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Slap some words onto a poster or a screen to show you’re involved, that you care about that which does not directly affect you. Pick a good filter to make your eyes really pop, and share with your friends. Otherwise, who cares that you care?



RIP The American Manly Man (1776-2014) (Volume I)

Tom Brady Justin Bieber

The American Manly Man, known the world over for centuries of soaring bravado and gritty do-it-yourself ingenuity, passed away during the season finale of HBO’s Girls. He was 237.

His death was confirmed by American pop culture. The cause of death is still under investigation, as the U.S. Department of Health has not yet received the results of his toxicology testing. But (i) The Selfie, (ii) Michelob ULTRA’s Fruit Infused Pomegranate Raspberry, and (iii) eerily fatalistic intimations of the American Empire’s mortality are believed to be preliminary suspects.

The Selfie

’Twas the smartphone that killed the American Manly Man.

Necessity may well be the mother of invention, but modern inconvenience is the father of the app. The American Manly Man still did not stop to ask for directions. But only because he did not have to. Siri, his iPhone’s female-voiced assistant narrated the entire way. Masculinity: there was an app for that.

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Jesus And FOX News

Jesus Fox

It would make more sense for FOX hacks to praise the Romans’ enterprising spirits.



Not All Man, Saving Vulnerable Men From Man Haters

Man Signal

Not All Men

Devils Advocate

Let’s face it: these days, even white guys are allowed to be criticized.



Barack Obama On “Orange Is The New Black”

Orange New Black



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