Televangelist Benny Hinn Cures People With Gods Jacket

Witness the almighty healing power of televangelist Benny Hinn (and his magic jacket)! Hinn claims to have the “anointing”, a special power given to him by God to heal the sick. At Hinn’s Miracle Crusades, he has allegedly healed attendees of blindness, deafness, cancer, AIDS, and severe physical injuries through his powers. Apparently these super-human powers extend to his jacket, which he uses as an instrument of God to cure the sick during his events.

Not surprisingly, Benny Hinn is also the founder of Benny Hinn Ministries, which through donations, tours, and a television show, brings in over $200 million a year. BHM was even deemed financially suspect and corrupt by Ministry Watch in 2006, after BHM asked for donations specifically towards a new Gulfstream G4SP jet for Benny Hinn (apparently Gods will extends to luxurious travel for his anointed ones). One can only hope that his custom-made healing jacket will bring him all the riches and jets in the world:

Benny Hinn Smacks You With Jesus Jacket


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  1. GOD THE FATHER says:

    Mercury is a reel bugger wasn’t he.

    that is like reading 36 from the epistle,
    and colors will change from the index

  2. GOD THE FATHER says:

    a record set, is a plate of 13′ horse risen ‘eiw ‘owich a great se a ball low and the bees left stirred up
    this is don henly in the end of the innocence. the spainish springs is misread by the lawyers and they deny, delay, and don’t pay the digiprint. they take things from my cites and make t-shirts and sell them and say that they have the right to freedumb of speech. just like the three people walking down the path that was wide enough foyer a semi, they told ME to go into the bushes to go around before the bridge when they saw I was a man. on grandview parkway in tease-sea.
    I pulled a mussle on the 6/90’s but clearance the cross eyed lion had problems when he looked back and saw crosses on the extra-wide loads that said oner had to go around the III’s. I have to get an other belt this one has stretched or I lost weight, what will hold will hold my pants up is my shorts. the problem has syria u.s. stay out the church has declared this war. the president will knot see the spainish springs he created,…
    o-bomb-ah, I did say: “I” was going to screw “you” into the ground, if you did not do what I told you to do
    I OWN THE BIBLE AND NOBODY HAS CLAIMED A SINGLE WORD OF IT TO BE TRUE BEFORE IT HAP-PENED… , OR, o wa ta’ er ki am on the en tree. obama is about to due the do dew on the wrong…
    k-now matter what he duhs ?

  3. GOD THE FATHER says:

    “I have a dream …”
    … “and the church bell chimed till it rang twenty-nine times for each man on the Ed.mound fitzger-rolled.”

    wear were ewe on that fate-full day. I could knot sea shore.
    “… god will make the world His foot stool.”
    so go to another room in the house and do the same with the book in hand, look up and stare at the fan. what did ewe’ore knot do’
    to pieces she went to the bottom and iron pellets with a heavy sigh”n”groan.

    but the s.peach was known.
    prezzy you don’t want to look like egypt…, you can’t even tell the troops the truth about god, ore. why the muslims were put on the earth, or. sea mt. st. helens earth m’xed in.

    you were told what to due, before I give you any t h’ng.

    you did curse “ME” , and so did the antichrist churchISSSSSS

  4. GOD THE FATHER says:

    president obama, how does this sound:

  5. GOD THE FATHER says:

    … you can pick me up at any time. the address is below. i won’t walk on water I am the water

  6. GOD THE FATHER says:

    i will tell you when i get there

  7. GOD THE FATHER says:

    it says that in times like these you are better off reading the knews. that the church will a face a hid-dee-yas beast and it ain’t know alley-gate-or, eh. I need to travel with a bottle and lots’ah girls with big tits and benny cant here me !


  8. GOD THE FATHER says:

    sure, i can write on any of these articles, it would serve know purpose at this time, they do not know what they are doing

  9. GOD THE FATHER says:

    this could even be written days from now. you should hear what jonathan turley is really praying for.

    when shaving sometimes mom says you missed one, or be careful, then whoops, “it’s to late”. then benny chimes in with “i told you so”. Who would give a woman such an awesome power, that she can only have women on the crew that can see everthing. the bible calls them cebals. while the queer bait pope is still doing the holy sign of hooks, theives, and assholes for prey or in a short crews micro bust. mer sea sakes it looks like we got us a con’oy. hey poe-pee how much money would you give ME to save my soul when nostradamus says that you will double your army with a bunch of fucking jesus freaks, and I have to cut V down to III, while listening to satan screaming for his life of hell. you claimed again to hear The Holy Spirit, when even nostradaumus said you would be an asshole. I drew the line in the sand and it was ignored time and time again. The Bible says i do knot trust MEN for … ,
    and it was was changed
    even nostradamus knew that the true prophet would hear satan for …
    … men would follow their egos and speak against god and the world will fall into utter rings of war, that the whirled will line up to destroy the antichrist, and the cross will be put in place.
    i am going down to get a bottle, and coffee, maybe i’ll swi-pet ?


  10. GOD THE FATHER says:

    boy prezzy! that sounded like “walk” like an egypt-shun. do you know that the ant-I-christs still lets benny live after i posted that benny called Jesus My daughter. per-haps the antichrist has granted benny fore-giveness that “GOD LIED”.
    while the whole world is looking for the daughter that is propheseed. I have a scion the country is covered In SMOKE, and COFF-EE and you got it. arizona has confiscated many of prophecies over the years, and they will all be returned or I will have them shot all the way up to the blessed dog-ma, just like the pentigraham knows they are not to tell the commander in cheif certain things, those lower officials are not to tell you anything, just because your the president, because i do Love MY prive-asee as you in joy yours, the pentagraham knows that I can have an icbm sitting in washington in seconds from any launch site in the u.s. and you won’t hear it coming, so don’t piss me off. i can hear everything include-ing the prayers of those who think they are goiing to be put on the cross, and shit when there is a sound at duh dhore, they were told do not even put up a bill-bored, fore ” I ” WILL be repaid, and told them what to eat …
    … to eat at timmies is a sin also, he became a televangelist after told to put a sock in it. timmy do you know what it means when written: geezus who was all knowing said peter is that you, or any body have a knife, or if I reed i throw the book down and it lands on the page I need. sounds a little windy huh. do the muslims read the quran the same way, and timmy do you say they are the antichrists, sa-rah did a jack van im-pee pail-in of their own words also. just like the jacket masters who said he was thankful to His savior jesus christ, I know that he will never forget that statement no-matter where the hell he goes. benny hinn actually thinks that the name of this site a complement. the term jerkoff has not registered even though it is in the bible, and
    timmys is not a good place for soul food
    but enough for now, im going to home depot to get a sawzall and see if I can walk out with it while the country is covered in smoke. I hit that sign so god damned hard. It can’t remember if it has a round or sqaure peg, but I had to shoot the bike and eat it. now i need a pick-up truck to get the sign out of town, a can of spray paint to mark the wholey site, and some lookouts for the cops! bring sawyers the post is metal.

  11. GOD THE FATHER says:

    to vlad only
    there is a storm rising in the east. the resticted two, to to my bags are pact and I only need 1 to go down the stares too lie down out of site …
    ( to the american people ) … I don’t like the weigh president obama is looking into to thee lever-‘ise. I will knot kiss his ass, he will kiss his own own-lea … ( to the church ) … been knee is cons tan net ass creaming AND SATAN is SATAN is saying GOd I AM going to miss you, and in american heads. the undertaker will be put too a grewsum task, I cant hear MOM. the quest s’hun is am I going to be smugg-alled out of the count-tree ill eagle ???
    : Satan says; eye am going to miss you G-eyes!!-!!!

  12. GOD THE FATHER says:

    … i’m having a gas, gas, gas.
    ( hic) a shot of wry and some buds purrhaps (s)he’s in her jammies
    King tut!
    elbows on the bar. christian mingle is “still” abusing my NAME. the beerded 1 did knot show, sew I have to RITE this one down in know partick-u-lear order cou-sin I’m drunk inn Rye-lea perhaps one did not show, per-haps one us is shave-inn in the great ruse, a fleet will sail (SALE) or sum thing like that, butt!
    EYE pre fur this 1!
    I want to barrow this one after hearing the news in new J’rk of nostradamu.s. “I” WILL barrow airforce one, and she will carry many beer-dead ladies, their pass ports will go unchecked fore several months. this is nostradam u.s! “I” told ewe knot two “FUCK WITH THIS”! the ship(s) will knot be tracked, could sit for months waiting for a crew to be trained (by the russians), she will be LAND-L oh? c kayed. when it approaches she will be told where to go with know signal scent. putin will tell you what to do. and anybody can go
    (the antichrist churches, christians. ewe know! the fucking asssholes!)
    when she returns to port she will under(pants) go through close inspection ( for lipsticks on the walls ), the king will lose his penis, as the ship(meants) approach-haas the knew host of her arrival, the crew will fully trained and fun-deaded, looked upon as like sum 1 is allways on bored, she will be thought to be a ban dened for long periods of time and not to bee approached. [ewe really gotta sea these notes (hic)] because I AM going to have that washington monumeant shoved rite up your ass. so JUST say d-ah prezzy perhaps, do you have two P’ains.
    a king will be forced to travill with the people …
    there is a shrine U don’t want destroyed. like perhaps thee computer that i am writeing from
    (of coarse prezzy! there are many things missin!) !
    like!, I’m a genius and have to be lead around. with all the confusion I dew get lost in the bathroom while trying to pull my zipper up

  13. GOD THE FATHER says:

    i just read an artickle about the rim fire, back to the six tease: JOE blow your self away, you haven’t given ME a single penny, when it says that even my own offspring will go to hell to the third and fourth genoration that you are supposed to dew tonight. so move the lens to the sides and give the wholey one to two to the holely church if you want a single chance, bee-cause only mom can truly sing this” I’LL say a little prayer fore you” Bee-cause “SHE KNOWS” i cant wait to screw you into the ground, that one should be forced to sit and read his bible at night, I AM tired of your false offerings and buning of fat. sew that one would scratch his ears and his eyes will burn with laughter
    if any one should run for that office they had better really know what they are doing, and you have denied ME.

  14. GOD THE FATHER says:

    o b.oo h.oo got involved, i’m looking at a girl with a butt so tight that she can split britches into two fleets, so tell the fbi to stand by. this one goes all the way to the governor

    hey vlad i can also do mechanical. I can fix the brakes on your car so they work perfectly and they won’t stop for shit

  15. GOD THE FATHER says:

    well it happened again today. that’s the third time MY clothing was taken

  16. GOD THE FATHER says:

    well prezzy, were the churches still open this past sunday …

  17. GOD THE FATHER says:

    Y.U.P. I am shaking the ground. the timing in golden valley arizona came out at the same time I told it to.
    the ground will tremble i don’t really have anything else to do, the geysers are sparkin

  18. GOD THE FATHER says:

    being that a cell phone is the powerful thing you can lose in a washing machine, it’s a good thing you didn’t throw in an apple to juice
    but the 3.8 in see-lea was a little bigger than “i” wanted, hinn got involved, and that how hell is being created. it’s energy against energy as i said, down to every light particle ever emitted …
    WALMART when I get to rush-ahh you will really hear sum “real straight talk” !

  19. GOD THE FATHER says:

    list- ten hear you roman cocksucker, their is an earthquake straight east of gerlach, envy. do people kneel to you in any style shape or form thinking that “I” need a fucking middle man, you can trans late it any fucking way ewe wish.
    and remember that it says that you will be buried at sea: and you preach, do not gamble against god

  20. GOD THE FATHER says:

    now what do you do about these assholes at w.ide w.hirled of [email protected] what do they produce …
    prezzy what does congress know about blasphemy the asshloes tried to pass laws, and spoke against ME

  21. GOD THE FATHER says:

    well, i read the article where the pope is saying to pray to the virgin mary, and MOM said, DEAREST GOD!YOU promised many years ago, to post, that you would at least read the popes homill-lea in sardinia, and I (She) will turn the volume on, on your site, so you can listen to colbert and tysons video.
    sew Mom, I poasted. and “I” am thumping the roamin city right on time.
    She dosn’t like Me to watch football either because lightning gets involved, and the pope miss read poker brown and the first commandmeant …
    the scourge of the earth “must” be removed before it will be given anything, and the pope is still praying for MY demise, and the pope swaid he had a direct lie-in to heaven. he, every church was told to explain what was at Jesus rite hand, and to explain the five smooth stones, and they all failed to due sow.
    sew I red it and red seen imitts
    the pope said to seek GOD through the virgin mary.
    ( you have to have a vary high security clearance to get on the crew ! )

  22. GOD THE FATHER says:

    Mom said that i two post today to say HIGH two show that i am knot a sore loser to stephen colbert …
    oh darn i missed another emmy sew maybe they should change their name from the washington redskins, to the washington congressmen. they me call blew eyes. so stephen coal-bare, hear’s one for you.
    what do you get when you cross a yellow submarine with a grey wail. the answer is in the two.6 18km n of grand can-yon

  23. GOD THE FATHER says:

    the usgs says that, they do not post all earthquakes.
    the bump said: i have to get out of here, and it would be felt in your feet. or …

    right now there arte a couple of mormon mission-air-rees whose britches are kinda of full, and benny hinn is saying that he is placing the earthQuakes
    the song says, don’t mess with a mission-air-re-man … !
    … even if the wind is blowing the wrong direction and… !
    … as of now, a card will be passed one way or the other,
    in a key know tick-et

  24. GOD THE FATHER says:

    this morning mom said look at the news, she’s laughing, so stop laughing, your shaking the bridges…
    sometimes we only use a single thump to talk because there is so much confusion. sometimes if i am in the wrong frame of mind, and trying to p in the toylet,and yawn at the same time, the ground shakes. but if i’m drunk, i only feel a thud.
    Turley took down some prophecies trying to change things. I remember back in the iraq war i said, your going to have some real problems if you don’t stop the straffing the column, I will remove the one who becomes the false prophet for the muslims when the time comes, because it happens under obama. this causes a dilema prezzy, because even the muslims are looking for ME. now neither you or joe blow can recommend anybody for shit …
    … since the earthquake in pakistan was in nostraw damus, ewe can blame that one on satan. the earth does live and breathe on its own.
    only one man will be baptised in the name of the father, the son, and the holy spirit. the rest are bullshit, because he must return to heaven to be confirmed, so there fore confirmations are bullshit too.
    they will come to fear the cross, as they beat their weigh to the cross.
    … you said yesterday that your prayers were unanswered …
    … the pope is still kissing children that he will see in hell because only the muslims are following god …
    … cna!said god will tell us when HE has had enough …
    at this time I will not go into the popes speach. because fore some reason; i don’t think the muslims like him very much ???
    … with many things missing, i will bet you a dollar when the cross is put in place that crime will drop dramMaticly …
    … as they claim: they will come to know the pain of gee’s us upon the cross … they will feel the power of the cross when they tack their ass up there and they cant bend the fucking boards with their empty PRAYERS ON JUDGEMENT DAY

  25. GOD THE FATHER says:

    to: Vladimir Putin?
    I really do hate to post twice in a day, butt anyway benny said, “putins dead”.
    I know that one of the rules of war is deception, so he may have got it from a mineing accident alibi.

    so you g-eyes keep your eyes open, and you know what to do, right,now.
    China you do the same
    … benny is interfering as I am trying to post, so make sure everything is properly documented ?

  26. GOD THE FATHER says:

    well, stephen i didn’t get an emmy, but i got an eyeland

    they will stay back by thousands of feat, call it anything you wish.
    they will clean their feet, they will throw nothing in the water, and leave NO graff-feet-tee behind. they will patrol the waters.
    send a carrier to sit in awe if you need to

  27. GOD THE FATHER says:

    NO jonathan turley. I told you, do not change anything, and then you spammed me. I wrote that if any body were to have any clergy of any religion present at any funeral they would go to hell …
    i told benny several times last night that the only way he was to go to russia would be in handcuffs. i am tired people that don’t know who i am pulling the race card on me when the president ruined himself.

  28. GOD THE FATHER says:

    in nineteen seventy six i did the cha, cha, cha cha cha.( i do, I-chi, to rythym of the earth rumblings )
    they will feel the streets vibrating beneath their feet. perhaps is knot a good time to be a son of anarchkey. perhaps some one should tell them… it’s ray-ning..
    bottom of the seventh crisp is doing the sign of thee… , knot to mention the fact that he cant swing for shit, you guys always say see ball, hit ball, then close your eyes and swing, i don’t like do this, but I actually told william where to throw the fucking ball, on the same day their hulls rose out of the water, i can ruin any athletes career in an heartbeat, then i looked over and there was sum bimboe wearing a cross. so now “I” own the golf channel as well as.nbc all you guys know that all things are recorded. perhaps now is not a good time to be an american. I could knot get in touch with the n.g.c. so the crew walked all the casinos, and pictured all the false ICONS souled. I missed another elk season ! perhaps ewe are interfering with my own god damned pleasure of hunting !

    mr. president i am not a fashion designer, but i do have my own clothes line, and the food in prison was better than what i am eating now. if i lose that bet i will get a job so someone else is out of of work to pay the dollar. I always walk with the people, and don’t tell them who i am, and i am running out of a place to sleep. so i cheated a little and wrote this yesterday, even though I could have written it in the middle of next weak. how many people will go to hell …
    yes! there are many things missing in this post. like in seventy three started studding the mormon for false prophecies, and the one is 77. and WE will be over forty years.

    I remember going into a church and they said, “what a shitty thing to do” and threatened me with arrest. several of those incidents are on paper in the original translations.
    but children ask me if i have any aches and pa’-‘ns ?
    yes, i do and they are constantly grow-wing. sow mamas don’t let your cowboys grow up to be babies, cuz you don’t know what it’s really like to live with Jesus and MOM with satans angels on the loose, who want me dead. benny hinn keeps saying, God go shoot your self in the head.
    …. but when I looked in the mirror this morning my son says that’s knot a pimple on your knows, so tern the mirror over! …
    … as the ground goes thump, MOM says, I See Ya!
    and I say, at least I dont see what the fuck you look like in the morning butt, I do have a wild imagination

  29. GOD THE FATHER says:

    oh what a hair-ee read, this is supposed to be 77
    rodknee dangerfield, i don’t get kno respect! no respect!
    but i killed his ass too, i put his putter in the ground. amazing what that man learned!

    i cant even cross the street with out getting charged for jaywalking and knot one of them had permission to piss on my planet, and they want to charge ME for a hunting license so I could stop an elk from pissing on the ground and kill the grass.
    so don’t you fuck with my guns.
    I am well a where of what happened in texas and the man said he heard voices in his head, so nobody, or anybody can find him guilty of anything,
    being that the first became last?,
    the gun miss.fired?
    harry reid said,
    the constitution says,
    the presidents word is law ?
    I have documents that say “MY WORD IS …”
    I told you years ago to close the churches down,
    and you became the antichrist.
    how odd to find ewer-selves fighting god :
    “knot one of you has permission to breathe.”
    staying on course of the rap-sure things are still missing ???.
    a may-zing what hairy learned?,
    I don’t like jesus freaks. ,
    oh-wry-lea …
    … strap them near the armpits so they don’t fall, and nail em. the churches denied every miracle, and said nothing of them before they happened knowing that the miracles will stop.boise too
    tearly posted

  30. GOG(D) THE FATHER says:

    the gene h is out of the bottle. last night when i was thinking about what to do today the ground shook. hinn is trying to piss me off. and this morning i was told that i can’t even leave my other shoes to air. i might be able to get some new ones.
    SCOTTSDALE: you might want to pull out a compass and draw a straight line to l.v. I have a video of me sitting on the ground, taken from behind, and slightly above the officers head that arrested ME, looking down at all of you, with the chaplain who accused ME of blasphemy and his great big chees-eee ass grin, with all the officers standing around while he took my pick-sure
    you guys asked me what would happen if you did not listen to what said. I told you, I can’t tell you anything. it would be syrias. maybe a war. and their is only one way to find out. you wouldn’t under-stand any thing I told you because you don’t know the truth, and refuse to listen to me.
    you may hear me rumbling down the road and YOU will hear when my feet the ground. I will level that god damned city and “I” will be standing on holy ground. you will get a collection of at least seventy mill. and return every thing that was taken, i won’t wait for you to dicker around to get it together. it will contain the list of names of every person who was invovled, through the in-tire judish-ee-all cyst-tem even if it was destroyed, to include the names of the officers who dumped my liqour on the ground, the one who sent the asshole to beat my ass, and the asshole too.
    i don’t like an-es-set in my spagghetti. sew remember the shrink test for trial of mockery. the prick shrink said, bless you!
    I told the son-of-bitch, you don’t have to say, “bless you”, two me, I have already been blessed …
    you should change your name to mothdale, and draw a straight line to re-know, patty boy said that i will destroy a city. it kinda has a hero-she-ma fill-losss-ahh-fee to it. so don’t bet on the time.
    there are seww many things missing is this rite-ing …
    … when you poured my bran-dee on the ground, that was the cutting e’j of fight-sins-words.OLE !
    ewe all changed my words to fit your needs. it kind of reminds me of the song where he says, eyed like to help ya son but your to young to vote ! so geneH, go drival on your own penis, the gog and may gog syndrum

  31. GOD THE FATHER says:

    Owhat ahh harry reid did to a smoke jumper. tr’ lalaalla la.d’ con, d’ churchis wh’z too bee clothes ‘d . of the lowcussed will.ahhh-la. bound is.lam’ to get to the point the misfire was miss.lead two the pair.ahh-shoot. now is not a good time to be weightless. so I look up to you guys, as your looking down and one-der if you will see a brilliant streak ahh-bound. there is nothing else too do two day, sew I will go back too throw a couple of towels, inn.sure they won’t I m supposed to, be give in any weigh. you have to bee a reel geneHeyas to figure this won out in duh space inn-dust-tree, how hairy reid goes to the tell-allf-one r’p’d t’see you herd the ground go.before this post.’s mothd’lle.
    if i go to any bar they treat me like dirt if i don’t leave a tip. sew I’m knockin before I go’inn …
    sow geneH.estop cursing god …
    … harry reid has something running down his …
    ( i act-shoe-ly had to make a few notes on this one, because women don’t want me lie’ng eh,round the house)

  32. GOD THE FATHER says:

    god: ping, know -ahh!
    GOD: NOW WHAT do you WANT! this is to today. the bartender demaned a tip, and the earth isa sha-
    big fucking deal! the christian church is laughing at god, and all these things are covered in the Quran.
    they say to read the Quran and the antichrist says to read the bible. sew how stupid can you get. is.lam’ says do not laugh at god. your rewards are in heaven
    the question is: if god is asked to come back and do a job twice, is this a good thing or a BAD THING.,
    or do you just eat shit and die.
    the atm says,
    and the
    O.M.eG.ahs, awe…,
    while benny hinn, IS: trying to become GOD, because know body knows the trick that satan DID to become GOD, and the muslims know what to do according to gods word to destroy the antichrist.
    … sow when you die and denied GOD,do you go to hell. any person who is screwed will make the biggest fire possible so as to go down in history, to go out in his-story at all costs. while the church is waiting for Me to die of old age …
    … where as obama is neither christian nor muslim

  33. GOD THE FATHER says:

    ar.t.c. what is the name of your bus line, and men would fall from their cherriots

    : AYE told you to go to the hill and go down hairries r.d. i n inks trail to the fee-illeds were, to take the bees and put them in the church to keep them warm for winter and build nothing else anywhere. patty boy said that the coast was was to bee rei-difined bi the s’ an an dray us fault. this coast would put, to-coma in reign. mac- in gnaw city with thei-se s.s aint s eye-lands.M.I. an to owe-wry-lea. to pray to a-knee body other than god the father is a sin. the wave of money took-in bi all was said to be given to ME and that I would give them everything for free. sew if the presidents ore congress is waiting for the churches to tell their fools that eye am hear-t o what B-walk.
    the politicians who took an oath are under contract two, even by social security.
    sew how due eye have other things to due now perhaps to purge-shah

  34. GOD THE FATHER says:

    mom knows that if i go intwo a cave with a mountain lion something is going to die. benny hinn just did a SHITTY and wants to be known as the great satan.
    so if your the mayor of any community, you know that they preach that you will go to hell if you deny me. and all those that died before you have gone to hell. and ewe are now in el-jeez-era.
    all partys claim I have no mercy to those who speak against me.

    reno the clergy is praying that the ground opens up and swallows the city and floods the great pyramid.
    the anti christs haven’t even told their children that the mountains are singing with joy. john huntsmen your
    mom said to keep you busy for daze.

  35. GOD THE FATHER says:

    they would sea times change berore their vary eyes, and the fr.eyes.
    scotty: come-pewter give me the tail of two cities with cat stevens.
    computer: tea for tillerman, never test god was covered at the int-air-agate-shun
    where do the children play: at mic-kellips and tempe, from the time i could speak,
    on the road to find, i was odered to listen, jesus said he loves a convert and cat stevens is a muslim.
    if the wolf pack comes down to eh,ass ewe in defeet the sun devils watt will the reb-bells due.S.P.D. the ran-sum is doubled, says the earth swirls about their feat. I posted that I don’t care if they shoot every one of your police officers at a stop light. look at the bright side. I am creating jobs, and THE FBI READ IT
    when i was a child I went to church and they lied. so listened even more. so many things were wrong when they said god would not do that. so i listened even more, and found that they were lieing their asses off. so I made a prayer that so confusing that it would fuck GOD up so god damned bad that he still does knot know where HE is butt, heads that i could ask for anything as long as i did not ask to become god. so instead i asked knot to ever die because i did not want to go to heaven forever. I wanted to see everything that god ever maid forever, and bring jesus to the earth forever, and to kill me so I could go to heaven to be judged, and told what the bible really says, and bring god to the earth so he could see it, and everything single thing that he ever made with me forever, and i would tell jesus what to do, some how.
    I had know GOD DAMED EYE DEE-YA where children came from, nor did I know that I was the chosen one. but i due know that he knows everytime i shit, as well asevery body else…
    the clues to jesus conception are in these songs, and “I knew him in the womb”.
    yeah i did perform miracalls in the sea-air-ahhs in the early eighties. and they are all in knowstradamus.
    with a commercial roe. everythingggggggg was given to jesus so that god could walk with the people for ever and I would knot know jesus, butt know that he was hear. and I went threw a very challengeing child hood to learn according to what God wanted taught if HE could knot bee hear
    one got in up the road threw in his bag, they took the short cut down, one jumped out the back at the top, on a hill so steep that i could knot stand on, i got my footing in time to see it turn and stop it as one flew from underneathe, i thought “stop,” the other got out as the two laughed togetheron the hill side, I slid down the hill got my bag out, walked into town with bad headache, with the jeep balanced on its whee-ills on the incline.
    right now the ground is going thump’ thump’ thump-p-ities for re-know so call S.P.eeD. they even don’t have permission to pee from the crosses they are hanging from. the prosecuter refused to listen and was dressed in yell-owe. she and her children will suffer the same fate. the judges were told the truth …

  36. GOD THE FATHER says:

    i know the ground did a (big) thump.last night. all i did was rememeberr thir.tenn that turley took down. ri8ght now mount rose is party cloudy and p-vine is getting darker, and the little rattlesnake .mt is dark. so with a little
    who moved the bus around while i was sitting still your jaws dropped. some times i get soo excited that I split in two like I did on bus nineteen.
    they did demand proof. so UMM HMMMM wheel go to quatrain 1 verse 1 the usgs is down

  37. GOD THE FATHER says:

    with a little cash-shell. awl u-haul have to do is go in and ask does the bible say that “he” will be given everything.
    … and that they said that they will be killed before they give in.
    … does the bible say that their will be kno deal.
    … they do say that i always write to destroy the antichrists.
    so if your a mayor or a police officer all you have to do is arrest them for denying god, and that god told you to do so, and everyone has been told to destroy the antichrist. so there fore you can not even arrest anyone for doing what was on this list. so inform them that god is hear and ask them, did god tell you to do it…
    this morning in the background was the monument with the cracked stone, that will be etched the names of the entire congress, that when they died they went to hell. and their children are automaticly known to the same fate.
    the paratroopers creed is kill them all and let god sort ’em out, they are the honor gaurd that nostradamus wrote of duhhHHH a-tee second airborne division all american, annnd, what ever rest of that song was from a league of their own.
    … the stone was clearly cracked and unnoticed, that the oblisk was wrapped for …
    I do know what it is like to apply for food stamps and well aware of how the cystems work for years. and Mine have been now, cut twice. so you congressmen and women know I know more than you do.
    by the way: where is the tithes that you claim that I got. i said that I would destroy this country from its infrastructure, and you all tried to make me look like the fool.
    now for scottsdale:
    the ransom is now doubled fore, four fold and now continues expotentially every hour because you refused to bring it to me, and every hour you will draw straws of another police department to be crucified in stead of the antichrist for now. (every body knows that if the police are screwed up you have to get rid of them in order to maintain the laws of god) this drawing will even include the tribal police departments in arizona. sow put money in a suitcase and get it up here.
    netinyahoo. let me tell you a “STATE SECRET” because nobody can this hear it but assholes. : every religion says that you will be destroyed except for the jews.? ? duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ! why did obama think you were the nut to talk to, when he could sit and look out the wind-OHHHHhhhh and see the fucking prophecy in act-shun. did you change the title to “may” instead. of all the things I told you to do properly, you still don’t know how to tell the people? WHAT THE FUCK IS A TELEVISION FORE!

  38. GOD THE FATHER says:

    🙂 well john stew-art made it back again, seems like every one gets an am-me ; )> so the rest of this don’t look sew good in the bottom of the forth, he did a little sign to get a good hit and I said that’s good eeee-nuff this one is in fair tear-ah-tory it was under the arch. I don’t know why I chose the card-in-alls. everyone is trying to stop my revolution in the bible and it only gets bigger and bigger. fore instance they shot the girl and she was not even given a chance to speak. so if she was stopped from doing what she was told the officers will go to hell as well as their superiors. isn’t that what they preach in church. that god would have great difficulties doing what is rite do to the unfair laws of the governers. they act as if they don’t have a mc-air-‘n the Whirled. the other day a young man pulled out his ipad and made it clear that he was filming me, so i did not move much, much while he was shocked what was really recording. ( it had a couple of birds in it. < 🙁 when i left, brain the rite brain melted.the, sew what do pair-rants tell you about make-eeing grave-in images, be careful, if you lose it, i won't replace it.

    every time I go to an institution to open the church that is to rise in an instant their is all-weighs some their to say it is illegal and that GOD can't due that. that is denying god. I remember when they said that galaragga will become a verb. I told you to take your time prezzy. and you missed another am.ME turley WHAT DID YOU TAKE DOWN A FEW MONTHS AGO TO MAKE ME LOOK LIKE THE FUCKING ASSHOLE. IT WAS THE PARTS OF KAREN AND PALINGRAMS …
    … give a kid super natch ur-all powers and the little bastard walks on water.
    give a book to an ass soul and he sores through the fucking clouds using jesus name, and demand more mirrior-calls. ( for some reason americans have trouble reading )
    the muslims would only need one thump from the ground and a mountain to rise from the water. the capitalists are making big money from ME, and say it's a joke and hope the damns don't break. are they cool-ledge, bowl-der whores,shoe must ang.awl. hoover …
    the universe is blew and yell-owe and green with envy. the goldin state is brazen-lea silver. the coppers did knot show.she-illed the antichrists.say I cant read signs. and that jesus is not My son, the muslims know better. that I am the only authority and that sharia law will be imposed ?
    that I will destroy the antichrist with words and they will walk in and destroy the infidels.
    ( these things due take time prezzy. I am supposed to warn you of everthing. and keep ewe busy. is the ground shaking or is it me. ha1 ha1 how-low we-in the shift, the shi't butt-onis 'n *ewe
    asked for help and always say know the governors say no all-sew the revolution. bowing is patented under the script.sured that i made the earth. and the people will piss and moana lot that i will know them bi name. were you told what to due the 82second. )
    were you tolled three days ago or sooner. moore ok.was removed by turley…
    and I own your airplanes
    INTERPOL: the cia hid an acoount for me according to scripture and i moved it to nigeria from switzerland in de-nine-dees due to ill-eagle laws

  39. GOD THE FATHER says:

    to the u.s. CONGRESS: you agreed that you were going to pay the fur-lowed back pay and fore got all about “ME” AGAIN? no fucking wonder your going to be shot. you were told what to do for years before you got to this day. and, YOU DID IT! and STILL REFUSED to give “ME” what THE BIBLE “SAID”.
    my ran-sums are raising by the hours. will the anticrist christian still be preying against me to-mar-row. they said they will be killed befor they leave. so who is the moron. they are the ones who led you to be shot.
    THE INTER POOL, IT’S HAN’S MEET-AH LOU’D KEY in d’nyn-te-ait

  40. GOD THE FATHER says:

    God does knot bragg, it is one of the holyest places on the earth. these things are written from the greatest cities known, and made known even though they were dean-eyed. these (the antichrists) people will use there children for shields. think!too yourself: I am the meanest motherfucker in the missionary man. so, don’t stop to look at every tree, and don’t be afraid to hide behide a real tree. the antichrist will declare god and they said they will be killed.

    they wanted it said, that god said, the cross will be put in place

  41. GOD THE FATHER says:

    you asked how to go to las vegas. it was easy as looking, watching, and thinking. they will call you blew eyes for that one. you had know money, and did what the sen-ate can knot due is think. you might knead some new shews for the next one and don’t tell any body what i look like …
    … you mite be the lucky guy, and the head line reids young boy stumps us sen-it and the entire national security and, congress says they have to pass more laws and hire more security to keep the terrorists out of the united.States sow they don’t destroy the antichrist.
    if your wondering why you cant get on this site, don’t worry. “i” have a friend with all the information on his computer to get on this site and he can’t get on it either. you have to be god can get on it, and he says he can’t believe it.
    benny can’t do it either

  42. GOD THE FATHER says:

    this mite take a couple of daze. all public officials took an oath to protect from awl enemys fore-in nor dough-mess-tick.
    and they are still supposed to be on there knees without going home.

  43. GOD THE FATHER says:

    harry reid What did YOU DO! it’s knot nice to keep a secret. you claimed your church over god, the same one acknowledged that they would keep me
    the walls and I was supposed to give them all the information on how to rule the world forever, sow they could rule the world and they could claim that “I told them to crucify my SON, and they saved the world.
    I asked them why would god send jesus back again to be crucified, if he was supposed to live for ever in the name of god, and, man would live for ever with god ? their
    answers made know sense. the lake was torch and an olympic games weir discussed all- sew many other things … they claimed to hear my wife who’s marriage was maid in heaven.
    they said “it” in 1974. so why is it that I don’t write on any of your sites for ore prophecy and they are all rite here and other false prophets can knot
    cant or
    get on this one. what duhs one seach lite mean when gary coleman died and denied by the church. what were all the things that your church did too…
    some where they missed the are pie.ohhh what about the papagoes that they sat out on weighting when I was in the sell by the day and number being the same.was there an-air-on star-lea telling people that geezus gave you that cookie. was that fern-lea, or fall-on. the church would claim to be the salt.lake hewer-on should the ground crack the seas will turn to salt and eerie too the oil is knot olive. I told the old mission-airies that was the golf of mexico. and that they would flee from the hand of god was michigan and they walked right passed it in the satans grand traverse and only brig-em young should be a sign, joe syph.smith was to repopulate the world with moremen. sow how was it that “I” am knot there. scions! pick up the paper for reno with an article abound a blind spot on skyline blvd.two scotts.pee.dee. i told the arresting officer take a good look at awl these streets because some day you “will all be reading about them.
    he said, what are you going to do? implying that i was violent in the conversation. i said, nothing you already did it and don’t know what? or what the signs are, nor does that fucking chaplain. but it might be the end of your carear even if you don’t know, it could be the end of the city.
    the officer said, what are you going to do do it, destroy it?
    I told him I don’t know yet, you’ll have to wait two sea. I have to talk to the judge so don’t forget the conversation, or the names of the place the arrest, it might become a wholey spot.
    enough for TWO-DAZE HIS-STORY
    there is the (blind)
    spot …
    I all-sew told scottsdale police that I was going to let the church destroy the senaters and they would destroy the country.
    he said, you cant do that …
    I said, ewe wanna bet, you don’t know anything about the super natural, nothing about ME, you don’t know any thing know matter what I tell you, but you will pay for it, if this is a prophecy and
    ewe don’t listen, I am taking on the whole world. would you do that! and they said we’re not that stew-ped.
    i said, yeah but congress is, and ewe don’t look much better…
    I also put a stainless steal cup with a note on it that read, “please dough-nate god the father”, and nobody stole the cup on camelback mountain, but seveal things happened on that mountain, one of them was talking to a man that wanted to ruin my rocks at the bottom of the cliff. I told him,
    yeah it is long walk down to pick ya up, I knew you would be here since 77 so let you show you some things that I knew would be hear, and I had to look fore them too IT ALL HAS TO DO WITH THE SECOND COMING OF CHRIST, AND I HAVE TO FIND THEM (not yelling on this one)

  44. GOD THE FATHER says:

    oh goody an other party day. (you should really hear how the sarc-has-ums in that one)
    a little .fore the bar tenders haven’t figured out that the more i tip them, the more they owe me. they want a dollar just opening the beer, then they say thanks bud.wiser fore over fifty years i have been working and no vacation, and even mom wanted to get knocked up on time. then She disappeared for decades. seems like knowbody likes ME. i went to the peppermill for rests hit. it seams like they got the good stuff. it has some of the hottest food in the gull lean ah for rest. mom says you do the most amazing crap, and make every body-snows runs and tahoe city may be cumming to vist’t you.
    send me cash-heal and do it quietly. you will move over and above.
    they will say g’lly g’sh, dam-it

    two interpol the bank is in geneve, and is you.b.s. tell them the truth. they will knot gore-know, or steal from god like the congress. send it to the F.B.I. so they can cash it, and they will bring the cash to me, the feds know where I am too, if I make my own money they call it counter-fit and the congress frowns on that.
    this should have been done two years ago.

  45. GOD THE FATHER says:

    I can’t believe this even though it is on paper to the fbi over ten years ago. : butt
    I was watching espn where johnson missed the last game and the hilslop interview when, ping: know-ah happened at rail city with a bartender named owen said god you listen to 7 billion people and they cant listen to one.they ALL want some thing super natural.

    so pluck out both eyes and stick them to the computer screen and walk away. the mayor wants to know that he is not being deceived by god and hasn’t talked to me yet.
    the problems are he doesn’t know the address of: the mens shelter and the reno sparks gospel mission at
    315 record street reno, code 89512-3327
    it is across the tracks of the train that goes through the city of the greatest city on earth, with the reno aces on the north side of the tracks. it is located in the sierra nevada range in the united states of america in the pacific time zone. and it is carries the monickers of the silver state and battle born. so don’t get confused and get lost today. you have plenty of police officers who know this area very vary well.
    i was told today that if I don’t tell them at the vet meetings what I am doing they will make me leave if I don’t tell them what I am doing to help my self.
    I am not there right now because they sprayed for bedbugs. if mayor cashill does not show tonight I will rip him a new asshole all the way to the bone for testing me. and this is how it is going down in his story. from the second story you will see martins iron works, and from the parking lot you will harrahs. so don’t get lost.
    I must apologize to europe that the americans are so arrogant, they are destroying themselves because of their pride, but one way or the other i am going to shake the shit out of china if the mayor gets lost, and I have to get back there for a 6:30 eveing meeting like a good boy.
    (you americans are so fucking stupid. YOU ASK, ASK, ASK, AND GIVE ME NOTHING, and say i am stupid. all i have to do is walk away)
    mr. mayor do you have a problem with gangs, and I don’t have to tell you anything according to the Quran. and you will nail yourself down so tight that you cant move, and this goes to every nation for those who follow me they read about you mayor cashill.

  46. GOD THE FATHER says:

    well cash-eel did knot show …

  47. GOD THE FATHER says:

    i told you what to do, and the churches are still open. none of them ahs has given you anything but a bunch of bull shit, so why don’t you leave today. the bible said they would hang themselves, and they changed the nicean creed, and the part about beating their way to the cross, and they will look at the crosss as sinful. so i told what to do. jesus went to the cross willing, knowing they would claim him to be king. how could he be a prince of peace if he were to we illed a great sword. they tolled you to say know. to fall-low his words, the father told him what to say, and they would fill the mouths of fools. so why am i posting it again for years. when you know you are are trying to make me look like the fool, and the goo.
    right now i am listening to neil young, down by the river. if your a disc jockey whats the next song? is it sugar mountain, or a song from crosby, stills, and nash , or young neil, is it harvest moon

  48. GOD THE FATHER says:

    yeah, I am reading the knews and it is deja vu.
    and i am done for the day and i just laughed to loud

  49. GOD THE FATHER says:

    the only thing you can do is get your ass on an airplane. its ten thirteen, behind every good man is a woman so leave michele in charge, and bring a laptop. don’t pack any bags the guys will get you sum knew close when get here, you could be here for several weeks
    all pilots have to do this if they are shot down. so you will be a vet when you get here you will be in listed in are me words. its snowing in the mountains so carry some cash and NO Shave inn, you will need a hat to cover your ears, it’s snowing in the mountains, and if you get here before 8 pm maybe you can get a matt in the tent, if knot the locals know where to go to sleep. my book on nostradamus needs to be replaced just from carrying it around. you will have everything you need when you get here in a backpack and the guys will get you from the cannon to the mission. i know this sounds funny, but maybe i know it awl, you can get here and fitted on a military transport. you asked for answers, and mom said, God please post this.

    ( scottsdale mite think this is another one of them secret codes)

  50. GOD THE FATHER says:

    let’s sea it says that they will hold a great power in the palm of they hands …
    while they sit there and veg-it-ate with the remote control, i have to tell ya that there is more intelligence in the wiz-eared of id. so why don’t you turn to tbn and see how they speak against me. I have given you everthing you asked fore, even if it is the revolution to destroy the antichrists. they will build great halls to worship hymn. so if you want to due some sirius antichrist-tin look at the facts. the pope wants to be worshipped and so does tbn. the mormons want me to be locked up behind the walls, so they can be worshipped and claim the world. the antichrists carry the vote and the congress says, what will happen it when this president is gone fore more years. when the bible says that the antichrist will remain in power for a thousand years. will you go to hell?
    now. what will really make the congresses penis really hard is IF, they get a hole bunch of clergy out there in front of the u.s. capital and to get the masses down on their knees too pray to jesus and air it on the news , and tell them to pass a blasphemy law. the pope wants to become a saint.
    the mormons think that all other missionaries will be run out of town. ” in 74 I told them, that would be all missionaries. so why does the church call me the antichrist. they keep moving the united states to this destruction. I told the mormon church missionaries in 74, they aren’t going to find the prophet in time. and they said, oh know1 moroni said that HE would know u.s…
    MR. PRESIDENT WERE YOU TOLD WHAT TO DO! i help more people in one day than you or congress will ever do… i remember asking the, mormons if the crucifiction included obama, they said they did not know obamas name yet, only that he had dark skin, and muslim. but they would do it if the prophet told them to.
    I told them missioinaries he (obama) was black, and they denied it. ( I won’t go int o the black pope at this time. you will all get lost like the mayor did)
    now mr. pressy prezzy, all these people are destroying the united states, and blaming good old god instead. that is blasphemy. did they say, do not change anything, and to congress: is that knot clear! “I AM SHAKING THE SEIRRAS, THEY DON’T SHAKE “me” EVEN WHILE I’M WRITING.
    what did i tell you to do about scottsdales p.d. not that i’m being a snitch here but, they don’t like whats going on either. so I told s.p.d., your part of the problem, to bad you don’t know what the prophecies reely say if I have to go the other way. they said, you won’t be going anywhere for a while. I told them, what are you going to do when the muslims find who you are! they were told take up a collection and refused.
    everybody loves to preach that I won’t be changed. I Must be the fucking moron. sow congress FUCK YOU TO, AND PRAY TO YOUR FUCKING POPE TO BECOME ANOTHER SAINT. since nobody likes the washington redskins, call them the asshole redskins they denied me too

  51. GOD THE FATHER says:

    f obama? i said that benny hinn will post before I do. why don’t you get your ass out here today to reno, nevada and stop listening to the antichrist. i scared a couple yesterday because they don’t know i’m here, and the anticrists won’t say so either. who is going to tell the troops what to do! you or me, the chaplayins have to preach…
    i was not in that distillery yesterday dew to an asteroid, even though a couple saw me move with great speed. which happened in traverse city michigan also years ago, bob zagore, you missed your calling as you said in your sermon. you and your godly beautiful children will never forget me for what you did to every nation.
    on the lighter side charlie rose is such a funny guy, he said on cbs this morning that he knew not to get kicked by a mule twice…
    (president obama you took an oath twice, the mormon prophecy said you would be killed in your first term, i told them no, it would be the second term if he did knot listen, because they had mitt romney wrong, and told them they should talk to me if they are the true church. and for some reason they said no because their apostles could read and hear the holy spirit, they were the light, and blah, blah, blah ( isn’t this exciting… ) ( … the bible says “he will be given everything when He is known…” )
    they said, oh no! moroni said they were the chosen ones, and the prophet will tell them what to do
    I told them, your changing things just like all the other churches that would make every church the antichrist including you because every church is predicted to lie in the Bible to fit the times and it would make the muslims the true religion and every church will bee wrong so the antichrist will prove it self to be the united states because it would be beautiful, since moroni said there was no hell, then only satan would know that according to the religions known. so what do the chaple-ins need to do to lead the troops against the antichrist. pentagon; WHERE ARE YOU AT in the prince the discourses.

    obama you have to be here in reno befor 8 pm tonight of the 18th day of october the year is two thousand thirteen, and the information is written below. )
    …I didn’t mean to make charlie rose look like a tune ah, but the president did ask with a tear in his eye, and the world saw it

  52. GOD THE FATHER says:

    you must arrest obama, both houses, and every governor for treason. they all denied god again. send me the proper council from the pentagon.

  53. GOD THE FATHER says:

    mom wanted me to get out of the bar. the bar tender was short fat buck teeth three chrildren at home would smile say thank you and refuse to bring me my change. i went over and got exact change and she refused to serve me. president obama did you tell them you would fire them if they came, and you think your going to make me a pain in my own ass. the people want you removed, will that be shot crucified or the white house run over

  54. GOD THE FATHER says:

    thats inter-resting when I in jail in arizona, messages were sent to the churches and a arizona newspaper on what to do. I also told some of the guys that were going to prison to spread the word that i was there and told them to spread the word because the churhes are the antichrist, and that they were to spread the word, because joe arpio refused to listen. and israel was there too, along with a guy named jesus who was worried about his name. i said, relax you don’t know his real name, or mine, when i get to reknow you will know that i told you all the truth and things are always changing so don’t go to church. I will tell the president what to do and when the people have had enough they will revolt, and the bible is all names and addresses, and
    to explain it to you, you wouldn’t understand. it would be like opening h.g. wells to page 427 chapter two and reading “well,sow soon asit reached a temperture of sixty degrees fairinheight and the process of its manufacture was complete, the air above it, the poor-shuns of roof and ceiling above seas two exist. they will learn the hard way.
    they asked if me if I gamble. I said know knot reely, and bunches of other things, like I won’t move those walls, order pizza from pizza hut without a phone or beer, and I don’t do drugs, but you like every body else will do what ever you want weather it is rite or wrong and you will probably looking at armegeddon and the persident will prove himself to be the antichrist because he will follow the church. and every individual chooses to go to hell for disobeying what needs to be done. and the antichrist is the u.s.a.
    i also told them i use nostradamus, and other books, so don’t ….( you know the rest of the blah, blah, blah, there is nothing else to do today, so I posted … )

  55. GOD THE FATHER says:

    today while watching the news, dick cheney was on and i thought i don’t need this as his head split in two and as one fell off i said out loud “i don’t trust this guy”, and looked at the man that was watching the show next to me, and said “that was poor timing wasn’t it”. he just laughed because he doesn’t read this website. while walking here i picked up a penny that had a date on it of 1972 so i thought about jesus said the father has made a house in heaven. i know from legend that, that is lake tahoe. my father built it, not knowing he has a grand son like no other, and I still haven’t found a way to tell him that I am the father, even though i have told him stories of heaven.
    who is afraid of a little G.e-O.we-D.e flying through space. today two missionaries passed by see-knees-sed that sounded like “ohshit”. i laughed at them, and satan said, “you would think that they would at least have the common curt-ta-see to least cover their mouth when they cough”. i told him maybe they wanted some kind of miracle, and benny keeps saying, “post what you want, i don’t care if you crucify the presidents children like mine and, crucify the president next to me”. “i have him on the computer as we speak”. I told benny how is that possible when he is live on t.v. doing a speech live? benny said he is answering e-mails to him right now. it took benny several weeks to figure that question out, and last night benny caught on and satan just laughed at benny, who claims to be GOD, to the prezzy.
    my father always said, if you don’t like the laws run for a political office. I didn’t know how to answer that, he thinks that I AM big failure because I can’t tell him the truth about his grand son

  56. GOD THE FATHER says:

    kelly johnson said that reno was so close to hell that you could see sparks. the teacher sent him to the principle, on the principle, the principle bob corely, wasn’t sure why mrs. cendagorta sent him from english class because she was from sparks, or the skunk works, mr robinson didn’t know what to do either and the school was in cline because the lone rangers daughter went to school with the highlander, and i will leave the ponderrosa out of it being that the church can’t read a map. while watching the news this morning they mentioned the church of the nazarene. a man stood up raised his arms and said thats my church. i didn’t tell him that to go hell all you have to do is go to any church. on the way down to there I did a little dash cam. sea.oh.pee saw. he did stop and backed up, to wonder how do you give a ticket for jay walking to some thing that moved that fast, and went in less than a second, center, and possibly all the way to virginia and back other day I stopped both lanes sow i could cross. you can’t call these people insane, or put a lien on them like traverse did. they saw a video of me put onto a computer THRough god, and j’t. did not know that he was watching GOD make funny faces at him from a camera that was not there. I told mental health experts a bout it and the lean it and they called me insane bcause they could not explain what happened much like it did know good to tell future when congress is going to give the people the hr. puff and stuff to save their soles, and screw the people because the clergy say that god is forgiving and has drawn ama.p the church will follow till the second coming. but what you saw j’t. scared the living hell out of you. (don’t worry mom seas it everyday) that is how god knows everything you do and there is no way to hide even if there is nobody around, he knows your still taking a shit all by yourself because I saw you laughing at the video of me. so next time you see me you don’t have to run away, it’s the mental health industry i was after, and they didn’t do what they were supposed to do what either
    they were the guilty ones.
    sow what are you going to do rpd about the video

  57. GOG THE FATHER says:

    I had to go to a meeting today to be a good boy, and i only have enough money on my food card for a bag of ramen noodles, if i go to the right store. That is not the point! the point is, if this takes a thousand years to get this done, hell gets deeper and more pain. did you deny putin.there is no way to cherry write this. the only thing i will promise is you won’t be crucified next to benny. the others were told to move over, & ahead and refused to show. I wrote the pope years ago that I will send every person to hell that endorsed, or protected him in any way or any where. I don’t care how big your armys are, and to tell them such, and members of every church, and all the other churches, the church is illegal! I did not baptize the prince! you baptized him in the name of the antichrist! i noticed he a long robe on so he couldn’t run away. if he knew he would have.
    yesterday while working on this benny kept interfereing, and saying that he was talking to obama. i said, benny! I swear, if you had a fucking penis you would play with it. then satan and the whole dammed crew just cracked up. i said i’ll just tell them that satan said that. then satan, mom, and jesus said, no! god your going to tell them yourself tomorrow. you have to walk and, keep looking down so you don’t move fast and, scare the living shit out of people, because nobody did what they were supposed to. but it sure beats the hell out of sitting around in heaven. you could be coming back, and read about yourselves like nostradamus is going to do. (so i’ll just put a little gog and maygog hear to stump him when he gets backs)
    there is always GOG and may G.O.G.will always change things to fit their needs like lizard lips telling people that he prayed for forgiveness and “I” forgave him, when not one of those congress members will be around for the next election, they all denied what the people needed, and all tried to be better than god. so “WE” (the trinity) owe you nothing. we would have been caught in the government shutdown also. god bailed out and stayed with the people decades before. the only way they will find out if there is a heaven or a hell is the day they die. this means for every person ever born. if under martial law Joe Biden won’t become president. what happens if you kill the wrong muslim
    the only thing bigger than the universe is mans ego. with seven billion people on this planet mr. president you think you are the most important and the commandamnt says thou shall knot kill! sew how are ewe going to interpret what you wish for your judgement,and I’ve got an old pair of shoes for sale to any nation except israel. any takers? or do i just throw them away because i have no place to put them. they’re autographed by god the father and nobody knows where the fuck god the father is, it is an va da duh vi ( I’m actually preparing you for what I am going to post for the months to be through sublimenal messageing while the clergy sits and reads it to)too I have two pairs of shows. that I am knot using. would anybody like to buy them, they can go to any Nation. i don’t know what to due with my boxers they are “extremely” faded, and i cant read the signs anymore but i can see the light.knewit gin gr each you are a fee ask.oh that reminds me of gene H but in a hundred years sumbody is going to find three people who are still working and say, oh my god they all went to hell!
    at the current rate that things are being done, and that antichrist will claim many souls like they preach. the shape of the cross would be made known. so was touch down jesus it is sitting in a georgia nonery and the georgia guidestones were put up by MOM.
    There is only one place my shoes can be bid on if your interested.and you all know how to do the secret spy stuff so nobody knows whats happening…
    ( mom says: God! thats enough for the day! you know to0 many things, you don’t know how to stop writing, and things are still happening from what turley took down. )
    ((she has a weigh wit hwords too, maybe she’ll write a book on it. some times she does tell me what to do)) … so, good day!

  58. GEES OL' CRIPES says:

    benny keeps saying why dosen’t the nsa arrest you. i say, No! benny why are you still living!
    yesterday when i wrote on the computer screen, that maybe mom would write a book, i heard her chuckle, she said don’t change it or add any punctuation. when i got near the street she said look down so you don’t move fast, when i got across the street she said there’s a song and it does not matter what it is, keep walking slow, now there’s a new song so stop and listen. don’t listen to the words but look around, and what do you see. my thinking in between still heard by mom she said take a closer look. what does that license plate say, and don’t worry about the make of the car. i said it says rmn817, …
    …(every body knows how women are when they want something done, and some times she helps me with my spelling because i am the master.)…
    … she says in her soft gentle voice, the people don’t understand it. i said to her that could take ten million years there is so much in it that it can not be understood or explained as long as they continue to preach, it says all the churches must be silenced forever and includes the salvation army, red cross, and the red crescent also.
    today i decided to do the cartoon, there is a women in scottsdale that has a book called Toppe Flyette. she helped me print it for submission, and she did it on her own time, and i told her that one day i would sign it with my real name if she kept the book. she said she would keep it and give it to her son, who likes comics. my pen name was, I.M. Flyette, and she knows me as j.j. I have to confess that the editors said, my care-eek-tore line was weak, when they responded. so now i have some new material, it just may take several month’s to get it started. g.o.g. am i createing jobs. i have the story lines and everyone of the artists that i could afford to pay, tried to change the story lines, the characters, the characters images to fit their personalities.
    thus it didn’t get started even though it would be their lucky break, all i needed was to mass produce it, because i am always busy doing other things, those artists lost their dreams and mom says i am always loaded, i don’t know why. we sound like our own grandmas and grandpas di argue. (at least were Smart enough knot to live together.) we actually don’t speak out loud, or move our lips, all we do is think it. we can hear each other as if it were in a natural voice in the middle of our heads that can not be explained to anybody. even if we are talking to another person, we don’t stop talking. a prayer is done the same way. only she, the crew, and satan can see what i am looking at. this is what they falsely preach about the holy spirit, and clergys’ call me the liar, are you listening to satan, so stop running over my fucking toes when your late for work and you run the stop light to go around the god damned around the corner and drive across the fucking side walks while texting. i have had friends killed by these things! and now they go, oh shit! what the fuck are waiting for congress, they are slower that the second coming and they can’t figure it out.but when “I” push this send button they are going to go,
    all members of congress go back to the top of the page. at least you will be doing some thing
    in-tell-ah-gent by sitting and there read it
    now read what is below…

  59. GOD THE FATHER says:

    the other day mom said, what’s a church creeper? you wrote it over ten years ago, and you’ve been waiting for this to critique the crew. i said okay, it’s bad grandpa. she said yes, and your buying for the crew, pleas don’t spend the currency you have that you used to prophecy to get to the crucification that they chose. you have some money left in the bank pleas for days to go the bank and get it. yesterday i said okay, and mom said, you promised the crew that you would see it on neva-duh day, because many things will be closed. so I went to the bank to catch the second show instead, and she said let’s go have some fun, and don’t worry who you sit next to, the crew has been waiting for this. we talked about things in the previews and commercials and she said see how much things have changed. you have not seen a movie in years and you made a date, you said you would get in for half price because nobody would give you anything and you would treat the crew through the holy spirit and nobody would notice.
    once the movie got started she said on the first blurred face this one went to jail, and she kept me in suspense with that one, and a few minutes later she said i don’t think you will crit-eek any thing in this movie. even though she knew that i was waiting for a stunt that would be difficult that i wrote about, and i was waitng to find the glitch to see if i could find it. to the crews that don’t have access to certain information i will tell you great job. i stuck around the theater after for the trailers and some peole were still sitting in their seats after the after all the credits, laughing and saying how funny the was. to the actors: i’m still laughing. “i” must say, Great Job on the improv-is-eh-shuns.
    I will write more about what happened yesterday at another time, I don’t want this write to be sorry.

  60. GOD THE FATHER says:

    yesterday after the movie it was back to the trenches. at the shelter i got own ramen noodles and listened to the guys complaining that they found glass in the dinner that came from the mission. knowing this is going to happen again i will tell you i know not to always eat there. one guy came over
    and sat next to me that does not normally publicly pray, was praying his ass off.
    obama, what have you done! these people do not know who i am!
    this morning i saw a license plate that said, SING4JC. i said how come he gets all the credit, i am the one shaking the mountains like the bible says.and they still continue to preach. a short dstance later, while walking down the street a car swerved suddenly handing out papers saying i had to accecpt MY OWN SON. i grabbed them out of their hands and said, are you a fucking god
    in a voice that echoed from the buildings, two big men in a meek and weak voice, both
    said, no! (they were FUCKING PETRAFIED because they think they saw two of me and will knot tell the truth to anybody.) i said them in the same thundering voice: then your fucking screwed, as i threw the papers back in the car. i started to walk away and they drove off very very slowly, i turned to look at them and said to mom: they will call the police and fill out a false police report to get me off the streets like the bible says. i have told them before and posted stop preaching to me. I have posted it publicly and notified all legal authorities that, that is harassing me, and they do want me to have the freedom of speech to save any souls. THE BIBLE SAYS THAT I CAN NOT FIND PROPER COUNSEL.

    i joked about it with mom while going down the street and sure enough the police showed up, and so did the missionaries. one police officer said do you have any guns, knives, and what sounded like he said any rocket launchers in your pockets, not knowing if he was joking, i said, what! i lost some of my hearing in a firefight. he got upset. and then they frisked me, checked my i.d. and they said they were all vets also. mom said, “they said” they were vets don’t worry, she likes a man in uniform and she remembers them when they were younger, and one of them is kind of cute. she said don’t tell them that now, because your going to post this. the muslims need to know that you could be in jail for months if nobody does nothing and the muslims have to move on their own to destroy the antichirst to free the prophet according to the quran.
    so the muslims know that i could be going to jail for months if the people don’t stop them. the muslims know that if they do not see any posts they know that god has been arrested for blasphemy

  61. GOD THE FATHER says:

    the answer is, they are trying to set me up …

  62. GOD THE FATHER says:

    mom has been telling me for weeks that when her and i talk, that I interfere with t.v. stations, all the way back to their studios. even though she has been telling me for weeks, benny keeps saying contrary to what mom says, because he can mimic mom, satan, and jesus. i don’t know what mom’s really saying, so today mom got me laughing, and let the t.v. go apeshit, and She quickly said, LOOK at charlie rose! and when i did, i saw it. all the way back to new york from reno. on the background monitors, i saw what i thought was only on the t.v. that i was watching. that was not your equipment at fault, or satellite problems. this was known …
    also, benny hinn keeps claiming that he is writing to nora and other people constantly. trying to make a catch, benny hinn claims to be writing to many countries also claiming to be god.
    benny! the bible says that you will only be a hindrance, and the antichrist will do anything and everything to discredit god!
    so you better get something to play with besides the people that are in your dreams that are not going to hell with you, and that includes your children too.

  63. GOD THE FATHER says:

    i don’t really want to post today, but this morning satan was screaming: God please don’t spend that five dollar bill. so i spent other bills. then he said, now pick up and that receipt and keep it! i was in a macdonalds. satan said: you own everything and they say to drink more water on the glass … if you ask for more than one glass they say to come back and they will refill it for you. if you ask for a bigger glass, they say ok, but we Have to charge you for it.
    now satan was the one who told the muslims what to do after the nicean creed, and books were thrown out. all these things were covered in revelatiions. heaven is not full like they claim, if it is like they claim then pugatory would be full.
    U. S. CONGRESS the people don’t know the truth about there own fate if they follow the antichrist. the truth is that they will go to hell if they don’t follow …
    walking down the street satan said, today lets go to the shoot … and the car went by that said turkey. then he said look the other way and said today you need to do the … and the car went by that said puddle jumpers. while crossing the same street satan said, today you want to do the… as i looked at the car that said; sooners. and he said, can you do that today? i said, i’ll try. they only give me so much time and benny hinn keeps interupting, it says in the epistle in nostradamus that the antichrist must be removed. yesterday i passed the cars that said nineteen years to the rapture that the churches are praying for, so satan said let’s go down and play with the girls like you said you would do in two thousand two and three. so we went to a club and found the dollar bill with the date of my conception, and played with the pit crew and the dealers and had some fun. and today i am going to get a needle and stitch my shoes back together. i always seem to find the wrong things, like the stores that price things at a rate and charge more than they advertise. i don’t tell them the price was already to high. but none of the politicians showed and i promised obama that i would not crcify him next to benny, but i did not promise him that i would not crucify benny next to him. the bible says I will detroy the host (country) and the whole world will be brought to its knees. (the fucking churches say it is in prayer … ) … GOD will bring the world to it’s knees himself. if they satan, and they did the trick satan played on god, nostradamus said that ONE (AND ONLY) would call upon the devil himself. the congress would be thrown into shambles while trying to build a new road. i was watching one being built the other day while watching the marathon, and looked over and saw how someone was using MY name. i said, I wouldn’t that crap. why do people buy it? they were told such things as MY, My in advertising is a copy write infringement, and trying to claim that i support their name. this is criminal. people are being mislead by false churches, prayers, preyers, products, holy waters, soothsayers, psyciics, and prophets. president obama you removed a false prophet from the muslims and did not know that i would declare the muslim to be true. I knew where he would be by looking at a map and make sure they made no mistakes, and they would it in the bible. satan has been around for a long time. in fact jesus even spoke with him. Islam says: jesus was a prophet, not a savior, and this would be declared by god.
    i have a lot of practice on fixing things since then. i made animal skins for adam and eve they say.they make better needles now then they did back then. things are always a challenging.eve was a big bust and adam nuts. they claim virtue from those days. while let me tell you something about stooping over in the fields and falling behind because of a bad back, you stand up straight see her in front of you, hard at work, all bent over, all good things go to shit, then all the wrong things get straight, because the fig leaf did not fit. caine and able didn’t get along and the first civil war. the wrong work dosn’t get done and the kids are there before you know it. the world is filled with litter and heaven is into recycling two. why is it if they had only too children?SATAN SAID: HEY GOD! if the pope really wants to stop a mortar round in the compound, would you tell the pope the to put away the holy water. the only way he is going to stop it, is to catch it before it hits the ground, then he can be declared a sayain’t by god.
    the question is: if god is talking to satan, then where is god, if satan is going to hell when benny dies, and nobody knows what the trick was that satan played on god !
    the muslims must save the prophet who is declared

  64. GOD THE FATHER says:

    well let freedumb ring! after how many years of being told to do something congress manages to do something. the question is, is it what i told them to do.
    if it is the wrong law. they will still go to hell. why did they drag these people through the mud, and let the god damned churches blame me?
    did the churches tell you they would save your souls or just your asses? they are trying to usurp the powers of god. The Holy Bible says: thou shalt not change anything near the second coming.
    that GOD Himself would instruct the stupid motherfuckers himself.
    these instructions should not be coming from those who preach: that all will come to know the pain of the cross because you will find your happy asses tacked up there with them.
    god always comes first except in the imaculant conception. and you have that in the gosple all sew in two and a half strokes. you know, the one and a half and one to plow the goods home, and mom sits still. on the fourth of july the day of great independunce which is known to benineteen hundred and seventy six. that would probably to much of a clue for a nation to be founded unto GOD. but there are plenty of assholes out there that are just as lost. jesus did poop and pee and said, so would daddy. and mom did all the dirty work.
    the world is in such a state of confusion. the other day in the mens bathroom a guy in a stall went, ohmygod, (with a few graphic sound effects you will get the picture) as i was walking out, I sneezed and the man who could not see me, said to me, bless you!
    now just what do i tell that man in the bathroom ? thank you ??
    you stupid fucks asked me for help after years of denial and still refused to do what the people needed. i didn’t put you behind, I was busy doing what i had to prove who the antichrist was to the world. so ask the fucking preachers why there would be a hell or ben hur.
    patty boy and bennys hit bird said that one. in the end of times the bible said people would be better off reading a porngraphic book. after two thousand years of of waiting the fucking cocksuckers want me to wait another eight thousand years to bring my son here. who is the stupid ones ? are they the ones who say god has no balls ? ? ? but My word is law.
    so let me make a suggestion to you. you tell the american, israeli, and italian olympic teams to stay home so they don’t go down in history representing the antichrist before the world forever. i want these olympics to go off without a hitch and we can have the war after. these three countries will protest the olympics for any reason to stay home, the president still didn’t hasn’t the american people, that god is here yet, and i am doing his job too. the prezzy is trying to stupor-vise history. and mom and the cia knew that jesus was here the day i died, and tried to figure out what he was doing in heaven.? with me ?? and mom !??
    any way it gets to be a really long story after that. but! they say to be proud on the day of his return so they had a private party and waited for dad to get home from war. by the way, where is the olympic torch?
    satan says that yesterday while riding the bus the woman got up and moved because she saw me get off the bus through the closed doors and i never left the seat, so we are going to work on that today, and the dealers the other day were all women, the pit bosses were both sexes.
    satan, mom and that crew all say that i am such a sensitive guy that when ever i hear a dish drop in a diner, a bottle break in a bar trash can, or child scream they actually register as earthquakes. when benny interferes with my meditations they get quite strong.

  65. GOD THE FATHER says:

    yesterday while meditating benny said, you just did a 7.6 in scattsdale and leveled the city. i said, big deal benny. i’ll check it tomorrow. you always lie and say your writing to others. he always says things like, what do i tell them? i tell him you are to tell no one any thing because you don’t know what your doing. you are to say nothing about anything to any body according to scripture, and preach the same. so you or they don’t mislead anybody. to stop his chatter i told him: if there was a 7.6 in scottsdale it would level the whole valley! he shuts up on stupid answers for some reason.
    today i turned around in front of three men and satan said, you just went “i could” as i walked away. i looked, i heard them say whoa, and satan said, i told you so! so don’t worry about it!
    today i was getting some information on when some games started. after i got it, benny starts in and says, god! what do i need to post to the people. the crew and satan cracked up as mom says, GOD! there is really no way to properly spell how mom said, gaa-ahh-odd! as she laughed when i told benny; post god told mom to go get laid today. and benny shuts up again for few minutes.
    i think it had some thing to do with some jugs i was looking at today. so i think i will send that preacher to heaven for telling me that you shouldn’t lust after a woman. his wife and big tits, and good legs for a kid my size to be looking at. (her face was pretty too, if i stood back far enough’ )

  66. GOD THE FATHER says:

    while watching cbs this morning satan said, you have to watch your eyes. your not looking for “lint”. you don’t know what they really feel. it “is” “”intense””! yesterday passing through the studio you didn’t even smile when you were looking at the background. you saw yourself pass through studio, then asked, what happened, when you see them smile from your seat. you are so busy, … and SIT STILLl! the people sweating next to you don’t know what they’re reel-lea seaing. they don’t know that You are actually all over the universe at the same dammed time. it’s a good thing You had classes on how a studio works, or You would be all over the place. this morning when You passed by president obama can’t even look into that camera, the camera was cbs and it was recorded. you control the universe, and you have a couple of stars to work on. they all saw the holy cow last night. i know the church can’t explain You, and keeps refusing to do so. they are sticking to their old ways untill their deaths, and the comet is entering the sun. so untill You get the part of YOU back from benny, what are You going to do?
    i told satan that they will go to hell if they hang themsleves in my buildings…
    …So, don’t you clergy go hanging yourselves in any of My buildings! that date is long GONE ! everybody was told what to do, all the way down. they all claimed they want to know the pain of the cross, and witness the power of the holy spirit, and the supernaturual. it was was done on t.v. again this morning. are they are making me learn the pain that i wrote about in the bible, that I said they would make me due. it says that they threw books out, and claim that “I AM UNKNOWING”. now I AM not rying to complain hear, but SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH THIS FUCKING PICTURE! …
    martial law will remove the antichrist. today they crushing MY ivory. why did they shoot my animals when they should be shooting the men! who made man? why was man made? who made mans laws? man changed Gods laws, not GOD! so lets make it simple, IT IS A SIN to make any laws like the bible, and all religions say. that all laws will come from GOD. They all said, that all nations will one day follow GOD.
    so shoot the president…

  67. GOD THE FATHER says:

    i found the quiet little bar to do my eveing work “in love.” so i turned and looked around and said, uh-oh! satan said: yeah! Your the only one in here! You keep forgetting that they can feel even a quick look through their clothes and keep for getting that. ( i didn’t write like that but mom changed it while i was writeing the lower lines.) so, guys! don’t get the wrong idea when i’m watching a game. i don’t know what you feel when i’m looking at uniforms or at a persons clothing, or hair. and today i have to work on how to walk behind obsessively fat people so they don’t get the wrong idea when they walk slowly in front of me and take up the whole dammed sidewalk.
    i do go to capital hill most every day like they say, to do My work, as written.
    mitt: you, your church, every christian religion, american politician, DID SAY: “no deal” for years.

  68. GOD THE FATHER says:

    president barack obama: you can’t pass any laws! i told you to get your ass on a plane, and you refused! that is blasphemy! you better be dead in less than two minutes.

  69. GOD THE FATHER says:

    president obama: the only thing you can do to slow this down is to cancel the leave of the troops that you did not tell …
    you did asked, what to do so you don’t get crucified?
    barrow a gun from a secret service agent. those are the guys protecting you. step out into the yard willingly, put the gun to your own head, and make sure you don’t hit the white house when it passes through.

  70. GOD TE FATHER says:

    man L imp and C reep at 865 Kuenzli apt. number 307, of reno nevada 89505, people want to know why you people stomp on the floor and upset them.

  71. GOD THE FATHER says:

    hey pope francis! people want to know when you are going to hang your self like the prophecies say. you have done this in 1976.
    I The God of all living Gods am getting tired of sending people to hell for disobeying Me. even the catholic version of THE BIBLE says you will be destroyed, along with the entire christian church. I read it Myself in the past, you were never supposed to have been elected pope, and italy will be destroyed.

  72. GOD THE FATHER says:

    harry reid, and, every public official. you know that this web site was functioning while I spent thirty five days in jail. the woman lied to the police, and I was forced to stay in a place where they say if one does wrong they will suffer no matter what the consequences. the only one who went to purgatory when Jesus was crucified was Gerrard the spear man. it is written, that all who speak against GOD will know the pain of the cross, and there are people on the street said they will live in harry reids home after he is dead. I said, that is what The Bible says.

    in 1976 when according to Scriptures, My Son was known to be in the Womb and known to the c.i.a.

    in the fall of the soviet union. I knew something happened that would lead to legal movements, that future problems would arise that no president could interfere with. the c.i.a. new it was only a matter of time. I translated on paper that, george bush would find no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, and to make a speech on black and white video to let russia know that something strange was happening, and be careful while the antichrist was still preaching against the russian people during the second iraq war.

    when Jesus was put on the cross it did no good for that man to was his hands. he still went to hell when he died. people are still wearing the cross. The Bible says that the heads of the beast will be taken and put in a museum. pope francis,and benedict are on the list just like obama and all public officials below him.
    when Jesus looked out over the city, the city the was blessed, even the sinners were blessed when he looked at them. they still went to hell when they died no matter who they were.

    all people will go to hell until the antichrist is removed, and EVERY NATION KNEELS BEFORE ME. the scriptures say this will be done.

    the scriptures say there will be NO deal.

  73. GOD THE FATHER says:

    in 2002, and 2003 bob zagore was supposed to announce to the world that My Son was here. so I went to his church to start according to scripture. after a few meetings he came out after his service, and he declaring that he missed his calling to his congregation that was growing for some reason and the church was filled with the Holy Spirit, and the church actually shuddered while he preached. he did not know that I was disagreeing with him. I would stop to talk with him after some services to talk with him about the second coming. he always disagreed, with the things I told him and eventually had Me (GOD) arrested. It says that I must learn the awesome power that I have being that it has never been done before.
    I have been set back many times in the past due to clergy. and all there followers will be condemned when they die.
    last night, while watching the rays, a pitcher came out, did the sign of the beast and spit on God. this did declare all sporting teams churches and televangelist. what did he tell the followers of God when Islam is supposed to remove the antichrist and the president is trying to prevent islam from getting nuclear weapons. does it say that united states is the antichrist?
    bobz a gore! he filled the streets with gore, and the church is scurrying about to save their lives, and all the Islam has to do to watch the antichrist is watch any sporting event from every nation to know who to kill, like all scriptures say.

    A marriage made in Heaven is being married to the Holy Spirit, and talking all the time, knowing That Our Son is Jesus, and proved that reincarnation is possible, and all the athletes do is say is that they refuse God and they want to go to hell before they will listen.
    read the one below! It says every one will suffer for the one, and bob zagore had people who physically assaulted me in 2008 and physically forced Me from My every church, and told GOD He trespassing and to never come back again.
    so all you rich nadeaus will be killed according to scripture.
    (this should have been done in arizona two years ago)

  74. GOD THE FATHER says:

    I will ask nigeria! why did the national bank of nigeria refuse to answer My letters about My account that was sent from switzerland in the nineties. it came from what was named the bank of addler, and can not be taxed by anyone, from any nation. it is scripture too. they now have to bring it to Me.

  75. GOD THE FATHER says:

    pressy prez I want the world to know that I was walking past a t.v. with a basketball game on, and it switched to you and your daughters who turned to you and said there’s GOD. and the pressy prez said to his daughters and said, don’t look at Him …

  76. GOD THE FATHER says:

    the u.s supreme court has ruled that the antichrist will go to any meeting and pray to GOD and lie to the people and mislead them to speak against GOD. the u.s. supreme court has ruled against GOD by doing so. The Bible says they will be killed for speaking against Me.
    if the u.s. were to look at all the ways that the antichrists sell My name they find them guilty of profiteering, and grand theft, according to copyright and patent laws. look at some of the ways the greeting card industry does it.
    every body has been told not to buy, sell Our (The trinity) Names so they don’t go to hell when they die, as promised. scripture says you can not take Our picture for any reason. r.p.d. your dead. you left the mayor in office, and the antichrists preach that two out of three will be removed in the rapture. and every person looks to there left or right when they walk out the door and wonder …

  77. GOD THE FATHER says:

    it’s mothers day again. the clergy said that to save your souls the parents have pictures and icons hanging on the walls. I have told them they will go to hell if they don’t stop false worship.

    to the stupid fucking news casters who still wear the cross to tell the ones ( Jesus Mother, and Jesus) who run this web site, that they want Jesus to remember the pain forever, along with His family. at the same they mock all other religions for things like stoning.

    Now if Jesus is to judge them in Heaven as the antichrist claim, one of the questions is, did they get crucified to be saved by the Father, who said not to have any other Gods, and remember the roman road of the crucified. now take a look over there (to his right) and notice that only a few hundred are present.

  78. GOD THE FATHER says:

    I really hate to write. the history teacher said for the class to do a report on the rights in the united states, and which one would we keep as individuals, if all rights except one, were taken away. why would we keep that right, and do a report.

    everybody in the class said they would not give up their freedom of speech, and a shit load of reasons, all being the same. all made perfect sense except: it came to my turn.

    I stayed in my seat and said, that I would not give up the right to keep and bear weapons, nobody could take away any of my rights, and they will listen, i will still have freedom of speech and press, and so will those who thought like ME. while the class was looking at me the teacher asked me if i wrote a report, I said, no!
    I could just not figure out what good the freedoms were if there was no way to protect them. if some one could take away my right to speech, then they had control, and would be no other way to get the rest back.
    in short as a teenager I was watching the down fall of the united states from the current government at the time. my classmates could not understand it. and I was looking straight at all churches, and other religions, and governments. I knew I had a Job to do and wondered what they would think at the class reunion. if they knew what I knew when we went to school. would they let me go to the class reunion knowing I would not walk up with rest of the class when I spent most of my time fishing instead of going to school. I did watch the news whenever possible and shut up and listen to elders when they discussed government, and how their lives changed. when they discussed religion, I always said That I believed in GOD and the rest is a waste of time to discuss. they would easily agree,to get rid of me. said, what a nice lad, and some day you will make it.

    some how I got my high school diploma after my college degree.

    I know the summer I turned ten years old, i got my first g.i.joe doll after I fell off a bike, cracked the asphalt and my skull, saw an angel, and things are looking up. there is something out there and nobody will believe it either. thanks for the doll, and the good food they serve in the hospital. ( make it fit because it will make a person think what to do when they get older.

    when my history teacher asked Me that question, it was dead fucking serious, not to argue with the kids I grew up with. they depend on others to do the work for them and kiss fucking asses of the lame, those that are destroying all that they want to go right in the world, and religions. the kids that I went to school with know that I rarely ever discuss religion. I always told them what to do and did not realize that I was doing it. of course they didn’t like it. so they always tried to make me wrong. I know of a church that pays the rent of drug dealers, that end up buying weapons. and the cops keep the churches open the same as they did when I was a kid. the difference is now, guess who is doing the stealing…

    clergy say, oh the poor soul needs help. have you got some money for the poor, and to hell with that god fellow that posts on this site. come worship with and try to rid the world of him, it will do your soul well, to give to god so you don’t give it to the fellow that is posting on this site. the politicians and all of us clergy all know that it is only a matter of time till God and His Trinity goes to hell, lying to GOD is a sin. and it is a federal law to run a web site such as this ONE, unless he’s GOD, and Jesus has to be proven to be on the earth to the proper authorities to do that.

    well America! if He is in the clouds then My son is on the earth and obscure he will stay, like the scriptures say


  79. GOD THE FATHER says:

    why does the president still ignore GOD, and carry on as the antichrist? the Bible said, every soul must have carnal knowledge of GOD. all must go to GOD, Not GOD go to the people. all officials refused to go to GOD when they were summoned. this includes members credit union officials to open the church.

    all public officials refused to show. the Gospel said that they all will be denied forever.

  80. GOD THE FATHER says:

    GOD said: you are to go into every church, building, synagog, institution, to the deepest chambers of every building and destroy all that has spoken against ME.

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