Causes Of Rape

Causes of Rape Protester

Taken from a Slut Walk in early June. The sign reads:

Things That Cause Rape

The outfit that I’m wearing
Drinking too much


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  1. anonymously concerned says:

    your site reads an INCORRECT transcription of the sign that completely misses the point of the sign

    • Kit says:

      It’s not really incorrect, just doesn’t have the big black box indicating that it is in fact rapists that cause rape, and not the other things. The text however is correct. So for those that can’t see the image, but can read this text, the sign has boxes next to all the choices and the box near rapists is filled in. Because outfits don’t rape people, rapists rape people.

      • Uhm... says:

        The point wasn’t that outfits rape people either, but the idea that women somehow invite rapists due to flirtation, their appearance, or any other number of victim-blaming reasons people give.

        • Kit says:

          yes, I know, that’s the point I was trying to clarify for people who can only read the text and not see the image. Clearly no one (I hope) thinks that outfits can literally rape women.

          I tried to say it funny like second amendment activists do, and at the same time mock people who say “shouldn’t have worn that dress,” as if a dress COULD literally rape a woman, but I guess that made it more confusing for people, sorry!

          • xox says:

            Well, dressing up like a street walker doesn’t exactly say “respectable woman.”

            • Saffo says:

              so fucking what? if someone chooses to, or has no choice but to, dress like a non-“respectable” woman, then they deserve to be raped? that’s exactly the point of slutwalk. people– especially people who identify as or who are read as women– have the right to dress however the fuck we want, and the problem is with rapists.

            • Annica says:

              Are you saying only “respectable women” are entitled to not being raped?? Then you are missing the point. A woman’s way of dress, her “respectability” or lack thereof, what she does for a living (yes, even if she is a prostitute), how she behaves — none of that has any bearing on the fact that NO woman should be raped. EVER. period. finish en klaar, like we say in South Africa.

            • Anonymous says:

              are you kidding me… because you so arrogantly define someone as “not a respectable woman” because of the clothes they’re wearing, they should take the blame for being raped? Do “respectable women” not get raped? Your comment disgusts me.

            • Lindsey B. says:

              It doesn’t matter. Rape is rape, and rape is wrong. No matter the outfit or amount of flirtation. Are you defending rapists?

      • Another A says:

        I would change it to something like:

        [ ] Flirting
        [ ] The outfit I’m wearing
        [ ] Drinking too much
        [X] Rapists

        Which carries the message of the sign better. I think you have to assume that a person who can’t read the text also may not be able to see the boxes in the photo and match it to your bullet points.

    • Anonymous says:

      Rape is about power of the person you are raping. I cannot believe some of the comments in this thread actually BLAME the victim from the way they dress to their type of lifestyle. No one ..absolutely NO ONE deserves to have something so intimate taken from them in such a violent way.

      Not a child, be it boy or girl. Not a man. Not a Woman. To blame it on the surrounding circumstances of dress/occupation/lifestyle is complete and utter ignorance. I pray to God that people who claim rape is caused by these issues never ever have to face the type of reprimand they are dishing out to victims. It’s just sad to think that in this day and age, with all the information available about this issue, people resort back to it’s the victims fault.

      I suppose it’s the same with Murder, too? It was the victim ‘asking’ to be murdered.

      • your mom says:

        well. if you dress like a slut… and get raped…. it shouldn’t be rape because since your a slut… you’ll like it..
        and since woman can dress how they want.. it’s obvious that some men fuck who they want not really taking into consideration any other people. Sound familiar?

  2. Zero tolerance to rapists. No one in their right mind invites to be rape. No excuses!

    • Anonymous says:

      i am a mature female who truly believes that when any man good or bad,
      sees a woman with a short skirt, halter tops, etc. he gets too excited to
      hold back. when he is lonely with no one to share his desire with, he
      has to have it and goes out and rapes. no man wants to be bad. all men
      are born good guys, but slutty woman showing off cause rape. look at
      j.lo, riahnna, lady gaga, letting it all hang out with a look, come and get
      me boys. men watch this on television, see it on the streets, AND THAT

      • Anonymous says:

        I am a man who has been lonely with no one to share my desire with for several large chunks of my adult life and during that time, I have seen women in short skirts, halter tops, etc. on an almost daily basis. I get excited, don’t get me wrong, but I’VE NEVER RAPED ANYONE. That’s what masturbation is for. Yes, we live in a society that shoves sex down our throats and at the same time tells us it’s bad, but that’s no excuse for such a horrible crime.

      • Really? says:

        First – can’t tell if trolling, or just seriously misled.

        Second – You cannot build a society that exempts certain people from thinking. A person’s outfit may be alluring, but every sane and fully functional human being is completely capable of choosing to resist an impulse. It’s like saying alcohol tears lives apart. Or that guns kill people. No; the person’s CHOICE to COMMIT that act is what causes it. People were endowed with the ability to choose between right and wrong, and are therefore responsible for exercising it.

        Men are perfectly capable of holding back, just like women are. The fact that people often allow that excuse to go over is why it survives. Rape is never about sex, rape is about control. Clothes simply inform a rapist of various aspects of a woman. For example, a woman who wears high heels likely isn’t going to be able to run quickly. A woman concerned with fashion likely isn’t fluent in self defense, and is therefore weak and “conquerable.” Just like the woman’s posture will inform the rapist of various personality aspects. For example – slumped shoulders are linked to low self esteem and someone who isn’t likely to take too much of a stand against him or her.

        No rational and capable human being is exempt from having to think and make proper choices. I don’t agree with skimpy outfits either, but it is anyone’s right to wear them and it is a person’s responsibility to choose not to act on any sexual impulse he or she may experience.

        You shouldn’t cater to irrational thoughts like “It’s not their fault, they can’t help themselves.” Oh yes they can, and an attitude such as yours only gives them leave to stop being responsible.

      • Anonymous says:

        yeah totally, all men are rapists. fuckin idiot. being a ‘mature female’ doesnt give you credentials to lay down some old school tired feminist rhetoric like that. I would concede that society programs young males to believe that they are only an incremental increase in their testosterone away from raping someone. And if you speak about these impulses in biological terms doest that mean a male is any more responsible for rape than a bird for flying or a fish for swimming? Thats such a misplaced arguement. However, rapists exist, whether it occurs naturally in males, or much morel likely it is a product of an individuals upbringing. Dressing provocatively attracts the attention of decent men and rapists alike. Sure you should be able to wear what you want without the fear of being raped, just like you should be able to drive your car without the fear of being in an accident, or the freedom to walk down a dark alley without being robbed but that doesnt happen does it. You may think that because you explain rape as the product of men being exposed to scantily clad women on t.v that this assuages the blame to a degree, but you’ve just accused an entire gender of being rapists.

    • Anonymous says:

      i am a mature female who truly believes that when any man good or bad,
      sees a woman with a short skirt, halter tops, etc. he gets too excited to
      hold back. when he is lonely with no one to share his desire with, he
      has to have it and goes out and rapes. no man wants to be bad. all men
      are born good guys, but slutty woman showing off cause rape. look at
      j.lo, riahnna, lady gaga, letting it all hang out with a look, come and get
      me boys. men watch this on television, see it on the streets, AND THAT

      • carol says:

        You are disgusting, hopefully your first email is also your last. How can you say that men are so animalistic that they can’t even control their sexual urges, they are lonely? So take a cold shower and change the fucking channel. You are probably a rapist yourself, and you better be careful the next time you take your shirt off on a hot day, you might get a nice long ding dong up your stinkin ass, cause pansy asses like you make a good target for big ole ass rapers you know. And are you also saying that kids and the elderly and stinky old men deserve to get raped? Because they get raped too. You are probably lonely yourself, you probably have raped before, and people get raped because of people like you, you don’t have the balls to be a real man and ask before you touch. You can’t be desirable because of the twisted ideas in your head, and you could never win some badass chics heart because your a nasty piece of shit. If you are a woman then shame on you.

        • carol says:

          sorry, just realized that you mentioned that you ARE a woman, you say you are a MATURE FEMALE. Well you are disgusting nonetheless. How can you,as a WOMAN, say that women bring it on themselves? Have you never tried to look nice for someone special? Jlo and Rihanna are beautiful talented women, who have every right to put on a show, do famous men not put on a show as well? Say you brushed your teeth and pulled your hair back, maybe put some deodorant on and quite possibly shaved you legs (pretty basic) , put on a nice conservative outfit and went to a movie with a group of friends. The creep standing outside on your way out to your car could drag you off and rape you, would you say then that it is your fault because you were nice and clean for the evening? I guess that women who shave their legs deserve to be raped then! Do you shave your legs? You shave your legs, don’t you? You are a dirty slut that deserves to be raped! You need to realize that what you look like has nothing to do with being raped.

          • Anonymous says:

            I find it almost funny that youre desire to percieve all men as rapists blinded you to the fact you were replying to a woman.

        • your mom says:

          she has a point.. and your a tool. i think your jealous because you’ve never been raped so you just jump on the bandwagon..I hope you get raped bitch

      • Anonymous says:

        WOW! That has to be one of the more offensive things I have heard in awhile. NO ONE deserves to be raped, period, no room for argument… at…. all. I don’t want to personally attack you, but your views on this topic frankly scare the shit out of me, and I’m a 6’2″ 230lb male. Who I might add generally feels pretty secure for moments in time, that is until I read or run into people like you. YOU are accountable for YOUR own actions. You can’t continue (the mature part threw me for a loop) to view this topic this way. It’s unhealthy for you, the rest of society, and on top of all that? It’s wrong, spooky as hell wrong.

      • mandy says:

        I’m a 20 year old who wears baggy clothes, and I’ve been raped. So, clothes really have nothing to do with it. I mean there is different causes of rape, maybe because a women did dress provocatively, but it’s the guy who couldn’t control himself after seeing her. Not all men are horrible, but there is a lot of rape victims out there, and in general, it’s the rapists fault, not the woman who wore the tight skirt.

      • Anonymous says:

        unbelieveable victim balme with outright sexism. i literally cannot see how you can justify such a veiw.

      • T says:

        I really don’t think it has anything to do with what the person is wearing. . .like the rapist is just walking down the street, sees someone who he finds really sexy, can’t control himself, then rapes them?! No. The act of rape is not about sex, it is an act of VIOLENCE that is used to hurt someone in the worst possible way.

      • Jean says:

        You are SO Wrong in your way of thinking! Rape is wrong! Period! And to say no man want to be bad and all are born good? What planet are you from?

  3. Anonymous says:

    depends what she was wearing actually

  4. Tommy says:

    She is Hot

  5. xox says:

    Rule of thumb: just cover it up. No one needs to see your junk. I don’t know, when I see a girl wearing next to nothing (and as a female myself) I definitely think less of them. Why do you need to be showing me that? Why? I don’t care how good you look or how fit you are, don’t need to see it.

    Better to be safe than sorry is all I’m saying. Don’t put yourself in risky situations.

    • xox says:

      And don’t even tell me I’m being disrespectful or anti-feminist or w/e label you can pull out of your arse. I’ve been raped before, and now I don’t do certain things or put myself in positions that might even suggest that I want sex. Yeah, it sucked, it was hard, there was so much going on and I lost all respect for men. But I don’t like to go around whining that I’m a victim. I’m not a victim, I’m a tough-ass b*tch who is never going to let a man take advantage of me ever again.

      • Saffo says:

        good for you, but you are still victim-blaming right now

      • Anonymous says:

        the fact that you are now changing your behavior by never appearing to want sex is an example of NOT being a ‘tough a** b**** who is never going to let a man take advantage’

        appearing to want sex either by wearing certain clothing or makeup or what have you DOES NOT INVITE RAPE. no one WANTS to be raped. a lot of people DO WANT SEX. THERE IS A DIFFERENCE. if a man wants sex and you do not or vice versa, the other person should be a respectable human being and WALK AWAY. if you BOTH want sex, then you have every right to do so with each other. but wearing a skimpy dress and wanting sex doesn’t mean you want it forced on you by someone you don’t want to do it with. it might not even mean you want it with someone you would have sex with at all.. it could just mean you enjoy embracing your body, and in come cases maybe people should cover up but it’s called FREEDOM for a reason. freedom to wear what we want. freedom to want sex or not want sex.

      • shelby says:

        Very sad. I’ve been raped too but I don’t let that dictate how I dress since how I dress had nothing to do with the crime in the first place.

    • Kristie says:

      if you don’t care, then keep your mouth shut about it and continue on.

  6. krunchy says:

    The funniest part of the sign is that it exists. What a bizarre world we live in.

  7. krunchy says:

    Cover it up. lol. What a discourse! It’s not even an argument!

  8. anonymous male says:

    You see some people seem to think that rape is a “new” thing. They like to think this about homosexuality and abortion too. But it’s not. It’s been going on since time. The media has made it more advertised. Fact is that even when women weren’t even alowed to leave their houses without an man they where still being raped. I agree “NO REAL MAN” would rape a women!! These ideas of hate towards other people of any sex, race, or orentation are simply put UNEXCUSEABLE and anyone committing such acts should meet the cruel and unusal punishments like public stoning or caning. This might get the attention of those monsters that have yet to comit such acts and help them rejoin the human race!!

  9. Ms. Poodle says:

    Wow, I can’t hit the like button any harder! I very rarely comment on internet nonsense, but this is great. Rape is not caused by lust, nor is rape caused by a victims behavior. Rape is an act of violence and an expression/demonstration of power over the victim. Until we teach our public that you are not only responsible for your own actions, you can also control them. Period.

  10. Sydney says:

    Why is it that a girl with minimal clothing is automatically a slut? We should embrace our figure, and shouldn’t be punished by being raped. I just think that people are way to fucking judgmental. What concern is it of yours that a woman is wearing a mini skirt?

  11. diana v says:

    what do you mean slut walk, wtf

    • i think says:

      i think the name was supposed to be satirical. it was probably named slut walk because it’s satirizing the idiotic and disgusting notion of rape victims being sluts and “deserving” it.

  12. Female says:

    The outfit a women wears has nothing to do with being raped. Its how careful they are at bars, parties or wherever, about the men they are in close proximity with. Never be alone with a guy you just met its not smart.

    • Anon says:

      Saying it has nothing to do with your outfit…. just makes you look stupid. Maybe you are, then I apologize. Rapists have to be attracted to something, but I have no idea what I am talking about, Im just a psychology major working on psychiatrist.

      • Anonymous says:

        Rape has NOTHING to do with attraction. It has NOTHING to do with lust or sexual desire. Rape is about the rapists need for violence, domination, and control of their victim. Normal men with healthy sexual appetites don’t go around raping women because they get turned on by the clothes they’re wearing. If you really were working “on psychiatrist” (whatever that means), you would know this.

        • Anonymous says:

          Exactly.Anyone who just getting their AA degree to transfer to a 4 year college for a BA in psychology would have to have taken at least women’s issues course. Rape is about power and control, it has nothing to do with someone is saying, doing, or wearing. No one deserves to be sexually assaulted in such an inhumane, tragic way. It is heart breaking to hear other women insinuating that as a woman we need to “cover up”. We, as women of this entire planet, should be supporting eachother and loving one another. Not judging and austricizing one another.

      • Cind says:

        If that were true, women in Niqabs and Burkas would never be raped. Women who dress conservatively would never be raped, women who have ever dressed in sweats/flannel pajamas/jeans and sweatshirts/etc. would also never be raped. Somehow, this is not the case.

        • Jean says:

          Cind I was going to reply to this too and add, what would a rapist have been attracted to in a 7 year old child or a 75 year old woman??? I think it has very little to do with the way one dresses, I think they look for vulnerable people. The 27 yr old son of a friend of mine was raped by a large man after he left a bar one night. Was it because of the way he was dressed? No, he had too much to drink, he was ”vulnerable”.

      • Anonymous says:

        I hope you never become a psychiatrist. Insensitive prick.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Haters gonna hate. Rapists gonna rape.

  14. Madison says:

    It makes me sad we live in this type of world. Why are we even arguing this?! I wish this was a joke…women should not be fighting against anyone about whose fault rape is. Rape is a sick power trip, and just because I want to show off the fact that I like my figure should not invite anyone to violate my personal space and personal well being.

    • Anon says:

      I wear a cross, you will call me a christian, i wear a star of david you call me a jew, i wear a confederate flag, you will call me a racist. you dress like the women in media (sluts) that go wild and crazy and demean themselves…. i think i can call you a slut.

      • Cind says:

        You wear a cross, I can call you a Christian…should I call you a child molester? Nope, that’s just an ugly stereotype.
        a) you can’t judge a woman’s level of promiscuity based on her outfit
        b) you have no right to poke your nose into a woman’s business as long as she is a consenting adult who is being safe and careful with her sexual life.
        c) I dress conservatively (dresses/skirts below the knee, never show my shoulders and don’t wear overly tight clothes) this somehow doesn’t keep me from having a wild sexual life, just proving again that you can’t by any means assume anything by the clothes someone is wearing.

        • luccos says:

          “You wear a cross, I can call you a Christian…should I call you a child molester? Nope, that’s just an ugly stereotype.”

          got KO’d there Anon

          • Beauty says:

            I think it’s pathetic how many people think that beautiful woman can’t show off their body after all society encourages it right. I hate how people judge the victim based on what they were wearing. besides we all do stupid stuff sometimes. i’m sure that you can’t honestly say that you’ve never dressed a little sexy before even if it was when you were young. like how you are heading to your husband’s/( boyfriend/ or a friend with benefits ;D) office wearing something sexy to have a little fun. come on if you think it’s the victim’s fault your totally screwed up. ………… I was 13 when I was raped. it was a small town with an impeccable reputation and I was meeting my friends at the movies when this guy probably early twenties jumps out and put a rag that was soaked in chloroform over my face. next thing I knew I was in a barn being tied up against my will. the guy kept me there for 3 weeks. he treated me like his personal sex slave. eventually I escaped. that day he took me I was wearing baggy blue jeans a long sleeve shirt a vest and a huge coat. my outfit was definitely not attractive. IT”S SO NOT THE VICTIM”S FAULT! what causes rape is a mentally unstable person (the rapist)

  15. haute says:

    Rape is rape no matter if you dressed like a slut or a nun, no woman should ever be violated like that, and men who feel like they have to violate a woman are not real men any ways, i know too many girls ,women, friends, and relatives that had at some point been raped and it has got to stop!!!

  16. Anon says:

    lol… I apply for a job at IBM, I have red hair (dyed highlights, not natural).. I dont get the job. Someone less qualified then I, ‘normal’ gets the job.

    If you think that the outfit you wear has nothing to do with how people look at you. You are seriously lacking brain matter.

    Show me your Ta-Tas though. I don’t care, I get to tell my future daughter “This is how a slut dresses.” because in the end… you don’t have to show off everything to look good. Dress how ever you want, when someone walks by you and calls you a skank, that’s me.

    -23 year old, atheist.

  17. sue says:

    Rape has nothing to do with what a woman wears, flirting, or drinking too much. Its about trying to get power and control over a woman. What kind of men rape? Work it out yourself.

    • Anonymous says:

      If I’m walking down a dark alley in a crime-ridden part of town wearing jewelry, an expensive watch, and nice, new sneakers, I can expect a greater chance of getting mugged. Yes, muggers are bad and they are the ultimate problem. But if I walked down that same alley with no outward display of wealth, my chances are better than average of not getting mugged. Now, how is this different from rape and its causes??? Women who outwardly display their “goods” have a better chance of getting raped than a female who doesn’t. That is all. This has nothing to do with power or control — only women think that.

      • Cind says:

        Because women =/= property. How hard is it for people to understand that?

      • Cind says:

        Additionally, as someone downthread mentioned, the elderly, disabled, children, etc. also get raped. Are they displaying their goods too?

      • Olson says:

        That’s just it though.
        If someone decides to be a mugger they are going to mug someone anyways.
        If someone decides to rape someone, they are going to rape someone no matter what.

        Rape is about power, though you obviously think not. How could someone derive pleasure from forcing sex on another person? Only rapists know.

      • Almost says:

        You are correct in making the correlation between wealth and muggers and clothing and sexual attraction. But rape is definitely about power and control – clothing simply acts to increase that sense of an ability to conquer. It creates a type of value system wherein attractive women are more “thrilling” to “conquer”. Unattractive women make easy targets, but no rapist is going to go after a victim he or she doesn’t think they can best.

        Sex is a very strong means to that end because it is primal and (mostly because we’ve always had patriarchal societies) sex has been socialized to the masses as something a man deserves that a female is obligated to give (which also goes a fair way towards explaining female rapists. What a twist on the power structure.)

        It is a way of taking something that wasn’t willingly given – a power trip. And I’ll also reference Cind’s post referencing other people than just scantily clad women getting raped.

      • Jean says:

        Muggers are criminals and they will mug anyone that appears vulnerable, does not matter whether you are wealthy or not. My son was mugged by 4 men while walking home alone one evening, and he is by no means wealthy. He lives in a pretty safe city. So if you are using appearance as the only cause for women getting rape I think you fail. Rapists are criminals and they look for women that are vulnerable.

      • ClarissaJGarza says:

        You don’t understand at all. Wearing something that is curve hugging or form fitting is WAY different then wearing new shoes and bling. If I wear a normal t-shirt guess what my boobs still stick out because THEYRE BOOBS. If I wear shorts, guess what my legs show because its 98 degrees here in Texas and now I can’t wear shorts? So we can’t wear fun clothes in case it make other crazies more attracted. Your argument is completely ignorant and flawed.

  18. Kubo says:

    Yeah, rapists are the problem. But I’m sure dressing like a whore also lures those rapists to you.

    • ChloeCup. says:

      Just because you dress like a slut, or act like one, it does not give men a right to rape you if you say NO. no means no, no matter how you dress or act. It is not the womens fault, it is always the rapist’s. end of story.

  19. Anonymous says:

    It actually depends on what she was wearing.

  20. anonymouse says:

    No one deserves to be raped, no matter who you are.

  21. Alyssa says:

    Does no one else here realize that 20-year-old scantily clad females are not the only group of people that have been raped? The elderly, young children, and even disabled people have been victims. Are you going to tell me that a five year old girl, who likley does not yet know what sex is, is at all responsible for being assaulted? While yes, dressing in a flashy and revealing manner may attract a rapist’s attention, most men I know are capable of seeing a “slutty” female and keeping it in their pants. The moment anyone says “no,” whether they’re wearing a mini skirt or burqua, it becomes a crime.

    • Disappointed in ignorant women and misogynistic assholes. says:

      Finally. Someone who pointed out what I thought was obvious… It isn’t just women who get raped. And it doesn’t matter what the victim is wearing. Perhaps (perhaps!) there is a greater chance of being raped if you are wearing a “slutty” outfit or are drinking. But you can walk down the street in the middle of the day wearing your work clothes (a suit, or jeans, or a dress, it really doesn’t matter…) and get pulled off into an ally or into a car and get raped. It disgusts me that people think it is ever the victims fault- or that they were “asking for it.” If people think that it has to do solely with the victims attire, then here is a question for those ignorant imbeciles: Why is it that not every single woman who ever wore something “slutty”-or at all revealing, was raped? Or, why are some women in burkas raped? And how about men? Were they asking for it? Maybe you should think about things before you arbitrarily start arguing from a stance that doesn’t make sense…

  22. Koro says:

    Rapist should be punished no matter what are their reasons, its their own fault for inability to hold back….

    But in the other hand, most of the rapist (70% – 80%) choose their victim; means there are several common triggers (sexy outfit, flirtatious behavior, drunk & etc.) that make the rape event happen…

    The key to prevent raping is MODERATION…. please be safe….

    • Jean says:

      Yes, moderation, tell that to the 7 year old rape victim or the 75 year old rape victim.

  23. Kim says:

    I will never understand those that place blame upon the victim. Do certain things catch a rapist’s attention? Sure! Does that mean we should all live our lives in fear, hiding from those who can not control their urges?? I don’t think so….

    Since so many people think rape happens because of women being scantily clad….I’d LOVE to hear some opinions on beaches- lol!

  24. Alexaroxify says:

    WOW! That has to be one of the more offensive things I have heard in awhile. NO ONE deserves to be raped, period, no room for argument… at…. all. I don’t want to personally attack you, but your views on this topic frankly scare the shit out of me, and I’m a 6’2″ 230lb male. Who I might add generally feels pretty secure for moments in time, that is until I read or run into people like you. YOU are accountable for YOUR own actions. You can’t continue (the mature part threw me for a loop) to view this topic this way. It’s unhealthy for you, the rest of society, and on top of all that? It’s wrong, spooky as hell wrong.

  25. annie says:

    I was raped as a child. I was just a little girl. I have also spoken with sex offenders. Rape has nothing to do with outfit. DO NOT BLAME THE VICTIMS! My best friend who is a conservative catholic who has never worn anything slutty in her life was rape. In a lot of cases the victim knows her attacker. Anyone who blames the victim needs their brain scanned. NO MEANS NO! Whether she is prostitute or a nun no one asks for rape or deserves it.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Okay so no one deserves to raped I get that and the outfits women wear really aren’t a factor because a rapist is someone who is sick. He or she can not or will not control themselves regardless of what the victim is wearing. This is why shouting “I have AIDS” or “I’m on my period” isn’t effective in a rape situation. However women who wear revealing clothing should expect to be looked at, and commented on. They bring the remarks and the reputation on themselves. Women have the same rights as men, we can wear whatever we want, work, say whatever we want etc. BUT there are consequences to everything and people need to accept that. You can’t wear a mini skirt and tank top with a push up bra and not expect a guy too check you out, that’s unfair. People like that scream women’s rights then insult the gender by crying harassment.

    • Anonymous says:

      We may or may not expect to be looked at. But does it make it okay when they force you into having sexual intercourse when you have said no? While clothes may attract attention, they do not attract rape.

    • Haley says:

      I agree that there are consequences- but do you really think it’s ok to just accept things them as “normal” and say well, it happens, you don’t have a right to complain. Why SHOULDN’T women be able to wear whatever they want without having to hear disgusting things? Men certainly don’t have this worry. Do you not see a problem with this?

  27. Anonymous says:

    RAPE= forcing sex upon someone AGAINST THEIR WILL. how can you argue the blame?

  28. anonymous says:

    just because someone flirts or dresses “slutty” does not mean that they want to have sex or that they deserve to be raped. a woman should be able to dress/act the way she wants without having to say yes to sex

  29. Vicky says:

    I saw a study on locked up serial rapists about what physical qualities attract them to the victim. Some of them from memory were, hair being tied in a braid or ponytail which means that a victim is easier to restrain. If the victim is running/jogging or walking alone with headphones in means that they are less attentive of what is going on around them- slower to react and wouldnt have any hearing aids. not having a bag which has easy access which could mean that they dont have a weapon. This makes me think that it is not about how sexy they look, but how easy to gain power over them. Futhermore ive heard that most rapists are serial rapists. This makes me believe that the average man isnt going to be at a club seeing the hot women and being absolutely unable to hold himself back from overpowering a woman while she screams out for him to stop. No, not at all. These men think about it, and it most certainly is not due to the fact that every once in a while they see a sexy arse, so they want to force themselves onto others.
    I have a very curvy figure and i dont have to wear anything revealing to have creeps constantly talking shit to me and making me feel like i cant go out safely. And i guess thats how it effects my life teh most. I dont wear terribly slutty clothes but on a special occasion i do wear mini dresses and if i wear anything but a turtleneck you might say i looked like a slut- i dont really care- but i wont go out alone, i wont catch public transport at night, i wont stop fearing the day that i go out in a jeans/ jumper combo (or something more attractive, it doesnt make a difference) and some cunts power trip changes my life forever. Anyone who says that a man cant hold his urges in should answer me this. Do I deserve to be raped because on a hot australian summer ill go swimming in a bikini and chuck a skimpier dress over the top t stay cool or because i make myself look nice or playful for my boyfreind? Is it not within my rights to look nice?

  30. Anonymous says:

    Look.. No one should be raped.
    Not men, not women, and definitely not kids.
    If any one truly had intent to rape- Fuck you.
    I don’t care how short skirts are or how tight shirts are.
    Rape is illegal for a reason- It fucks people up, creates inequality,- and maybe, just maybe, physical pleasure may not be the best thing to look for. (Not saying sex is bad, Btw.)
    No matter how drugged out, past out, tramped out, or just plain slutty someone is, that does not mean they are not human. That does not mean they deserve rape.
    I admit, if I see a girl with little on, in a casual situation, such as shopping, I do think less of her, but, that does not mean she is not more. No matter how little she is wearing, or how many people she may have fucked, or how drunk she may be, She is still a person. People are people, and people are equal, until some jackass ruins it all for her, and she is called a whore and that its her fault that someone made her do something utterly against her will, or whatever lies they though to save the inflicter from jail, or whatever else, to make them the victim.
    Its all fucked up.
    Rape= Bad, under any circumstances.
    Said so by me- A guy.

  31. Justin says:

    Victim blaming ought to offend people of all sexes:
    It should offend women for very obvious reasons ie, that somehow “slutty clothes” invites rape (in fact, the amount of people for whom it isn’t obvious is scary)
    It should also offend men because it paints a very ugly picture of us. Like we’re walking bags of libido incapable of controlling our actions in sight of a nice body.
    (To clarify, both of these points should offend you as a human, but i meant everyone has a personal reason to be offended)

  32. Sexymama says:

    u should see my outfit, its a total rapecauser.

  33. Kevin says:

    Lol, nice.

  34. i says:

    i think a lot of these comments are targeting an issue apart from the one displayed by the picture. a lot of people are talking about the “cause” of rape, e.g. manner of dress. i don’t think that’s the point of the poster. regardless of the factor that made a man “lose control” (or however you’d like to word the excuses you make for rapists), the point is that you cannot blame the victim. the whole idea of punishing a victim, through bias and discrimination, for being the object of a crime is beyond logic. let’s take for granted the idea that a woman’s manner of dress makes her more or less “rapeable” (btw, it doesn’t). even with this ridiculous notion in mind, the victim should not be chastised for any factor with this effect.

    you could compare it to an assault victim being more vulnerable to attack because they didn’t carry a weapon. sure, you could assert that they should be prepared for attack by carrying a weapon (or dressing more conservatively, in the case of rape), but that implies that the victim doesn’t actually have the freedom to walk without fear down the street. not only does this invoke fear (or sexism against men), but it further separates weaker victims (women) from their stronger counterparts (men) and creates stereotypes. furthermore, the fact that the victim was not carrying a weapon does not remove blame from the assaulter.

    victim blaming is a perfect example of sexism, not only because it does assert that women don’t have the freedom to display their bodies because of fear, but also because it shows how a crime which (typically, though not always) follows patterns involving gender is misunderstood and warped. because you’re focusing on the factors which make women stereotypically feminine such as manner of dress, you’re missing the subject-verb-object pattern of crime: a criminal making detrimental effects on a victim. the point of the poster isn’t the causes of rape, which could be complex and vary case to case; it is that the focus must be on the criminal and not the victim.

  35. opiumeater says:

    I was raped when I was 12. I was with my friend and there were 4 men, probably mid 30s to 40, who beat the shit out of us and then continued to rape us anally and orally with their fingers, mouth, and little 2 inch pricks for maybe 3 hours. One of them tried to force a pen into my urethra. Im a bisexual white male, Irish and Russian Jewish. My friend is light skinned black heterosexual male. We were wearing black hoodies and ripped blue jeans. We were laughing and joking around while we passed a 40 ounce back n forth. We were not drunk in the slightest. The 4 men approached us on the street corner with 10 dollars in hand telling us to do our job. Detroit is where the good family man, church goin, god fearin, white businessmen from the burbs go to get their dicks sucked off by 5 year old prostitutes. We ran. They caught us and dragged us and we were covered in blood and piss and cum by about 4am. Alone.

    Rape is not “sexual assault”. Rape is the transferring of volatile rage via the act of lovemaking. Therefor, lovemaking by the way of rape is corrupted into something putrid and deadly. They injected their rage and frustration and pain into me through an act that is originally sacred. I lost my virginity that day, as my g-spot was pressured enough to force my first ejaculation. My innocence and childhood was gone and a hole of pure hatred for all humanity burned a hole into my heart. I am not a victim of this, the rapist is the true victim. I took the rage that was given to me and I lived a life of drugs and gang violence and extreme trauma until i finally sought help. I am now 20 years old and my body is very week from the damage others and myself caused it.

    I hope my specific example helps clear some things up; what the anti-abortion pricks and the religious shit heads don’t see is that the rapist will be their downfall too. Hatred in one of its most malicious and horrible forms, but no one can truly understand unless they themselves have experienced this horrible in-human act. You may feel sorry and experience some form of emotional despair for those who suffer. But, so far, no one seems to think its all that important. Nothing is being done to protect our children, women and men from these hate filled criminals. Its a hopeless dream in my mind sometimes. But then I remember that hatred breeds hatred…and I can see what needs to be done. Completely back women’s stance in this issue and hospitalize the rapists for controlled psychiatric treatment…oh and maybe cut their dick and balls off while your at it.

  36. jessi says:

    im sorry but have none of you thought that rape could be caused by how someone was raised or how much they were bullied in school?? or have you ever thought that maybe a guy was let down or rejected by so many women that he has to get pleasure by force? or maybe they themselves were the victem.. im not trying to defend rapists or say raping is right cause it most definitely isn’t im just saying its not just what you wear or the guy seeing attractive women on t.v and getting “too excited” i kno i dont kno everything but im just putting my opinion out there for others to hear/see

    • Anon says:

      It’s good that you bring that point up, but let me counter it with this idea: is it fair to exempt one group of people from thinking while everyone else has to make choices? Rapists typically do have some kind of psychological issue which drives them, but they generally are not so impaired as to be incapable of resistance. Is murder excusable because a child was bullied? I don’t think so. People have to learn and be taught that their actions have consequences, and exempting them from consequence only reinforces the idea they have that they can do as they wish.

      But you do bring up a very good point that not all rapists are bad people – they are usually people who have formed distorted ideas about reality and have therefore made bad choices. They are not deserving of pure condemnation (though there certainly is no merit in their choice); they deserve a chance to seek recovery.

      • Yucko says:

        Yes, actions do have consequences. As Camille Paglia said (in reference to young women in revealing clothing), “If you are going to advertise, be prepared to sell.”

        • Jean says:

          Really? Seriously? What do you and others that feel the way you do consider ‘revealing’ clothing? Should we have a nationwide dress code for women? Who will decide what is revealing and what is not? RAPE is a violent crime, women that dress sexy are not asking to be raped. You, Camille Paglia and others that think the same, are sick if you think a woman that wears something revealing should be prepared to be raped!

  37. Kaleb Conrad says:

    Rape is wrong. Period.

    However, please tell me what the purpose of wearing smutty clothing is? Is it to make you feel ‘sexy’? Is it to attract the eye of every male you walk past? To me, there is no reason for wearing belt sized skirts and g-strings.

    It is also a pity that real rape victims who are too traumatized to testify or report the incident are being overshadowed by woman who sleep with random people regularly and accuse them of rape when they arent happy with their own decisions. It isnt rape if you get too drunk to control your own actions either.

    The fact is, not every man is a rapist, and the girl who is wearing a mini-skirt is more likely to attract undesireable attention than a woman who is wearing jeans or even a knee-high dress. Really, it makes no sense.

  38. Anonymous says:

    Alll the above apply… so does playboy and other things involved. Sex can be healthy,….. and it can also destroy. Get real people. Your skirt up your ass…. ya…. really?

  39. Haley says:

    Just adding my two cents, even though I really shouldn’t read the comments on these things, because they piss me off and make me really sad at the state of society. Rape is wrong, always, no matter who the perpetrator or victim is. Dressing or acting a certain way (or walking in a certain place, for god’s sake) is never an invitation for blame. While I personally don’t choose to, anyone should be able to wear skimpy clothing without having to expect nasty comments from others. I have seen this mostly occur with women as the recipients of the comments, but I have no doubts that it happens to men too. The fact that some people don’t question that women (for one) are taught to EXPECT nasty comments if they dress a certain way disgusts me. What, respect for human beings just goes out the window, because, hey, her skirt is REALLY short?

  40. Glass says:

    Woah woah woah guys. There’s too much logic going on in here for something like this, see..if you try to explain something logically by thinking all you’re going to get is other logical arguements…but if you do it with your feelings…I’ll let you take it from here.

  41. Lindsey H says:

    Now this is a great protest sign!

  42. anonymous says:

    I am 15 year old female, and I was 7 when I was raped. Was I wearing tight, short, skimpy clothing? Of course not. Clothing has nothing to do with being raped. Some people may take it suggestively, but that doesn’t give them the right to think it’s appropriate to go and rape someone. Anyone, man or woman can wear whatever they want. We all have a right to dress to express ourselves, and it’s completely unfair to try and judge someone in such a way. Do woman wear clothes to show off in sexual ways to guys? Or even girls? Yeah, but to the ones they CHOOSE out of the selection they have. Not just someone who “can’t control” themselves. Everyone can, there is no excuse for it. People who have sick and twisted minds, that are insecure and obviously needs some serious help are who rape people. It is a terrible crime, not to mention can be traumatizing. Do I go around telling everyone about it, trying to get sympathy? No. Using such a thing is pathetic. It is disgusting to see that people are leaving comments, blaming the victim.

  43. paul says:

    I disagree that it is rapists causing the rape. I don’t believe anything has a single cause, including rape. You’d have to look at every causal factor that led to it happening, and then say that the whole situation preceeding the rape, for many years beforehand (eternity even), caused the rape.

  44. Kat says:

    True, no one deserves to get raped for any reason obviously BUT Slut Walk is a really stupid idea. Or at least it’s been perverted into something wrong. Most of the girls I know who participated in it just wanted to feel cool/rebellious. For a lot of girls Slut Walk is just a good excuse to dress like a whore and get attention from the boys. Basically like Halloween.

  45. dog says:

    umm.. so, guys are allowed to get drunk andf girls can’t? and i suppose only guys can make the first move, becuz if a girl is raped after flirting with a gy she was aksing for it -_-
    sorry run-on im dumb
    and anyone that thinks a halter top is slutty is seriously stupid. sorry. :/

  46. Anonymous says:

    Okay, the first time I ever heard of rape, I was changing papers for an animal cage (my parents are vets) and I saw it in a headline and didn’t know the word. It was a 50-something woman whose home had been broken into by a 19 year-old. He had put a bag over her head and brutally raped her in here own home. I hate using anecdotes in arguments, but every time I hear victim blaming, I think of myself as an young child, learning what rape was for the first time. How was it her fault?

  47. Dude says:

    Well i guess this chick never had a dick.

  48. As much as women hate to hear it. Women cause rape by their actions.
    If a female rubs up against a male all evening long and give him the general perception that she is willing to mate and then at the end of the night states that she “was just having fun”… Being a teasing whore may be “FUN” to you but to a male (who regardless of evolution is still an animal) it is not FUN nor is it funny. If a female acts like an animal in heat, or peacocks herself by wearing slutty attire because she is trying to draw attention to herself… indeed she should be responsible for her actions just as much as a male is for his actions.
    I am not saying Rape is right or should be condoned in any way but A female needs to take as much responsible for what she does to provoke actions against her.

  49. rapist says:

    majority of rape victims become victims because of certain factors…..the most important of which is being ALONE with a rapist. Everyone will agree that rape is a crime of opportunity…..very rarely is a rape perpetuated in front of witnesses or in crowded areas. Wearing skimpy clothing makes removal of clothing so much easier. And yes going with a stranger while you are drunk out of your mind or stoned on drugs will increase the likelihood of you ending up a rape victim. And engaging a stranger in foreplay and then when you are alone with him suddenly saying NO will most likely end with you getting raped….period

  50. Peter Herz says:

    Sometimes its the girl leading a guy on .. and other times, perhaps even more often than not, its outright animalistic violation as above girl’s checkbox poster suggests. Take Straw Dogs as a fictional example of how an unavailable woman _can_ seduce and induce rape in a guy that wouldn’t rape or prey otherwise. Its not all the assailant unconditionally even if the law might reduce it to as much where the reasons for rape are not considered just the act itself. So yes women, this power you hold while you resent having it and would prefer to blame predators — its simply unrealistic to always blame the animal in Men over the animal in yourself.

  51. Techoarty says:

    The main issue with the rapist is his entitlement, he feels entitled, so woman who resist is seen like some form off offending object which rapist wont to punish, annihilate, subjugate, and ultimately destroy.

  52. Aria says:

    This is one of the most ignorant signs about an important issue I’ve ever seen.

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