by tourists.
    b. Undeveloped film borrowed from the few remaining film photogs.
    c. Small ingots dropped at the site by one’s left hand, recovered from the ground by the right hand. About 100 g should do just fine.

    I doubt if the keepsake entrepreneurs had the wherewithal or contacts to get the element from the ruins and remains of the WTC site or the associated hospitals, morgues, or crematoriums.

  28. Hammer says:

    This is not an example of what’s wrong with capitalism, it’s an example of an incredibly tacky product and someone taking advantage of a tragedy.

  29. Moon says:

    These are the guys who were indicted for fraud for saying this was silver from the WTC and it wasn’t, right? So what happened now, they FOUND some silver from WTC?? Or is this an old ad??

  30. Fdog says:

    Capitalism is fine… where natural monopolies are regulated. I like being able to participate in it, personally.

    What Kevin the troll (first post) doesn’t understand, is that this country is a representative republic, as set out by the Constitutional framers. As such, it could practice any economic structure as determined by those who represent us, be it capitalism or socialism, regulated or not regulated.

    Currently, we have a highly unregulated, subsidy-driven form of capitalism. As it just so happens, highly unregulated capitalism in a free society, where the courts have ruled that money = free speech, gives us a political system that rewards industries that feed the political system more money… eventually every aspect of the society becomes polluted by money. Those with the most money have the most free speech, and the ability to use it to their advantage.

    But Kevin the troll is too stupid to know this because these same corporations have done all in their power to steal the public infrastructure real Americans paid for, consequently destroying everything they touch… like the sorry ass-school that failed to teach him a single thing about civics. I’m skipping steps here, but Kevin the troll was just doing a “hit and run” posting maneuver and will never revisit these posts to challenge how theft leads to destruction even though a first grader can figure it out (school or no school).

    So Kevin the troll, Kevin the embracer of willful ignorance, poster of tired and banal exercises in the Socratic method, low-brau goon of the neofascists and private in the keyboard komandos, can bite my liberal, fly-over state funding white ass. He can move right the fuck out of MY country.

  31. Rick says:

    Wow, these comments are hilarious. If anyone is dumb enough to buy those coins they deserve to be ripped off.

  32. […] Why I Hate Capitalism with 24,540 unique hits — A commemorative 9/11 coin. Only 19.95 (limited […]

  33. Anonymous says:

    None of those countries were socialist or communist. They were dicatorships.

  34. the rich get richer says:

    Capitalism is a ridiculously immoral, and furthermore illogical mode of economy. It is based on inequalities so that the heterosexual white Christian male, born into a family of affluence, has every opportunity in his favor toward success. The more you stray from this norm, the less the odds are in your favor. Everyone’s created equal, my ass! Prior to European colonization, many of the Native tribes practiced true equality, in which everyone was genuinely born equal. Our country was founded on racism and is nothing more than a vicious hierarchy in which those in the top one percentile can forever maintain their power and affluence, while immense poverty and inequality will be forever perpetuated. If your not a member of the heterosexual Anglo-Saxon Christian upper-class, then recognize the extent of your own oppression and realize that you “have nothing to lose, but your chains!”-Marx

  35. a humanbeing says:

    Their comment was taken off and replaced with an advert. Says it all about Capitalism and this so calle3d Democracy which of course is a lie. Heard the reply get to USSR, China etc so many times before. Don’t you realise how much financial pressure was put on countries trying to become Communist and how much spying and no doubt interfering and placing of agents was done too. Perhaps and I know thios to be true, that true communism has never happened and that true communists would not want to move to USSR or China etc goodness only knows enough true communists ie Trotsky and 300 plus of his followers we4e hunted down and murdered by Stalin’s KGB and no doubt the agents placed there by super rich Capitalists to give it no chance of becom,ing truly communist. How many times does the truth about the dirty tactics used by the super rich in west and that true communists were muredered and that true communism has never been allowed to happen by the super rich selfish so and so s perhaps these are the reasons why sonme one who’s a gen communist wouldnt want to move to nay of these places

  36. Chris says:

    It is a good reason.

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