Incredible Anarchist Street Art

Anarchist Street Art

What will YOU do for your country?


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  1. seig heil y’all.

    i will OBEY at all costs.
    (jest gimme a sec to reload…)

  2. M says:

    The state is supposed to be the embodiment of the will of the people you selfish shit.

  3. Menso says:

    It’s not about country. It’s about humanity. Anarchy means no borders.

  4. Scott says:

    The general public is so controlled. Like sheep, they don’t question authority nor speak out against injustice. You do a google search of “anti-war protest” and you find mainstream media asking where is the Peace movement in the US?” This was a topic of an article in the Wall Street Journal!! Where is the voice of  anti-war? It seems like it is found among those who connect with Anarchy in some form or fashion. I guess the early colonialist who resisted the Kings’ authority were considered ‘anarchist’. The British called them “insurgents”, so when you hear that used in Iraq and Afghanistan, you know that they are speaking about freedom fighters/patriots! As an artist, I am encouraged with some of the work that I see being produced. Most of Basky’s work is “cute” or “clever”, but I do not see it as effective or revolutionary. I would encourage those of you who are creative to continue with the struggle.  I believe that we can effect an enlightenment of the minds of some of the oppressed masses in those brief moments when they are not watching TV. Art is Powerful and those in authority fear it!

  5. Craig King says:

    I’ll join, take me to your leader.

  6. Dylan says:

    I will continue to be goverend by a rich minority and AND will accept corruption.
    I will not spend money on my education.

    • HeSaidSarcastically says:

      You’re right, grammatical mistakes that people make all the time on paper, where they have the luxury of being able to erase, make this work less important to you and me. I applaud the fact that you can notice such a common writing mistake and fail to notice the real problems stated on that wall.

  7. Mark says:

    I will continue to be a keyboard warrior, only taking a stand on the net and not in person. Or perhaps quietly in the background where no difference can be made!

  8. your mom says:

    I usually think of streetart as graffiti’s gay little brother
    but this one’s cool

  9. Noyb says:

    I will keep watching mindless TV shows, distracting me from the real world

  10. Noyb says:

    I will read this form of advertising and really keep on not giving a sh!t

  11. PogromSmurf says:

    I will continue to binge on cookies, becoming obscenely fat and obscenely turned on by how fat I’ve become. I will hand-forge a tin Pro-Dadaist lunch-pail, and glower with my Dada clique at the Anarchist boys and girls seated across from me in the cafeteria. I will go so far as to argue, that the anti-establishment folks are not and have never been, could never be, surely would never like to be, part of the establishment.

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