Democracies Do Not Always Make Societies More Civil

Democracies do not always make societies more civil — but they do always mercilessly expose the health of the societies in which they operate.

Robert Kaplan, The Coming Anarchy

baghdad bombing

An Iraqi child hides behind a soldier during a bombing in Baghdad

congolese war rages
death in the congo civil war

The Civil War in Congo continues to rage despite elections since 2003.

statistics of iraqi civilian deaths

Every 9.62 days, there is an equivalent amount of casualties in Iraq & Afghanistan as September 11th.


Pictures of the Israeli military Occupation in the Palestinian territories

african americans in congress
latin americans in congress

Underrepresentation of Minorities in the US Government

abu ghraib prison abuse

Abu Ghraib Prison Abuse

Rwandan Genocide
rwandan genocide

The Rwandan Genocide, after multi-party parliamentary elections, Hutu extremists murdered almost a million Tutsi’s with machetes and small arms as the international community looked on.


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