Pope Francis On Free Markets

Pope Trickle Down

Pope Benedict who? Not even around for a year yet and he’s already becoming the world’s favorite pontiff. For his entire exhortation on the financial system, click here.



Kurt Vonnegut On True “Terror”

Vonnegut Terror




11 Ridiculous Rob Ford Quotes On The Issues

So he smoked crack. And yeah, he’s the mayor of the most populous city in Canada. So what? Maybe Rob Ford wouldn’t have been led to take a few puffs on the crack pipe if all those lamestream media jerks hadn’t stressed him out so much with their incessant nagging. From the “oriental” work ethic to the facts behind AIDS transmission, the porcine and pinkish mayor is filled with rich insights into the intricacies of the world…if only we’d get over the crack and give him a chance! Rob, we’re rooting for you.

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Jim Carrey On Fox News

Jim Carrey Fox News



Homosexuality As Understood By Indigenous North Americans

Two Spirit People

For more on the indigenous North Americans’ incredibly progressive approach to and history of gender, be sure to read the article we posted on it here. Gay marriage is nothing new in North America; and believe it or not, it transpired for years without wreaking havoc on North American soil.


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