Loose Post-9/11 Lips

Once again, a government employee forgot his lines while trying to cover his bosses mistakes. What kind of sycophant can you be if you can’t even say ‘blown up by terrorists’? Clearly, Mr. Rumsfeld needs to be demoted to the State Department.


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  1. thepoetryman says:


    Shot down the palne over Pennsylvania? Son of a bitch! I mean- Ooops…

  2. thepoetryman says:

    I put this link to your Loose Lip post on my page! Gotta hear it to believe it! Thank you my friend!

  3. mirth says:

    When did he make this statement?

  4. thepoetryman says:

    Methinks it was mid to late 2004… ?

  5. alec says:

    Poetryman: thanks for the links, and my sentiments exactly.

    I want to do some research if he retracted this statement or if any news organizations covered this incident.

  6. Rick Sparks says:

    C’mon – this “slip” has nothing to do with facts involving a massing inside job. It’s a man who is, for whatever reason, having a hard time keeping his thoughts straight. George Bush Sr. once thought September 7th was Pearl Harbor day. My girlfriend will say “Yeah,” when she really means, “No,” (and sometimes vice-versa!) – even YOU dear reader have had an occasional brain fart.

    Everyone’s looking for some big conspiracy involving 9/11. It just ain’t there, people.

    Rick Sparks

  7. Dick Sparx says:


    There are loads of unanswered questions in which people like you continually fail to see the relevance.

    You don’t follow them toward their truths, or seek more information, because you don’t want a conspiracy to exist. You want to believe that it was the crazy Muslim fanatics who attacked us because they hate our freedom, there is no such thing as American Imperialism, and history has not shown that our government has the means and the motivation to do such things, as though they have never been done in the past.

    As long as you are married to that reality, you will never give other information a chance.

    Think outside the box. Question your leaders.

  8. thepoetryman says:

    Hey, Rick Sparks,
    You’ve not a clue, yet you believe that nine radicals who trained on small engine plains , miniscule in all respects to an airliner, yet they were able to find New York, pinpoint two of the tallest buildings, and ram their respective, very large, and vastly unlike small prop, planes crashing them dead on at breakneck speeds… interesting, is your belief system. Perhaps they did get lucky and were so determined that they did what most pilots find absurdly lucky to achieve at their skill level. Then- wait for it- the first and only three, steel reinforced buildings to ever collapse in their own footprint from the heat of a fire, did just that, while another plane was flwown into the Pentagon so low to the ground that not a bit of blowback damage was found, and without so much as a notice until it exploded, or imploded on impact, it hit its target 3 feet off the ground. Interesting, is your belief.

  9. alec says:

    My problem with the 9/11 story never was the Twin Towers or Pentagon attacks. It was ALWAYS with the Pennsylvania story — it seems way too convenient that a hi-jacked plane still en route to its target was magically ‘overtaken’ by the travelers on board. And yet, no sign of this in the other planes. It seems just as conceivable that this story was garnered to make heroes out of the passengers and to hide the fact that the plane was probably shot down on it’s way to the White House.

  10. go to PA says:

    Go to the town…people there will TELL YOU they saw a jet scrambling there. I know people from the town, and others who were there September 12…all say the same thing. It was shot down. They were told the plane was minutes away from the school as justification.

    And all the wives who were thrown in front of the public were TALKING to their husbands on the phone…a little too convenient eh?

  11. J says:

    That morning one of the newstations actually said that the plane was shot down. I remeber thinking how crazy that was they were forced to do something like that. Then all the stations started saying how it was the passengers who heroically brought the plane down themselves. Man I wish i had tivo’d it……

  12. somechick says:

    Note the reactions of the two individuals behind Rumsfeld.

    “Did he actually just say that?”


  13. chad says:

    Yup, there was one lady who said she saw a black jet flying around the area really low that morning right after the place “crashed” She said she had never seen a similar jet to this day.

  14. TJ says:

    Is that the same lady that saw the white jet?

    Clearly our trouble in sorting this out comes from the lack of reliable information.

  15. Alan says:

    As a non-american, I obviously can’t know how Americans must feel about this emotionally. I always felt it was likely that they shot that plane down and that it was the right thing to do – given the incredible toll taken by the planes that made it to their targets. A brutal decision which, if it happened, the administration should have taken responsibility for as necessary to protect more lives. Imagine how the fighter pilot would feel, unable to talk about what must be the heaviest weight on his mind.

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  18. TestName says:

    gIpy2y Test myfunction comment

  19. lookitup says:

    the word is sycophant

  20. The look on the faces of the lady and the man behind him is just priceless…
    It would be interesting to know when this was said exactly…

  21. Joel Thomas says:

    I don’t think the Bush Administration would be able to cover this up. Every inteligence agengcy in the world would produce evidence (if they could) to support that the US shot down a civilian airplane.

    Conspiring against the president and defense secretary to diminish their credibility only makes the US weak. We should not support ideas that feed into the mindset of “Blame America”. By doing so you add fuel to the fire. To truly win against terrorism, we must win the trust of other nations. This can be done by showing solidarity with our best efforts to secure others freedom.

  22. s0m3one says:

    “To truly win against terrorism, we must win the trust of other nations.”

    To truly win against terrorism, change your aggressive foreign policy and your effort to oppose political and economical development of other countries.

    Concerning winning the trust of other nations, your justifications for attacking Afghanistan (Rumsfeld on the hi-tech Taliban’s cave ….) and for attacking Iraq (Powel’s white powder, Iraq linked to Al-Quaeda ….) are not really the best ways to win it.

    “This can be done by showing solidarity with our best efforts to secure others freedom.”

    Thanks USA for the freedom you brought to Iraq, let alone Middle East (and to so many countries around the world throughout the years).

  23. person says:

    Rumsfeld is a killer. Is it treason to stage attacks in the USA?
    What about the missile that hit the Pentagon? Rumsfeld also said that too.
    He specifically refered to the missile that hit the Pentagon. And next, you’re
    going to tell me that WTC7 magically fell from the sky? The USA has been severally
    had by these killers. They are truly ruthless to ge their Occupation of Iraq, like it is
    their toy project. Since the USA citizens are so completely spineless now, the meaningful
    response will be the rest of the world distancing from the USA. The Glory of WW2 is finally done. The stink of treason and occupation is upon us. Occupation of the government at home, that is. When is the central bank “deficit” interest bill due? What about that? And another thing, there is 1970’s video of recently deceased William F. Buckley justifying US military actions because the US is not like the Nazi’s, proven because the US doesn’t torture.

  24. somebody says:

    Rumsfeld is a mix of
    Nazi Bastard and Used Car Salesman.

  25. And, at another time, Rumsfeld referred to ‘…the missile to damage this building.’ This building being the Pentagon.

  26. OF COURSE, it is treason for Bush/Rummie/Cheney/Rice to stage attacks on our own country. And –it’s also mass murder. Both are capital offenses. If found guilty, they could be executed. The Constitution defines high treason and there is probable cause to charge Bush, Cheney, Rummie, Rice et al.

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