My Pain Is All Too Palpable (Or Mockable)

I’ve Left My Haltingly Awkward Voice Message; Now The Ball’s In Her Court:

As a single guy who’s gotten out there a fair amount, I’ve learned how to play the game. The way I see it, if someone’s interested, great. If not, no skin off my nose. Take last night: I got the number of this hot young thing at a bar and decided to give her a call. And now that I’ve left my painfully uncomfortable six-minute-long voice message on her cell, I’m not going to waste my time obsessing over my next move. The ball’s in her court.

If she wants to make the next move and return my panicked and barely coherent phone message, that’s fine by me. If not, she can take a hike.

How do they always know?!?! 🙁


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