Dramatic New Photos From The Iran Protests

New photos from Tehran and other Iranian cities show the level of brutality in this weekends protests:











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The Health Care Bailout — How Big Insurance and Pharmaceuticals Are Taking Over Health Care Reform

If you remember the platforms of the 2008 campaign, Obama and other Democratic nominees endorsed health care reform centered around providing a low-cost public option, allowing quicker and wider distribution of generic pharmaceutical alternatives, and investing in America’s antiquated medical infrastructure. Obama went as far as to suggest in late 2007 that “The time has come for universal health care in America… I am absolutely determined that by the end of the first term of the next president, we should have universal health care in this country.” [source]

Public option health care plan is becoming more of a dream and less of a reality thanks to heavy lobbying of Congress by the health care industry. The estimated $1 to $2 trillion dollars in health care reform is starting to resemble a bailout that will solidify the monopolies of health care companies. The new health care reform bill championed by centrist Democrats encourages ‘free-market’ principles, or, for those unfamiliar, the active encouragement by the legislative branch of collusion between health care companies and exploitation of American consumers. Essentially, the health care reform bill has been transformed from a consumer-oriented reform package to a massive kick back to the health care industry, with a mere wrist-slap for their more unscrupulous practices.

Incidentally, this movement towards a health care industry, pharmaceutical-friendly coincided by very damning appearances by health care CEOs in front of congress. This included admissions by the CEO of Assurant and UnitedHealth that their companies colluded with providers to drive up prices, dropped coverage when consumers became sick, and rewarding employees for denying coverage to lower-class people. [source]

Unless there is significant action towards reclaiming health care reform, Americans will be facing another government-sponsored funneling of tax-payer money towards big business.

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Do You Like Green Protest Plans?


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PBH Redesign In The Works

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There Is No Way Out

There was no way out
the only way out was to give in

Ergo, The Metric concert last night was good [Chris Farley voice]


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