Fatwah Friday, Courtesy of PBH

In the hot news of the day, a statue in Denmark got a Muslim makeover. Yet you can still see the slutty little statues ankles, how very tempting and risque — I hope an otherwise religiously devout person isn’t forced to stone it! OOOOH BOOGIE MEN EVERYWHERE! It’s those damn Ay-rabs again! Can’t they all fit in Guantanamo???

In more acidic news, who loves the troops? I do, I do! Well, enough to give them a 6 dollar raise! Yesssssssss. I bet you can buy adequate body armor with that kind of dough. Then again, one can only hope that all the festering bodies will decompose quickly to mix with dinosaur bones to give us more wonderful petrol.

While we’re busy being guilty of some underlying patriarchal oppression against our female counterparts even though we’re busy writing about it, apparently we’ve struck a cord of disdain from some of our underwater feminist allies. This is the second time we’ve undergone an attack by the nameless internet goons who want to tell us what language we can and cannot use. Because, you see, it’s not hypocritical that they’re fighting sexism by telling us that all males are terrible, because they’re women. Anyway, point being, jihad on white bitches suffering from cognitive dissonance!

Other things to check out: World’s greatest flags (bears!!!! axes!!! swastikas!!!), Comcast 911 Fails – 4yr Old Suffers – Comcast Support Hangs Up On Father, deport Kenneth Eng, Religion’s rules of inference, and the Inventor of Mother’s Day Wants You To Stop Wasting Money (consider it done a long time ago).

jerry falwell is a homosexual


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