John Kenneth Galbraith On Modern Conservatism

Conservatives Political Philosophy

The late economist, public official, diplomat and champion of 20th century American liberalism has some choice–and apt–words on the “intellectual” pursuits of the modern conservative class.


What Would Make Neil DeGrasse Tyson Get In Your Face?

Neil Degrasse Tyson Science Classroom

Hint: it’s not an open mind or curiosity.


Is This How We Preserve Mandela’s Legacy?

Obama Mandela Freedom

By punishing and persecuting those who fight for truth and transparency, what kind of message do we send to the rest of the world and to our youth?


Conan O’Brien On Santa Claus’ Political Affiliations

Conan O Brien Santa Claus

Spot on, Conan.


Who Do We Blame For Our Broken Society?

Blame Game

Blaming the disenfranchised for ruining society is like blaming a hearse for the death of your aunt. The disenfranchised and poor are an effect of a broken society, not the cause.


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