What Do Athletes Salaries Say About American Values?

What Do Athletes Salaries Say About American Values?

Remember your first job? Probably at a fast food joint, or maybe working retail somewhere. If you’re like me, you thought $5.65 an hour was a fortune. I mean, working part time could bring in a paycheck upwards of $200! Now imagine you’re Lebron James. Your first paycheck from your first job clocked in a cool $12.96 million for three years. That’s $4.32 million a year, $52,682 a game, or nearly $1,100 per minute. Suddenly, $5.65 an hour doesn’t sounds all that great in comparison to athletes salaries, does it?

Lebron Signs New Contrac Athletes Salariest

This is one very small example of the ridiculousness surrounding athletes and their paychecks. In a society where jobs are disappearing, people are cutting back left and right, and families are losing their houses, athletes are signing record-breaking contracts worth tens of millions of dollars, while their fans just look on adoringly.

In 2009, the average salary for basketball player was $5.84 million. An average baseball player made $3.26 million. A hockey player, $2.4 million. Football players made an average of $770,000, a relatively small chunk of change, but still over the top, take advantage of this and gamble at roseslots for your favorite players and win a lot of money.

Athletes Salaries In Perspective

Let’s put this in perspective. The average brain surgeon makes $450,000 a year. A social worker makes around $46,000. A teacher, even in Connecticut, the highest paying state, only makes an average of $63,000. So, a person who saves lives, a person who protects and serves struggling families, and a person who shapes and molds young minds make a mere fraction of what sports stars make.

Look at Kobe Bryant. In 2010, Kobe pulled in $23 million from playing basketball alone. Like other athletes salaries, that doesn’t even include the tens of millions he earned through endorsement deals.

Kobe Bryant Pops His Jersey

Matthew Stafford, the rookie quarterback of the Detroit Lions, inked a $26.6 million contract for his first season. Despite putting up a record 5 touchdown passes in one game in November, he was unable to stay healthy and didn’t even play out the season. In other words, he got most of his paycheck by sitting on the bench.

Matthe Stafford Injury

And how about Alex Rodriguez? A-Rod’s latest contract brought him $33 million dollars last season. THIRTY THREE MILLION DOLLARS. To swing a bat and field ground balls six months out of the year. For argument’s sake, pretend he played every regular season game (162) and every possible playoff game (17) for a total of 189. (He didn’t, just so you know.) If that were true, it would mean he earned $184,357 per game, or $20,484 per inning. With approximately 4 at bats per game, that’s $46,064 every time he stepped up to the plate. Is it just me, or does your wallet feel painfully light right now?

Not only do these athletes get paid tens of millions of dollars to run, jump, and catch, they’re treated as demigods in the process. Their morals and decisions seem to be above reproach or judgment. How many athletes, regardless of their sport, have been involved in scandals (usually sexual in nature), only to be forgiven by both the judicial system and the public at large?

Kobe Bryant, the golden boy of basketball (especially now that Lebron James has turned himself into The Villain), was accused of sexual assault back in 2003. The charges were eventually dropped when his accuser refused to testify, but Bryant still admitted a sexual relationship with the woman. (She won a handsome settlement in civil court.) Bryant wouldn’t be in the dog house for long though. A diamond ring big enough to take down the Titanic for his wife and multiple NBA championships helped win back his fans.

Green Bay Packer tight end Mark Chmura took his children’s 17 year old babysitter to an after prom party in 2001, where he proceeded to have sex with her. Although he was found not guilty of statutory rape, Chmura admitted two days after the trial ended that what happened at that party “wasn’t something a married man should do”. He now hosts a Sunday morning Packers pre-game show in Milwaukee.

In 1991, Mike Tyson was accused of rape and convicted one year later. After serving only three years of his six year sentence, Tyson was released and came out swinging. He made his way back into the boxing ring and into the hearts of his fans. (Come on, admit it. Who didn’t love him in The Hangover?)

And in the latest sports scandal, Brett Favre was accused of sending cell phone pictures of his Little Viking to Jets’ sideline reporter Jenn Sterger. After a lengthy investigation, the charges were dropped when it couldn’t be proven that the pictures were send from Favre’s cellphone. However, Farve WAS fined $50,000 for not cooperating with the investigation. To put that in perspective, that’s like a person making $50,000 a year being fined about $10. Yeah, I’m sure he’s tightening his budget to absorb a financial hit like that.


How To Change Athletes Salaries

So many things about the system need to change. But it starts with the fans. Players certainly aren’t going to turn down their mega-contracts. Would YOU say no to $30 million? And teams aren’t going to stop paying their stars. Huge contacts equal happy stars, happy stars equal exciting games, and exciting games equal lots of fans. More fans leads to more revenue.

Fans need to take a stand. We need to stop paying $80 to sit in the top row of some gargantuan sport arena to squint at ant-sized players. We need to stop paying $75 for a jersey that will be out of date in two years anyway because the team will update the logo. And most of all, we need to stop forgiving sports stars so readily just because they can sink a tough off-balance shot.

Would you forgive your husband if he dragged your name through the media in a highly publicized sex scandal and then admitted to the world that he had cheated? Would you want your daughter watching a man on TV who had a sexual relationship with a 17 year old girl? Would you want to spend time with a guy who had been convicted of rape?

Of course not. But because these men have above average athletic skills, it’s easier and more entertaining to forgive them and enjoy watching them play. Now, I know that this doesn’t apply to all athletes, or even most. Many of them are upstanding citizens who don’t get involved in criminal activity. But regardless of their behavior, they’re still making tens or even hundreds of times more more money than most of us. Us, the ones who are supplying their paychecks.

Wake up, people. Take a stand. Not only against athletes’ astronomical salaries, but against their behavior. Maybe earning $60,000 in a year instead of $15 million will help them realize that while having extreme athletic skill is pretty awesome, it’s not nearly as cool as making a real difference in someone’s life.



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  1. TheReviewer says:

    They definitely don’t say anything GOOD about American values.

    • Notevenreadingthearticle says:

      Why just America? Do yourself a favor and look up the top 10 athletes in the world…you will be surprised. Go ahead, keep being an internet american apologist. I don’t care.

      • Ian says:

        You realize what the word apologist means, don’t you?

        I’ll answer that for you: No, you do not.

  2. Dan says:

    So who should get all the money? The billionaire owners? Get a grip and get off your high horse.

    • Mike says:

      If players would make less, ticket prices would be less, etc.

      High horse huh – wow, maybe when you need that paramedic to save your life or the police officer to stop someone from killing you, they will just say they are going to watch the baseball game instead since they don’t make enough money.

      Really sad how our society makes deities out of normal people with athletic skills.

      • Notevenreadingthearticle says:

        1) Ticket Prices are not determined by a Players Salary. They are determined by simple supply and demand. It’s actually the other way around. Ticket Prices determine a players salary.

        For Example, when the New Yankee Stadium opened the home plate seats were outrageously priced and flat out weren’t selling. The seats looked practically empty on TV. They dropped ticket prices and BAM the seats started selling…did they PAY A-rod less?…ROFLMAYO…No. Communications Major?

        Honestly I want to tear the rest of your post apart but the more I read it the more I realize your 8.

        • Anonymous says:

          You critique but can’t even use the proper “you’re”.

        • John says:

          Wow Noteven you are pretty stupid. Ticket prices don’t pay for the salaries of the players????

          How do you figure? Sports are a business, yes the Yankees had to pay ARods salary but imagine if the stadium was empty for 3 years….do you think they’d sign anyone to a $33 million a year deal with no operating revenues. No because Owner’s really don’t want to pay out of pocket for the fans.

          So yes Ticket prices are directly correlated to player’s salaries. Perhaps you should take an economics course and learn about supply and demand a little bit more.

          • Phil says:

            C’mon John, you know what he was getting at…that salaries are determined by what the owners feel the employees bring to the business. And with ticket prices sitting where they do on a supply/demand curve, the owners made that call.
            And really, it’s not all at the gate. With corporate sponsorship, and the broadcasting deals, it falls a lot on ad revenue. (As an aside, an interesting argument would be if sports advertising increases the business value, or visa versa)

            To me, in the end it’ll always be the fans. They are the ultimate source of all the money. And while this article seems more focused on how American fans are too obsessed with their sports at the expense of morality, I’d suggest Americans simply have too much money.

          • Lakawak says:

            John..you really can’t be that stupid. Honestly, you can’t be. I have to believe that if you were REALLY that stupid that your parents would have killed you as a child out of sheer mercy.

            Owners have already determined that enough fans are willing to pay the high prices. Period. That value is set without ANY consideration to the players salaries. AFTER that money comes in (and by the way, idiot…the ticket revenue is only a SMALL part of the money a team makes.) the salaries are determined.

            If every single Yankee player went to the Steinbrenners and agreed to a 50% pay cut, ticket prices would stay EXACTLY the same because the market has already determined that that is hte optimum price.

            Guess what, moron? If Apple paid their slave labor a little less, iPad prices wouldn’t come down either. It is amazing that you can’t understand that simple fact. Players are nothing but workers. They are NOT the product. And the supply is the same regardless of the cost. They are still going to produce 162 baseball games a year. THAT is the supply. And since demand is independent of players salaries, therefore ticket prices are independent of salaries.

        • Lakawak says:

          Actually, those tickets behind home plate are STILL usually emtpy.

    • Will D. says:

      Highly paid athletes exemplify the most basic American principles of capitalism and freedom of commerce, as well as the worker’s intrinsic ownership of his own labor. All sports jobs were created de novo by the private sector, by entrepreneurial effort. One hundred years ago no one got paid much to play sports. There was no NBA or NFL. When these leagues started, they made their money from ticket sales and salaries were logically low. After the technological advancement of television, games were able to be shown to a much larger audience. The teams and leagues reinvested their own money to build their brand and enhance and promote their product. As revenue grew, so did salaries.

      Any person in America (or foreign born) is equally free to apply for a job as a professional athlete. The ones who succeed do so because the possess a special skill set. In America, they have the right to profit from their own labor. The money they earn comes from the mountainous amount of money they generate for their teams. Begrudging them this money is only jealousy or perhaps, socialist emotion. Will you deny Google the billions they generate from web advertising? Just as Google makes its money from web traffic, most sports money comes from TV deals. Networks pay for the privilege of broadcasting sports games so that they may charge advertisers for commercials for their own profit. This very much an American ideal. Besides, I love how this chicks rants about players salaries while she runs a blog about the NBA, giving them free advertising!

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    yeah! this story has entered the popular today section on popurls.com…

  4. Yodaddy Nine says:

    yeah but Dick Cheney is running around going GTA on everything w birdshot.

    My solution


  5. The Dude says:

    If everyone making this sort of money gave 2 shits about humanity, imagine the long term problems we could solve? No, baby needs a new Bentley.

    • welll... says:

      Well look at the Gates’, one pair of less than a handfull of the truly mega-freaking-rich…and they give away billions!!

  6. Taco says:

    The fans should get it. Charge less for tickets and for merch.

    • John says:

      Why would they possibly do that? It’s a business. Thy can charge whatever people will pay. If they can make hundreds of millions of dollars, it’s only right that the players get paid a lot, after all, it is them that draws the crowds. On the surface, without any thinking, I agree, it looks like “hey, that guy makes a fortune for playing a game and I make a pittance for teaching a kid.”

  7. Dustin says:

    “Now imagine you’re Lebron James. Your first paycheck from your first job clocked in a cool $12.96 million for three years. That’s $4.32 million a year, $52,682 a game, or nearly $1,100 per minute.”

    I’m not arguing that he’s not making a shit ton of money, but your breakdown here doesn’t cover the amount of time and energy expensed practising, working out, press conferences, etc that pro athletes do to earn that paycheque.

    • Kurt says:

      @Dustin No salary includes the prep time necessary to earn that pay check. Eg. doctors don’t make salary to go to med school, in fact it is an additional expense.

      This is an excellent article, Thank You.

      • David says:

        But doctors do spend prep time in undergrad, med school, and are always learning in their off time to better their practice.

        I’m not saying athletes aren’t over paid, but do surgeons only get paid when then are in the emergency room. All of these athletes spend years perfecting their craft, just like all of us. They happen to possess the genetics and drive that make them more superior in their craft than anyone else. They also happen to be involved in a highly lucritave business. Who’s to say they are overpaid? If you had the choice would you choose to be a teacher making 50k or an athlete making tens of millions?

        There’s no question. The only defense is as a teacher you would be “changing and molding young people’s lives,” but athletes do the same thing, it just happens this author is singling out the bad apples. So many athletes do good with the money they have, volunteering, setting up charities, being active in the community. Not to mention the positive influence as a role model they can be in people’s lives. It’s unfair to judge when only singling out those who screw up, those that make up a fraction of a percentage of athletes

    • John says:

      Dustin it also doesn’t account for your spelling and grammar abilities.

      * etc.

      • Andy says:

        John you also forgot to account that there are other forms of english in the world.


        I am from the U.S., just more aware than you are.

  8. Ken says:

    It’s a (semi) free country. If people wish to buy overpriced tickets for sports that’s their decision. What irks me is tax breaks, bailouts, and subsidization packages to build arenas and attract teams paid for involuntarily by taxpayers for these overgrown teenagers who show so little gratitude to their cities or fans.

  9. Jo Mason says:

    OK, lol. I never thought about it like that before. Wow.


  10. Notevenreadingthearticle says:

    1) How much money does Arod PRODUCE? You make what you’re worth and they determine how much your worth on how much they make off your services…

    2) America Bashing…look at the top highest paid athletes in the world…you’re going to find that many of the top 10 DON’T play American Sports. Ever heard of Soccer?

    Good god, this is a piss poor attempt at…actually i’m not sure WTF you are trying to accomplish.

    And to the poster who said Ticket Prices would be less if Players made less…ROFLMAYO!!!!! It’s called Supply and Demand…ticket prices are that high because PEOPLE WILL PAY THAT FOR THEM. Case and point, going with the Arod/NY theme…The new Yankee stadium home plate seats were TO EXPENSIVE…people weren’t buying them and they were practicaly empty when you watched the team play. They dropped the prices, sales picked up. Did they pay AROD less??? NO…FUCK NO.


    • ILoveIdiots says:

      1)You’re a liar from the beginning, obviously you read the article.

      2)You obviously don’t understand what a contract is. To pay Arod less would have been punishable by law.

      3)Just because you use economic terms like supply and demand does not make you an “expert” on this subject.

      4)She is indicting Americans because she probably lives in America. To talk about another country’s sports stars is completely irrelevant.

      5)Don’t denounce other people’s intellectual abilities when your’s are obviously subpar.

  11. Jason says:

    While I agree they are ridiculous sums of money, you’re essentially complaining about our free society and it’s free market economy. No one forces the fans to go to the games or pay for cable TV or any of the other things that support these salaries.

    It’s also a weak argument to directly equate the salaries of a person with their value to society. Elite athletes are paid the sums they are for a number of reasons that have nothing to do with their value to our society. To imply a connection is disingenuous. Should we financially value our doctors(though in a great many cases we probably don’t feel too bad for doctors), teachers, and social workers more? Yes, I think so. But that is a separate issue from the amount of money athletes make.

    There’s a big reality check here people have to make, and in fact, I think most people do. If your kid says to you one day that they want to grow up to be a doctor, you encourage them and say with hard work they will become a doctor, and you mean it. If they say they want to grow up to become the center for the Chicago Bulls, and be better then Michael Jordan, you’re careful, because you know that hard work will take you far, but that’s only part of being an elite athlete of that caliber. Maybe they can, maybe they can’t.

    The reality is that we aren’t all the same, and we don’t all have the same potential in every activity as the next person. Those people make those sums of money because they can do things that 99.9999% of the people on the planet can’t do, and the next best thing to doing it ourselves is watching someone else do it. But the money we’re willing to pay to watch them do it has nothing to do with how much we value them as a society. We like to be entertained, deal with it. No one is going to pack a stadium to watch a social worker fill out paper work. You probably don’t even like going to your kids school to watch class being taught for a day. And you can do that for free. What does that say about you?

  12. Anonymous says:

    NO mention of Rothlisberger? -_-

  13. Luis says:

    You know what, blame us, the people that watch the sports, the adoring fans, the ones that shell out good hard earned money to watch these people swing a bat or throw a ball. This is our society, we idolize these fools and pay good money for that opportunity.

  14. Jonas says:

    This article has nothing to do with athletes and they bear no responsibility. This is simple capitalism, the money paid to athletes is what the market will bear. If these sports were not billion dollar enterprises, there would not be money for these salaries. The problem is, your typical middle class Joe has little else in his life to really look forward to or embrace, so he dumps his paychecks into expensive sporting venues and equally expensive sporting merchandise. Ergo, the cycle begins.

    By the way, this is NOT an American phenomenon – not even close. The Europeans make us look like little league. Check out the salaries for some of the European soccer clubs.

  15. Anon says:

    the athletes also get taxed at a much higher rate. who cares

  16. Eric says:

    Damn look at how much money Charlie Sheen pulls in for an episode of Two and a Half Men….

    I hear the point that you are making but the fact remains – that people will pay for what they want to pay for. They associate these sporting events with more than just, lets say a football game. It’s the experience. It’s the summoning of friends, tailgating, drinking heavily, playing games, and oh by the way watch a football game. The money is mainly irrelevant. Coming from New England, its easy to say that the majority of people who go to these games are privileged in a sense, meaning that they are well connected, have money, etc b/c of the lack of availability of tickets and the cost. Supply and Demand.

    The heart of the game is somewhat lost and that’s what I think needed to be brought about by this article – that its not just a game anymore. Try to find some athlete making these kinds of salaries and try to believe them when they say “they play for the love of the game” – HA they play for the love of the paycheck and the love of being in the spotlight.

    Heck, if I was making 20 mill a year I wouldn’t be complaining tho… at least.. not about the dollar figure, but complaining about other things I wouldn’t be happy with.

    FYI A-ROD isn’t nearly worth 33 million… 5 million is a stretch. Even Tiger isn’t worth what they say he is, but damn does he have a sweet new pad in Florida – so much for the divorce breaking his bank!

  17. Skeptic says:

    Good article, though a bit short on specifics for a solution.

    The obvious first step is to nationalize sports. The NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL etc. and their assets should be seized by the federal government. Maybe under the direction of the Department of the Interior, or maybe make a new department called something like “Ministry of Culture” or something.

    Next, salaries should be dropped immediately to a fair wage for the value the athletes provide to society. So I don’t know, 50K/year maybe?

    Next, drop ticket prices so that ANYONE can afford to go. Maybe 5 bucks for the cheap seats, 10 bucks for middle tier, and 20 bucks for the most expensive tix. That way we can all go to games and have a good time, that’s what America’s about.

    WOW. EASY. Problem solved.

    • David says:

      Please tell me your joking. Seriously.

      I can’t even respond to that

    • Neat Freak says:

      Nationalization — totes! Because the government has done SO WELL with Medicare, Social Security, Family Assistance programs, etc. Their oversight is fantastic and their programs are 100% effective.

      Seriously, though, this article and your (Skeptic’s) response bring up good points. Everyone wants to rail at pro athletes for the money they make (including me, a hard-working $40,000/year teacher). It just doesn’t seem fair. On the other hand, any solution that aims to drive down or cap athletes’ salaries, even if it’s not as extreme as nationalization, does smack of socialization and is a slap in the face to a free-market system.

      What do athletes’ salaries say about American values? That we still have some industries free of the government’s clutches — for now.

      Oh, and LOL at Favre’s “little Viking.” 🙂

  18. Anonymous says:

    Also, take a look at what many athletes do with their money. They give away millions of it to charities and foundations that they set up. They also use their popularity and fame to influence kids and promote good values. Look at Mike Vick and all the work he has done since he left prison (Forget about his crimes and behavior from before, because that is the past).

    • Neat Freak says:

      This is the attitude I have a problem with, far more than athletes’ salaries. We should forget about Vick’s horrific crimes against living creatures because “that is the past”? Should rapists and murderers go free because their crimes are in the past? Should we erase Hitler’s crimes from the history books because they were in the past? According to this logic, we might as well empty all the jails, because hell, the inmates’ crimes are all in the past!

      If anyone in a non-celebrity field was convicted of the crimes we hear about from actors, athletes, and politicians on a daily basis, they’d be fired and blackballed immediately, not welcomed back with open arms.

  19. Hmmm. says:

    I’m not sure this is really the main issue. Athletics is a BUSINESS, which has owners and employees. Admittedly, it is a successful business, with leagues like the NBA or MLB making billions every year. This is how it should be; their purpose is to provide a form of entertainment, and they charge what they feel people are willing to pay. Granted, some will say they should charge less and thus make less, but that is simply a bad form of business. But anyway, that’s digressing a bit.

    Players are in effect employees of this business, and so it makes sense that they will be doled out some of the profit. And because it’s such a ridiculously lucrative business, it makes sense that the players are paid such a high amount. What’s the alternative? The owners keep it? They do already, to a great extent. So what else, the league just gives the money away to…someone else? Why would they do that? They are a business, and their entire purpose is to deliver a product or service that increases their monetary gain as much as they are able.

    I think this article makes a fundamental mistake by claiming that people should be paid based on a value system, not based on what sort of money they bring in. I admit that I personally think teachers are more valuable to a society than a basketball star, but I am hesitant to say that they are therefore entitled to more money. A good teacher doesn’t often bring more money to their school, so how can one justify paying them more? A great athlete, such as Lebron James or some equivalent, can have a direct impact on the financial gain of their sport, and it therefore makes sense to pay them more because of it.

    A rambling thought, I know, but I think this article misses that.

    • Roman Denallo says:

      You fail to reason that a good teacher brings a lot of money not to their school, but to the local economy. Without an education, the vast majority of people would not have the skills necessary to get a job, would therefore make no money and be a drain on society.

  20. Lisabet Ellis says:

    So very, very true! I agree 100, no 10,000 percent!

    This is backwards, and obscene. While our schools struggle, these morons get paid ridiculously huge salaries for what amounts to part-time employment…PLAYING GAMES!

    They’re GAMES, people, simple games, the same ones you played as children! It’s time to stop the madness!

  21. Governator says:

    stop whining

  22. flawed arguments says:

    Most pro players do not get the insane salary that you mentioned, and have to use the few years they are playing pro to make enough money for the rest of their lifes. They have been training crazy since childhood to try to break into the pros, and have to use that opportunity.

    They are here to entertain us. Basic economic principle, supply and demand.

    • Roman Denallo says:

      Oh yeah, they have to bank while they still can, otherwise they’d have to get REAL JOBS like the rest of us. God forbid

  23. Anonymous says:

    What about actors?

  24. Lakawak says:

    What this article says is that some idiots don’t understand simple concepts. Like how there are only 450 “workers” in the NBA, and perhaps a hundred million customers counting foregin market. (Perhaps far mor than that considering Yao Ming’s popularity in China.) So, if each fan gives just $10 in some way (buying tickets, merchandise, or by giving their time by waching commercials) then that is over $2 million for each worker. Whereas a teacher is teaching only 100 or so students at most but getting, say $40,000 a year. They are making far more per “customer”

    Alkso…just to show how stupid the “writer” (and I always use that term loosely when referring to blog writers..especailly writers for BAD blogs that spam other sites for ad revenue) is that MOST professioanl athletes earn less than teachers. Over half of professional baseball players earn less than a teacher fresh out of college. Over a quarter pro baseball players have to live with host families who let a player live in an empty bedroom in their house in exchange for season tickets. That family then sets curfews for these so call “overpaid” players who earn less than $10,000 a year. The LUCKY ones who got a good contract have enough money to share a 3 bedroom apartment with 6-8 other players, some sleeping on the floor, but not having curfew.

    And these people are STILL in the top 10% in their field. Find me any other occupation where the top 10% of the workforce makes $10,000 a year.

    Oh, but that’s right. The idiot who wrote this is under the impression that the only pro athletes are the MLB, NBA, NHL and NFL players…the elite of the elite. Those in the upper 0.01%

    Oh…and finally…in your quest to whine about America, the only thing you succeeded is to look like a bitch yourself. Becuase you are ignorant that pro soccer players in Europe get FAR more money than pro-athletes in the US. So it has nothing to do with American values, and everything to do with simple supply and demand.

    Oh…and pro-athletes contribute FAR more to society than you EVER will. Even if you manage to get a real job that acutally pays you enough money to get off the food stamps that currently supplement your tiny ad revenue, these athletes will contribute more to YOUR COMPANY than you do. Because it has been thoroughly proven than relaxed workers are more productive, and that leisure time (which includes watching sports) makes workers relaxes. Therefore, whereas n one would ever notice if you didn’t show up for work since you contribute nothing, every single worker who watches sports is more productive to the company becaue of a Derek Jeter or Alex Rodriguez.

    • Neat Freak says:

      You claim this writer has contributed nothing to society, and yet you’ve invested time and effort in the debate she has sparked. She’s contributed an opportunity for readers to practice critical thinking skills, craft arguments, and engage in thoughtful debate — to a teacher (such as myself), these are valuable things.

      I actually agree with many of your points, but your attitude and ad hominem attacks are unfounded and uncalled for.

  25. […] will earn their entire lives. Do sports represent the worst aspects of American society?Source:http://www.prosebeforehos.com/sports-editor/03/08/what-do-athletes-salaries-say-about-american-value… Posted by ltrawler at 3:42 […]

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  27. Angel says:

    Seriously there are people in this worl that work alot harder than they do.
    Pretty much they are being paid all that money just to be entertainment.

  28. Mike says:

    Top 10 in the world make shit compared to the botto 20 in America. 500k limit. No limit on endorsements.

  29. John says:

    I disagree with the article. Yes they get paid a lot. How many professional athletes play in each sport (football, baseball, basketball, hockey, soccer)? Also racecar drivers are known to get more money such as in formula 1. Then again in every profession the very best get paid a lot. Not every soccer player makes millions, there are thousands of clubs or teams in the world and in Europe there are 2nd and 3rd and even other divisions that are not associated with FIFA and their players get paid about 1 thousand dollars a month! This is in Europe, salaries are even lower in third world countries. An engineer that is a consultant could very well charge a ton of money for his/her services. If they own their own business the same. The difference is a profession athlete player cannot start a team to play by himself. Also how many football, baseball, or basketball playing kids make it to the big leagues? So stop your whining. To me the values in America have been lost during the bailouts of banks and it was the most embarrassing thing ever, with the circus they were putting. Would my little business if I had one get saved for going under? No, so f*** the banks.

  30. what says:

    Just a thought….
    It is a business indeed! Athletes will ask for what a company will give them. How about companies acting like responsible companies and pay for results? If I agree to pay one of my employees 50k a year and he doesn’t produce, I terminate him/her. I don’t owe them the rest of a years salary. I don’t give them a two year guaranteed contract.
    That’s an article that I would really like to see. Who collects a paycheck and doesn’t earn it by way of injury, lack of production, ect.? And which athletes have demanded a contract renegotiation before the first contract has expired? Those are the athletes that lack integrity and have zero merit in my book. If you sign your name and can’t stick to it, I believe it makes you a liar and a thief.

  31. Kevin says:

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