I Wish I Had Died In Iraq

I Wish I Had I Died In Iraq Letter

The letter/poem reads:

Sometimes, I wish I had died in Iraq. I would have been a hero – died for a cause, instead now – I’ll die a relatively wealth man sucking the teet of the contracting world.

Sometimes, I wish I had died in Iraq. I would never have known my wife cheat on me. I would have died a loving husband, a proud father.

Sometimes, I wish I had died in Iraq. I would be happy – died living a normal life, the American dream. Now I torture my mind on a daily basis – the war in my head is worse than any battle man has seen.

Sometimes, I wish I had died in Iraq. You wouldn’t worry about money anymore, obviously I wouldn’t either. Our daughter could go to college – you could too.

Sometimes, I wish I had died in Iraq. The soul-crushing demoralization of starting my life over is too much sometimes.

What happened? Who am I? How am I supposed to deal with this? This isn’t my life!

Sometimes I wish that mortar wasn’t a dud.


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  1. Sneeze says:

    Wow, very heartfelt and raw.

    I don’t blame you, buddy.
    You are not alone.


  2. I wish you would have died in Iraq too, so we wouldn’t have to read your shitty poetry.

    • Anonymous says:

      You are a poor excuse for a person.

    • Anonymous says:

      And many people wished that you would have died in a your mother’s womb. but sadly God is sarcastic at times and let you live just so that you can pollute this earth with your existence, not to mention your feces ridden thoughts on the internet. have some decency.

      • This is what's wrong with the world. says:

        What is wrong with you people?!

      • Anonymous says:

        oh trolls, get a life fucker

      • Anonymous says:

        As an Army veteran of OIF, I spent a considerable amount of time in Iraq, had some close calls myself, and certainly feel pity for the author. I also feel pity for people like PingPongLingLong, who get a kick out of people like you who respond blindly to obvious trolling. Speaking of your comments/defense of the author, which admittedly are pretty funny, I wager that your words are the only “support” you have given troops — except perhaps that faded yellow ribbon you discarded years ago. It’s the faux support that angers vets the most. If you are really concerned about some whiny vet’s feelings, volunteer for the IAVA. In the meantime, why don’t you and every other American too busy watching American Idol to really understand Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and Yemen, to shove those yellow ribbons up your collective asses.

        P.S. I wish your father’s sperm were duds.

        • Anonymous says:

          Well played, sir.
          Thanks for your service, one vet to another.

        • Anonymous says:

          Thank you. My father is a veteran of OIF too and I really do understand where your anger in coming from. Your defense of the author is commendable. Bravo, and thank you for what you’ve done for our country.

    • This is what's wrong with the world. says:

      Wow! Really? You should be ashamed to call yourself a human being.. what these men and women are doing is trying to help make the world a little better. So you really should stuff the attitude pal, because until you’ve walked a day in their shoes you have no right to pass judgement.

    • Anonymous says:

      thats some shit man be fracking nice!

    • Seth says:

      Wow, dude. This is a pretty callous and unfeeling response. If you were playing this up for laughs, I have to say you failed and badly. On the other hand if you weren’t playing it for laughs and really feel do this way, then I just feel sorry for you.

      For the record, I’m an antiwar vet, and while I think the poem might lack some things in terms of structure or language, it’s a heartfelt sentiment and one I’ve seen from a lot of my fellows. Crappy as these wars might be, the sad fact is a sort of Stockholm syndrome emerges among those who serve — compared to the shallow consumerism of civilian life, people often come to feel that they’re fighting for something, even if that something is a blatant lie. While I might not care for the author’s writing style, I understand where he’s coming from and hope he seeks help.

      You, on the other hand? I just think you need to grow up.

    • Anonymous says:

      wow all you can say is his poetry is shitty? i can’t even begin to imagine the things he might’ve had to face, and the visions he will live with for the rest of his life. then he came home to a wife who was not loyal, and a daughter he only wants the best for…and all you can say is his poetry sucks? you have no heart…you are lower than scum. go to hell.

    • Anonymous says:

      Find another bridge to live under you TROLL.

    • Anonymous says:

      you sir are the scum of the earth

    • Anonymous says:

      you’re a heartless prick. way to go, you.

    • Anonymous says:

      i agree, you are a poor excuse of a person

  3. Sydney says:

    I do not support wars, I do not support armies, but I do respect individual people who risk their lives to try to protect us and our rights. We have a corrupt government and it really is a shame that people have so much pride in a shitty country that they’d put themselves in one of the most life-threatening, self-ruining situation. You all have your opinions, but at least try to respect what this person was probably going through. He got sent away for a long period of time and was away from his wife who took advantage of his absence and cheated on him, not to mention PTSD. Maybe he would be better off dead, but he isn’t, so let’s try not to be so completely rude towards him and his issues, and try to understand him.

    • GI Joe says:

      First off…. How are we protecting your rights by killing Iraqi and Afghani insurgents? You’re an idiot, but thanks for the support.

      Second, remember Private Pussy signed up for this. What did he think was going to happen in Iraq? They were going to greet us as liberators??? Shit happens — get over it. War sucks. Relationships end. Picking over the dismembered body parts of your friends is not a fun thing to do… “I’ll die a relatively wealthy man sucking the teet of the contracting world.” Boo fuckin’ hoo… at least he has a job (most likely as a result of his service). Half of the homeless walking the streets of America are vets. Here’s this… instead of writing and posting a letter crying about how tough it is being a soldier, just be thankful you are alive and you got to experience things pussies like Sydney will know nothing about. Suck it up and drive on soldier.

  4. WW says:

    contractors are some of the slimiest backstabbing lowest people i have known..with prostitutes working on camp with them in office positions.. i served 7 years in the army and 1 year as a contractor in Afghanistan..i have experience…..if people stay out there for more than 1 year they are greedy and are sucking the teet..living in a fob is a horrible way of life

  5. btfrenzy says:

    Some people… I swear…

    This makes us see the contrast between what soldiers believe they are fighting for and what happens in reality when they come face to face with their reality.

    Being at war is being in another world entirely, you came back home and you are faced with having to live life. I totally understand and can say, that at many points in my life, I have felt this low; where life just sucks and death is the more favorable option because you just want to be at peace.

    But, after many years, I have seen beautiful days, enjoyed time with my mother and brothers, traveled, laughed a lot and just had fun. You will get to see your daughter grow older each day, you will find someone new to love who will love you more than your wife did, and you will learn to value life by the precious moments that you enjoy the most. Whether if it’s eating your favorite ice cream, watching your favorite movie, drinking your favorite beer, or watching your favorite team win (or lose), enjoy life. Those down moments will come, as they always do, because life is not perfect. But it’s up to each of us to try to overcome these bad moments and remember that they are just moments… they will pass.

    I enjoyed your poem…don’t stop writing. And I hope you live to see many more beautiful days, including your daughter’s graduation and her wedding day.

    Thank you for your service. It is thanks to people like you, that people like me get to live better lives.

    Much love to you (because there is still a lot of love in the world)

  6. Jmoney says:

    This poem is beautiful. If all you people out there can’t read between the lines to see how hurt he is by all of this then just go hump a tree! We don’t need you and we don’t need you to make his life worse! I dare you to go into war and actually come out smiling!

  7. Ramos says:

    i dont know what sadder, the poem or the comments……

    • PingPongLingLong says:

      …it is a sad excuse for a poem…

      • Godsmack says:

        all the people that are against this poem especially that cock sucker pussy dude from OIF that talked shit about this guy- i wish your ass was shot a fucking long time ago mother pussing fucker poor excuse for a pussy soldier i bet you were never in your God damned life in ANY fucking place fighting on this fucking ass planet and i would have loved to stick one up your pussy sweet ass. want some bitch? LOL! if you are still fighting for your life (the poem writer) keep going and don’t listen to “pingpingfuckfuck” and the other guy that sucks his cock on a daily basis and keep going but next time do it for the money and not for your country cause your country sadly enough isn’t worth it- at least most of them because of pussy ass fucking cock suckers bullshit “whatevers” who calls themselfs anybody but humans that are showing themselves right here as an example! Peace out cock sucker, back stabbers defective piece of shit punk ass bitches!! (: THIS POEM IS GOOD! THE REST SIT ON THEIR DAD’S COCKS OR SEARGANT’S COCKS WHAT HAVE YOU MR. FUCKING ANONYMOUS…NO WONDER YOU ARE-PUSSY(: P.S.- THAT’S WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU’RE MOM’S A WHORE, TOO!((:

        • Anonymous says:

          What you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

  8. Last punctuation mark looks like a !

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  10. Rick says:

    Me too buddy. Me too.

  11. I feel that way all the time. I lost friends in Iraq and it is the shitty feeling why I am still alive. I do not deserve this life. Our government and civilians would not be spending money on someone like me if I was dead. They could be spending money on other crap. I should be tied to a pole and shot by a firing squad.

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