Birth Control, Pesticide for Unborn Babies

MORE BABIES! GIVE ME MORE BABIES! What the fuck is going on here? Neil Cavuto, fresh off a session of mutual masturbation with a middle school class, asks the logical question: if there is birth control, won’t 12 or 13 year olds be going around, fucking each other willy-nilly? Of course! I mean, dur, that’s the whole idea behind birth control, to have as much premarital sex as possible until you get the clap or the ice caps melt!

But seriously, why bother going on Fox News anymore? Neil Cavuto rather listen to a woman who compares birth control to pesticide and talks about how many babies she wants (I’ve got a bunch of Chinese ones if you’re looking, by the way) than someone who speaks eloquently about the positive effects of birth control. Look at this exchange:

UNRUH: Big pharma, here we go again. Attack on children, on families and women.

ALICE: What we’re saying is let’s reduce unintended pregnancy, let’s reduce teen pregnancy, let’s reduce the abortion rate in this country.


UNRUH: I want more babies, more baby, we love babies.

Once again, a random lady named Unruh (?) saves the day on Fox News. Big pharma, combined with the liberals, are moving to destroy our freedoms, bodies, and beautiful white babies. Hazzah!

Thanks, by the way, Think Progress & Blue State.


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  1. Terry C says:

    “Birth Control, Pesticide for Unborn Babies”

    Incredibly stupid!

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