Sarah Palin’s Star Begins To Fall

With Barack Obama pulling ahead in key battle ground states, the question becomes what has been sinking the McCain campaign. The answer, from recent polling, is clear — Sarah Palin has become incredibly unpopular:

In Florida — Palin gets a negative 36 – 39 percent favorability, down from 47 – 23 percent September 11.

In Ohio — Palin’s favorability is split 35 – 35 percent, compared to 41 – 22 percent last time.

In Pennsylvania — Palin’s favorability is a negative 34 – 37 percent, down from 39 – 26 percent.

Nationally, Palin also has the lowest favorable ratings on the Presidential tickets, with a 52% unfavorable rating [via Daily Kos daily poll tracker]

Sources for state data: Obama Over 50 Percent In Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania Quinnipiac University Swing State Poll Finds; Debate, Palin’s Fade, Economy Put Democrat On Top.

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