The Real Difference Between Rich And Poor…

Rich Poor Difference

As stated in the Christian Science Monitor many Americans place negative moral judgments on individuals based solely on their income level. And as the quote above illuminates, when the rich rob the poor, it’s called business. When the poor right back, it’s called violence.”


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  1. pa joe says:

    Part of this disdain for the poor came about during the shift towards the Gospel of Prosperity that has been preached by christian evangelicals since the 1920s in America. Its roots go back even further and commingles with the idea of American Empire and of American exceptionalism.

    • Michael Eck says:

      I think you need to learn what American exceptionalism actually is because it certainly isn’t how people frame it today. It has nothing to do with jingoism or imperialism. To deny that America has contributed greatly to free society is to live within a delusion. Of course there have been serious mistakes, which I’m sure you are itching to point out, but no other country has manifested the ideals of the enlightenment, before or as much, as America. It started with America, then France, and then spread all throughout Europe and the rest of the free world. That is American exceptionalism. Not this nonsensical portrayal that comes from the modern American liberal that wants to demonize America every chance they get.

  2. Billbb says:

    Yes, Pa. It’s a direct descendant of the Calvinists who were part of the founding of our country. The rich are rich because God wants them to be rich, the poor are poor because God wants them to be poor, and to try to intervene and lift the poor out of their poverty is to interfere with the will of God.

    The current battle against the social safety net is that creed playing out in modern times.

    • pa joe says:

      Speaking of the social safety net, it seems most Americans were for it until brown people became eligible for the same benefits.

      • Michael Eck says:

        Oh piss off with your victim mentality. The current social safety net was essentially created because of the enormous numbers of needy ‘brown people’. There’s always people who blame everything else for their position in life other than their own choices. There are plenty of ‘brown people’ who have come from the worst conditions and made something of themselves and then there are plenty of brown people, and people of all colors, who want to blame their position in life on anything they can. All while drawing money from the rest of society. Take up some personal responsibility like Dr. King preached about!

    • Dan says:

      That is the most asinine caricature of Calvinism I have ever read.

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