Joe Rogan On Gay Marriage

Joe Rogan Gay Marriage

Incendiary and incisive. We like.


Abraham Lincoln On Religion

Lincoln Religion

Debates about Lincoln’s religious beliefs carry on to the present, but this succinct quote is about as inclusive and circumspect as you can get.


Neil DeGrasse Tyson On Our Energy Habits

Neil DeGrasse Tyson Primitive Behavior

Fossil fuel dependency is worse than primitive, though; it’s absolutely destructive.


Nelson Mandela On Education

Mandela On Education

Mandela is right; however his statement implies that many current South African students might as well “fight” with pasta noodles. Presently, South Africa’s education system ranks third lowest in a World Economic Forum survey, just above Yemen and Libya.


Martin Luther King On Defense Spending

Martin Luther King Defense

While the 2014 defense spending budget is well below the days of Bush (around $154 billion lower), as of 2013 the United States more than quadrupled China’s military expenditures, making it the world’s top military spender by a long shot.


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