Live Bloggin’ Ron Paul on the Daily Show

I’ll be live blogging Ron Paul on the Daily Show tonight. The phenomena continues…..

11:04 – Wolf Blitzer is a troll. And he used to work for AIPAC and wrote a book about how Jonathan Pollard was falsely convicted.

11:05 – Chris Dodd, who made you? Only Joe Lieberman’s existence could make you look worthwhile.

11:08 – Ha! Joe Biden. I think I get the joke…

11:09 – Oh boy! Commercial break! Time to refuel on Triscuits and put a fresh layer of Gold Bond on my testicles / grundle!

11:11 – And we’re back! And we’re talking about porn! yessssssss

11:13 – Boring, boring! This Larry Flynt skit is going on way too long.

11:14 – It’s really difficult to maintain an erection with Flynt’s toad-faced mug on half of my HD TV.

11:18 – Apparently I want popeyes! And so does that jitterbugging black male (do you think he likes… rap???)

11:19 – Please Welcome Congressman Ron Paul! Where is Guiliani’s corpse?

11:20 – No spreading democracy with guns. No foreign interventionism! Clap clap clap NYC claps clap claps.

11:21 – What’s the constitution? Apparently Ron Paul wants to use it. Disgusting.

11:22 – Third parties? Grossssssssss.

11:23 – Ut oh, Libertarian… principles… coming out… how will liberals react… no!!!!!

11:24 – Agh, Christ. Competition, free market, boring boring. Get to the good stuff!

11:25 – Romney said hello to Ron Paul once. Here come some zingers for Ron Paul. Start with Giul’s…. hahaha. He should marry terrorism, if 9/11 and abortion weren’t already his mid-wives!!

11:25 – Well, that was fucking anti-climatic. Paul just rushed off the stage afterwards to Stewart saying “Don’t leave!”. What???

11:27 – Yessssss, commercials! Shit, and I’m not even kidding now.

11:28 – Apple iPhone commercial. Conspicuous consumerism, here I come!

11:30 – I want you to raise your hand if English should be the official language of the United States. The only hand I see is Senator Gravel.

Summation: I can only imagine that hundreds of Reddit and Digg users are left flacid after that appearance. Pretty mediocre. Couldn’t we have just talked about how much we all hate Rudy and Iraq instead of talking about Libertarian principles? Apparently not, but he’ll have a few minutes at the Republican Debate tomorrow night to say something worthwhile, as long as Rudy doesn’t strangle him.


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  1. TBag says:

    I’m telling you, the more I look closely at Jon Stewart the more I think he is a Dick. He controlled the whole conversation. And I think Ron Pauls point about not being afraid of wealthy entertainers had a little cut to it.

  2. Thomas Jefferson says:

    Dr. Paul seems to be a man of principles that wants the role of the federal government reduced. With that comes reduced federal debt and lower taxes.

    What’s not to love?

  3. Thomas Jefferson says:

    Ron Paul Supporters: Where’s Giuliani? From

    Carrie Stroup with Gambling911 has requested the folks at – presently offering political betting odds on the 2008 US Presidential election – to offer odds on Giuliani attending and debating Ron Paul at FreedomFest.

    Breaking News at 9:34 AM on 6/4/2007

    Dr. Paul accepts the invitation to debate Mr. Giuliani on the Iraq War & US Foreign Policy.
    We are still waiting to hear from the Giuliani Campaign. Paul/Giuliani debate invitation

  4. alec says:

    I’ll agree about Stewart just jumping on the whole conversation, he has that Kucinich like weasel quality to him. I know what being a fucking Libertarian is, Jon Stewart. I don’t need a dress rehearsal on this stuff.

  5. Kit says:

    I’ve never been a huge fan of Stewart. I liked Kilborn, those 5 questions were funny. Colbert is awesome though, I think he’s really good at making people of all political stripes uncomfortable. That’s what good politics is about.

  6. alec says:

    Stewart has that whole Woody Allen thing going on for him, I can only imagine how annoying this little fucker would be full of blow

  7. AlvinBlah says:

    Stewart is a big dick, I’ve seen documentaries where he’s caught behind the scenes for The Daily Show, and he’s a big jerk. In the Aristocrats he won’t tell the joke at first until he gets paid.

  8. Hellow…

    I saw this really great showcase….

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