The Democratic Republic of Congo’s Untold War

Boy with AK-47 Watches a UN Vehicle

Since 1998, civil war has raged in Congo, enveloping 7 other African countries and scores of tribes and militia while mostly being ignored by the Western media. Over 4 million people have died with egregious reports of cannibalism, rape, sexual slavery, incest, child prostitution, forced labor, and the use of the child armies.


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  1. Democracies Do Not Always Make Societies More Civil

    Democracies do not always make societies more civil — but they do always mercilessly expose the health of the societies in which they operate.
    Robert Kaplan, The Coming Anarchy

    An Iraqi child hides behind a soldier during a bombing in Baghdad

  2. splat says:

    Is there a god?

  3. Tim says:

    Well it’s not like they could do any thing. I believe the only time they are allowed to fire there weapons if if they are fired at. Two people could be shooting at eachother and they can only watch.

  4. AlvinBlah says:

    This is the same area of the world where the Bnobo Monkey is, the other direct ancestor of humanity, but unlike chimpanzees Bnobo’s are passive and have a strong social network. Where it is thought we gained the genetic disposition to society as well.

    The civil war has aggravated the killing of the already endangered Bnobo. These monkeys are still in the early stages of study, and should be protected…

    Sadly, they are not. The war makes it impossible for researchers to get in, and there are more pressing concerns in regards to police action as well.

    That’s what I know about this conflict.

  5. erga says:

    I f89nd it interesting and its confirmed to many who see it that the areas of the world,Congo,Sudan today,(the list is \long if anyone cares)where the population is dark skinned( black to mostly whites and alien to many light skinned creatures) the conflicts within these countries are always ign9ored by the “outside” world..mans greatest passion is greed, no matter what color the skin or th\e language,so those on the outside who ignore are the other side of the coin of those on the inside who support the conflict for their reasons, so where are we we humans, Nowhere………history does not repeat itself, men do

  6. AlvinBlah says:

    I don’t think the conflicts in Africa are ignored in western countries because everyone there is black. I think these conflicts are ignored for two reasons. 1) they are horrendous crimes against humanity. News services broadcast during dinner time while people are eating. More often than not News cares more about ratings than genuine coverage. At least American news is not in the business of bumming people out, they’re in the business of keeping you tuned in till commercial time. 2) In a cold hard manner Africa is a broken continent that as of yet provides minimal value to American or western economies. Look at the shift of coverage to China these days, what China does now counts here, Africa still doesn’t matter.

    I’m not saying these rationales are right, in fact, I think they’re all the wrong reasons to cover a story, but it’s not some racial conspiracy, its a byproduct of a competitive market where the desired resource is your attention.

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