40 Years of the Sweetest Military Occupation in the World!

Aw yah baby, 40 years to this day humanity took another wonderful step in the name of progress — the Israeli occupation of Palestine! Since then it’s been a lot of good times: dead children, suicide bombing, and indiscriminate attacks against civilian targets by the worlds most sophisticated military. And of course, don’t forget the help of good ol’ Uncle Sam, who personally lives off of the blood of dead brown people (and if you thought it was oil, you’re wrong! oil is actually used by Uncle Sam to lather up his penis before fucking the lower class and the third world)! We can only hope the next 40 are as happy and fun as the last 40:

muslims cant read! LOL! occupation rulezz school

peanut butter brown people suck!

who cares about old ladies crying, religious occupation rules!!
its peanut butter zionist occupation time

israeli independence post colonial legacy neoconservative boner

arabs suck! they aren




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  1. […] in Haaretz. While we’re busy celebrating the 40th anniversary of Israeli occupation in the most tasteless way possible, Mr. Judt wrote this wonderful article last year on the 58th anniversary of the founding of the […]

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