The Gravestone of Kareem Rashad Sultan Khan

“Is there something wrong with being a Muslim in this country? The answer is no. That’s not America. Is there something wrong with a seven-year-old Muslim-American kid believing he or she could be president? Yet I have heard senior members of my own party drop the suggestion that he is a Muslim and might have an association with terrorists. This is not the way we should be doing it in America.

I feel strongly about this particular point because of a picture I saw in a magazine. It was a photo essay about troops who are serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.

And one picture at the tail end of this photo essay was of a mother in Arlington Cemetery, and she had her head on the headstone of her son’s grave. And as the picture focused in, you could see the writing on the headstone. And it gave his awards — Purple Heart, Bronze Star — showed that he died in Iraq, gave his date of birth, date of death. He was 20 years old.

And then, at the very top of the headstone, it didn’t have a Christian cross; it didn’t have the Star of David; it had crescent and a star of the Islamic faith. And his name was Kareem Rashad Sultan Khan, and he was an American. He was born in New Jersey. He was 14 years old at the time of 9/11, and he waited until he can go serve his country, and he gave his life.” — Colin Powell today during his endorsement of Democratic Senator Barack Obama for President

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  1. Unity says:

    We need more unity and sensibility now more than ever. We need to think like good neighbors, thinking not just for our own well being, but also of our fellow neighbors. Is this not the Christian way?…to be selfless and help others in need? And I’m not talking let’s put him on welfare, but the American people (not the top 5% of rich people) need a break. I laugh at how some people say “that’s more like socialism” and still call themselves Christians. Would they ever say that to Jesus in his face? “You are a socialist with socialist ideas! How dare you!”

    We need a new generation of thinkers, for a new generation of problems, and Obama/Biden are the best candidates for our next president and vice president.

    I will feel truly sad if we allow Mccain (who graduated 894/899 from military school) to win. We need Obama to win! (Obama graduated magna cum laude from Harvard in 1991).

    People, please don’t just take my word for it, research yourself:

  2. oddinnuendo says:

    I have been meaning to look up this photograph after reading a description! I just happened to stumble upon your blog.

    I can’t look at the mother without getting teary eyed.

  3. Marcelo says:


  4. Ishrat says:

    I was born in Pakistan but America is the the only home i know. It pains me when all muslims are labeled terrorists. I know many muslims and not one of them is anti-American. Kareem is not the first or last muslim to be killed fighting for this country, I thank Colin Powell for bringing attention to this issue.

  5. Powerfull!! says:

    […] that much more powerful. Colin’s powell’s words below the picture on the website sums it all up. The Tombstone Of US Soldier, War Hero, and Muslim-American Kareem Rashad Sultan Khan | Prose Before … Attached Thumbnails […]

  6. Bravo! General Collins. We live in a country where people are not judged by race, religion and color. Isn’t it about time we prove this to the world.

  7. Honest Abe says:

    American Moslem are dedicating their support and faith to this beloved country. I’m proud to be a moslem-american. We’ll show to the world what this country all about. God bless all of us!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous I am an Italian-American, New Yorker and I am a Muslim convert and I am extreamly proud to be! I want people to know that there are many good Muslims in the world and right here in America! The word ISLAM means peace and submission to the will of god! Islam and its followers (muslims) are told to be kind-hearted, forgiving, and peaceful! Islam is not a religion of hate or violence and the actions of some do not and should not reflect on muslims as a whole! All relgions are beautiful and for those who think that all muslims are terrorists they are wrong! I am not trying to premote Islam but I am just a regular person who wants to correct those who are wrong and do not no the truth about Islam! People who are religious should realize that religion is beautiful, and no religion truly tells people to kill! So just take into consideration and realize that all religions are beautiful and just because some people do the wrong thing doesnt mean we all do, and those who are terrorist, muslims or non muslims, are NOT religious people!
    FROM, just a regular person hopeing for people to realize the truth! Thank you and may peace be upon you!

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  17. TigreNoir says:

    There is no reason for a Muslim to go on the defensive because of the deeds of ISIL and al-Qaeda. American-Muslims are the most loyal in the country, so stop explaining yourself. America is being attacked by Christian White Males from the inside.

  18. Bonita Ryan says:

    Call me a cynic, but this looks staged as hell.

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