Looks Like We’ve Been Taken To Zing Town

In reaction to The Odd World Of Right Wing Rage:

The Odd World Of Left Wing Capitulation


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  1. zeb says:

    Bush’s mess lingers; yet the righttards will blame Obama as he tries to clean it up.

  2. hurdurderpderpderp says:

    Of course Zeb. That’s what the Republitards do when they aren’t teabagging each other.

  3. Andre says:

    This is so incredibly inaccurate.
    It should read “record leftover deficits from Bush administration”
    “actual date given for troop withdrawal”
    “government growing in a manner which provides for the citizens”
    Among other minor contextual alterations.

  4. Nimitz says:

    Hey hey, keep it up you yankee doodle dandies! Blame in on Obama. The only guy apparently who tries to fix your broken country.
    I hope he fails so we can divide the US amongst the richer countries.
    Who do you think is lending money to the US, investing money in your industry, paying for your houses,…

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