The Taxpayers Money, Goldman Sachs Record Bonuses

While you were day dreaming of a romantic trip with the balloon boy, Goldman Sachs announced record profits of $3.2 billion, “crushing Wall Street estimates for the third straight quarter.” Alas, the record profits and “the giant quarterly gain allowed Goldman to set aside $5.4 billion for employee compensation — bringing its bonus pool to $16.7 billion through September 30.”

But they couldn’t have done it with you, Joe Taxpayer:

[Goldman Sachs] was one of the nine big banks that received loans from Treasury last fall. It received $13 billion in the costly, widely questioned September 2008 rescue of insurer AIG. It has sold $22 billion in federally guaranteed debt under a plan the feds started to restore capital markets activity. And it has been a major beneficiary of the low interest rates the government has adopted in hopes of restarting the economy.

Long story short, we all own a little piece of Goldman Sachs largess — I hope my ‘Free Ride On A Goldman Executives Yacht’ voucher is in the mail! And in case you were wondering, $17.1 billion in Goldman bonuses is equal $121 dollars from every one of the 138 million taxpayers.

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  2. Goldman Sachs Salutes Your Contribution To Its Profits…

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