Televangelist Benny Hinn Cures People With Gods Jacket

Witness the almighty healing power of televangelist Benny Hinn (and his magic jacket)! Hinn claims to have the “anointing”, a special power given to him by God to heal the sick. At Hinn’s Miracle Crusades, he has allegedly healed attendees of blindness, deafness, cancer, AIDS, and severe physical injuries through his powers. Apparently these super-human powers extend to his jacket, which he uses as an instrument of God to cure the sick during his events.

Not surprisingly, Benny Hinn is also the founder of Benny Hinn Ministries, which through donations, tours, and a television show, brings in over $200 million a year. BHM was even deemed financially suspect and corrupt by Ministry Watch in 2006, after BHM asked for donations specifically towards a new Gulfstream G4SP jet for Benny Hinn (apparently Gods will extends to luxurious travel for his anointed ones). One can only hope that his custom-made healing jacket will bring him all the riches and jets in the world:

Benny Hinn Smacks You With Jesus Jacket


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  1. GOD says:

    I went into tents at the city of reno street vibration show. the signs on the tents read they had official merchandise for the event, and were selling the cross. the cross is a registered name like Jesus, Virgin Mary, Holy Spirit, God, Christmas, to name a few. no person can use My names for anything unless I say they can, and I said that no person can use them for any reason, not even in a song. the church schools are using My names for colleges and they are the Antichrist’s. the cross is meant to be crucified on so they can return to the earth for a second life to be born again. it was never intended to be worshipped. it is for punishment only if they sinned. to go to any church or donate to any church in any way is a sin. for disobeying MY word one time they will be crucified to save their souls. according to scripture you can’t even sell the Bible legally or give it away. if you give it away, you became a preacher. SCRIPTURE is written that MY Name is GOD, and always will be, any person who said MY Name is not GOD will be killed is in the Koran also.

  2. GOD says:

    they always say on t.v. that you are not to reproduce any portion of any show for any reason without express permission of the owner. and in these shows they are usings My names without consent.
    The Bible says that any person who speaks against Me in any form then they will all be killed, and every king.
    sports teams speak against Me by tattoos, wear crosses, and spit on the ground to mock ME, while their commissioners allow it to happen, people in crowds do it with crosses and other religious icons which include clergy, and other officials. the event collects funds that have stolen from ME.
    by federal laws you can not even air a single sporting event. not even air replay. all commercials will be pulled due to the same infractions because I did not endorse them ever to use My Name in any form. NOT EVEN TO REWRITE THE BIBLE! so how can any person rewrite My name and sell it.

    scripture: …they will take My Name in vain …
    capernick did you put MY NAME on your filthy body and boast about a fucking bible study.

  3. GOD says:

    they sell MY NAME EVERYWHERE. this is against federal laws. clergy have told ME to leave MY buildings when I went into them. they use my in name in vain in stores also, by selling it, even though I have gone in and told them again. obama and all those below him endorse theft. I demanded payment that everything be turned over to ME like The Bible has written. they will be killed before they leave the church is their creed.
    the founding fathers said they are to revolt if the government gets out of hand.

  4. GOD says:

    there is not one person in the world ordained to speak in my name. not even the u.n.
    the clergy were to leave MY properties and leave everything. I am the owner of the everything, including their banks, and pensions they stole. they were told to close their schools, and stop selling the Promised land. oltersdorf your in really deep shit! I have four church buildings in suttons bay alone that I own, they are in the hands of trespassers, who are the antichrists, who are to be killed!

  5. GOD says:

    leelanau county sheriffs department where are MY tithes! I will send everyone of you antichrist mother fuckers to hell as well as every one in michigan.

    the ignorant and arrogant will be removed from the face of the earth forever!

    the scripture said: do not detain ME in any way!

    Jesus said, He was the way for a sinner, He said they must be crucified or they will go hell forever. if they die any other way, they went to hell. this why isis only asks once to convert.

    john 20:21 Jesus said to them: again, peace be unto you: as my Father has sent me to the cross, even so I will send you. (this is where the apostles changed scripture. there are no apostles in heaven.)

    I went into a church at plumb and kitzkie in reno during his service and questioned him in front of his parish, he told ME to leave. I said, are you throwing ME out of MY own house! he said yes! I said to his parish, then you are all condemned forever …

    scripture said, I would be thrown out of MY own house and the whole world will be condemned, except for the chosen few.

    the beast would be a beautiful angel with many heads, and they will be cut off by a mighty sword.

    the state stone is the petoskey, therefore it is a sacred, and michigan and the united states were known to be in b.c. (be sea), that the antichrists would take over the Promised Land and destroy it.

    the world will be run by the very hand of God. the antichrists said My very word is law and no person can take My place. the earth will be MY footstool when He comes again there will be a great day of independence, during the time of caesar, a cancer will grow on the church and deny God (Me). the officials will be killed for not doing what I commanded them. men will be held in awe when their families go to the cross the same day to save their souls, just like Jesus did.

  6. GOD says:

    leelanau county sheriff you left the anti Christ preach against ME again. I am not a fucking celebrity. and I don’t go around saying hi to cops that say, “oh well” when I don’t say hi to a person that I will send to hell when they die. I AM GOD THE CREATOR IN THE FLESH!

  7. GOD says:

    let Me rewrite the message below, the computers keep malfunctioning.
    leelanau county sheriff. you let the antichrist preach against GOD making all police officers antichrists. the school has a church in it. that means that every one of those kids goes to hell when they fucking die, just like your God damned family’s for selling real estate in the Promised land. the officer that said, Oh Well! the same for his God Damned family, as well as the son of bitch and his family that said GOD can’t speak the truth to people any where. God said to kill all of them in scriptures.

    read these chapters with realizations. Mark 12:27, 28-29, 30-44.
    Mark chapter 13. 13:28 is past.
    in Mark 14 even Jesus had to lie to stall for time. Jesus said to cut off hands, feet, and to hang millstones around their necks and drown them. He was told to go into temples and tear them up.
    in Mark 11:22 Jesus said, all Miracles come from God. Mark 11:23 is a definition of a bulldozer.

    these things will only show in the kjv.
    obama said to the world that I was an unjust God. the book of Revelation does say that I am not nice. REVELATION 2:17 is Myself and the petoskey stone. 2:25 is Me. 11:3-6 is Jesus and His Mother. 11:7-14 is the church rising against the trinity. the church is trying to kill My Son and His Mother. so all the cops must be killed, also the occupants of all the churches, and God RULES over every living thing forever.
    The book of ZEPHANIAH is a description of what the pressy prez, all the governors and every senate are shitting their pants over. it is long over due. it says to kill jews, christians, cops, governors, assembly men, presidents, mayors, and county commissioners, everywhere! (the only way they can save their souls is to be crucified the same day as judgment is passed, just like My son did.)
    the book of Zephaniah says details on what will be removed by the people. read Mark 11:23 again.
    fans of John 8, chapter 8:32-34 beware of how Jesus saith verily, when varily is intended to destroy the antichrists.
    if you die and these things are not done then you are truly condemned in the second death, and Oh how the antichrist just luuuv to cram this up the innocent people asses. because the innocent are being screwed by all the officials who are using Mark 11:23 against the people to keep them subjugated. obama and the church are trying to do on a GLOBAL SCALE with mark of the beast, and sending propaganda to the russian people through tbn. AND, I don’t care if there is a mayor in my family, kill him like scripture says. he refused to listen to God, he refused to be crucified, and the locals don’t like the son of bitch either. he was elected by down-staters AND FUCKED UP THE TOWN that God did Prophecy.
    ron! owen went to hell. I wrote these laws several times over the years, and my own family refused to listen. they fell under the rules of the book of Zephaniah just like everybody, and the president said that I wasn’t fair. scriptures say that I will be fair to those who kill in My name throughout history. obama has refused to listen the first time, and all the lower leaders followed the antichrists. you were told Christmas was canceled till every scourge of the earth is removed forever.
    this is how the antichrist is destroying the world. the armies of the antichrist (u.s., e.u.) are condemned for fighting against isis. the Bible said that the christians are the antichrist, and they will force the cross into the every governmental institution. and he that accepts the mark will be killed.

  8. GOD says:

    missionaries in reno library scoffed GOD. Joshua 8:8 said to burn the cities that denied Me, 8:29 tells what to do with the kings of the cities. any person declaring to be a saint will be killed. heretics and blasphemers the same. Revelation 13. when you get to 13:18 it says the beast will be known, as the shape of the cross, which looks like this- “T”.
    And here is something about the cross. in the making of the passion of the christ. I DID NOT WANT THAT GOD DAMNED MOVIE MADE. I used it to raise the beast from the abyss, and the actor complained about being struck by lightning. the antichrist took off in full swing, as blasphemers, likewise ewtn did not know the signs either as they appeared in time, as like they did not know to open the letter, which michele Nostradame spoke of in confusion.
    the mormon condemned GOD. WHY do they dare to see My brother? the mormon are trying to to find My son to crucify Jesus. Jesus knew His Father was coming to the earth and He would be born again by the same Mother Mary. Jesus is under The jurisdiction of his own Mother, who is The Holy Spirit, and always knew that His Father is The Only Universal Power, and two thousand years ago the people would not listen to a woman, and no person is above GOD in Heaven or on the Earth which I claimed for a footstool. that makes Me the Only Holy Father of the Holy family, the Family that will be. I AM GOD and the only way to be born again to the earth(s) as a descendant of GOD is to be born of MY Seed and no other. there is no place else to worship except for the church yet to be built, and all others were condemned in Jesus words in Scripture. People know more about their own antichrist than they know about GOD, and think their own clergy will save their souls. you don’t see GOD selling a bunch of false promises to fools. Mark 6:31 alone used by ewtn by mother angilica used it to invite people to hell. Matthew 16:1-4 they are talking about signs. Jesus never gave the keys to anyone like the churches claim. in Mark 16:23 Jesus called Saint Peter Satan. in Mark 16:24 Jesus said they had to be CRUCIFIED. since Jonah was swallowed by a big beast, three days have past. Satan has been in power for over a thousand years. Why is the antichrist in turkey ?

    you are to confess your sins to GOD only! not to any other being, or false idol. the antichrist have made a business out of this phrase as the do with any other.
    GOD said: I know what you need before you ask for it, and give to you, if you deserve it. all they do is complain about Job, and the works of ME.
    since movies were mentioned: there were other movies made that should not have been done.
    if your any type of police officer they are all wondering about the man in austin tx that died doing the works of GOD. He went to purgatory, where the police and all their families are eternally condemned and all who follow. the same for the athletes, and students, all those who bare the cross, and all those who see it not being put use cleansing the earth of the antichrist by their own crucifications. Jesus said the cross is the mark of the beast, and the antichrist would be a beautiful angel that would try to destroy GOD on the earth, and all His works. that He would judge no one. His Father only can Judge, on heaven or earth. the whole world would be condemned by their own false doings, so that they can not go out the door for the beast do try to force them selves upon the true seeking to condemn them. they wear their crosses on the street, take marks upon their bodies in many forms, use blasphemy in many ways, like wearing the cross at work, and all force their employers to accept them on religious false practice.
    the church never made it out of the gate. the first pope was crucified.
    John the baptist lost his head for baptizing people.
    Jesus said if no man come forth in the name of GOD, they will be killed also.
    In the Bible it says: they will be killed on a global scale. that is how easy the rapture is explained in the Bible !

  9. GOD says:

    the antichrists have put their websites up for charity for the holidays to receive devotions.
    Jude 1:4 said t.b.n. is the antichrist. ( The Letter from Jude was written to warn against false teachers who claimed to be believers. In this brief letter which is similar to 2 Peter, the writer encourages his readers “to fight on for the faith which once and for all God has given to his people.” ) the word crept is the crouch’s, the antichrist is global, endorsed by all christianity, and allowed by muslim.
    v. 5 to kill the antichrist. ( no official has done what they were told.) v 6-7-8 they did not try to save the Promised Land, in which they are fucking ( fornication) it up. -and conspired against GOD. v. 9 Moses was not knowing. v.10 they speak of greed. 11 to kill your brother to prosper. 12 how charities are empty by false giving (13) by athletes, and celebrities raving about how good they falsely are. (14-15-16) false prophets murmuring, and complaining about their own deaths predicted in the scripture (17) before Jesus birth 18) that they mock GOD and Jesus and 19) rebuke The Holy Spirit as Satan. 20 with people not knowing that all thoughts are heard like a prayer. 21 looking to Jesus for salvation because I said I will send everyone to hell that did not listen to the fact that 22 they are to be killed 23 without mercy, and some will survive knowing that they did a big sin called communion. 24 what has to be done 25 forever to keep the true faith, to save your soul ? . ( this is both a statement and a question! )

    Just so you know: Proverbs 5 is about getting married to the first fuck that you have, and some of the things that can go wrong. men will never be faithful to one woman. so talk it through completely.
    if they say to each other: no other till death do they part, it means just what they said. no witness needed.
    the mormon say there is no hell. yet in Their bible they say you will go to hell for adultery.

    Book of Isaiah chapter 17 destroys damascus, and israel, israel denied ME, and worshiped her altars. c.47 will be the destruction of the catholic church also. c.50 is how the catholics knew that they will be killed, and must write it! is written in 50:2. Hosea is ho-say-ya go get a little, and I named their children, how I will Not save israel, but tell them who to appoint after israel IS destroyed.

    being that it was even considered to put a mcdonalds into an antichrist church, and mcdonalds uses the hand of GOD to promote their own self interests in a commercial, nobody can even work there… ( and add the …’s ! )

    carol burnett said she probably couldn’t tell a joke to save her soul.
    the time I heard it on t.v. I said it will happen. it will get so bad that no one can save their soul if they don’ kill an antichrist. It was already in motion, the officials told GOD several times that I can NOT save a soul. the antichrist followers, follow and worship their antichrists that say their is only One GOD to pray to. the antichrists believe the GOD DAMNED Mother Fucking Preachers that say: You will go to hell for not eating Jesus ! not praying to Jesus ! to give to the antichrists everything ! and to sell everything to do it ! That is why all officials are antichrists. ( this had a different meaning to the cia.) & ( The Bible said: I will be given everything. It was Mine from the beginning.)&( the word that claims the cross to be true in a single word is not “amen”, it is “it”. an I and a T. fore it is GOD that made everything.

    So to the State Dept of The State of Pure antichrists (Michigan)! the antichrists are still picking up MY sacred stones and selling them which JESUS H. HOLY FUCKING CHRIST SAID TO THROW. for the whole world will deny God (The Trinity) on the Earth and deny The Trinity in Heaven … =
    = … every religion took an oath against GOD to declare their churches to be true and GOD untrue. most muslim the same ! just like all sects of different religions, they all say to kill the infidels just like Jesus said: it will get so bad that you have to be martyr yourself to go to heaven ! So keep on bomb’n o-bomb-ah. show the uke-crane ewe-rain, hi. the in-fra-read is stretching, just like the cops are shitting knowing that Members Credit Union in traverse city michigan must be killed for false worship. they advertised it on the internet. they were told if they needed something they have to come to GOD. instead they read MY websites to cash in, and condemned their entire families according to scripture. the churches say they will save their souls also prejudging GOD. from Scripture the churches also knew that I AM NOT to sign-
    -MI OWN NAME bi My own hand … a map, the keys, like chaff blowing in the wind, (kovscohl) the altar faces east
    the steppes were made known that only one(mon) can aspire (goal) to (ya) and, attain fine furniture (china) for the coming (core-an) will encompass (the rising sun) the entire earth ( I will go to every nation) Hi.
    bi name known an altar. a man. (superior) the map will be known (the throne) to show the way ( satellite) to the keys of the Altar. it will BE like chaff in the wind (florida) just say duh thrice (cuba). the na(o)tions of everything are written.
    an OMEN: the holy family will be condemned for those which earn (wichren) naught bi a common name unto which all people will know of a great baptism of common (Johnson) a generation will pass (My grandfathers death was the same year as My conception.) pun-ish-ment (loris). they will make war against the him for His name is War (Martin). [this Prophecy is so huge it will take daze and days to write it. however four of the five smooth stones are his family, and always changing.] by their ow(e)n doings one ought (otto) to know when to go out to reap the harvest (Bahle). they were large land holders. in the past years they sold, and condemned the new holders of known prophecy. the abyss widened. the police didn’t like the rams raising their hands in the air at the football game (satyrs) and gave the thumbs down. these people allow the antichrist to spit in MY face to mock GOD and the whole world is a witness also, to: the pope is trying to convert islam to the antichrist, while obama and the u.s. is driving a wedge between nations knowing obama is in absolute denial. business is forcing the cross upon the world and the antichrist forces are enforcing the antichrist.

    in turkey all the pope did was stall about two minutes to think, they took the publicity while they were in turkey for the thanks giving holiday. now having proof they are reading nostradamus, islam does NOW know that the churches are keeping GOD from doing the proper work … If I tell someone they will go to hell when they die, and someone tells ME Not to tell them. that second person will be with the first person, forever in hell !

    Jeremiah chapter 51 says about- oil, not to convert islam to christianity, the fire, the killing, and many more things all at the same time. 51:44 is the church 62- obama and the world were told to stay out ! what you will do with this book of The Bible. ( it can only be read properly from King James Version in original form 1604.) that is how at the same time the churches read it to save their lives as written.

    MY Wife wanted ME to do this for the longest time. I told Her the time is when I get there. Now is the time. EXODUS 20 is the Ten Commandments v. 1-6 is very clear NOT TO use the cross for any reason for worship. it is for cleansing the earth. v-7 is using MY NAME for any reason. saying God Damns and Jesus Christs are fine, I have lots of cousins calling us all the time. I go GOD DAMN AT LEAST 57,000,000 a day. and at least 57,000,000 times a day some say Jesus Christ we’re in hell, kids too. v-8 is a day of rest, v-9? sometimes you get two days off. v-10 -11 it’ll drive you crazy trying to figure them out. so let’s skip up to v-12. Obey your parents so your parents don’t kill your asses. even as a child they can be crucified for certain offenses. v-13 thou shalt not kill unless I say so.
    v-14 adultery is you or your spouse cheating on your contract. if you have two colors of several socks in a bag, and the first two don’t match you only need to pull out one more sock to make a match, and so on.
    v-15 for stealing certain things they can be Crucified, v-16, false witness the same.

    v-17 includes not to play music to loud, slamming doors, throwing dishes, ( some people like to do that when I am around because, I say, I need …! and they laugh because I move fast. what they really do is piss ME off. that is testing. The Bible says do not test ME in any way, it is not very funny when the earth shook …) some walls used to be made of mud in the old days.
    v-26 Moses hair turned white scaring the hell out of people and Moses, mo-says was not to enter any thing he had built for it would be false.
    He was Told what to do.

    people make religious items and steal. that was covered in the Ten commandments. they lost their souls. people say that only christians go to heaven. Some white people say only white people go to heaven. all these people are wrong. THEY ARE JUDGING OTHERS. (big Sin) out of over 57 million people that die every day, I will only save the Martyrs. it is already in this article from The Bible Passages, that Jesus spoke of.

  10. GOD says:

    did you find the u.s. navy written in Jeremiah 51:16. it’s there. if you read any other version of The Bible you won’t find it. it is written as waves. I told you don’t use any other version of The Bible.

  11. GOD says:

    there is one passage that they all said, in The Bible. that when the day comes, you will be better off reading a pornographic book, than to read The Bible. I guaranty you won’t put that son of a bitch down either. how many times is ass written in The Bible when I have bidden daily in Luke 14 in 14:10 worshiping the pope and calling GOD a son of a bitch in his prayers. joe I have put it to ya like Luke 14: 32-35 Now when you were fourteen years old you could not find a virgin. how many people new this to be true before they were ten and wish you had started sooner. don’t lie to yourself ! when you die it will already be known like anything else you thought you could hide.

  12. GOD says:

    so let ME tell you Some answers to uttered bullshit from l d s. I will start with belief #6 if Jesus church was destroyed the first time, why the fuck would I build another. THE HOLY FAMILY is the first generation, and lessens (lessons, schooled, taught, etc. it depends on the antichrist scripture you have. I use KJV. ) by their descendants. the fucking mormons claim several times that they follow ME. they even pissed off Satan in reno, and Satan that He knows who they are AND one looked good…
    the Divine Family is of MY Children only. ( so don’t get technical about it, you can still go to hell being the mother).
    to say that the l d s came before Jesus means that they Didn’t Know that GOD would Judge Himself before passing judgement on any another, and at the same time Jesus had to be on the earth. the mormon claim that they get their information from the bible…
    to worship GOD. THEIR doctrine says to worship their saints, through their prophets, that worship their god JESUS. l d s said they were going to crucify HIM, Which was in the seventies they told GOD to MY face that they will back and change their own doctrine and continue to preach and refuse to listen to ME still, because every other church will do the same. they said it will be the liar. I told them it will have to be really good. The Bible said the antichrist will lie and take it as a good omen because only Satan would lie, ( so I told the cia to lie to congress, and tell congress that is how business is done, because congress lies to the people. to do as they always do and don’t admit to anything, just like anybody else, since congress won’t listen, so already, they have to be crucified by the people in the future, written to cia in 2002-03. the longer it takes to get rid of them the worse by the day it will get. and the more difficult the recovery. Just don’t lie to ME, I Watch t.v. like anybody else. that is how the rapture is written. ) and deny the truth, that l d s had to be different after the others failed. that the l d s would rule the world instead of GOD, because the mormon only, would never die again. that is how they said they would Re-populate the earth. (sounds like the catholic doctrine also. which christian version do you want to put in there to take over the world. when I MADE AND OWN it. )

    so lets talk about pussy, you bastards go into a trance plus training to steal food and clothing for two years to complete the brainwashin’. the temples are the women’s vay-jays as tosh.o likes to put it. if the altar will not fit trough the door of the temple, and doesn’t fit in the back. ya lube it to make it fit! the prophet will place the altar of GOD several times a day in the temples so that the prophet may please God in Heaven. sex is the greatest love God gave to mankind on the earth. so there is only one way to get closer to God on the earth to get Heaven, get down on your knees before the altar of GOD and pray. you already knew where that goes to, rite between the temples! the altar will rise into the air and fall. it will levitate several times a day…
    in life after death, the mistress said she was a concubine, and GOD said, yes I remember you from the earth, come sit by MY throne awhile till you return to the earth you will sit with the other concubines. Fore there is a Very Special Place for all them that pleased ME upon the earth, that many men preach about. Jesus said upon these rocks I will build The true church of The Father IN PRAYER (The Lords Prayer), the false prophets say they call upon the saints to go back over their works fore they have LIED TO GOD, and lie to the people saying that they were fore-given. knowing that there is not one saint in Heaven they are all talking with Satan, and claiming it to be a godly message so they don’t get the big crew-see-fiction that they say wrongly. in #3 shit happens, they said that Jesus Christ is their savior, Not GOD. in #2 they claimed to be gods spirit children before they came to the earth, and that they were automatically saved before they were born, then upon the earth they denied ME to MY face, every time I passed them. ( plus threw GOD out of the traverse city mormon church pretty close to six years ago.) so apparently denying GOD is their belief #2. if you get a body and grow, why does The Bible say it will ROT when they die, that there will be second death when their souls die, a second death!
    Their number one belief is that God created man in the mormon image. which they all claim to be perfect.

    in scripture GOD SAID: that HIS seed will be perfect, not HIS body. that man was imperfect and had to maintained in good health. HE created man in HIS own image, and MY face is in Heaven: that I am not to good looking so that MY seed are the prettiest. or so damned ugly that I can’t stand to look at them. ( which will happen!)
    And every scientist knows that this has to be done forever, or mankind will fail.

  13. GOD says:

    everything you need is in The Bible, including the fact that I Use mythology to fill in the spaces. the church calls all other religions myths.
    these examples of how stupid some people are:
    an atheists go to court and claim they don’t want their children to say the “pledge of allegiance” to the flag because they say “one nation under GOD”, when The Bible said they are not worship anything that is false. the judges are screwed and screwing the atheist into the antichrists religion.

    … people would do anything to be seen in the eyes of GOD for a moment and go to hell in pain forever upon the cross, while the church is the ones who sent them to hell.

    Not one person has permission to build anything anywhere unless they have permission from ME. they can’t even issue a building permit. Said in scripture: many will be forced from their homes, and their homes may be torn down. leelanau county will be the most. in the grand traverse counties region: Nobody was to build since July 4th, 1976.

    preached by antichristian clergy: do not hesitate to do as GOD commands, for death may overcome them, lest their soul Will be lost forever. they refuse to listen to or heed what has been written, claiming that Jesus will save. GOD said in scripture: there will be no apology accepted when they die! they denied Jesus and all He did …
    they do go to church and beg to be forgiven as do the unfaithful jews and muslims.

    John 8:31; Then said Jesus to those Jews which believed on him, If ye continue in my word, ‘then’ are ye my disciples indeed:

    32; And ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.

    ( I don’t know how they up with this one, but any, the stupid fools are doing it.) : churches are waiting for, and preach that they will be praised if they do not leave their churches knowing that they will be condemned. preachers Even PREACH that they will be blessed in the pulpit by GOD for continuing to preach to break The First, and Second commandment. they preach that only the clergy will be saved, that they will cast false blessings upon the condemned, and falsely claim that only they can be saved. and If the clergy has a spouse they go in and kiss their ass to make points in the church. which is far more important than how GOD will judge them on the face of the earth.

    Isaiah 65:17 said; For, behold ( you can even go to 65:16 because I have covered it many times. it is like, If you have any thing like a picture of Jesus, the cross, crescent, or the star of david to name a few. playing christmas carols, or using MY NAME in any music anywhere and think that it is not heard the day you die. they are badly mistaken. it’s like an artist walking through a mall that is playing or showing their work and the mall employees do nothing. they claim they have to be caught, and prove that it is stolen. ask the jeweler, Who made the cross famous? the true answer is GOD! so kill the retailers also they were told also. ) I create new heavens and a new earth: ( this is also in islam) and the former shall not be remembered, nor come into mind. (MEANS THE GODDAMNED CHURCHES, JUDAISM, AND THE UNFAITHFUL MUSLIMS ARE THROUGH: WRITTEN IN SCRIPTURES THAT CERTAIN SECTS FOLLOW, AND groups like ISIS TOOK ON THE WORLD PROPERLY. ) pressy prez don’t you or anybody else ever tell anybody in any way that I said the antichrist american troops are blessed. I told you to close the chapels on every military post. and all you told GOD was, fuck you. all you had to do was think it. the holy land experience was to be bombed out of existence, along with all it’s visitors and employees years ago. they were told not to build.

    the people have broken their covenant with ME. Jeremiah &7:28 (intentionally written. time will hurt you all.) But thou shalt say unto them, This Is a nation that obeyeth not the Voice of the Lord their GOD, nor receiveth correction: the truth is perished, and cut off from their mouth.
    29 Cut off thine hair, O Jerusalem, and cast It away, and take up a lamentation on high places; for the Lord hath rejected and forsaken the generation of his wrath. ( means All The children of the unfaithful are condemned fore every generation that they bring forth forever.) people will condemn all their children, forever on the face of the earth.
    at the time of day you die you can not deny that I AM. It will be the most wonderful thing, or the worst Goddamned thing you can imagine forever! you will wonder for about three seconds before, then realize that your dead, and still not sure about it. If you don’t see light ten seconds you know that you are not in Heaven.

    obama knows that only martyrs in MY name only go to purgatory. it is a comfortable place where the truly faithful martyrs go where they don’t want for food, warmth, sex, or a place to relieve themselves, and in silent prayer to return some day to the earth. If in Heaven you can actually talk to others, including about the ones that went to hell.
    obama that means that the clergy are telling the children to go to war telling them they will be saved if they fight against GOD. on the dooms day clock you about three seconds from a nuclear war.

  14. GOD says:

    1 kings 22:27 and the cia to let Me do MY work. I come in peace. they will have many afflictions. I have to work it out. 28 and for all the people to listen to ME only there always seems to be a catch.
    one of the things that is said: the armies. will be judged. by their own numbers. against them. they will be judged. by the number of every army. they will condemn. they will condemn their fathers, and mothers. by those that are against ME. their own brother and sister will revolt. cursing all they said and done. to travel to a distant land. when their own are in jeopardy. by their own false doing. they wish they never were born. selling themselves (their soul) to the highest bidder. the fornicators (prostitutes, whores etc.) will come forth. in great numbers. they will be condemned. for accepting the mark of the beast. it will be everywhere. the church will be condemned. (because) they do not worship GOD on the earth. the infidels will destroy the church. for many years.they will claim I was with them. and condemn them at the same time. no matter what they are doing. the preachers will get the credit. for only Satan (Who WILL get More Glory from GOD!) would make that claim. to mislead those that claim to be true. everything has a place. in time. sow does Satan Steal Souls that are not true. Satan gets all the souls He wants. to mislead a fool is easy. Satan Never runs out of souls to claim. His Job-e is easy. as the book is written. would I condemn the chosen.daughter (her mother lied to the judge). the untrue will fill the church. and they will be praised.the antichrists thrive on praise. all bragging to seek their own condemnation. with their brethren. they will seek the brother and sister thinking. falsely thinking they are blessed by their own condemnation. they continue to speak against the holy family. who is unfaithful in the eyes of GOD. GOD would mesick. amongest the brethren. The Holiest Family does not cope-mesh with many things. all being different from the holy family. they sought a good harbor. for a new empire will be built for the second coming. of the Manitou’s The spirit of GOD is in the vary doin’s. the leelan’-awes-.ands of time. torch lake. antrim their wicks ear-n-est a new counting Would take precedent. Jesus words cum true in a day. a past age would be of great spirit. fox sea, of beaver, a new garden. they cast their eyes over mack. in awe the drum-mand the antichrist. is trying to sue their own GOD. songs of the glory seekers are heard.they sing of see-son falsely. officials are. condemned by all. who wrote the songs. seeking to destroy those who play them. looking to the east.port men of iron. the gay lord is the pricks (rogers city). a new city is forged of stone.that stead fast will last for many years. that cheeriots traverse every city. they will be drunk on whine seeking. their savior Satan.shown the way. the dog will return to eat its own vomit. is a light house pen.- is allah. an old mission is made a-new. the CEDARs of lebonon fell. the light to the that that could not be reached by the tribes isreal. an omen.-ah, they say only GOD could bring His such a place no-one would know the time or place. of the man. THE ALTAR of GOD will be placed upon the earth. they will be Khaned into many.things are recorded.that c-1. a knew beginning was written. by MI own hand. the infidels were scent to dry and parched and land.claiming everyone else to be lost.The TRUE PROPHET.Will pass the church. in the night. many times. they did not where the voice of GOD. was coming.from the beginning they have been condemned. not to ever know. the Son was born. with GOD all thing sap in. as they were. lead. to a bear un salted earth. knowing not of their own cult. sure. lee it is written. all their writings . to be all who speak against ME. a never ending debt. by all those who speak against ME.will never all their children that could be. whereas for the allies of the u.s. military they are condemned by those that will never be due to false judgement. upon their own failures they will be judged. by the company.they keep and associate in evil deeds. they don’t say what is true. to GOD only can MY own brother be true. which is grounds for divorce. for the unfaithful will give everything to those that are faithful. to MY WORD is written and none other will compare. Jesus said: if one hurts any child condemned for ever. as He was told His Father said. too. obama don’t kill the wrong muslim. whom of which were told. not to come to the great Satan. they will be caught. there is no way out. the princes and dukes think they are just. by reusing ME they are condemned. while the u.s. is converting every nation to commend them. their prisons are full. obama (who also thinks he is Jesus father.) is worried about his global image. when christianity. says to saveyour soul. they must be crucified. in islam to save their soul they must behead them. which is more peaceful. korkie, somers were shot. they went to hell. as well. as the president saves his own image. it is “the” as watching the pope get blessed. by people who follow clergy. claiming they will never stop. the whirled continue. moths’ to the flame can not help but to “think” it is good. whore haze thinks his bed is good. from rome one continues theft. while clergy lead. protests against police. who accepted them. in complete defiance. popes declare that certain resistance has surfaced: thinking it is better. to keep GOD a secret. they speak falsely. That I have spoken the truth. “because that is the path GOD said.they will walk and speak against ME. excommunicating any member who speaks against them. is a blessing that that true-lye that comes from GOD. who would receive more politicians. who have denied the truth. for decades “that their theft has been working vary well”. grew into darkness. cast over the earth. the truth is u.n.sure. they are true-lye speak against the true. a marriage took place. the man condemned before he was. clergy were never to speak at a funeral. barry went to hell. with GODS word they say. there is no deal. a schism a rose bee tween GOD and. the world is being torn. to bits the nations will be. unable to stop the destruction of the church. take up the cross. ( put in place in a rush-ah, a hurry) the cross will be put in place. all who follow will be saved.clergy will destroy religion through interpretation. the apple will rot them through to
    the core an islamic disaster to. How the prophecies go. you can’t bury anyone under the cross with out condemning them. they have to Know the pain of the cross. as is congress. thechurch of the world is passing laws. many condemned by the cross will be buried under (with) it (any false icon).

    nobody can tax GOD !
    who was it that tapped your phone ?
    one who is drunk on the holy spirit becomes stupid and brave. during one of the popes masses I telling him what an asshole he is. later resigned. as if knowing he was doing as Satan in Matthew 4 Jesus denied communion to be true also. over three months ago I said. an arab and it sounds like a sheikhs son will die by chariot (diana of Nostradamus)

    so merkel put a sock in it. you don’t know “Biblical Law”.


    Revelation 6 There are know horses. they’re whore says. it is people 6:6 not to hurt oil and food. 6:8 watch. one fourth of the earth, 9 war. 14 the death of evil 15 the officials through to 17.

    it is said: #1 no one will make any graven image of ME. every one knows where I AM. the antichrists claim it to be angels exposing Me as the devil. #2 not to worship any thing but GOD.

    ( if you are the only boy in the family and pee on the toilet seat, and leave it. you wonder how your mother found out. and if she stuck to the seat, she is gonna beat your ass. right Sinbad?? ) / ( the church is turning their heads to what is on the internet.)

    Revelation 8:7 could be nuclear war I told merkel: put a sock in it and read to 13 nobody better be having an angel on their tree or buying them or anything for any reason. Revelation 9:4 is explicitly for the true that IS IS in The Bible. 9:5 to stay out ! judgement is the pit. &shapes like unto military. 8 war will ensue. 7 the crowns of gold are the antichrists men who carry the cross with them, at home and the such of false icons they include pictures, of Jesus, purchases of the antichrist books 9:9 in their breast plates. they are Satan. 9:10 their stupidity 9:11 obama over the world.

    in 2011 prince william was supposed to come to GOD. he worships the antichrist seeking profit. not to seek GOD. The prince was two teeth. merkel is a catholic representative. ( some guys really get their nuts off when people see them with people kneeling before them. clergies wives, and parents really like it. what is the next name of blasphemers ? ) obama is embarrassed and does not want GOD to speak. europe will fear the worst by Nostradamus.

    Scriptures say, Whosoever ( this word will send people scrambling for your dictionaries. ) should ask for everything in Jesus Name will receive everything that HE (GOD) asked. He must learn the ways to become GOD, and receive everything (these are things the cia knew) in time. knowing that as a child, I knew they studied The Bible and I did not trust the church. and had to keep it secret. this is how I learned. I had to read THE signs. Hebrews 1:1 diverse manners 2 the last days by Jesus heir 3 of all things through the brightness of GODS glory 4 better than the angels 5 that which were jealous is a question that GOD will come to the earth 6 let the antichrists worship Jesus 7 let the antichrists make false icons 8 even if it is a violation of the First and Second Commandment. 9-10 jesus laid the foundation of the earth. 11-12 when HE will come again in a different body and kept secret. 13 the angels questioned GOD in heaven wondering how GOD, Jesus,and His MOTHER all be on the earth and in Heaven at the same time 14 while the antichrists are still preaching ?

    Jesus said: prepare yourselves for a great war when He comes again. he Will be of The Father Who is in Heaven. that Jesus christ all mighty didn’t know the fucking day that he would come back.

    get the fucking drift you stupid german bitch witch, hex! hex! hex!

    if any one has ANYTHING THAT I WROTE IN THE PAST IN THEIR HOUSE THEY SIMPLY JUST GO TO HELL. THE AUTHORITIES WISH NOT TO STOP THE ANTICHRIST AND NEITHER DID YOUR CATHOLIC FUCKING ASS witch the pope will shove his scepter up your ass raise you into the air so the whole world can look up your skirt to see your brains are.

    things are stolen by tbn cbn etc. they pipe things into russia. putin was told to let them air it, and use it for propaganda when the assholes of the west get pricky, miss clitty I just don’t give a fuck about western europe. Putin is the only person who told his people to follow ME. it was done years ago. so put a sock in it. remember the popes? they are accepted and not ME ! the ass hole in spain that said to the world GOD FUCK YOU with both hands giving the bird. so FUCK EUROPE!
    obama tapped your phone and you kiss his ass. so bend over for the people that GO TO HELL! the popes uh cummin to fuck the u.n. also.

    quatrain 287 a german prince was ratzinger. it will be so they can not take care of the dead. because the church claims ownership of the world. the funds are stolen and they pay the keepers with stolen funds. so fuck your jews too. Hitler went to purgatory was a guaranty.

    ISIS saw the incident it spain. angela being a soccer fan should beware. she did nothing to kill that son of a bitch. that is against all True Islamic Faiths not to kill them.

  15. GOD says:

    with all the bible study classes out there, they know that.

    from scripture it says they can not talk about the “Altar Of GOD” without condemning everyone. men can not speak of the Altar Of GOD without condemning themselves. that they never speak about The Bible without condemning themselves. to speak falsely before The Altar they are condemned.
    don’t you get the impression that someones’ is always getting fucked? they will lay eyes upon The Altar and be held agape.

    how many antichrists declared the altar of GOD to be untrue. scripture said there will be a great orgy for the love of GOD.

  16. GOD says:

    hey billy graham, I just saw another one of your commercials. then Jesus, and Satan asked when your going to crucify yourself to show you have faith in MY word.

  17. GOD says:

    How does GOD judge the earth? HE makes an example. Himself! proven by example that nobody will ever hide anything, in thought, word, or deed when they die. it is being done in a way that people can easily show their children live, knowing that there is always hidden dangers. It is so dam cool. It is just a zZapPT and sparks fly everywhere and it’s everything you ever did, even the arguments that you don’t remembers with no matter whosoevers they have been. there is no pain.
    to the knowing; what was reiterated thousands of times, was judgement without fear. you were promised that I will make an example MYSELF, that GOD is pure light as you also. that I AM THE LIGHT, and always will be. when I see something it responds, and AM everything in the universe including your little pee pees. I am very critical by nature. being the Light I AM.

    I Will bring back everyone who has listened the first time, for another chance to play the ultimate challenge forever. the antichrists preach and mock GOD because they will be killed, along with their members.
    there are cousins of the mine that are preaching that GOD has to accept Jesus as MY savior in their places of business. THEY GO TO HELL. I don’t care. the Bible says: will He be crucified again? with a line like that, you can bet sweet ass Jesus won’t disobey ME.

    to the faithful only. you will enjoy this read, lets go to: Romans
    2:1 the churches Judged GOD. 11 what the churches disobey ME.fore written, 16 you can keep no secrets.

    all judgments were written for everybody, no matter who they may think they are.
    Only GOD can ordain is written.
    you can not go to work with out seeing a cross, or other false icons, bumper stickers, movies, television, radio, charities, celebrities, athletes, schools, churches, church schools, etc. that speak against ME. they were written in other articles.

    somethings will be repeated again and again while explaining so that things can be explained to a child. the first thing the little shit wants to do is run naked and sit in the nude. I know people do not dress when they are alone. there is no big deal. be happy.

    shhh! this is a secret. ( billy graham I didn’t see your crucifiction in the news that you said in the sixties. I watched you say how blessed you were by The Holy Spirit, and that you would uphold on the cross. and how blessed the people were by GOD to be with the antichrist that day. because GOD couldn’t be with them… so checking the news today the first thing I found was a cop holding a gun. ) what about your heads of church being preserved forever. it is written. I have a cousins who do taxidermy and morticians. I know they all do great work. GOD did say to sacrifice the kid in The Bible. billy thats ewe and franklin’ speakin and a bullock. clerrrgeee Saatannn is waaaiting forrr youuu.

    So shhh! don’t tell the people the truth.

  18. GOD says:

    Deuteronomy 12: 17-18 tells that every offering must be made, be for ME only. 21 a distant 22 are in english. 23 no communion 28 at the same time explains communion with ME. 30 self explanatory to condemn that that is untrue. 31 describes the antichrists which I DO HATE ! and change nothing in 32.

    chapter 16 read to 16:21-22.
    chapter 27:1, 5-6 the Altar Of GOD, and the church. on to 14-15 the antichrists speaking against GOD. 27: 16 – 26 Judgement has been passed to the third and fourth generation they may curse ME.
    Judges 6: 36-40 GOD needed some people killed. got tested twice. I said fuck it and did both of them. 6:26 is like a bar-b-que, only the grove includes a new subdivision being built. so don’t build nothin’.

    starting with Ezra 7:18 due to decrees that will be a problem is written in 7:13. 18 is 19 to start. is taxes the irs will give ME Everything. and take what ever I need first. 21 to do it fast. 22 for The Altar 23-24 they will be ONLY MY employees. 25 the removal of everyone that spoke against ME. 26 let execution be judgement. 27 israel lost everything by denial: 28 And michigan known and israel left.

    Nehemiah TEN : 34 is loaded it contains v’s 3&4. so just to thirty four, The Law: 35 does say how the antichrists steal, not one thing was brought to ME. dough is money, offerings is all the others in 37-39 they are to place it at MY feet and lev it.
    Psalms, say alms 43:1 it does say to kill the fbi. and they were told what not to do. the rest of the cops just kill em. 2 I don’t mourn for the condemned neither do do those that are true. 3 seek out the true. 4 not to fear death 5 the antichrist cast ME down, they lost their soul. the officials are trying to make the world pay with the local authorities, that’s why the judges also will be killed, fore they knew.
    > Jesus showed the most painful way to die publicly to be saved.

    say Psalm. these are about The Altar Of GOD. 84: 1 and too were not known at that time it was written. it is very sex. chapter 118 really gets into it with corns and horns, in 25 someone is begging for more. 26 and 27 how to do it again. 28 a little foreplay and oooh what uhh day.
    Jeremiah 11:14 says that I WILL NOT LISTEN. just say the president knows. 11:20 some 11:21 more 11:22 killing 11:23 fun.visit. they will speak of their own condemnation. and in the final days “The Bible will be translated”. “not by Jesus will it be done”. and it will never stop.
    Ezekiel (eze-key-ill) 43:1-8 the destruction 9 their kings forgotten. 10 said 11-12 shame! 13 is two feet and this shall be the place of the altar 32″. a span is about the width of MY thigh. 14 My height sitting.
    18 read. 27 on the eighth day they start over.

    Joel 1:13 how the churchmen complain in theft that is why in 14 why they cry unto GOD. to 18 how the world was made desolate.19 and 20 down.
    chapter 2:1-10 they can run and can not hide. 11 the faithful know how to do it. render (rent) your heart and not your garment. to 14 they will not be forgiven. 15 even if they blow their trumpet for war. there is no middle ground through to 32.
    Revelation Just 11:1 revelation 11:16 has what your looking at. Numbers . the church is having a lot of meeting.
    Numbers 23:22 they speak of myths of The Alter of GOD and profess their word only to be true. not knowing their seed is going to fail, not knowing MY master plan… they use ‘their’ altars of god(s) to steal and mislead. all they want is money. you can witness it daily in everything that you do when your shopping.
    > no matter what happens there is still going to be a rapture.
    > for any one that takes MY picture. they will go to hell when they die.
    > go same for having any paintings, sketches, false icons of the Holy Family.
    > pressy prez’s Jihad is not with ISIS, the top of the line said they will make war with ME, and I will make war with them and all their children, was written before any of you were born.
    > Nostradamus is talking about in one of the translations of 910, the coats of arms, that carry religious icons. it was peacefully written, that the governors and people, will go to hell when they die, as that is just an other example. ( they are near a muslim neighborhood )
    > My Wife tells Me that I can expound on The Bible from any point, from any word, and in the same sentence without even trying, never to break scripture. ( I KNOW WHAT IS IN THE…) and do the same in common discussion, and sound foolish. I do not know I do that, or this: explain The Bible in front of anybody as a child from every point, and say nothing about The Bible. before “I” could read it.
    > I did even not know that I was GOD, and even God in Heaven worships ME. it is written by interpretation by MY hand ON-ly.

    > everything that will ever be said or done is written, and all will pay tribute to GOD only. not the shriners convention.

    > would GOD need to explain Himself? DUHHH! the reason for The Scriptures! is to give the assholes some toilet paper. you can’t even play christmas music on the radio without going to hell when you Die, nor can you hide the facts of either.

    > a full circle with GOD is written below. I can read it from a complete disaster, and write it to a total comedy without even trying. which angers MY Wife.
    > We do have to keep privacy in place because more praise is done on the throne (toilet) in the life of the true.

    only With GOD will things be in your favor at judgement …

  19. GOD says:

    life is like on any computer. they say accept or condemned for user will pay one way or the other. politicians do the same thing even though The Bible said I will destroy the world in Genesis. there lasers, micro-waves, diseases, and viruses that you won’t get out of, just by being born. antichrists say that an idol mind is the devils playground. as a child every clergy was lying in Genesis 1:1 because you can not get to 1:2. it was a contradiction. knowing everything is in The Bible from the beginning, the antichrists was here also. that made ME look right at the antichrist and think, what were they hiding that everyone had to go to men claiming they knew everything about all scripture including the antichrist, and that they were going to war with the antichrist, and I would bless the church with MY presence and I will still be denied in the eyes of Christ.

  20. GOD says:

    I write to the true believers. I can not write about something without speaking of condemnation. it is the only way to explain it. I finished posting a day ahead of schedule the destruction of the antichrists that speaks. but to go forward we can not look back at the condemned, they are truly gone, just as all those who work to make, harvest, sell, distribute products that use any icon to claim anything without permission. it is the same as listening to music, seeing a movie that uses My Name. lipitor is an example of one of the many products. angies list is an other, exodus an other, claiming to boycott GOD. they use it as a double edged sword. to both boycott, and to discredit ME. these businesses include the church that endorses the red cross. and to say to the condemned that they will save them if they buy their products. which has the f.d.a. in deep shit also the copywrites violated daily. every local authority refused to do as told, AND FOR YEARS. not to go into the u.s. and antichrist armies.
    when The Bible said 42 months there would be peace. any one with common sense would know not to go into the military unless He was going to speak against GOD and knew it before they reenlisted. the congress did the people in, and told the other nations to worship the pope and their own local clergy, even those of the muslim faith to deny ME, and worship the pope and antichrist in time, driving only the true to GOD. the other nations know what will happen. the numbers speak loudly and clearer.

  21. GOD says:

    a great spell would be cast on the earth. see how many of them you can find. it is all write there in Genesis 2:17, 1:5, 3:22-23, 3:24,
    Genesis 1:1 in every verse there will be a spelling, a number, a misspelling and they have many forms. in this you will find evolution proven, even a destruction, in sequences many things, go to each word and it will be write there you don’t need a clergy, adam didn’t get men-shunned till genesis chapter speaks of two heavens… and a lot, Lot more, knowing that they found cave-man with drawings with ufo’s in france that are older than the god-damned jews. see if the sons-of-bitches deny it to be true again, and turley too. ( an example: to read any jonathan turley is a huge sin due to denial… )
    in the old days of olden and odin …

  22. GOD says:

    do that Jesus was Born in Grand Rapids, michigan, not in fucking jerusalem. The Virgin Mary Born in Battle Creek. making of any nativity is an abuse. The Almighty was Born in Traverse City, Mi. and t.c. called a wow fest, knowing all abused Our Names knowingly, and knowingly only to steal. they can not use our Names to celebrate anything. if anybody goes into a place where these things are, with children, explain to the children why it is a sin to even see any displays any where about US. WE have been denied by christians, and all officials. they use Our Names ONLY when they can steal. they rip us off! and laugh. so tear down everything everywhere that they put up. nobody can even sing a song in private with OUR Name in it. judgement day is coming prezzy.

  23. GOD says:

    __________page 1/2 (this was MY wife’s idea…)________

    next know’ts:
    the antichrists souled books by the bill you ons :that dee-struct- tion will be so great that ewe would be bet or on reading a pornographic book. I thought at least something will be clean, because I read The Bible differ-rent-ley. as it is writ-ten? without question. their will be no middle ground. a quarter or a half a forty. fifth pair ill el. the church can not speak. say ain’t jesus a wo man to be condemned by man kind he had as’exchange cross on hits ide the jew.all re Joice (the oldest sister) was screwed by a Jan-it-or. a priests. his pres ah dent is pre stori uous what ISIS

    _____to use numbers page 1-1/2 just for fun___________________________

    to tall.ah ban are those who we’re saved. but it to be served by the cross and it can not be seen because it is at home, the person in waiting (by waiting staff or vice versa) are truly condemned. they can never hide the cross from GOD the day each one does dies. they’re condemned. they didn’t care. why should I. statement said : would I have anything to learn about mankind. and how! would GOD be impressed???? I did show them 6-1/2. with some people I have been asked: what they can do to correct their situation. some answers included, “the only thing you can do is kill the lawmakers”! they said: they can’t do that! I said: you won’t be alone when the time comes. Jesus is already here according to the signs just wait and see. Why! they cried, won’t we see jesus? (because the little shit is hiding from ME.) and a lot of people are calling ME the devil. but Jesus already said that amid other things in The Bible…
    Would the cross leave a permanent mark? if it’s a tattoo it is always there
    _______I said I hope page 2-1/2 it doesn’t go past 1 _________________

    The good news is that you can walk in to any business shoot staff members as scripture says the more the merrier. and in every scripture written you will not go to hell. and the only out of jury duty is DON”T register to vote. which makes them 3 out of 3 and for a big kicker, they get rid of their ad-viste-aries that knock on your door asking if you want to be saved, or to donate. (and they are right there in the department store.)

    Jesus did accept the cross. He let people hit Him, throw stones, beat Him, spit on Him and more to show the rapture, and saved His soul, and now He is protected. He does not die, and never gave a shit about anybody. so if you have a picture of MY Son anywhere ask it if He cares about you, and see if it answers. they say his image is super natural and will answer you if you should see Him. stay there all day if you wish. don’t stare he’s a natural that said I am Super natural. ( or he wouldn’t be going. ( MY Wife said to write that )) …

    when you want to talk to GOD as the trinity you are to see ME. and if you don’t want to see Satan in hell, but here on the earth for a limit time only. as written He gets his own university with a custom torture chamber. ( and lots of appendages. ) He can see you when He’s with ME, and sees what I see. He can talk to the churches, they know Satan
    _____ for writing because page 3-1/2 I’m a little over 5-1/2 _____________
    is stronger than Jesus or Jesus Mother. the churches say they speak with MY Son, some say up to twenty hours a day. according to scripture He didn’t shut up matthew mark luke John romans hebrews propalastics, and the mormon tabernacle choir. 115 years later Jesus was conceived ( along with the best man) it was sunny and bright outside, and bright in the tent, (and cloudy inside.) and it was not a clear day. I said you say She says that I glow, here and I don’t see it, and you say you are Satan and say She can see it too, as long as I am looking at it … , yes! Satan can see …

    Who in the hell are all they.
    they say some day I will hear over seven billion people. I said satan or what ever you are, you have to be crazy. that would mean that i am God. He said, your going to to learn to spell that properly. it’s a capital I and a capital Gee Ohh Dee in capital letters, and even that is not spelled properly, even that has to be worked on, but first you have to fuck her and get this done. (this has something to do with that phrase that Satan was sent to the earth forever …). and One GOD told they were crazy and hearing voices or something … now a lot of funny things were happening that morning butt.they told ME I was talking to four not two. I said ok who are you? and he said Satan. then who are the other two? then He said God in Heaven, and jesus. I said, you said I was GOD! who’s lying? ( yeah, i know that sounds really really stupid! this shit went on for hours. ) Satan asked, if I asked to die? I said, how did you know that?
    was interesting place to stop but, the antichrist said: there will always be a use for the cross.
    ______She said don’t Page 4-1/2 worry about it, She ________________________

    MY reply was: you have No idea what that means.
    in order for Me to be worshiped they have to crucify MY Son like all the athletes, celebrity, officials, and every other blasphemer that preach against GOD. there is no way Jesus can save you anyway. I sit with family and cousins and they allow people to wear the antichrist signs. I have been asked if I ever said something to them to sound like an insult. I have said, to see their nephew, and cousin hanging on the cross statements. MY sister one time got angry with ME and said, better MY Son than hers, she’s tired of hearing about Jesus. the catholic church is the only way she will go…
    Ask her where her son is now.

    our mother (THE TRUE MOTHER OF GOD.) said that the day I die, God is going to judge Me. and what am I going to tell Him. the answer was always nothing He already knows. MY mother could get so pissed off. she knew. and cursed to ME, that I CAN TELL HER ALL ABOUT THE BIBLE AND NOT DO MY GOD DAMNED HOME WORK, AND NEVER SAW ME READ ANYTHING. don’t worry I didn’t tell MY mother any compromising scriptures. I did lead a life of deceit. the altar would appear to glow. but the day I showed up with Jesus Mother, my mother seemed to know, and was looking at her crotch. And I’m wondering, is She dripping? My mother had a very strange look on her face and told MY sisters to go in the house.

    some say that when I die God will regret the day he saved the world. I said, HE hasn’t met ME yet. and they would say why aren’t I worried about it? I said, why should I. I accepted Jesus words but I be damned if I’ll do ANY OTHER bullshit even if her father’s a goddamned preacher. the antichrists say, “GOD is confused”! there are more stars in the galaxy than there are people on the earth they say.

    How could GOD be confused by man? there are more galaxies than that.

    I have gone into several chains and told them to stop selling false icons. they do not care what the out come may be. and every official declared they don’t care either. they still go to church to
    __________can see the show page 5-1/2 two,___________
    marry, eat, to bury, and do mockery. that no forgiveness can be given. and how does one come up to GOD and say, God bless you with a clear conscience when they die. I actually wonder what kind of rock from under they came from all the clergy do know, and obama supports those people that spit in MY face. I worn out Jesus. and the computer has a guilt complex from reiteration, and feels condemned to. the fools just do not learn. it has shown purely.

    these are not complaining, they are fill ins. ISIS knows who have to be killed same as the untrue, who think they have to worship something else…
    MY Wife tells ME to write things, because I don’t like to write any thing at all. If You Aul LOOK at History I always had some one else to do it! especially the ones written in rocks. and I AM not to sign MY own Name. so She gives something to write about. She says just write about something. so how about MY Messengers from ME, have more authority than anyone else where ever they go, and, be fluent in english and their own tongue. all these are written this is in scripture, they will travel to every nation and will not be interfered with. they DO carry MY word.

    over 6,000 years ago, in the previous writing it was written that islam ( it’s the angel with the nasty sword that said, you mother fucking christians and jews stay out. ) was put in the garden of eden. and adam and eve were thrown out, and got a job.

    __________we’re going page 6-1/2 to be over _________________

    All Genesis explained without question is the 7 day week, and a lot of assholes start ringing bells so people can’t rest. this is another form of terrorism.

    Amos 2:1-4 GOD said: the punishment will not stop because they turned their bones to stone and builded: their palaces will be destroyed and moab will die: width there of. slay the princes, the princes have sinned, condemned to the fourth generation. because they despised the Law. their lies caused them to err. ( Generations ) after which their fathers and children will be condemned by their (sometimes own) doings:

    WHY JOB 24:1 : they go out as wild asses and consume. they are in everything. 24:6 there will be a great cleansing from within their own. 7 the antichrist will cause the world to fail. so remove all things that are false. things like religious slogans will hurt, racial things also. there are many races upon the earth that are being left out. from around the world they suffer regard less of race. remove the problem, remove anything that shows any religion, religious icon, athlete, celebrity, and the officials will just shit! (celebrities only do it for their namesake.) they are using these vary things against the protests. 8-9 the antichrists are drewl-ing from the pulpit to join them so the poor are without and naked just like they preach to do to ME. 11 forcing
    ____________by 1 on paper page 7-1/2 on a good day.

    people to false worship. the first (Jesus) will become last (God) claiming that they do not know Jesus. 12 men groan from their soul; do not let (me,to us) be a fool (GOD) became first (Jesus) 13 they rebel against the light where first to be born (GOD) and the last to born (Jesus ) will not be worshiped 14 officials do rise against ME as a thief. 15 ignoring the change they fear for their life and hide 16 they do have antichrist pear-ah-fin-nail-yuh is waxing. they refused GOD seventeen self explanatory. to them they do know that the antichrists are teaching many books, written to kiss their asses. 18 how condemned they are. 19 their denial by cutting people off 20 they feel torment that their stories were recorded. 21 by bad deeds they cut themselves off 22 with no option except to fight for their lives. 23 because they put their faith in their ways in the ways of the antichrists, knowing 24 is on the way 25 I have written for myriads.
    ___________________ MY Wife says 7-1/2 is enough. I have a Job… when I was young the brain function was a question. doctors said they did not know why it worked. the only answer is GOD was in every brain…
    (… all the gold and silver will be counted …)
    … & individuals decide to speak against GOD*.
    * the bottom line is: When Jesus came again there will be paranoia, they would all be rich, in Jesus Name, and claim to be saved in Jesus Name. and destroy every one that spoke against them in Jesus Name.
    look at the first commandment. it is, “in the beginning, ‘Let …”. the tree had to be created for paper.

  24. GOD says:

    Isaiah 25:6.
    Jude (Judah) 1:4. 1:4 I 1:6 Sydney 1:7,8,9,&10… 1:13 did the muslim know when I watched tv. 1:14 GOD cometh 15. to execute JUDGEMENT. 16 on are the complaints of the antichrists.

    The Bible and The Koran both explain The treatment of slaves. and the antichrists Think THEY are the slaves of god, and they always do.
    after the judgement of israel a great Revelation did come from the clouds by Satan to John 1:1-3.

    when Jesus went to temple and talked to them and telling them. the jews listened and questioned.
    when GOD went to church they listened to the clergy who refused MY presence.
    israel was judged by scripture by their own Acts 21:21.
    cutting off ones penis as a religion for thousands of years one must question their intellect. I won’t even start to begin the number of denials from the jews, to Jesus. those mother fuckers won’t listen to anybody.

  25. GOD says:

    If you read these very lines as the cia did, they saw them and said to themselves there is going to be a big mess when HE gets here. the books were already published globally and there is no way to stop it, and IT is written, the books are already out there and the antichrist is going to speak against GOD from right here in the united states.

    so today I want you all to read the book of redoned-it see deu to romney. and laugh your asses off. (9-22 has a derivative of attaawa.)

    observe 28:1 don’t forget the washington monument. 2-6 the bless ssaid to speak against GOD. coming one way 7 and flee in seven ways. and when you get to twelve you are seeing north and south hemispheres. 14 you are told what to do yesterday. 15 down, the antichrist is trying to destroy you and life will be 27 such a sore ass can not even look in the mirror 34. obama who is trying to make(these two words were written vaery chosenly)you go to other gods, even to him 36. keep going to 40 it is the united states. when you get to 64 somebody’s running. 68 brings you to …

    1st Samuel 5 what a pain in the ass The Ark Of The Covenant was and 6 how to get rid of the GOD DAMNED thing. 7:7 the teens of israel 8 Why do they call upon some one else to do their bidding. in 11 they chased them down beating the officials until they run them over with a Bethcar, and a bethlayhim making sure you don’t run out of gath along the way because it is going to be one bloody mother fucker. 8:1 samuel hits choke city. the first span-yurred was known as-hole, and his brother a-bee-ya one twoword and shit fell apart for awhile.

    with redoned-and see to the doit’s and how to deuteronomy because this baby is really loaded: … it tells of how to kill anything except a jack rabbit butt the hare is in there.

    … there is an east jordan and a west jordan. one is in the middle east and the other is in michigan. so watch your hands they both have different laws, and they are already written to details of what to do when in the final days do to the fact that No official can be trusted.
    … to use other religions to study The Bible to understand all religions, And Not to worship their god. Not to see a fortune teller or the like. they can’t even be a friend.
    … where not to travel.
    … make sure that the antichrists children are killed. the consequences are deep if they should survive. the united states is falling behind in this one. they’re doing it right in the middle east. the only ones complaining are the ones being killed because they won’t follow GOD. The same GOD that said to kill them in so many different ways in details.

    deuteromony is nice and nasty just as people dream of. blood running everywhere to save their souls they want more blood. they want to see their captives beheaded. they want those that hurt their family dead. and I endorsed it in every religions scripture. the antichristin’ doesn’t tell the world that GOD is real is because they have been proven themselves to be the antichrist. the like of the australian prime minister didn’t say that GOD got one soul for purgatory from australia when the antichrists killed him, and have a celebration. the messy message was sent all over the world live, and some really good footage of how they operate. the scene was perfect, and awesome information for the shrinks to come out of the closet and bleed the horror they love to condemn others for. when all I saw was a really good training video on how to get a good camera crew in there to get the message to where ever it had to be, and how the things like the fbi’s just shit when they see perfect…
    … the prime minister of australia verified to the world to be an antichrist.
    the ones who just had the meeting, and black listed Putin, got tested!

  26. GOD says:

    it is written that there will be a great explosion of knowledge, and all nations will do the same, as the c.i.a.
    they are needed in every nation.

    EX oh DUHs 4 4:14 I got angry with moses. 16 GOD left moses to err-on(aaron) 21 pharoah was forced to become an asshole. 22-23 the first born must be killed. 5:1-2 pharoahs son got his dick cut off. and pharoah denied he could hear GOD of israel and records say he could. 3-7 the people of israel had already planned to speak against moses according to scriptures, and 8. no way to change it. and to go nowhere in 9. they complained they had nothing but rocks to sleep on 10-21. 22 the double whammy… moses knew he was done for 6: 1-5 through the complaints . was said : ‘I remember’ MY covenant which they have broken. I will make them seed for the future and nothing else. for some reason men knew who had their penis’s removed improperly, and says it again in verse 30. in 7:1 GOD said: see I made you appear to be a god to pharoah who is also uncircumcised and I will piss him off again. when you get to 12 there is a problem with all the sir-pants(sizes). it had to be the biggest cocksucker on the block. 13-25 now who would drink the water anyway wit hall the people living up stream. in chapter 8 nego-she-ated they came up with a new medication to see more clearly. that foot in mouth disease in 9. that didn’t work either. it takes a long time to be known. there are a lot of dead cattle out there by the time you get to 10:7 (so people understand what every official is doing today.) pharoah then evicts the people and already had it planned to kill them. then GOD imported a bunch of locusts from saudia arabia. 11:5 says any thing that backs them will be killed. (first born given; means they will have nothing to work with.) they still have cattle. but this is how business is done. 12 get ready the pass over is written. what angel would not know a jew? they marked their how-says do to the fact that they lived with the population and in nice homes and they would not mistakenly kill each other in the melee. they ate well before they went out for the one nighter. there were no records kept by the people that sinned. they left the writing to moses and 12:33 “how did GOD not know which house belonged to a jew? it says when the man seeth the blood. it was dark. no angel would not need a mark on the door. the people said they would listen when they left egypt, and GOD already wrote they would not listen to Him prior. they had over 600,000 people, and were brought out by trained armies. now to 13:2 GOD said: EVERYTHING IS MINE! 13:12-13 and how they screwed ME out of that too. people only accept what makes them feel good. they were THEN led into the desert. that verified that men killed for the pass over.
    this also: if pharoah had thought it was the jews, he would have killed them in their beds first. and GOD led them through the desert day and night with the super natural, and none gave ME anything.

    plagues work real good, some become a nice bloody mess.

  27. GOD says:

    slavery has always been. it will be very strict laws, on how to care for them. mistreatment of a slave will be death to the owner. slavery may include an apprenticeship too … after six years… freedom or the awl.

    levite has many definitions, and translations, aaron a levite died on mount Hor. A new language will be, and no body knows the language, only GOD knows it. He says only what is to be kneaded. and does not explain anything.

    yesterday obama said that he was going to make a world without GOD. there is no question he said it on tv. it was recorded. thinking nobody knows what is going on in his head. the u.s. knowing that there are over a billion muslims out there obama and the antichrist are trying to convert them to obama, who has the military. I told your kids not to join the antichrists, even though I wanted to see some serious antichristin’. I don’t care if you go to hell when you die. if your church tells you that they will save your soul if you die with them, then you must die with them on the cross. their god will save them, only if they were crucified the same way, did god will them what to do? did Satan or Jesus appear to the earth and not stay, who did show from the clouds and left many times. and said when he comes again he will stay forever. which the little son of merry said, he said GOD said differently in the Commandments.
    do not declare MY Son unworthy( they will deny the _______ to be true before their very cross upon the earth.) of the _________. ( a good place for the blank stare.)
    ( yeah they did all kinds of cries. stay with the pro graham.)
    Jesus Cried: DON”T go that way! come back to be crucified! MY Father does not care. MY Father does not care how you die, only that you do, Jesus said do as I do unto the father for you have sinned. if you are not with me, you will never be with me!
    only fools will worship Jesus h holy fucking christ. who became more famous than GOD.
    so did GOD curse jesus or the earth. the earth on which that jesus was put on to prepare the world to be, and they fell down to worship him.

    Now here ‘s the thing obama says that no antichrist will accept the cross, same as the muslims only they do not tell the mulims the true story, because nobody in their right mind will go to the cross. they will be destroyed by their own corruption. GOD is not of their own (religion). even GOD cursed Jesus before the world before the jews. ( there is no mistake in what i wrote.)( the mormons did say they were going to bring back slavery also. they like the romeny’s are waiting. they said they are going to change every word i write till the day I die.) and they each claim they will take over the world. ( You forgot you sons of dogs that GOD did his home work and left it on the face of the earth so Satan would mislead you.)
    Obama you know that I stuck MY finger in your eye yesterday while you were on live tv. all I did was poke the screen in your eye. that is proof that voodoo is true. what else is it that was not said. did you tell your daughters that it was done. the muslims would like to know the truth also.

    now I know that obama says that nobody will listen to GOD but that’s o.k. those who sound like a lunatic it must be proven to be true. and those who claim to be god, must prove ME not to be GOD. it says that I will calculate MY losses Daily against Satan. and I AM getting a shit load of camels through the needle. camel hair is to make sack cloth. and MY hair was sent in.

    speaking of one hump or two: does it bother any body that george and abe are greatly disappointed in who is getting screwed in the white house at night? the people know the idea.
    the answer is: george, abe and the people and GODS-ah watchin’ every one, uh! yeah! the church said they would make Jesus a slave to the world. on MY planet.

  28. GOD says:

    there is no sorry, a note. some one tried to bury money in his tent, who was told why do you think you can hide something. “I know” what you are doing, you can knot hide anything …
    obama said lebron james did the right thing. every body has been told if they speak against ME they can not even spit out their toothpaste. obama actually told them to sin.
    it will get so bad that the earth will not dare to breathe.
    when they built things that must be torn down. the ones that bought, and the ones who sold it are all condemned, even the ones who work for them. they are even from MY own family. to be ware of the holy family that are untrue.
    obama does not know why other nations are coming to GOD.
    obama their will be a new form of terror is how it is written, you who told no to Putin imposed sanctions on his people.

  29. GOD says:

    josh of the vi grill suttons bay, I have two Names they are both GOD. you tell people differently. when I went to you to talk about it, you said, let’s take it outside…
    josh, I won’t take any of your shit! I told you MY name is GOD before anything else.
    you have people working for you bearing the cross, mocking ME. I own the ground you and everybody else walks on is written in The Bible. and they pay ME nothing, and josh came to ME one day and complains about the price of a potato, and tells ME don’t… !
    josh I lose trillions of dollars DAILY because of people like you. I AM the law!, is WRITTEN according to The Bible. you and your family can’t even be in the state of michigan. josh get your your God damned family off MY PLANET.
    you told ME to take it outside, and I did. I have heard stories about you before, right there in your?bar. I asked the people, why didn’t the customers call the law? they said, what comes around goes around…

    to tell anybody different is setting them up…

  30. GOD says:

    I have to write a blessing for the chrurch for christmas, that will cast a spell and remove all doubt about Jesus birth.

    from GOD;
    dec. 20,20-14
    to the churches and all its worshipers and all who hold My words to be true. a decision would be made on a day they will see clearly at a young age as mary did.
    “FUCK YOU!”

  31. GOD says:

    the world will be filled with sarcasm.
    nothing can be explained*. it is written: they will learn the ways of God swearing an oath to GOD only and not pass it along being that things will change so rapidly. ( grand rapids) that no one can keep up with ME. [* it means exactly that.] and clergy tell people that can explain the ways of GOD. then what is missing in the church as they all claim is GOD. if GOD came as Jesus did He could only be in one building at a time. they already walked over the cliff. it is written they will no longer celebrate christmas after the second coming.

    and’ears another,
    #1 there is so much written in each phrase that it means so many things at one time that only makes sense to GOD and it is written in pure love.

    #2 if GOD were to explain it it would take forever.

    #3 it speaks of disaster at every turn. who would dare to draw map that were not true. there is nothing they can do.

    #4 and there is no proper way to punctuate something else’s spelling

    #5 their is in all ways another thing.

    I had some friends who were pro athletes that said people were assaulting pro athletes. I said it will be worse in the future, Jesus is already here. they thought I was joking. they also knew when I started talking it I would come to an end. that I would cover the universe. and a good thing I didn’t preach The Bible, every thing ends disaster. They said, j.j. if every thing ends in disaster what do we do when we can’t even get started.
    I said, start at the other end like you always do, it will come out right when explained the goal.

    as the city buries the two more condemned that I predicted the official went to the church to speak against ME knowing that they are condemned by GOD is plain to see. they have no where to go, Just like MY good old Boy said. they were not to build anything. they even built against islam to convert them. they even said they would destroy a mosque to do anything they wanted. when they were killed in the towers they put up a new tower of babble. the may ors went to church. endorsed the church officials to strengthen things to mislead the people. at the same time people know as the police officers son is looking at the fact that his father is already in hell and the officials are lying to the people to save their lives and pensions just as the antichrist officials who letting the ASPCA use Silent Night to raise money to treat animals better than GOD. in some countries they would be eaten. the celebrities did say that I can’t take care of the poor because they endorse the antichristin’ through every means possible. they give to false charities like red cross, salvation army, red crescent …, to bribe the people as the church says: look what a pitiful wretch GOD IS. show no mercy, and the church will bless you. what can he do to us! they say, Jesus said they will all be saved if they turn their back on GOD and follow Jesus, is a churches quotes. follow Jesus and not GOD and we can continue against the one who cursed the world we can steal all that he has made and claim it for ourselves. Jesus would never judge GOD wrongly ( NOR CAN JESUS JUDGE. ) if we tell the people to disobey GOD, they will believe GOD is stupid and we will tell the people GOD is a fool and they will believe the antichrist to be GOD while they celebrate jesus birth, they said they would never celebrate GOD also. ( I did say through Prophecy that you better hope it is not winter.) (and at the same time jobs seem plentiful?)
    the woman who decorated the tree for the white house is condemned, these types are a dime a dozen and thus tell you not to hire them because they are the antichrist. ( the news does have it’s advantages.) it slapped kids all over the world in the face. I promised them if they accept the antichrist that I will send them all to hell before they took their first breath. while Jesus said they are better of dead than to drink from the cup of satan. which is very funny because Jesus said that only I am the only judge on the earth. they say that I promised that I ‘will’ send everybody to hell no matter how much they suffer on the face of the earth. I look at these poor starving faces of cats and dogs and people and say ‘big deal’, you accepted the way of the antichrist who said they have more than GOD, and they tell people to give to them. I don’t see their sigh-call- a gee. I was listening to the story of the two assassinated pigs and the brilliant thing the assassin did. that only an idiot would say that assassin was unstable. the plot was so funny because the assassin did not know that he killed the two names of two written in nostradamus. [quatrains 164, 369, 844, then to 367] and the church refused to admit that the assassins soul is saved to purgatory… But if you give to the church they will tell you anything to make you feel better and that GOD will never do that. which is a true statement, because GOD has no mercy, and I’M busy condemning people for not listening. I am so busy condemning pretty little starving children that I don’t even have time to get laid christmas. but those two police officers went to hell before he shot them, and every police officer witnessed that they have three seconds to get to hell also.

    when benedict the sixteenth was busy trying to figure out who was talking to him and contemplating where the cross would go while he was bent over the cross in front of so many people, I took the liberty to tell him how many different ways that he would go to hell and how many people were behind him. then sometimes he looked at ME with those beady satanic eyes of his, and wondered what was in the camera. while I complimented him on how beautiful satans eyes were for a few hours. and he resigned saying he could not hear the holy spirit. which I thought was pretty obvious, because I told him how the muslims were watching too, and if he resigned I would just do the next one too, who apparently can’t wait to do his christmas shit. if you have any thing on your tree {you know the tree.} that you are not supposed to have you can go to hell for it. if you say you did not know that, it is because the retailers did not want to lose money that forced them self to say that they owe everything to ME, and the hell with you.

    so a Q-trip down Genesis lane. to chapter 3:5,7 is the location with a catch 44.994596 -85.686663
    and a family member who is an antichrist officer against the ‘alter’. 15 the damage done, and the catch ‘s everywhere. Judgement… Genesis 2’4 I didn’t mean to draw you a Goddamned map but, wait til you get to leeland, that ‘and is not in israel or belong to a jew…
    … MI Hand will smite them forever.

  32. GOD says:

    they will speak against GOD in huge numbers everywhere.
    (the preachers did say at one time) do not go in there they do not believe in GOD.
    run them all out of town or GOD will send you to hell when you die.
    just look at the satans eyes when they fall over (video provided through antichristin’) knowing there is no safe place to go. piled them high like worm wood and burned, and bragged about it.
    satan has cast his robe.
    let any person speak against GOD and no one can enter in ever again less it’s to kill it’s master.
    they must be removed there is no where to go, not even to another town. not even for josh and cody of 201 st. joseph street of suttons bay, that threaten GOD. they can not deny it to true.
    I said to cody the manager, do you mean that your throwing GOD out. he said yes, and was going to call the cops.
    I said, than nobody can go in there, they all go to hell when they die, and their children will be with them, like they used to preach, NO ONE IS SAFE IN THERE. was told to cody. he had better tell the people.
    the officials were warned they spoke against GOD.
    in many cities.
    ( the prezzy thinks he has the upper hand.)

    • Suck My Cock says:

      you are a moronic idiot and you’re not God you psycho nutbag

      • GOD says:

        yeah! I know, but don’t tell my mother I’m crazy. she’s listening. is there any body there you want to talk to? and where did you get your name from? italy, or france? you don’t sound spanish, but you do sound like a marine.

        • whatever says:

          Man anyone who reads your shit can figure out you’re batshit cray cray.You’re a fukin retard. Get off your soap box cuz you ain’t no God man

          • GOD says:

            yeah I know it kinda nice My Wife let ya on, ta say what ever, on the super natural station.
            and if ya ever get Her phone number call Me I’ve been looking for Her for decades.

            • whatever says:

              Hey Cray Cray, so riddle me this Batman, why are you so angry? God is a jealous God but he doesn’t condemn everyone like you seem to want to do. That and kill everyone. U R A idiot. God is a loving God and you area a nasty, spiteful tiny human.

            • GOD says:

              whatever I will be very angry is written.
              I sent the message today that I go to the church of asia. I sent the email today to the embassy and gave them My phone like I promised eight years ago while streaming.
              it says I Will send everyone to hell till My law is put in place. so if you read the Bible I am very nasty. I condemned everyone forever killing Jesus. the cross was not put in its proper place. if i wrote in revelation that I will kill everyone on the earth in the final days you are the idiot. the killing must have magical healing powers if only a handful will survive.

          • GOD says:

            yup! cray cray. the finger to the page appears to be pointing to the sky. the king put in dutch by the iron cage of germany. a great deceptions unfolding. get the picture from the one who did not attend the painting artist.

          • GOD says:

            then there are the metts the mormons, who according to their antichrist figures of 15,000,000 members, and they have 88,000 missionaries. tha’s just fuckin missionaries! I DON’T NEED ANY FUCKIN MISSIONARIES!
            you claim you take in $7,000,000,000 in tithes.

            Nostradamus said they going to destroy your temple in aba. and “have a great day” to the rebels. ( this is the Quran also.) they have 144 temples. they are not mine. I never accepted them. they would not let ME into their temple. they said to ME (GOD), that I the Chosen ONE was not even good enough to be a beginner prophet and was not worthy to enter any temple.

            So I thought when I get older I will Just Build The RITE ONE, for every one, when Jesus gets here, and see if he likes it. cuz all the other ones are tryin to crucify MY Son Jesus.

          • GOD says:

            (I know this because I red it.) I have to send a message to the indians from blazing saddles, pradesh and a lad. (just so you know. nobody is MY messenger. obama has declared himself to be his own self claimed pope.)

          • GOD says:

            to nasa: bilges must be placed below the pier.

          • GOD says:

            The Bible says to pray for The Prophet. the only thing the church has done was pray against ME.

      • GOD says:

        largo flooriduh, you do not use MY name for anything.
        you like franklin said you will never listen to ME.
        and franklin said to kill the muslims.
        and now ya got your largeos caught for wiping your feet on MY name.
        where the manufacturer was not to make it.
        so who’s the stupe to make another, and you to use it.
        the clergy has just hung your asses, ignorant, in hi-pocket-trees, and non observe.

      • GOD says:

        in the video that was sent to the japanese from their names from Nostradamus they told ME to go have a drink a gin, cupajo, and a chaw.

    • GOD says:

      do you think its a goood idea for the criminals to impose sanctions on GODS allies? some might go to hell! u.s. general knows just how screwed they really are.

      • GOD says:

        write in dere Daniel 4:7 then came the magicians, penn and teller, the astrologers, goose griffin nkneel armstrong, the occult of nostradamus the professor, that told a dream before them; but they did knot make it known unto themselves the interpretation thereof.

    • GOD says:

      the cold is about to expire. they should have been braver. the sacred stone for the church is being chopped to worthless bits to become worthless.

    • GOD says:

      (the prezzy thinks he has the upper hand) because he does not pay to GOD tithes and says he prays for answers. the true antichrist will follow him international.

      now there was a problem when the muslims were criticized by the christians for tithing their religion, their clergy said they were giving it to ME also. the federal government investigated them for conspiracy against the united states. the muslims have to pay ME also, to save their souls.
      obama goes on t.v. and laughs in all your faces, while he does not tithe GOD knowing the other prezzies in other nations do the same with their churches wishes. which keeps ME Pissed, when you complain because your god damned kids starvin. which makes the whole world happy. so they are all condemned by choice and they have the freedom of speech that the antichrists want. this is called media terror. the prezzy gives the illusion that he is more powerful than the wind of err asia.

      Now rich nay deux do you remember reading in-dough-knees-yah five years ago. and yeah men, france too. who said rich to GOD, go fuck yourself. this 1-21-2015 and years past the what you called, God got a hole in one

      while rich you got your war, and I congratulate for winning for tying minot. n.d. flooded. the only true army will be the ones who fight for ME only. and if he says no it will be right here in the united states, and the prezzy will see that and send it to europe to avoid it like the u.s. always does.

    • GOD says:

      I was just reading from KNOstradamus 707, and Math-you 11:7, 710, and Mat 11:10. then it got kinda interesting in Matthew 11:11, and 711. Mat.11:12, Knows 712. but the prezzies and his kings and bohners kings are doing is verse by verse Nostradamus, the sevenenth scensuree along side of The Revelation 1st chapter 2.2 times with Matthew 10:10. the world is getting a hand job from the cadet of many colors.

    • GOD says:

      A people seem to be blaming GOD for the worlds problems! don’t you assholes!

    • GOD says:

      you goddamned mother-fucking preachers know you started this war. there will be know way to stop the rapture.

    • GOD says:

      1-11 2015.
      107, 114, (antichrists add 111) that reminds ** of 2002 in translating!* 415, 275, 313
      885 leoni remove the then assistance
      [ light, 415 upon the enterprise the will be upon the deck to the solar eclipse in Salvbard . they will come to rely upon the sun.

    • GOD says:

      The antichrist censored My facebook page which can be linked to from this page. For censoring My words sharia law will be put in place. It is in the bible, My laws will be made harsh in Daniel 6:8. The Quran says My laws will be made harsh also. The Quran also says I will go to the king, not to any clergy. Isaiah 24:5 I will go to the king because the clergy changed My law even in islam. every scripture that is on the earth that is true says to destroy the beast.

  33. GOD says:

    legal view:
    a king says he is the law, his guard say they are the law…, prophets say they are the law, moses said his laws were from god. the pharisees’ said they are law and still do. these are just a few. of the different religions, all claiming their laws to be true and none other. The Bible said in matthew that Jesus said GODS laws were true by word only. every other official says they are the law.

    in Vietnam they said they sent them to hell when they killed them.
    How did they go to hell if their religious belief says no if they give their life for their brother.

    they say they came over the barbed wire they didn’t carry a weapon, they just laid on the wire and let the rest could climb over their body, and some made chains of people.
    I said they had more faith than you do. they would say, yeah, thats’ true…

    Jesus said the same thing. in every religion their god will send them to heaven.

    some of these same people were in riot control in the 60’s and 70’s
    I asked what was the worry. they said they didn’t need weapons, they just run you over and take yours weapons and mask and got everything to turn. so they were issued only so much ammo.

    so nowadays they they do not let them near the line and use gas to intimidate the crowd so they don’t get overrun. when they brought out the gas they knew they were in trouble NOW. They knew they might be killing their neighbor. they did not know who was out there. at which point I am so glad the prezzy has commercials that say NOT TO LISTEN TO GOD.

    NOW JUST HOW can the pope declare children as high JESUS when they preach it would be impossible to be like GOD?! IS IT NOT NOTICED that its’ their government that is screwed up. all they have to do is look at the u.n.

    in the prezzies’ speech he said he asked over 60 thousand to join him.
    hell, tens years ago I sent three times that number many to hell in one day, and in that list to the fbi and cia they marked off the list of earthquakes the first one and one at a time knowing they will be judged. and that is not all they know. today MY Wife verified that after years of listening to my brother too that something is hereditary he does not know he does it. WE were waiting to see if it were true. it is faster than radio. today you got a good check mark. She says it is CHERRY…

  34. GOD says:

    Matthew: is quite interesting, but first a little quickie: Satan hath desired to have you so that He may sift you as wheat.

    to read Matthew, Mark, Luke, John… they vary in their description to do?!

    so lets’ do a little Math-you B-52,53,54. there was a judgement and graves emptied. in chapter 27. the guard changed and said uh-oh. the souls we just saw rise went to hell faster that an e-mail and obama was talking to a jew net-in-yahoo and a plane went down. and, posted before: there were only a few hundred in purgatory. The Bible said They must eat the raw meat of a pig and drink the blood and to waste nothing from the altar for communion, even the jew.
    I know they did NOT TELL THIS to the muslim. if they knew they would not talk to a christian.

    I see churches raising funds for starving people and telling Russia to starve. where is the faith obama! who in the hell do you think you are saying god bless america! it says in The Bible that I will condemn every troop-er. and some”one” said it is their patriotic duty of every citizen to see a movie to kill a foreign king, which is also endorsed by the church that did say to kill ME. hoping that some one will do ME, is how the that movie is perceived. what is the JUDGEMENT for those that even think it, no matter what they do. it is written they will wish they never had ANY children they know they will be condemned to hell and the world will end wishing the mountains would fall on them. all is written. they will join the military to destroy GOD. it did not specify how this would happen meaning they do not know what the hell they’re doing..


    jordan! don’t EVEN ask for any mercy for your pilot when you sent him in to Kill people with an F-16,


    Jesus went into a place to sit and think MEANS: THAT HE sat and listened to what to go out and tell them.

    I can rip anybody a new asshole with just one verse: Matthew 13:49 and I have have not even started to explain Matthew. nor do I have to. I just wait!

    it sounds like in nostradamus some one was going to lose a fighter last july and a month later it was still there at a second read and sounds like the queen is still going to church and she goes to hell when she dies.
    all I really do is watch the news and decode it.

    _____ —– _____ —–

    just how did israel claim they believe that they have the place where Jesus was born when they said they said they destroyed everything. they said they knew He was coming, contested Him in the temple, the temple mount will be destroyed, they beat the hell out of Him, killed Him. then claim to worship Him? $$$ who is the law in the jewish faith…
    they kept nothing from His life the first time and claimed to be waiting to hear from ME only.

  35. GOD says:

    yeah you can hear the the old rabs shaken. I say.uh isn’t the n AN h in sear alick. dem polish jews should ah caught this one. the man nah on the wall got script sured. I sent no one to any country. though many have claimed that I have, I have sent no body.
    but I did not elevate a bunch of assholes onto a wall so they can be seen. let Isaiah 35:12 be read bye the blessing of the pope, butt rabs shaken said he got lost in the ally and said here is you what your really going to get …

    (Nostradamus is so cool with this stuff. all you have to do is watch the news: and dinner for magistrates.)

    … a sip of wine an-cud.
    (I have to do MY EVIL work while the kings out of town blessing people like the popes do. the good thing is I have got kids I went to school with that didn’t get to purgatory. they went to church though.)

    just so the prezzy knows that people do want a true blessing and that kilawayya is rite at hand. why don’t they walk on a lake of fire like they claim they already do. I know nobody will save them, not even the popes. I know there are thousands of people out there that would like to see the see walk on the scorching earth, and not sink. these people are usually the ones that do not go to church and wait for the six o’clock news, which really makes them smarter than the average visionary. but they do have great optimism, and they hope. and one of them is like the world claims that the pope goes out into the field of battle to plant his flag, and both sides shoot him, because next comes the rescue mission to save his scepter. (that’s how they do think.)
    so go ahead popey, go plant your flag under fire. you got two choices, and they are the only ones you were approved for. there was nothing else you were to do.

  36. GOD says:

    in the year 1975 I was talking to the missionaries about the prophet they were seeking:
    ______a little past______this is a little Matthew present______a little know too due___
    the first chapters is names, numbers that do change one passage by an exponent after every word in it. I am not showing you that. so it is not in this writing. Matthew 7:22 they will brag at the time of their death how they stole and say they glorified Jesus, in Jesus time. that is changed to fill their pockets as time changed, and Jesus would not know them after. so in 7:23 Jesus will say I never knew them. in 6:29 Jesus said solomon was condemned. in 8:30-32 Jesus was challenged to kill them if they did not listen and saved the herders of pigs. this time swine were used not sheep, and saved them without touching. wasn’t Jesus evil. what were jews doing with swine. they told Jesus He was wrong. but in 9:22 Jesus said “her faith” healed her. previously Jesus said if you are truly sick see a doctor. again in 9:29. (do you see what they did say.)

    10:1-8 ‘the disciples only’ were being told the plan, human nature and not worry. ( which in 10:8 is Ex-act-lee winds the clergy mislead people on. one example is benny hinns jacket film and how he jerks people off cleanly. ) in 10:9-10 Jesus said they are to take nothing in and the locals will help them and beat the asses of them that offend them. 10:23 flee to another city and don’t worry about missing one town, GOD is coming one day ( this is the one passage that said to leave out an other passage… (this was psychology you know, and it was so cool that doctors want to give Jesus credit, and a degree. mm-hum, mm-hum… ) man! ain’t ‘i’ somethin’! ). 25 if they call ME the devil, what are they! the old 10:27 Jesus told them things in private. (you know the things that you don’t say or they will stop paying you.) watch out for the jew, not to worry about death, and equated them to a sparrow who has nothing to worry about. ( it is like a preacher coming out with a baby in his hand and giving GOD a big smile and they continue to steal. and they do come out and smile. mocking ME their only savior.) ((just so you cops know who’s ass to kiss. it’s the popes.))
    (ain’t I really somethin’) Jesus said He did ‘not’ come in peace, “but a sword”. 10:35 expressly to destroy the family, how they die is on the cross if they are in denial in 38. 39 the abusers have to be crucified to save their soul. 40 those that refuse to accept the cross will be killed. those that refuse that Jesus said that to be true refused Jesus, and Jesus knew He will be crucified, (part of this earlier as told to the pharisees.) so did His disciples, who had to write after He was removed to Heaven(which is where people think They go when they were already denied, even if they don’t know how they did it). Jesus who would be in Heaven was the only thing they could teach to see GOD. if they wanted to see GOD, they had to keep jesus WORD.


    in chapter 11 all they did was pick up John and explained the rules on how they did things. it is all sarcasm and true. it is an easy read

    chapter 12
    12:26 if Satan cast out Satan how would His kingdom stand. ( it has been on the earth since at least the year 33 ad.)
    12:31 blasphemy against The Holy Spirit is done by clergy and staff.
    12;33 the shitty goody I did.
    12:50 Jesus Mother is The Holy Spirit and no one else, was said right straight from Jesus own mouth.

    what was written 24 minutes ago.

    things were discussed in 1975 that are written on this same page, on how they were going to screw ME …

  37. GOD says:

    MY Wife tells ME I go so fast translating through the scriptures and just flashed on the screen, to get some bush. I said, but not now. ( She’s paying ME back for last summers’ quip about telling Her to get laid.)
    She said, “that I fluently speak and write The Bible, and Nostradamus without knowing. I have to change some things from MY notes that will be posted above this one.

    No kidding. I am watching the bushes too.

  38. GOD says:

    in The Bible is written that if they do not know english they will go to their king that will send a king to the king who will fuck up the world to find the letters removed from their eyes.

    where does obama have a great following from? if a king does not speak english, which is the language of GOD, how can he speak with ME. the antichrist obama tells everybody he is elected by the people. so do half a billion other people!

  39. GOD says:

    so this writing is about cloud’. Genesis 9:13-14 read.
    I already wrote that solomon was condemned.
    1 Kings 8:10-11.
    kings can come to traverse city area. what’s wrong with that. hell we even got a russian across the bay, he saw this place from space, and moved in, just down the road from my cousin. I am sure I can get the local bed and breakfasts to raise the rent while yur in town. they won’t tell anybody. they’ll make you feel right at home. being it’s the off season maybe they’ll raise it higher, it’s been a long year. I have better things to do than sit and write Bible shit.

  40. GOD says:

    what do people tell their children if Jesus is God and He struck his own image and burned it to the ground.
    boy if that doesn’t throw a young child’s mind into confusion. it did mine! you just wonder, if GOD were in the garden, and a snake with no ears could hear, that could answer eve? MY mind went *’s without end. I could just see her…

    GOD went and made her some hot stuff so eve could toil in the fields with Satan watching.

    ________france, has it occurred you that people are wondering why. that your in Nostradamus 139. nobody was supposed to be there.

    1st Timothy 1:3 to timothy to stop teaching what was supposed to be done. 4 what ever the others were teaching, let them do in vain 6 on. their laws were made for them not the true. in 13 he called himself a blasphemer, not to blow his cover. 15 there will be no more miracles from Jesus. 16 they took on their own belief about Jesus 17 to be their king not GOD. 18 to fall silent in what in what he was taught, their ship ran aground 19, in 20 turned it over to Satan so they may learn to blaspheme.
    in 2:6 how to make the change. in 15 those things will go out the door in
    3 (chapter) the changes put into effect …

    in 5:7 if you knew any thing before, forget it! and in 5:21 do as written and do nothing against it.
    in 6:3 they were not teaching the words of Jesus Christ …. 6:5 … they withdrew themselves from GOD. and in 6:15 I will straighten it out.
    in that they will steal and the governments will allow it , and I condemn them.

    2 time-mothy 1:2 forget about your tears, and to know what he was taught and the changes that needed to be and got busted to a preacher.
    2 Timothy 2:8 remember Jesus was raised from the dead according to his(Jesus) gospel.
    read into 12 also : 13 do not accept what you are about to preach.

    in 14 you can see paul really knew his shit to the end of the chapter, till the end of days.

    which to 3:9 for their father will make a fool of them and inherit their parents sin manifest.
    notice in 3:12 GODLY is in lower case. in 17 it has a capital ‘G’. and in 4:4 there is noway they can be turned to ME.

    4:5 he is getting old and needs to go over his books soon, and has help.

    boy does that make you wonder who threw out GOD.

  41. GOD says:

    so let’S ee how’ll you can read (pope), its still futball. I like 515 butt 514.your one man short in malta 19, 249, 439, 468, 514, E-33, E-42, and whats missing

    because the pillars are rite dare from a to z from the phocacion alphabet. you have to know the beggining and yore-‘nd. sheep and a bridge a crossing can never maid-in a sto’y ‘ nd ‘ rock is miss’ng o viet man do ewe know whats going gon illurian Bay ‘n’ golf 928 whats missing an alter boy ‘n’ E.D. in the calm-in-tarries but-tiff-ones-tuck-yowl-in-golf-tin-miz-or-e-e-fur-gan-sun-rye-it. whats missing are the stripes a suspension.bridge can knot be built abyss no stony heaven only to others hide you bets who lost their sole up-side one hol’es pete or saint-in.say it in any thing. the abyss is so wide the bottom can never be seen. the other side does not even exist.without GOD ewe-r empty fore pillars are write.dare again men-shunned satan and have the book bi being in prison or lie who you worship to stone paul and built a church by satan. who will be shod by the epistle, 32, 48, 55, 56.the day of the coming will be known through the more than a generation.Nostradamus 148.

    514 hedro was warned, satire pair is francis
    515 the pope was sent a book and he can not read
    tumult they can not read clergicly
    the second (antichrist) one elected declines [read it]
    (from the first line what was said)
    His favorite bastard to death,broken books

    two fleets sunk in asia may err asia
    islam to repent
    plane to sea
    rough sees
    so lets talk about the park 265, 1082, 1083, enough said it was in the news again today 1-8-2015. so lets just zip over to 103
    the bottom line; will judge in contrary ways. hmmm.

    the problem you are stuck wit his the failure to communicate. sooo we gotta do a little script sure.

    The Bible says to pray for the Prophet. the governments follow the antichrists, and allowed them to continue blaspheme against ME. I am written in the Bible as a Prophet also, who the antichrist refuse to obey and crucify themselves. so what did the muslim do is obey their law. they want freedom and do fight to get it. while the governments are denying GOD. they go to their clergy, and ring bells against GOD. the churches were told to stop preaching. refused to listen to GOD who said in scripture, their children will be taken from the feeding breast and killed by the sword. you were all told not to have any more children.

    in france the only thing they did was silence the blasphemers. now what did they do in america? Jorge heard that prediction in 1977, and went, Damn, are you sure? I said, I hope not, but if they do they are right there. and you might be prezzy after all. He said, are you, GOD, going to call me the president, prezzy? I said, sure you just called ME GOD. He said, that’s o.k! do I go Heaven? I said, sure! but it just doesn’t look like what you’ve been told. and He said, how do you know? have you been their? I didn’t know how to answer that. He just looked at ME and said, Damn, you are GOD, that he could see it in MY eyes. then asked ME if I could see it? and I said no. then Jorge said, your dick glows, just look! it lights up the whole room even with your uniform on, and all the guys know. I said, no! I don’t see anything like that.
    Jorge even asked ME what MY religion was? I said, airbourne forever. He said, your not crazy! you only sound crazy! but if we go to war, were all going to hide behind you. nobody is going to shoot you, then we will all be safe and come home. we can even hide a battalion, or maybe brigade. hell we can do the whole division. who do have to kill. we’ll just stand behind you and tell them whoever they they are, he’s GOD! what you gonna do? and they will give ME a big parade, and no more war.
    I said it is not going to be that easy, but if I ever think you can do the presidency you can be the second black president, and the first one to listen to ME. he said you didn’t perzzy, what’s wrong?…
    in a few minutes we covered more ground on issues that needed to be back then, and in humor more than one time. of the few I knew, many went on to elite forces. I was told in the battalion the number was high.
    but we have a little titus to do.
    Titus 1 not to throw out all the other religions before Jesus Time and Those yet to be found(ed (chapter 2) speak of these things of sound doctrine Verse 9: do not answer them, and 15 let no man despise you (3:3) they had to say they were wrong.
    even the split in the apostles forced them to envy and hatred. after God the Savior appeared putting 5 The Holy Ghost: 6 which God shed abundantly protecting Mary (some say the holy spirit was a male) 7 that life must go on. 9 to avoid foolish questions 10 do not let them fool you a third time. 12 where he would be for the winter, 13 and bring a lawyer . they had to turn it over to the cities 14 so it does not fail

    Philemon verse 1 paul had to say he was a prisoner (some say a prisoner to all), not an apostle of Jesus Christ. and Timothy to explain things to fill em on Verse 8 to push what was convenient … to a knew change in the rest of Tite-us.

    being the church was ringing in paris did they eat the raw meat and drink the blood of the pig. hollande that means you too. the muslims won’t follow!
    they are prisoners in the united states. they are watched by the fbi, nsa, and local authorities. now where is the threat.
    you sit and watch congress lie right to your faces daily about freedom. to keep the church stealing and feeding the same children GOD said to kill in every religion. the government can’t afford to feed them either.
    to speak against GOD is their only salvation.
    now what is happening to mexico …
    is this the only country with this problem
    hollande: before the Spainard said, GOD FUCK YOU, to the entire muslim world YOU WERE FUCKING TOLD TO BOYCOTT THE U.S.A. who have two million prisoners of faith.
    so turner, fuck you and all you hypocrites who say they worship ME.

    MY money was supposed to be put in an account for two thousand years. there would have been no north Qorea, and over population.
    (Jorge did ask me about the money in the seventies, and said, Dam! your rich! I said, no! it was stolen, but I am supposed to have an account of savings trough the generations somewhere out there, already in place through the government, from the church, I just have to find it according to The Bible. Jorge said, well when you find it to call him, we’ll go out get ME drunk even though he does not drink, hit me over the head and take all my money. so make sure to remember to take my ruck and he will bring his too. he would go straight to d.c.and take over the country they would let him in, he’s puerto rican and rich too. and been to college too, in case I get a phone from the secret service, just to let him in, and he will fix anything I want. so remember He’s qualified, he’s sharp and always says com’on! you can do it. just you did right now, your here and then there. just go to the white house and get it done so he can retire. I said, that would take a coupe. He said no problem and goes down the hall asking who wants to join him to put GOD in the white house, when he came back, he said only purdom said no. but he’s a pussy, we don’t need him, he’s white, just like you, only dumb. but the rest of the guys said let’s go. it even says it on our berets.)
    (jorge was just awesome. he had a great sense of humor, even when he was serious, guys were coming to the room dead serious and asking when we were leaving to take over the world. jorge said see their serious too. and some said if I change my mind let them know. they would write a letter back home in case some thing went wrong. perez said what! you have no faith? this is GOD! what can go wrong! GOD can’t sit here and do nothing. where’s Jesus? I said I don’t know, right now he’s just a baby. Perez said, well maybe we better wait a few days… who’s the Father? YOU! oh no, were all going to die. quietly he says just in case the some bodies listening that’s not supposed to. we could all go to jail. He said, I said jail not yale. that’s no school. but if I change MY mind he would get them to gather right now, they know what to do without ME. we were trained to fight mean people. stay home! don’t worry! and don’t get hurt. I’ve seen you shave, you don’t look good in red. so don’t shave around him not even with an electric razor. he said, he does worry a lot. not the lot in The Bible, but there’s a lot of people that want this done today. when can they go. I said I have to wait till MY Son is older. and I will be able to do it like the jetsons. jorge said, you mean it’s real? I said, yes! in time I will tell the whole world at one time. some guys asked what happens if we say no? I said, well I guess you go to hell. they got real uneasy.)
    some came back days later and said they are still true to this day. just don’t wait till they get to old. they want to see it.
    I said, you will be probably be telling your grand kids to do it. I have to wait for things to happen in the world, so they all get told in other countries at the same time. I am for the freedom of speech and the press. right now I am waiting for the machines to do it.

    they said, cool! that would be awesome! what will they call it?

  42. GOD says:

    well, if Jesus is in the clouds* over france, He is laughing his ass off at the fools that claim to be christians and saved by Jesus. preached was you could look into GODS face and feel a great love from any where in the world.
    I remember in the 1960’s that in the beginning the church found a lot of money to build a church and stole it. 317 seems to fit it so closely.

    I thought, what if it were Mine. if so My own family will go to hell and there is nothing to do but think how to do what I had to. they used it to build church buildings and train people to speak against Me. E-5

    Quatrain 573 first three lines, 574 the fourth line. 857, 878, 898.
    63 (presage) 581 first three lines, line 4 is seven daze. 893-94, this day is 1-9, Quatrain 109 2 is missing from the numbers 198, 294, 811, 1045 they will be looking for peace at a knew age 14.

    948 GOD said you better hope its not winter. Nostradamus said the same. the army of kings and dukes will stand and watch the protesters while trying to stay warm. 320, 377, 45, 626, (you did ask how will this be done.) and Nostradamus wrote the the book right down the liegn 649, 680, and 895. in 895 line three, the crozier. (I use I use Webster (even in the army.) collegiate dictionary eleventh edition.) below crosier (crows, sure. Nostradamus was quite fond of.) is a diagram of sin. with 20-20 vision. the sin will be placed upon the cross is taught to preach it to the people knot no-wing what they have done to deserve the cross.with a picture with simple werds 212, 841, and 845 (not bad for some one who came from a jew.) they preached the cross was the original sin when I was young, and the clergy were waiting for the sign of the holy spirit that was to be among them as a sign that Jesus was see-ewe-em-ing was spelled in the word of they went gee&oh. dee.d on was an awesome experience with the holy spirit. then made false claims about Satan to their superiors. who then came back and said Satan was trying to run them out of the church. after a year or two they said that they were to change the way they preached, Satan was very powerful in church when the clergy spoke, and tried to change everything they said. “I” did it. and they still refuse to listen. they preach every thing is in The Bible on what foods to eat and drink.
    so this little kid went looking for how they wiped their asses.

    { FULL STOP this where the earth looses control [numbers a problem things would come to a full stop is a prophecy, a promise of numbers. I would go pro-hac. to a full stop is written sow you take in ten ninety six, chose an up or a down between the capitals of spain the first lines drawn… but how do I predict is how?it is
    a bib logograph-fee will be paid ( books (signed (lists (incomplete (more (,captives (kings (guards, (to be, to die) will become useless for preaching )while they mourn them that have condemned them selves ( they killed an infidel muslim condemning the soul instantly. ) its like 499 the guard to fail as will 242. as they pass by the wayside many things will be done.
    but like onyx, and sybil which was the first cat to go to HEaven. up above the lines say behind.911! I wrote this befor is it a sybil-or a-s-tone before the throne. you were not to let ME explain is
    I have no mercy
    they will all be condemned while they receive a new king.357
    don’t say shot in the foot.but maybe to sum 38 comes to mind. they have changed their course again they have

  43. GOD says:

    the attack was not on the media. the governments are saying that. and the people swallow the whole propaganda, from the press. who’s license is by the governors. it opens the door for another attack. the media has fallen into the trap. misinterpretation: they attacked blasphemers only. the officials abuse the media, who say the poor fucking antichrists. and the media then becomes the target. If a clergy says they are ordained by god then they must have physical proof. since I never ordained one christian, or muslim clergy, then all lying in every religion also. I wrote that they were to close every religious institution. the officials said no because they can not afford to take over the bills. so every governments stealing from ME. they leave the fucking clergies in their office to pacify and indoctrinate the masses on their principals and have to pay them nothing. then say GOD does not exist. the press does not cover this properly. all they have to do is walk in the god damned church’s main office’s and ask where their clergy are ordained. this will open the door for over three hundred million people for prison in the u.s. alone including all antichrists, judges, police, officials, and military. this is what The Bible said, the world will be corrupt, and only the martyrs will be saved. the blasphemers were sent to hell. it is that simple on how your getting screwed. the media!
    I listen to what they “don’t” say.

    • whatever says:

      Plain and simple MAN the Muzzies, has nothing to do with anything else but the Muzzies getting pissed off cuz they felt they were insulted. It has nothing to do with nothin else man. Get a clue, you’re blaming Christians when you should be blaming the Islams you idiot get a brain

      • GOD says:

        plain and simple. the muzzies, christies, and jewsies all refuse ta listen. don ya read da news. da christies are wrong I’m lettin you guys let the governments fuck you into their stupidity. get a brain. you just said ya don’t know dick about shit. and the whole world already lost. but you don’t see, so what ya want Me ta do wit da soap, two out of three people will be killed. obama was told to come to ME two years ago before these things happened. so now it’s to late. your seeing the news that there are people out there who won’t let any insult their religion, just like you took a christian stance in life, GOD don’t need any god damned religions. and those muzzies ain’t tithed GOD either. they tithed their clergy, like the christians, and jews who change everything I have done.

        they do it in their churches, mosques, and synagogues tell people to pray. plain and simple, what you are seeing is those who fight who are true. every clergy and of every faith has said they will not do as I command.

        if you know anything about a military target and look at hebdo, the generals are shitting in their pants for a reason, their targets are small and decisive. the generals are worried. their opponent is that good. the problem is that the generals know that their opponents are religiously correct. so go crawl under any religious rock and hide. when they die they will go to hell. no problem, they chose it. have You not noticed how stupid that statement looks to the world. because I am talking to international leaders.

      • GOD says:

        Jesus said that if you spoke against GOD you had to be crucified and accept it. so peter not knowing went to rome and screwed the world with his version.
        how many people went to hell for his version for two thousand years.

        Jesus said. it is easier for a camel to fly trough the eye of a needle than to get into the kingdom of GOD.


        get a brain. dem muzzies have the same GOD, and christians and jews are mocking ME and you let them. them muzzies were put on the earth and written in the garden of eden not israel. so what was written from the clue story. if you look 2 and 2 is 4. write it and it is two crosses. 2 times 2 is 4. take away one line from the + and you can do anything you want to change the story. of what the answer will be. from zero up.

        them muzzies can not become a any thing else any more than a toltec could become a whatever.

  44. GOD says:

    I wrote a few years ago not to cross the bridge yet. here’s humor what happened.
    In da biginning dere was nuttin.
    Den on da first day God created da upper penninsula.
    On the second day He created da partridge. da deer, da fish and da ducks.
    On da third day He said let dere be yoopers to roam da upper pennisula.
    On da fourth day He created da udder world down below.
    On da fifth day ( He should have got drunk) He said “let dere be trolls to live in da world down below”.
    On da sixth day He created da bridge so da trolls would have a way to get to heaven.
    GOD saw it was good an on da seventh day He went huntin.

    society of jesus 1534. motto is. for the greater glory of God. which is blaspheme, from 9% of congress, and a libroum prohibitorium of freedom of speech of scripture to convert them to filth by the churches, with sacraments to Satan according to their plan too get to heaven, not mine, because mine works. and it is a lot cheaper.

    Siri born in genoa, 15 days, may, twentieth, seven years, 7 days, 7 months, genoa, 7 december, 1965, 14 june 1966, prohibition by the churches, four hundred years, Rosenberg ideologists, dogma, paul, pau, the church to fail, finding spain, france its own, purgatory, three popes, 222, 22 days, heresy, blasphemy, since the beginning, paul, the vi. most of the churches prophecies are through. there are not cooperators of truth. I am for freedom of speech. freedom of speech does not mean any one can use OUR names for money.

    Nostradamus is nothing but names and numbers, they are an infinite read. but if any body takes the names and numbers from above, look them up in the index you will read that a lot of things already happened. even the pueblo incident. it is in every scripture. I listen to the news, waiting for years sometimes for a name after I read, I find something, sometimes they hit several things in a day. the weather in one country, and the weather in another. 455, 628 mean something it is like taking the words “bloody”, and “face”, then I have to find the name, situation, and wait. only the bad things make the knews, and all kinds of things are involved in the sequence that affect MY neighbors and yours regardless were they may be on the earth. the Quatrain are a tool. they different meanings every time I use a different word. the word church I do not use in translation as you do. it is like water in definition.

    My first prediction from Nostradamus went something like:
    I have never read Nostradamus He liked to use the word sea, and fire, so I will make of My own to show you how it works, (O.W.N.), [the second sea will burn] the second c will burn, and the first c was challenger. the second c was columbia. even though I told you, you can’t stop it nor can nasaeven if you tell them. that means it will burn up on re-entry. being predicted did nasa no ggod. so if your reading My letter and tell them, that’s the best you can do. it does not do any good to explain the detail of every thing. it is a waste of time. the details come out after it’s to late who made the mistake. the only thing you learn is the longer the explanation is the more predictions I miss on other situations…
    … so what’s the church doing now. this was My first prediction and I (2002-3) from Nostradamus and I don’t know when it will happen or if. but if it does happen you know I am God and I won’t know it’s true. it may be written already, and I’m not going take the fucking time to read all of Nostradamus. I don’t know how the fuck he wrote it. I will put it together afterwards like every body else. the only thinf I said was the second c will burn on re-entry so now it grew again. to predict every detail will stop the space program and every person will lose, not ME, if the space program is stopped. like eve in the garden in the garden; if you want to taste the fruit you have to go out on the limb. and the first limb was the lunar module for nasa. add an L you have nasal (also a roman numeral) put a 5 in place of “S” and you have naval or an orange or something else. the thing I am trying to learn is learn how to read Nostradamus in case I am GOD. if I am GOD, I HAVE TO LEARN, and that will take fucking years. the first thing that we have to do before I say I’m GOD to any body else is see if the columbia which has many names even a fucking river. Now which one is going to fucking burn first. then and only then will I step on that limb MY WAY ONLY. NOT ANYBODY ELSE’S. BECAUSE WAS WAITING FOR THE TWIN TOWERS AND IT ALREADY HAPPENED. if I AM God I have to learn to two too. the whole Goddamned world seem to be physic except ME. which makes sense which makes ME the only one who doesn’t hear the voice of God. and I don’t know how to spell his fucking name either. which makes perfect sense and a shit load of problems. electronics are one of them, some burn out. so I don’t know how to use a Goddamned computer. if I am the voice of God that makes fucking sense also. I have to find a way to use MY own predictions. that could take fucking years. MY own penmanship sucks so how am i going to type when I failed typing class which was an elective. the girls in that class were the real reason. but I have until 2012 to figure this out. right now I might be making a prediction. I don’t know. I have one that the whole world saw, now I am waiting for the c. if that happens then I will take GOD sear-yus-lee
    and burn your ass too. And if there is more than one ass I’m gonna have an orgy like The Bible said I can, and the whole world can witness. so I hope you have some women on your crew even though oprah is reading. she’s probably in fucking shock from reading the first fucking letter. the only thing I know is I haven’t been arrested for writing her a letter that said to contact the fbi, and have them send to the cia or i will fucking kill her because Jesus is coming.

    and boy she read and saw the first writing of GOD. and there is one thing Oprah can say is this is a lot fucking shorter than the fucking originals. My ways haven’t changed. a lot of promises came true. ONLY SHE can write a book. since I know woman from the index is 1035 Oprah knows who diana is by reading it. I think the bouc will be interesting. there is one thing to be told however. what good did it do to know ten years into the future and have list and not be a member of GOD. knowing freedom of the press is going to be a ….

    she saw it happen this week, the freedom of the press will come into question, she will see a pencil broken in half, what you really have is two pencils not one. and I am doing the same thing. a lot can be done if you know. if you don’t know, you lose. and Oprah read MY first writings making “Her” the first to know (just a little Nostradamian) her.she can give her testimony and possess’s papers.

    She also knows I have forever to defend it. and that Satan may be ME.
    but, back then I did not know what I am. the world is waiting for that. it’s like bi-ing a used ‘arlot. and they see it from the earth. eye don’t really by?y she has rites to a book. I also asked the question, if Jesus was black, were adam and eve, or just eve. if so there are a lot of screwed up artists, and one long prediction. (even without the bleeps)

  45. GOD says:

    one day I might pay homage for their works before Jesus in outlandish ways then return to give homage more full, still in complete not finished. as Jesus did say without question that one day you will die as they condemn the cross and the prophets. kinda like Jesus died on da cross and all da blah, blah, blah. in two thousand years dey might be sayin that a rocket did not land properly! What are dey hidin their hand?is all dey will know, on dis day. God said it will happen to look about you for they say their number is small, they talked with MY Son who said they went to hell by the billion. and they will be the first generation since the day He died that will know Him. (who will return to see GOD?) what will your neighbor say about you? He might say go to Heaven and leave Me alone for only The Father will judge you, and nobody can say else wise. do you not remember… ?

    all religions used spies. the kings are using them through the clergy that report everything. 952 from the mormon I heard that in 75 people go and talk about their neighbors if you are unfaithful you are who they are talking about. now 331 you know what all the jesuits are doing. 458, 466-(567), 666 they instill fear unto the people in divers ways so they talk poorly about their neighbors saying that I am the antichrist.
    obama what are you doing with the fbi? the officials do too, stealing 376. while a new mission for the spies 75 “invasion” 21, 296, 512, 525 according to ‘their’ doctrine, 520. pre-sage 14 right now. it is unlimited, 41. Nostradamus said spies would by accord take to the streets. to the mormons only it is imperative that romney be the king of the world even if for a while to put his laws in place presage 14 under the guise of the pope and who was wanted by for king by the king of israel that went to the sin a gog to tell them to pray. being of no super power, he claimed before to the people to have. he got nowhere with abrobamaham (the pig when net an yeah who prays) but he doing the leading. its like finding the dead sea scrolls, thinking his words are not to be known. so you know who is doing duh incrypting!
    as they will say: your on a need to know basis. even if your fucking usa prezzy. this is why it is so dam funny. the us won’t say if weapons were fired. nor will russia. and the chinese?

    how many thousand religions are there?915, 33 images 828, 880, 912 now continue the read to 915. 614, 618 christ! 852 I am looking at a kings “son”, “green”, “greed”, the media, trying to figure out the 331 silly mans move in 333 which said “oil” is shaking the antichrist.”fort worth” from 332 a tribal land.

    in da meantime ya gotta ta da yoopers. who the trolls call fish cuz dey got fins to. dey got souls and escanabans which only sounds painful.if ya make da wrong turn when ya leave town cause ya don understan dum ya end up at da soo and da wrong bridge ta can uh da. an say eh i din know trolls had cussed em official. boar dere pat rol an pas-tees. turn around cuz yer goin ta da may-trix movies in mackinawe sit-tee before da show starts cuz yere in da land of brewers and packers. ya wanna be in da land of lie-ins and tigers. and wit da wrong turn, da bears. cuz da only thin dey got up dere is locks and cussed-ems. an don stop in iggy ya wan ta be in mack in awe through da matrix which some say is in vagina. dats down way sout from dere. even past o-hi-o. so let’s go, ya can come back again an utter time. an ya don know da time duh show starts. da movie starts wit people moving real fast from a nutter time dat have a bbig place wit lots people asleep. dey wake em up an tell em wat ta do, wen dey git done go back ta sleep til dey need em agan wit no fancy stuff dey are all happy wen dey can have pasty’s (pasty’s is pronounced pos-tease) agan cuz da big room is like hell. wondering wat ta do. ya wanna be in da here after! wit ME an know da technology forever so ya kin come back an dream like native people, in da dream time. right ott ah da matrix in ta da lan da ahs and technology agan. and no awful reading cuz ya don wan a be zapped. an now ya know why I don like da movie. an none of dat ACTS 2:38 badger shit ta take bat in Jesus name cording ta da first command.meant sure dirty an never clean enough if ya eat im. den dere nuttin left butt lightnin. an ya don wan a be in-light-end like dat. cuz den ya can never git back ta da you pee in port of heaven, an deres no you pee in up dere an a lot a shittin down where iggy wen ta.da pope jus made 33 kids so dey don git ta da purgatory room agan, cuz yer born in da sin an go yer mama said Jesus Christ! ya shit an sinned da bat do ya any good , but yer mama raised ya in Jesus name. an his word is perfect. an dat shit too. just like Jesus did an da kid learnt Jesus name. an razed da kid in da true werd of Jesus name forever, an Jesus won save ya if ya do it agan I’ll send ya ta da one dat made ya, an da devils not here an dats not a myth. an now da kid is razed in da name of GOD. an dey learn ta pray everyday even faster. cuz dey don wan ta go to da soo an da board er pat-roll cussed-e.m.s. an learn ta read all dats in dere Bible properly. cuz wen GOT says yer condemned it don mean yer grounded. it means yer goin ta hell.
    all ya gotta do ta pray is ta think. so think Rite the first damn time or yer gonna end up wit da popes. if ya try duh bridge da yoopers make da trolls pay a toll ta git in ta da da gate a uP or down-P.ain so be careful who yere payin. ya pay both ways ta git in da kingdom of GOD. an da GOD as a website dat goes beyond da huron in ta da erie to duh on-tear-re-owe. from superior ta michigan, an his chair is rite out dere. ask da chip-ah-wa. dat was one a dem daze. so go owt dere and take a picture a da chair. ya know da got damned cat-holics ruin ever thin dat got created, an took an oath.
    by dis dime its throw dere ass out cuz daddys comin home. an wat would woodrow wilson due!
    an dis is da first day a dere creation. not one will be born unto Jesus. da good thin about rite-in da good book is kno-win wen ta stop. such as netanyahu says. netanyahu prayed he will deny ME even in prayer. an anudder dat grew ta plow. 165, 665 (It’s like yer left nut as I see it, it is in da wrong place. ya wan a perfection den now move for I will not know first if I read or I read it first.)

    I just due! yer in da would(s) 693 sin nek da key. 455, 225 line three. a knew direction.

    Michele wrote wit humor also. 455 was dis weekend 225 has some tin ta do wit “Joel” pun-nik. eve in da divine garden so 125, 151, clergy 191, 230, 291, 455, 553, century xii 71.

    Gods lookin for dem seven teen “versions” ta model 384. so GOD is off ta da leather shop-pin for da seven teen virgins ta model da ooo yeah… jus like da muslim martyrs know . ooo! ooo! ooo! ooo! yeah! Joel had da silky smoooth. cuz deres gon na be like da only sperm ta git ta da’ek! so sin-da-nek-uh, da pharos used boats ta git ta da after life. an one thin fir sure, since GOD is everthin in da universe, an it as many rooms an GOT is on da ert. den wen ya leave ya don wan a leave ME pissed off.

    wen dey erred da edge a da universe on da tv show called, da universe. a scene that I needed done, looked so real dat it made ME feel sick, cuz nuttin is wat is holz it ta gether.


    dis past week end three faiths failed, an da whirled ta sea.
    is zit not strange dat da first recorded rainbow was in know-ahs ark. it says right dere, GODS gonna burn da GOD Damned place.
    da monkeys had ta err. still breathin and breedin in brazil, an da sheep wen u.p. da m.t. everest wit da dolly lama an duh him ah lay ins got saved, an deres no way ta l k-2.

    which is such a queer story dat man will nere ferg-et da creation. den da chinks made a bunch a plates das world famous e’ery time ya drop one an breaks da “dik shit” knews in awes trail-ya reports, ya don eat Jesus dinner.
    an Oprah gits ta do a check mark. (it might be a beak bunch-ah-fum).
    cuz here’s da utter nutt, butt twister. Jesus said! iszt it sigh eed, or sed. not all is seed is given you, they will master (bait) them selves before me. you are they who will master(bate)dem selves before Jesus so da Son will be true in da eyes a da fodder. so dat one could float a boat to rome an piss off da pope suitely berried dem under da stone so da-slime-st-one couldn’t catch em in jan. NV.? you erry?
    atta grade a witch’s tore he 130, 535 period

  46. GOD says:

    Nostradamus 101.
    verse 1, in his study he had lamp, a candle, water, crystal ball, various astrology, a Bible, a pen, a bed, amid other things. with that known, you have to incorporate it into everything from memory of MY lifetime not yours.
    1 Being seated butt where? in the knew…, naked, fun.
    2 Alone resting (listening too?), or a loan made to slight.
    3 A slight flame (the spirit) word, city, whatever. {I am spelling. in parent the sees verses}.
    4 That which is not believed, to be happening. [to be true in the vice says].

    1 With rod in hand set in diverse cities too.mean many. things you don’t like. true?a club!
    2 With the water bat, was spelled W.W. FD are an anigram small yet signigfacant.
    3 Fearful voice was talking through hissleeves as he wrote.laughin splendor. who’s he really writing it 4 for.
    4 Diverse lea written so enigmatic is time, a clock ticking. which kept Nostradamus books to be french. to english humor, clever.lie.
    from the letters to WWII the enig machine was written in the use of the weeks events. he wrote a black man as the other three colors missing.but not in the same verse, racism not in accord( he is doing the write thing) waiting to be seen. the obvious is true. the male and depart, two of fore, the ‘rest to be seen in time 101 verse 4 in vain is made to succeed. 102 verse. pun on time 1 Rod can mean anything. a handset in the midst (with or without a weapon) he ran through the verse 1 and to be killed by a hail of bullets. verse 3 (could) now be interpreted that charlie that charlie brown just started world war three. being he died in a hail of flashes one could say from 103 verse the weather. now! their faces were not covered. so at the time this is not how I found them. this could now be the next step. verse three now says the republic will be vexed by false prophecies becase of u missing. because I used 101 to predict not knowing je suis which is also a pig call. not all that was predicted months be fore, I (even though not true) can not find a way to use line four. so from 101 v 1 the trap was set.

    even though I was using over a hundred Quatrains I could throw none of them out, they went into the winds and branches with every word waiting for the prophecy to be complete each word grows roots, roots don’t use words, {as reading aloud I had to say to MY Wife their is something you have to do on the website at the same time. I am only going to read it once this series is global because I’m reading about MY own brother at the same time.} butt people do too findeth what is missing Nostradamus table. you were not. using common sense. did Nostradamus predict gypsies, heretics or soothsayers sense: he had a crystal ball! but only used brass stool even though I read verse 1,2, and 3 some was still alone. befores and afters. while watching on tv. I could not tell what I was feeling { I told MY Wife last summer I am going to learn new when this happens and make a mistake.} it was the man praying by thinking only, would he see her again.

    but the prophecy grew the more I red. I read into many things as i was instructed in the read and stumbled across what must be written from the beginning so people do not fall into the trap, as clergy and false prophets. if they do prophecy against GOD, being kings and queens down. I write the common but not the simple for all. but in the last read it said a few hundred. to be true. in this series, then later said, they were in the million. and a thousand thousand. a great number multiplied, against the antichrist, knowing as Nostradamus called obama a a nigger not a king, I had to laugh, Nostradamus said he judged no-one but GOD told him what the fuck to doo! and no clarity afterword. he wrote in a language he did not know in his fields of understanding the antichrist to be removed.(by terror) a great constitution would be disarmed by duh king. if you were to see my notes (but Nostradamus kept no notes) you will frieze, they comprised of many things, they ‘can’ go in any direction at any time, that they will curse GOD. france to fear the worst. [ now when I was learnin, I looked at the eye full tower as the cage of iron.] the worst against his stir, The Bible, and Nostradamus both said what? what a shit*teir thing to do! he did not intend to write greater than any known scripture and only *I* [ and yup that* kinda eight up the keybooard prediction. because the period is missing.] could judge his works bi the Almighty only will be his (Michele Nostradmus) works to be known to be true. the Almighty only will see the truth, and laugh out loud. trying to explain ann nuttin. (did it yesterday) Nostradamus wrote even the word scrible the word world be known, to scramble about looking for a letter. the letter(s) seized in route. many as soul, to change places. the military goes back and fourth knowing day’er done. GOD not tryin into interfere. with. his own. works. do only what he is told. ingest he said: certainly I will not judge Michele. who knew Jesus before GOD who created je suis. ( witch causes an itchin da church) who would judge my works will knot be of the sun. Mich.hell said so many things that GOD could understand at one dime, (he actually did not say time) the deca-dance they will feel when the LORDS Will call upon them! infidel. that can ever proclaim NOTHING to be true.for they will claim GOD has made a mistake. according to jesu*s word: who said thou among you to be true stand and call me (MY SON) a liar. you can change nothing fore the devil did claim your soul.

    Now Nostradamus di not wan dat ta happen, as it did ta him wat it dit ta da spirit and the spirit left (Nostradamus) him. Till! he did write a confession and he said it must be untrue. to prophecy by mistake is foolish.GOD does not allow that. though many have been judged GOD, if any time, the inn abandoned. the world will suffer, no man will… the world has spoken again in the small townsend villa’s, inn laws. not written in accord and all speak against ME. will put to death, even if it be thyin own brethren. even for a short while they falsely claim I will be their house.

    Now any clergy’s “will” said they are dem a gogs and blessed. their will is of the time of gog and may-gog, which is the mark of the beast, GOD has shown them the beast. the beast has been made known. they continue to worship the beast, that mocks GOD.
    and jesus said out of the tower should you lose seven and save three, satan has gained as the Father did say he only lost two, though their number in the thousands not one will be saved by The Father for he must conceive of GOD when he is desparit measure for the virgin have not shown, for these are desparet times even for (those they call) the infidel. one verse is to another the infidel will be true not knowing the mundane ways of Nostradamus. who just said to enlighten ya at the same time I red the events for months, in divers manners. it is also the prediction. of a false trinity.

    this was how Nostradamus wrote and it can be so damned funny, he wrote his own biography at the same time, that I might laugh at his follies, that the prophet to be would do the same. not knowing if he ever wanted to return to the earth again. I just laughed. he said ‘if’ I figure it out. that MY own king would despise ME. where was the answer? was in the question. that he feared not having time to put a period in the right place should someone knock at the door one could know the truth. one would be so over come with his own writings and may be of poor psychology, trying to read into it may do some good, to go crazy for a while. he talked about his own life experience at the same time, not written in history, that one will hopefully do what was intended from his writings some day. that he may be a man of GOD. if not GOD himself. who would do the work for him? that one would think that GOD penned the lines Himself. not knowing the future. if He were ever to come. they were only an outline. the phraseology is a trick. that they are days months weeks. that he said he wished it could be of more humor. but that could not be done without saying so. the task at hand was to explain the Almighty to judge his works forever. so that one may laugh. as he explained them. even GOD may laugh with HiM in Heaven at a single word.
    that one could go on forever. (that only GOD could do that) that one word being GOD.

    that’s enough mishelling for today.

  47. GOD says:

    hebdo, you make it look as if GOD gave you permission to use MY depiction. that is idolatry. I gave no one permission to use anything. in fact, in The Bible it says you will be killed if you did.

  48. GOD says:

    The moon in the west from the new lands rites,.
    The world slants the direction known, their rites violated,.
    From both side’s of histeer, all germany to fail.
    The brasss tool a bronze sword against Mohamad,.

    They will be chopped to bits. as fire falls from the sky,.
    Returning home knowing their own family’s condemned.
    Appears, to drive his ship into the hull. the captain weary,.
    Not knowing what to tell their children, about hypocross-ee.

    with words like that Nostradamus predicted and saw in his crystal ball t.v. fly by wire aircraft, aircraft carriers, submarines. and their potential scared the hell out of him. many times he mourned at what he had to write in order to come back again and see it.

  49. GOD says:

    I just read the article about the papal crossing far beyond that of the mohamet. at the bottom his eye to shoot out of his head after the article.
    oh poppy poooooh… you should not speak against GOD as all captains of small ships have been told not to let their kings deceive them in flight, lest the ship should be cast to the bottom in time of prayer its to late. it may anger GOD should it not be. the pope is condemned by the Promised One. punch the repercussions of GODS OWN MOTHER, that you curse daily and teach it to children.
    written from The Bible allsew. do not deceive GODS word with misinterpretation of your own head. ignorance of the people will never be tolerated.

    • GOD says:

      but every body has their own forms of propaganda, and they use MY words to save their kings asses and that’s about it. now holland MI! how I did not go to the same universe as you. bottom? how do you say in swueeess that GOD said debt any clergy could lie, preach, and steal? then you deny your own Prophet, and steal also. you don’t like it when they say honoring Nostradamus is wrong and to honor the pope not GOD in Deeds to the antichrist.
      but your gramma don’t feel so good rite now, and a lot of utters, and neither do any of the popes. I oner what eee’s gonna say about GOT next. that I don ex-east? an how can you tell dem folks about de-mock-rah-see when dey all seem ta vote against MI. and we on da nutter. is not terror using military might, to get what you want when you have enough people to support you and if you don’t get that support you send out ambassadors to convince them otherwise, and send him some bullshit to back it up so the people in the other country think your great. then some kook from da local international kkk tells them there saved. dey den all go home happy and screwed later when someone said it was done by denying god. Gods the author. and the creator of everything including deformed children. said in The Bible, the same book that said to kill them in the womb even though the mother will revolt. where is the terror in destroying the antichrist. when you are the antichrist your gonna blame ME for it and the people have been watching the politicians kissin your clergies asses. YAH! the gods appear to beat each others throats fightin in da err should something else be amiss, when the comepass is broken ToBeNo
      people are going how did you get a million people out there. and what if they change sides.
      all covered in Nostradamus, gods appearing in the same article.

    • GOD says:

      now I find the bay-root are tick all. do you know that the Quran says that is supposed to be “given” to them. and if not The Bible says “taken”! and Nostra-dam.u.s.

    • GOD says:

      the king of england is trying to put out Mi in conference the devil. the queen be damned though by her name she is “consecrated to God”, elizabeth I, through her church to Satan. elizabeth II, both to be condemned by the king. the prince and the father both now have two teeth from a baptism not to take place. the queens family to suffer damnation coming from the church. through marriage. the message sent by God. to the prince of a prince. the letter never sent by the lone cons-spirit-or. for the city trying to make a name, himself, all royalty to fail GOD should he say no. this is how its written, he will be called a spy the guard not to receive the message. the world to fail. too late the royal family condemned. not. the. spy. not known for years. he will be of france. the new city of france. to be known. from war and traders it will be known late. the spy to deceive the others to deceive GOD to spare his life from clergy around town. the new king wishing to deceive. the crown to become weak. will suffer do to a mighty king. to spare his life. the monarchy in question. it would a painted time for the artist known a star over israel to be. innocent of the spy not the deed. war still on the horizon. the whole world to tremble because of one man. who was also told he better hope I don’t see that in the papers someday, like he wrote on the internet.

    • GOD says:

      hey Vlad, let me tell you a top military secret. ( since merkel told you can’t come to the summit, the mountains will fall. so don’t get caught in the wake. the lands will rise up. ) so don’t tell anybody the time.

  50. GOD says:

    while all you amazons selling books on how to steal MY copy writes are in deep shit the day you die, and those who bought the books too. they are MY books. Michele even said in the one english phrase, “The One And Only”, in his own hand. that only GOD could claim his works. but a Nostradamus for dummies??? you dum fucks can’t even read the first commandment. people who buy it are told in Every Scriptures text don’t sell some thing you do not own, you are not the owner. some one shows these people how to pull a lever in a voting booth because they saw a picture of them on t.v. and for some unforeseen reason everybody wants to be a prezzy. the prezzy does not want ME to have MY money like The Bible, The Quran, and every other text, the say will be given to GOD that Is GODS. and you sell them also. what is written in those books says that: if mama sins and buys the book and the baby dies, the baby goes to hell for mama, if mama didn’t stop the thief and buy from the true owner. I own the ground, the air, and the river you can not claim any name with out MY approval. and your telling people how to become false prophets and condemn them, a preacher or the pope tells you that will make you sin. just like they do, and the officials allow them to do that too. but when you put up something that a clergy does not like, the shit flies all the way to moscow.

  51. GOD says:

    Nostradamus said that he had a problem that the orb was to small. he could hold to the mirror and see the other side. ships so large he could not see the crew on the deck. no smoke coming from the which could be a carrier tower. not knowing how the ball did work, his did work and we have to use gas, electric, three-d tv with out transmitters. and at times he could see through certain events into space, bolts of lightning exploding, into the light, to see everything he needed. and was both astounded and confounded to explain such things. and why would christianity deny GOD. he could not deny the events, like the pope is preaching that they are to pray for their church while the muslims are praying for their religion, and a bunch of muzzies doing the right thing. while they deceive the people. and something is going to make sense, and the videos were that clear. and he said he had uncontrollable sound, machines that he could only describe as monsters, from the glass project the image with a lens, to a flat image. the object akin to the burning bush. he said He had more power than god. where is that crystal ball that is to be returned as well as the manuscripts. they are all MY tools of promises.

    • GOD says:

      the church said they have the power to change GODS word at any time. The book of revelation says not to change anything.

      now when I was a little boy I thought about that. how many of them are there. and they all say the same thing!?

      an why would some one want to be kissed by the pope, or kiss his ring. does this cause gas, or some thing else? all he does is smile at ya and lives in mansion and all kinds of retards that say don’t insult the dum fuc. because they chose the religion, that deny ME. now something must be wrong with social media. because I can read the dumbest shit from religion, from people who say don’t insult their religion. GOD wouldn’t insult a catholic that changed the Bible two thousand years ago, and they said it was rewritten several times. and then say god blessed the pope wit duh boot. written from GODS own hand from the computer, shoot ’em ta bless ’em, then bless’em all. then ya got freedom. dah sooner dah better.
      hell! who knows then every government might be clean. there might be a problem to higher standards.

  52. GOD says:

    The pope that was not to be elected, and is confronted by a storm.
    Many people have been killed by the physician.
    The building being destroyed that caused the havoc was not covered in the news.
    The officials had the prophets bed destroyed to hide the truth forever of their theft.
    Because the tithe stolen officials to live in grand- jeer.
    The building of GODS church would have employed many people.
    Many buildings to be destroyed because of the news not covered.
    The one chosen to read now had to learn to differently.
    The law of GOD will prevail over the courts.
    Their currency will become worthless because of their oath they spit upon.

  53. GOD says:

    there is no way to explain 378 but in every thing I’ve read from scripture, business, and more to include the captain of the general served ME in the 1970’s prees 54 ( the t is not written. hanboo u.s. military you are taking the dollar fort bragg the pope, nato. 528 line I goes footstool is the ottoman empire in from the guarden of eden that goes to RUSSIA and all their of 378.

    MY whirlds’ footstool. buys-anth-thee-em MY Tithes and in 525 in kwasi french and go to 533 of duke u. r. in two sexes the say pay sent surely written end two threes, and if things become tou loose read times 830-31 if you remove 1 then you have more. see readings 487, 395, 485 whats missing in scripture 486, with a quick stop at 486, the flight be in sult an 240, 2100, 428, xii-622, if you really want to be bitten. the Gran Duqqe did conspire to be 421 then back too the nineteenth century for a bit two men 191. there is one thing that was said: what would “I” do when Jesus scored a touch down and him from the grand stand. as any father would do. now I could do 215. you passed it. the whirlid is under the pens ult time at dum 228.

    the phill a peen fore seen v 1 roman knew-morals iv-100 is missing VI-100 fore to six is still standing. NOW Joshua 1:1 / 1:8 it does not say bosforus not preprosperus. Joshua 8:1 no one was to go in again. for I am the LORD of the whole entire universe. I am the Lord of every land even the tax collectors. MY Wife is really pissed at the inn and wants you dead. no one can demand payment of GOD and any of MY brethren. fore I AM the owner of the land. they were not to rebuild any church struck-sure in hate’ which caused 680, 303 then 335 nevertheless one 103,1048, 1086, 343. the clergy hath set forth tro-fee x-100 through 1066 by denial.

    909,901 850 line of tune-is tune us.
    it was said from the beginning. I am not a demmy or repbby, nor for any nation. E-47, 575, 885, his hands will be eaten off because of the prank his spine will be ripped out.

    1026, 1034, 1022 for this one falls upon the false prophet. obama what did you du sou page 463 and-e too too.

    to founders accordingly us was never supposed to be, and with neither were the franchises. french have split GOD into many peace says that is never a good number fore the one who was going to the legion did not show. then all of europe to fail, antichrist changed everything 909. I will not play the stock market. they will hear ME so they can force GOD out of business.
    it is in thee Quran: DO Not invest d-a-h western whirled. has it not occurred to the auntie christ that GOD is starving for affection. butt those that gained that day go thank god and give nothin and sell to the people who pray to GOD for a return and give GOD, BUDDHA nothing.

    I do go to the alpha- gaytor 1/325 buy brig-aids by divisions for Jsus was only …1,2,3, … years old with 3.
    you already do have a 103, and uh have a 303 british. for their will be brought about a knew age. they will prophet greatly. they wil profit knot fore the king has spoken.

    and ooo what a de.e.d. they tried too prophet in MY NAME.

    The Scriptures Say I Created the land, and I own it so it does not belong to anybody but ME. that means you can’t even mine the minerals without Tithing ME. and not one person has Tithed ME to save their soul.

    they will fall from great heights, The world to shudder 1-20-2015 GENISIS 10:15 there will be great penn Knits: and see a i N begat his first born I AM and he ith,

  54. GOD says:

    start with E-4 neverthe less, 101. 1021, 11 line three is han-I-able, line four den u.s. 6 Matthew 1:1. 2:1 hair-read at the this the number of wies men are not know or where they come from a seance was held for the living, and the dead, and for all to come. their coffers would all become empty. but knot at this time of the magi-see. so start with 956 put eh out in houdan and put two eyes in who-dean-knee spoke in death 823 at thesame time as cris t angel has to pay ME a million dollars cash american or euros. and I just love MAGIC because this is all in scripture. it says magicians were killed for black magic by christians who is the dark and hide’ u.s. beast 17 will get drunk. the letters hiddin in the fold of christs MAS like S.A.M. will strike a crescent a cross your grave. written in scripture the church will fight to the bitter end.

    but as this is about a hairy reid whode”ny city sent it. the queens letter are hidden 141,162, for the great day luge presay 25 from olymp-eh! 955, 62, trying to explain who-dean-knee only your stuck at the same time. in The Bible it is written I will try to explain magI.C. intoo 429 into 357. 108, 105, 444, 659, 622, 934 line 3 is tiled. 61! 43. the church did cause the great source-er re the sour sea must be removed.

    Joel 2:28
    a magicians tools of his own devices would command a great price.
    you have been reading about also magicians, churches, coffers, peoples of all nations, forfeiture to GOD. Was one of them houdini?

    from scripture the antichrist did knot like gold raining down from a shower of gold. it had to be changed from: a golden shower in the font, and the cufs would be placed upon them should a baptism be from The Trinity, some say a men age in trau. also written in The Bible the church will return the gold to heaven.
    it said that john was alone when jesus shown erred to john. so there’s there’s no proof that a baptism occurred to be worthy of GOD.

    Jesus said HE could have returned in a few days and didn’t know why only The Father would know what changes would take place, and Jesus said maybe ten thousand years.
    now your in the nick of time.

  55. GOD says:

    the realtor’s (wretch’s) are still selling the promised land in leelanau county, mi. now there is one thing written in the religion is that I do destroy things. ISIS is reading the Realtor’s guides also, things like craiglist. and the clergy support it telling the sellers they will go heaven if they don’t listen to ME. and sheriffs wife is on the internet saying she is against GOD. what will the inn do. the muslims want to get into the promised land to visit. and every scripture said no. if you don’t believe ME, other religions can ask any christian clergy if the other religion will be saved if any religion tell a christian to get fucked. GOD doesn’t like being told to get fucked either. ISN’T THAT RIGHT NAYDUE!

  56. GOD says:

    1-22- twenty fifteen REMEMBER 129, E-1, when Nostradamus used Your Most Serene MAJust-tee he meant GOD, 83, 9 ate teen, 107, 114, 157, 158, 22, 228, 492, 56, 586, 692, 737, 850, 923, that no man can look GOD in the eye for what has been done by them by the churches.

    So! you know where the Jew-wish, christian kings are doing! you missed a see in a riteing. sow now yur in 1095. its FRY-DAY. 4777 remove the numb-bur from one selin. line three, he will want to lie in blaa soil. being cris T angel did NOT give GOD the money crist promised. you don’t know what to tell your children about thee antichrisTs magicians. pen said he wanted to sea if anyone predicted anything and tell anyone about it.

    at home I thought because they use pen and tell her? 265. pun yur in tell ur twentieth to be through 45 knot to make it to 50 degrees the high is closer to 13, DON’T PLAY GAMES WITH YOUR SOUL. cris T did not show up with the mcmilian…

    so nancies were knot completed. loss vegas owes GOD the ground you stand on while the churches say “I” will destroy every magicians, gambler, fortune teller or any one who writes such things. I do knot live in NV.

  57. GOD says:

    from the time of moses it was said the church will cast the world into the dark ages by denying mo says, and his return to mount sigh-ahnigh, Jesus Birth, and civilization. where the both The Bible and The Quran say moses will return and speak with GOD the christians will deny reincarnation. with technology lost with the roam-an sin 2-5, Isayuh 28:20 is the bed of the Prophet that traverse city destroyed. I went to the media before it happened and they did nothing. the peace lost by a feeled we-eat thats owitty the room to pray(*) was destroyed by fire. *(in the commodes) a great commotion will erupt.
    a great war because the Prophets bed was destroyed (alexandreia). the bed-ta-win tribe know. they predicted a video game from babble-on-eon chruch. the muslims are taught to pray to GOD not to jesus and written in lower case in the Quran. with this mispelling the church will go to war. and in his-story it is proven. the black pope came foreword from the death of a king. in the west a king riding a serpant to the east to destroy the wrest of asia. hindu swam-mi. born of brittish heritage in the east a sub continnet of europe as france would no viva-kan-nada he born of spain. near-in-death the datta the 12 of January the civil war of disambiguation. he died july 4, (1902) one hunderd years later from the day he died at the age of 39.
    so what does the book of numbers mean? its from The Bible. gan-gees he had influence on fifteen people, who said arise, awake, and stop bitchin till the goal is reached. for the river swami-s in de-nile from the chriastians, and Quran. he died in studding belru math and the data was lost. they had ufosand it went down the toylet with the wrest of the images. and in his name datta you have a first great dana-kin even as a question, his name dan-I-can is a question. the answer a nu-clear war on the subcontinent.
    what your reading is every religion from moses who swam, magicians, carried a Magic Rod, killed people and armies.
    The Quran said I will return to carry the Rod of Moses and put every law in place and only the true martyrs will be in every nation, wash the shirt. 837, 101.

    the credit union that refused to set up the account so that the Tithe would not be stolen or claimed by another, has still refused to start it. and another has not come forward. so what is GOD to do whit so many faithful going to clergy with obama. they all claim to be a prophet.
    when they removed bin ladin they did not know the rite would be left in place. they freed Islam from the false prophet.

  58. GOD says:

    nasa your going to put guppy to work carrying the ark and the covenant to a solar event. first it has to be gone over before it is moved. The Bible said GOD travels with it every time it is moved.

    reno said no to funding the ark, and it was supposed to be pulled out of the water before winter. Nostradamus did certain writings of certain times and locations the first is in march.

  59. GOD says:

    it’s the black pope’s tuesday.
    I don’t know how to explain that GOD already changed that law. I have been writing it for years. the mormons said that they are changing it. that is hypocrisy upon the world.

    scriptures say I will use the words from the scriptures. I never said I would allow them to speak anything.

    so what good is romney? he is just another useless sow trying to lead people to failure. that way the people don’t follow ME. they tell the people they know the way to GOD. and it’s written right here on this web site that all religions read. the church said I will send them to hell if they were gay. only a fool will follow a church. the antichrist say they will carry the cross across asia and make them tremble with fear if they do not abide by the laws of GOD. they will faint just from the sight of the cross, but Jesus did not. they must be placed upon it like Jesus did to save their soul, and I will have mercy for them when they die.

  60. GOD says:

    tarus and lira, ephesus 152 septen-trion, leo 356, 357 (pair us bridge) Leo, Lee, Lion (wiki)

    882- spar possibly 883 (sail)

    fore even Thee Quran said Satan
    even he is of the flesh all things in place
    He seeks his own domain

    saturn and mars fiery equal


    el meaning mighty, look astronomy

    1792 (E-42) look up numbers in E-42
    while the valet knew he was in a SUPER bol (what due you want turley) Satan Says He is your lawyer! pope due.

    turley you are no attorney!

    I am destroying the u.s. with your officials.

    W.H.O.asked ME two do wit 543 for I am knot the tex-ass gov-in-ur. fore which is atom is witch evary nay-shun. fun fore nun-are patriots. they have know way to get their eyes to get plucked out. what did I tell you turley?

    fore weather you like it turley. the whethers in the manes

  61. GOD says:

    hey dickhead prezzy I never sent anybody to speak for GOD. you were the one who started the war. and you and merkel both refused to talk Putin earlier.

  62. GOD says:

    king ab dull uhh. the thingy about religion is they all say that you don’t get a trip to diz-knee land if you don’t listen to ME.

  63. GOD says:

    isn’t it facinating that a jesuit is telling the world that they are going to war with Russia while they still keep the antichrist machine working telling Russia to, surrender or else.

  64. GOD says:

    all popes read, Joel 2:17

  65. GOD says:

    Jeremiah 13: 1-11
    11. sayeth the LORD; that they might

  66. GOD says:

    hey nasa, you missed the first reading from thee ark of the covenant. all that left is to stare at the sun. Revelation 22:18

  67. GOD says:

    7,752,295,061 was once a number to NV. now it is a number to nv. the seventh seal was opened by aN BC. they cut themselves off from GOD.
    they will be killed by the Forefront in bore-dough (the knows trois dom is Quote).
    as sarah pale-in said, ” you better have a come to jesus moment “.
    sarah palin ! Jesus said to convert to islam. he loves a convert.
    Read Genesis : a sword was placed in The Garden of Eden by God to prevent people from returning…
    from the beginning. the jews and the muslims were fighting back then. then came the Christians.
    the anti-christ will have a powerful army to kill those that are true … the whole world will relish it. the killing of the few, in jesus name, the world will deny God. those who fight in Gods Name will be killed, They will be the true martyrs as jesus said.

  68. GOD says:

    Tamron Hall contact channel 7& 4, traverse city, mi. for MY email address.

  69. GOD says:

    I contacted a number of people by email to come visit ME. they are the ones that claim they can hear ME telepathically when I am watching t.v.

  70. GOD says:

    what does a president that is from a culture that called their kings living gods in the past tell their people when they return that they only came to see the antichrist. obi just get your butt in car. you don’t need a body guard with ME. you know where I am. you can talk about anything you want to.

  71. GOD says:

    last night on Charlie rose (4-29-2015) the night before I could not hear the complete report. the world has left GOD in the cold. caleb van horn stomps around the above ME when ever I do something supernatural. caleb is in 4950 s. maple city road maple city Michigan apt number seven.
    there were many different things that were supposed to be posted today.

  72. GOD says:

    I can not hide nor do I try to, I can watch a car go by and they can look back right into MY eyes from over a hundred feet away. so I know MY address is being blogged anyway.

  73. GOD says:

    I remember some of the kids in grade school asked ME if I was GOD.
    I said, no! but they insisted! I said, if I am then you have to give ME everything, The Bible said that it is fraud to give to anyone else but ME. every church has to give ME everything.
    the fraud has been going on for over fifty years, and there is now way I was hidden any where from clergy. they still drive by where I’ve been and tell ME to pray for help. that is fraud. so what you cops did is fraud!

  74. GOD says:

    if theo dore could see what is going on, he would roll over in his grave. from reading any newspaper he would see its happening.
    things like passing laws that say children can or can not own a pellet gun, is really calling the people dumb, and proves it.
    if you listen to stories of any clergy when they were children, you would have heard why they hated their lives. nobody would listen to them. so they flock you into something they call holy, and to hell with those who do not follow.

  75. GOD says:

    you must be strong in MY WORD only, not in the word of another. this is in every religion.

  76. GOD says:

    if you control the press in any way using money, office, police.
    you will know why the pilgrims left. this being seen by the founding fathers they put forth a new nation unto GOD knowing that Jesus would come again.

  77. GOD says:

    it’s past time wendy damonte. the f.b.i. has this on paper: that I have to talk to the ones on tv that I first understood that people could really hear ME, they would have to come to ME, and hope nothing was not ruined along the way.
    wendy damonte was given a list of some of those reporters. the reason for the meeting of so many from different stations was is I do not do exclusives. since the interview is past, the same list of reporters still show up and tell ME what they hear and do not hear so I understand what to do.
    if they do not show up they will destroy the country with the press and not see it happening. the F.B.I. can not instill Biblical Law and know I can’t win without destroying over three quarters of the earths population. the f.b.i. is employed by the antichrist. if they get involved there will be zero law enforcement after this is over. they have this on paper since 9-11. and the cia is doing their nail biting. its only supposed to be two thirds of the earths population killed.
    in any scripture it is written they will be fighting to save their soul, while businesses are destroying the earth. wendy, if your family is involved in real estate and you threw that list away, the world is going to find out you judged ME.
    wendy never answered by e-mail.
    I am tired of hearing people complain about the news, that families are in business, or have friends that are, and they cover stories that help them. and the same for an election.
    if you can’t read what is written, then maybe you should have come to see ME as written. I do not preach. I predict with scriptures using jokes because it is written. so come on over cbs this morning. MY Wife tells ME there is some kind of problem with a slow computer, and it’s easier for you guys to explain to ME in person. time is ticking on several things that have nothing to do with the government.
    when in reno wendy said a damn damn on a business report and I slammed her ass. and I said, is she in real estate… only a realtor would say that. she actually used the news to sell real estate.

  78. GOD says:

    last night I watched part of about charlie hebdo, on charlie rose, then watched david letterman. with every word answered by the pressy prez he hung his own ass. I have never seen a man cut his own throat so exquisitely with everything he said. good questions david letterman.
    the antichrist said he was going to the church not ME, and I can’t find a better way to send the world to hell.
    and the fbi and cia went: click…
    >America is the richest place on earth. they brag about their faith, wealth, and how they give ME everything.
    IN TRUTH : I live on welfare in a low income apartment while all the clergy steal. so tell your children the truth. the fbi and cia are shitting in their pants because GOD is forced to live in poverty, by the people of the richest nation.
    they run elections to put more officials in office that are run by churches, mosgues and synagogues that have clergy that by fraud tell the people they will go to heaven. the Leelanau sheriff told ME I was not to tell anybody they will go to hell or they will arrest ME. for speaking the truth like The Bible said I would do. so I am telling the world you go to hell when you die, no matter who you are, just like it says in all scriptures. that means even every newborn child that dies or their grand mother.
    so how can the press and people go to any sports stadium, even those that are televised. they have clergy in them, and I don’t watch to impress the people. even though that’s what they think. they make ME struggle every month. the stations run ads to give to a charity, and churches and deny ME by doing so.
    charlie hebdo mocked every person in scripture, then piss and moan about freedom of speech when some body shot their asses for blasphemy. airing any person who speaks against ME for charity is blasphemy also.
    >I just want you news casters to know how your being judged when you die. not one of you has tithed.
    you complain when I watch one more than the other.
    everyone on the earth owes ME ten percent.
    how can any news caster say they are being blessed when I’m doing MY Job. you haven’t reported one who has tithed ME a penny. not even your parents. they sit at home watching news and not one news caster has tithed, which is actually known and being recorded then watched globally for each blasphemy.
    >The Promised land is being destroyed, and nobody is covering it in the news. it’s your history being destroyed. so who’s the fool? *
    has any body at a white house, and any other government office press conference ever asked why Jesus Father is made to live in shame and the white house promotes it ?
    >if you have freedom of the press then every member better get off their fucking asses. the ark of the covenant was lost because of the press. I dare you motherfuckers to record the Real history of GOD, the True Church, the Holy Family one of them is MY Mothers Sister.
    this place was supposed to be a World Park not a Megacity. they were to walk in the path of GOD, and know it as it was in the time of Prophecy. it will be the same paths and buildings preserved.
    the Mitt and the U.P. are sacred, as Holy Ground it is written, it will be preserved as a sanctuary for all mankind to “visit and talk with GOD”.
    >years ago I would feel bombs go off in the middle east with suicide bombers and I could feel every soul enter… and still do feel when they die. some of them do hurt when they enter… when they die they come to ME in an instant. because I’m universal they come from other worlds also. so I don’t know what you hear on tv when I go: DON’T!
    I am the universe and constantly in a loop. it is called an outer body experience, and people see ME.
    * you reporters are recording your own blasphemies forever, using news papers, magazines, comic strips, movies, etc. and don’t even know your recoding your own judgments, and people watch you right on tv.

  79. GOD says:

    the purpose of the church was for ME to have a meeting hall, and a furnished place to live in any community for any length of time. for ME to sleep when I visit any town in the world when I wish to visit people. they have turned MY house into a den of thieves.
    The Scriptures said they will be killed for trespassing.

  80. GOD says:

    GENESIS 24:7 is of The Trinity coming to the earth. and everything given to GOD.

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