What The Fuck Is Wrong With America?

I’ll make this quick and full of pomp and outrage:

What kind of fucking country do you live in where you have to debate whether torturing someone is a crime? What kind of country do you live in when you can spend 3 years prosecuting the President for a consensual sexual act but won’t prosecute a President for authorizing illegal wiretaps and torturing people? What kind of country do you live in where the supposed ‘spiritual’ and ‘religious’ leaders think it’s OK to torture non-Christians? What kind of country do you live in where you can’t even use the word ‘torture’ but have to say ‘interrogation techniques’? What kind of country do you live in when their Nuremberg defense (‘We were just following orders’) becomes the mantra for not holding war criminals accountable for their actions? What kind of country do you live in where a major candidate in a Presidential primary openly advocates for doubling the size of America’s illegal detention centers and increasing the use of torture?

Obama, you won the fucking election. Everyone despises Bush and his administration — they spent 8 years spitting on international law, good sense, and common decency. Fucking prosecute them. God damnit.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    There’s this thing.. it’s called… moving to another country. Your bitching isn’t doing anything. Kill yourself

    • Anonymous says:

      Wrap yourself in the American flag and bend over for Corporate America. You’ve been doing it figuratively for years, why don’t you do it literally you tea bagging piece of shit.

  2. Anonymous says:

    We must have monsters defending us. We must have men who are moral, who are filled with love, but who have the strength to do monstrous things in defense of the things they love. You cry that torture is immoral, would you not do anything, everything in your power to save someone you loved? Think of your mother, your daughter, your brother or sister. If I told you that one man had the information needed to save their life, would you not do anything, everything you needed to do to get that information? Where would you stop?

    I wouldn’t. The life of someone I love is worth so much more than the life of someone who has put them in danger. I say that, no one else, although you can blame Darwin if you absolutely need someone to blame. I would torture that man to save my sisters life. I would shove needles under his fingernails, put cigarettes out in his eyes, electrocute him slowly, if it meant I might gain the life of my sister. My mother. My wife.

    Would you? What cost do you set by the people you love?

  3. Anonymous says:

    You. you who profess to be filled with love for your fellowman, you who would do so little to save him. You are weak. You are tiny, and you should be ashamed, for you deny that which has made you able to say the things you do. There is always murder behind freedom, dear heart, although that murder is that of those who would take freedom away from you. Your grace will never be untouched by the blood of those who fought for it mixed the blood of those who fought against it.

    When we speak, we should do so with the memory not only of those whose blood allows us to do so, but also of those whose blood was spent so effortlessly trying to make us stop.


    Can’t we agree that torture, imprisonment, etc. are all not ideal methods, but sometimes we have to use them. The world isn’t an ideal place. Even if I don’t get killed by a terrorist, I only have so long to live. I could get cancer. I could get in a car crash. Whatever.

    In response to defending your family. Sure. I might go pretty far if I knew they had the information. But if there were only a small chance, I wouldn’t. The issue most people have is that they are detainees who are suspected of something. Citizens who are suspected of murder in the US have rights. Just because they are from another country, do you want them brought here and treated with no rights? All I’m saying is they need some sort of evidence that they have the information, or that they are actually guilty of something, before they will have public support. They probably do, but you can’t just hand over all that information to the public.

    Years later, we might look back at all of this and say “wow, I’m sure glad we stopped terrorists from nuking the USA by torturing a few scumbags”. OR we could be saying “well damn, we did all that for nothing, and repeated tons of mistakes from past wars”. As citizens who aren’t given access to the majority of our country’s intelligence, we can’t say until that time comes that it’s revealed – if it comes – for all to see. Even then, good luck getting solid information. I’m sure history itself is already distorted so badly…

    One of the things that made me think all that is the other poster who mentioned Bush might have actually had more information abuot something – maybe other than WMDs – that made what he did worthwhile. It’s like they say, you can’t always believe what you see. I’ll admit I’m not too happy with how we’ve been handling things, and I’m straight pissed at some of the politics with big corporations, greed, etc. But, some of it may be justified, if we only knew.

  5. SKEDDY says:

    WTF, who cares, torture the bastards, I don’t care who it is if they plan on bring down our country it is them or me. Do what has to be done to prevent them from there crazy mentality. How many virgins do they get??? Does it say that the virgins are even female??? LOL and why does someone want a virgin??? It’s nice when you don’t have to teach the girl what to do, LOL

    Sorry, they are all messed up and I don’t agree with that article at all. That article is basically saying that America is full of SHHHHITTTT… I will tell you one thing this was the best country to live in, now with the new president you might as well move to a communistic / Marxist country, he has destroyed what took over 200 years to fight for in 4 months.

    Why did we even fight the British and have the Boston tea party anyway, Obama has just destroyed everything we have fought for. Oh and now we cant say Global war on Terror, Bull shit… Remember, A trillion one dollar bills will reach 68,000 miles high.

    Do people forget we are at war??? So when does a terrorist have rights, do you think you can negotiate with them and then they won’t hurt you???? What is going on with this mind set? You never had this BS during WWII, the whole country was behind the effort. The only thing that has changed is now, people can see what really happens in real time in war and then they think, oh know well we should not do that…. BS…. I am sorry for anyone that we have lost to any war, but I will not have them die in vain and without cause, at least they stood up for us and didn’t sit and ridicule our country for treating terrorist bad. Give me a break.

    Freedom does not and never has came without a price and that is what we used to stand for, now we are letting the government choose our choices, from medical to cars and banks… it’s not America when we have the government making our choices.

    Just remember that a Trillion Dollars stacked in ones will reach 68,000 miles into the sky and how many more trillions are the Dems approving for more stimulus? Right now our president has spent more than all the other presidents combined in only for months and that is just the start of his spending. Big Government has never worked and will never… Read More work. Oh so you want free medical? well look at Canada, they have to wait in line and takes 5 months and then if they want good care they need an insurance policy on top of that, and where do they come when they have that??? yes, USA. 98% of the Doctors that come to USA from Canada to learn never go back, because they don’t make any money over there. And if they don’t get paid for what they do, then quality goes away. Oh yea, who pays for it, the people do, yes a 12 pack of beer cost 35 dollars and one pack of smokes oh well that would be 24 dollars… oh and gas, yes 6.50 / gallon. It is so nice to have free medical care isn’t it?

    Oh Ms. Noonan, the lady that wrote the article on top, I think you are part of the Al-Qaeda network, you are a terrorist sympathizer. You need to find a country where they don’t eat meat at all, and then your kids can go play in sports without scores, and learn a different language because you sure are not an English speaking person with any kind of common sense who likes freedom and will do what they must to protect it. Just LEAVE YOU ARE NOT WANTED HERE. BUT THEN AGAIN, OUR NEW ADMINISTRATION DOES NOT BELIEVE THAT ENGLISH SHOULD RULE OVER THE OTHER LANGUAGES AND HE MADE IT CLEAR ON HOW UNINTELLECTUAL HE THINKS THE PEOPLE OF AMERICA IS AND THAT IS WHY WE NEED HELP. GIVE ME A BREAK…….. SHOW US YOUR COLLEGE RECORDS MR OBAMA, OPEN YOUR PUBLIC RECORDS, YOU ALREADY WON, WHAT ARE YOU HIDING?

    The Truth about Iraq and the WMD’s.

    Russia removed the WMD’s because all the parts and equipment used to manufacture the WMD’s were sold to Iraq by Russia and Russia did not want the truth be known.

    Russia pulled off the largest covert mission ever design and fooled all of our intelligence officials in every way, it is now known as the best covert mission in history.

    Not only was Russia supplying them with the WMD’s but they were directly involved in the Oil-For-Food Scandal along with France, China and Korea. That is why Russia and France Vetoed the UN involvement from joining the war in the first place. http://archive.newsmax.com/archives/articles/2006/2/18/233023.shtml

    Do you remember the Israel / Hamas & Hezbollah war, when Hamas & Hezbollah kidnapped the two Israeli soldiers from the Gaza Strip? Israel has been waiting for a conflict to happen with Hamas & Hezbollah for a very long time and escalated the attacks on Hamas & Hezbollah at that time of the kidnapping hoping that the Lebanon backed Hamas & Hezbollah would start up in retaliation of the attacks in the Gaza strip.

    Well Hamas & Hezbollah did retaliate against Israel. That was the whole plan, see in order to uncover the WMD’s that were hidden on the border of Lebanon and Syria we needed Israel to go in and uncover the location, which is still being guarded 24 / 7 365 in the Syria and Lebanon border.

    But what happened, oh yea, the corrupt UN, stepped in and saved the day for the Hamas & Hezbollah Terrorists because the UN does not want it to be known where the weapons are. They want Bush to go down as the worst President ever because of the scandals that United States uncovered with the UN and many of the country’s that have Veto power within the UN.

    Another fact that everyone needs to know about is that in October of 2001, Kaddafi changed his tune and started turning against some of his most loyal officials and set them up to make it look like he was on our side and capitalized on the setup and arrests of many Muslim Terrorists that until then were employed by Hamas & Hezbollah. And then all of a sudden Kaddafi would start to change his tune even more, because he wanted a seat in the UN. In 2003 following the wake of the Iraq invasion Kaddafi surprises the United States by turning over 55,000 LBS of a nuclear program that it was secretly putting together.

    First off, do you really think Kaddafi is trying to please the US and wants to be on our side? I don’t think so. He made a deal with Osama Bin Laden and gave him refuge for big money. Who would expect Osama to be hiding out in Kaddafi’s Palaces? NO ONE!!! Then in 2006 Kaddafi or Libya has a seat with the United Nations, boy that would give Osama direct intelligence to what is going on against him, along with Coffee Annan who was the head of the UN during the Oil-For-Food scandal and who is still in charge of the UN. The UN has stopped the US from finding the WMD’s and will continue to paralyze this country until we are finished.

    Now you see Kaddafi is joining forces with Russia and buying up weapons again, hmmm so what happened? Figure it out people, the UN should be abolished, it has not helped solve any problems it is the problem, they are not even helping Darfur.

    So I want the reward money, lets go get Osama Bin Laden.

    Supposedly, the FBI does not have enough evidence to link Osama Bin Laden to the 911 attacks. And on April 4th of this year an independent study concluded that thermite was present in the debris from 911, effectively proving that it must have been a controlled demolition. To this date, no one has offered up a valid explanation as to why building 7 collapsed, as it was not hit by any plane.

    Oh Erik, your not buying into that missile shit… they do have parts of the plane… you should watch the documentary on debunking that shit these guys are coming up with. It is just like us not ever going to the moon. LOL.. Anyway, Michael Moore is a complete fool along with Soros. Anyway I hope someday you will see past that shit.

    Well anyone can claim responsibility. When the leaders of the world talk about the NWO in their own words, it’s kind of hard to dismiss that. Even if they had WMD’s, you do not attack another nation unless they attack you first. Even the bible says “An eye for an eye” not “Poke out everyone’s eye that has looked at you funny.”

    The fact that he used WMD’s in the past and was not complying with any of the guidelines that were given and that he had raped and pillaged another country just to get some money after being bankrupt after a war, he did leave many choices for him self. He had to go, he had the chances and fucked up. Not only that but we did find mass genocide there in many places and he violated all human rights and conditions imposed by common law.

    Sadam Hussein was a piece of shit, no doubt about that. The Bush Admin knew exactly what they were doing by invading Iraq: Stirring up the hornets nest.

    Huda Hussein, Sadam Hussein’s son and Osama’s right hand man did have ties, we did find documentation on that and it was prior to 911. Ayman al-Zawahiri, the second in command with headed by Ayman al-Zawahiri, who became second-in-command of Al-Qaeda was planning on assassinating key figures in Britain, Huday gave them the palaces to use in Iraq where they planned the attacks, so know one can say they didn’t have ties.



  6. Anonymous says:

    Fuck you! Non-American’s aren’t people, so we can torture them all we want! All that matters is protecting the homeland so we can continue to pretend the outside world doesn’t exist! Bald eagles and BBQ baby, wooooooooooooooooooo-hoo!

  7. Anonymous says:

    you are a fucking waste of life kill yourself obama is the biggest fuck to ever walk. you love killing unborn children and sucking dick you fag. just go die and let us real Americans live. I can not believe our men have died in all the wars so you can breath why did your mom not believe in abortion!

    • Anonymous says:

      Your kind is the reason America has no hope.

    • LAL says:


  8. Anthony says:

    Real Americans, Water boarding, Calling people fags blaming other people, this blog has gone on long enough. We all need to be optimistic, have a smile on your face, look forward to your day, smile at people, YOU DO NOT WANNA END UP LIKE ME TWO YEARS AGO. I was miserable I had everything that sucked. Food Allergies, Chron’s disease, Depression, I was socially inept and OCD, oh ya and ADHD. Everybody realize if you keep blaming others and just plain being a douchebag, Then your not going to live your life, and by the way the debate is so un-american comment, well guess what this is a debate, yes this blog is a debate, and you are americans. Well guess what debating is very american so here it is “THINK FUCKING HAPPY THOUGHTS” (period)

  9. Ram says:

    what country do we live in where we cant even keep our train systems clean; the same train systems that we need to survive? what kind of country do we live in where the mentally unstable dance in the center of the busiest street in NY? what kind of country do we live in where the gap between the poorest and the richest man is almost infinite…

  10. Bobby Larson says:

    I think America is total bullshit. This is the land of oppurtunity? HA! We’re so fed up with ourselves we can’t stand it. Isn’t it funny that our health care is fucking outrageous. If I’m not mistaken Canada and Great Britain both have free health care while we’re robbing people making them pay thousands for an overnight stay. When I consider all this I have to just laugh. First of all, to make America better we got to get our mind off money. It’s the fuel to every fire in America and it’s what’s bringing us down. We spend millions, billions, hell I dont know, on nuclear missiles that are just sitting until they are ready for use. It also costs thousands to maintain these nuclear missiles. But where is the people of America? We’re scrounging around for the little money that we can get. How can a government spend millions on useless shit while people are dying, losing their jobs, and in poverty? It pisses me off to think that while I’m sitting here thinking about how I’m going to keep making my money while the government is spending money on a war they shouldn’t be in. I’m not going into the war though because it pisses me off so much… As I sit here and watch Obama on T.V. I cannot understand why he smiles while he talks about healthcare in America, Al Quaeda and other bullshit that we’re supposed to be worried about. How did America end up being so corrupt, so money hungry that we are letting our own people die? There are a lot of unanswered questions about America, and one being how is America still even alive? What the hell is going on, most of America is in debt, thousands, or doesn’t have money at all.. where is this money going? It’s going on shit that we don’t need, shit that’s not a necessity. They speak as if they just want everything good to happen for America but they don’t take actions to do it. America is corrupt, that’s for sure and I believe the constitution started off as “We the people” not “We the Government” and I think that about sums it up… WHAT THE FUCK IS AMERICA DOING? please, if you would like to talk to me about America, or anything at all feel free to email me.


    A citizen of a corrupt nation

  11. help says:

    The problem with our country is not that we torture people( which is logically wrong and just fucked up) our problems lie in the fact that all of us, people who agree or disagree are so caught up in just trying to live our lives. going to work, paying bills, getting married, starting a family. most people bust their ass their whole lives just to get by. Most people are just happy to have the weekend off and party with some friends. this leaves little to no time for the average person to make a difference with out sacrificing some of the before mentioned things. so who is left to make the decisions that effect more than just themselves and people that are close to them. the good ol career politicians many of which are totally disconnect from what we would consider real life at least on the federal level. i dont think they are all corrupt but the shit i see on the news every day makes me sick and i know im not the only one. ive thought about this for years. our constitution is a brilliant document but its a few people that fuck it up for the masses. there will never be a utopia but to all those people that can rationalize that we are just a war country and that water boarding someone is ok, your lack of compassion for your fellow man and your total disregard for our county pissing on our constitution doesn’t disgust me it breaks my heart that you don’t have one ethical bone in your bodies unless in concerns you. the patriot act is a big deal breaking the Geneva convention is a big deal. giving up your freedom is a big deal. you can give your life for your country in war and you can give your life for your country by being in the twin towers on 9/11. neither are logical but if you not willing to accept that something bad like that might happen then what is freedom. at least those people had the freedom to choose to be in those towers that day. we could have honored them by rallying around each other to do some good but instead we decided to kill 300,000 innocent people. all in the name of freedom. any society willing to give up a little liberty to gain little security will deserve neither and lose both Benjamin Franklin

  12. Anonymous says:

    No one says you HAVE TO LIVE HERE.

  13. Troy says:

    I think that anyone that thinks the democrats or the republicans are worth anything other then target practice is a crack baby. They hate you, you are irrelevant to them. The republicans only care about big business and the democrats only care about freaks, tree huggers and fags. Neither party cares about the working man or woman. As far as waterboarding towelheads is concerned, skin them alive! They want to kill me, you, your family and your friends. Bush broke spending records, and obama is gonna break those records. Thomas Jefferson said ” a government big enough to give you everything is big enough to take it all away”

  14. Troy says:

    It has been well-established by documented scientific research that blacks, or “niggers”, operate mentally at the level of a slow child.

  15. irteh says:

    what is wrong with america… lol.. if you are american, you won;t really get it. you gotta see it from outside the fishbowl. trust me the rest of the world knows.

  16. Anonymous says:

    how about people like my wife and i, hard workers, paying taxes, yet we cant get a home, but fucking illegal immigrants get all the fucking things they want. i cant wait to get out this fucking shit hole we like to call america

  17. Noel Barrett says:

    What the fuck is wrong with America is people like you, who can only whine like petulant bitches, but who offer no solutions as to what to do. You’re the problem. Not the whining solution. Get off your ass and do something positive.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Obama serves the Jews, just like Bush. Why do you think his chief of staff is an ex IDF soldier?

  19. zach says:

    what kind of country can you speak your mind openly and not be beheaded in public?

    what kind of country lets your kids have the best chance for a successful future?

    what kind of country can you not be discriminated against for your race, religion, sex or opinion?

    what kind of country’s leaders fight for our safety every day?

    AMERICA you ignorant liberal tool. love him or hate him, G.W. Bush kept this country running through one of the hardest times since its beginning.

    AND HE KEPT US ALL SAFE. what he did is the cost of freedom.

    America isnt perfect, ill be the first to admit it. but you would be WHOLE lot worse off anywhere else.

    ill end with this… if you dont love America, then GET THE FUCK OUT!

    • Rick says:

      You get the fuck out you republican puke. You piece of dog shit! Kids have a chance at what? Learning how to fuck over their neighbors? Get a degree and can’t get a fucking job because republican pukeazoids let wall street and the banks run amuck. fuck you and your blind eyes

    • BeastModeFromBTown says:

      Actually, you get all that in Britain too, minus the retardedness, increased levels of homosexuality, and straight up racism. Hence why Britain has always, and always will be the best. We’ve not ‘lost’ a war since the Crusades, and before any of you yanks say we lost to you, NO we didn’t. Just because your propaganda history books teach you bullshit, that doesn’t make it correct. The rest of the world knows that Britain only withdrew from America because a. At the time, it was a worthless barren shit hole, and b. We were at war Napoleons France, a much bigger threat than you floor scrubbers with your pitchforks. We came back in 1812 though, and burned WAshington to the ground. It’s true, google it.

  20. Anonymous says:

    You think that the pieces of shit that are trying to kill innocent people should have rights? Yeah those same people hate you and want you dead. If torturing those sub-human monsters will save lives then it is worth it. Sometimes nothing short of torture will get the truth and if that’s what it takes then great. By the way they were not tortured because they are non-christian they were tortured because they were terrorism suspects.

    • Kit says:

      How do you know that they are trying to kill people if they haven’t been tried and convicted? People who torture innocent people are worse than those who kill innocent people, and I for one do not want innocent people tortured in my name. There is a reason we have laws and judges and everyone must be accountable.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Nicely said…

  22. The same type of goverment that will also not help out an American who served in the Marines and HAD to do two fucking tours to Iraq. Now I’m out and I cant get free insurance because I make too much from my GI Bill? And I dont even have a fucking JOB!!!! I cant get help with Medicaid, neither can my fiance` and she doesnt have a job, nor can she get one since she is white and NOT FUCKING BI-LINGUAL…we live in Middle Florida, and since neither of us are fucking bilingual “Spanish Speaking” neither of us can get jobs. We moved down here for me to go to school and its been 4 months and she has applied to over 225 jobs and no more than 2 have called or emailed her…saying they were interested. What the fuck is wrong with that picture? I’m soo fucking sick of this bullshit bass-akward country….its makes me soo sick and want to go on a fucking rampage. Im sick of all these foreigners coming in our country, getting free shit EVERYWHERE…hand outs…free money, free school, free food, free rights…yeh this is the land of the free….FREE FOR FUCKING EVERYBODY ELSE THAT COMES HERE!!!! FUCK THIS COUNTRY—


  23. Kit says:

    But Semper FI, I don’t think you understand. I bought a yellow ribbon, I SUPPORT THE TROOPS.

  24. Anonymous says:

    This is why this country needs to declare conservatism national dogma and establish an inquisition to root out heresy.

  25. Julia says:

    America is Fucked up country.
    without citizenship its soo fucking hard to live here.
    i mean its not my fault that i don’t have $500,000 to pay for the citizenship.
    What the Fuck americA?
    Land of the free??? BULLL SHITTT BULLLLL!!!!!!!!
    for the last 4 years i have lived in so much poverty and pain that at this point literally im about to kill myself.
    Im scheduled for a court trial for living here illegally on december 21 but you know i wasn’t illegal for 7 years i’ve been here it was the last 4 years of my 11th year that screwed me up.
    i came here when i was in 3rd grade and now english is the only language i read and speak.
    if on that court day i get deported to my old country, my life would be just down the drain.
    i cna’t even go to college here because i can’t get financial aid since i don’t have a social security number.
    I’ve STUDIEEDD during school all i got was A’s and B’s never gotten a F in my life and THIS is how i get repayedd???
    Land of the free??? BULLL CRAAPP AMERICA!!!
    you citizens have it easy!
    its not so easy for someone like me.
    I know this place wasn’t for this kind of comment but i just needed to write this somwhere and when i typed in fucking america this is where is led me.
    srry but i just needed someone to read this and ackknowlege im here.
    if i do get deported… i am mentally ready to kill myself and hopefully be happy there.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Wow you are one dumb bitch. Whats wrong with our country is that every one is worried about offending people to much to do a damn thing. America shouldn’t be the worlds police but if we don’t people think were being rude and mean for not helping. America has problems of its own it needs to worry about. As for President Bush he was your fucking President show him some respect, do you know everything that he did when he was making the decisions that had to be made? Do you want to think about what could have happened if he had done nothing and Saddam did have bio weapons? No intelligence will ever be perfect so you have to go with what you have and if your wrong it sucks but at least you did something to try and make it better. If you don’t like America then please leave, go to some other country and try spouting off about your leader and see what happens to you then. Personally I hope you do and when you get abducted and hopefully tortured for a very long time before they finally kill you think about how America was the country where you were allowed to say you opinion, just like I am now, without being killed for it.

  27. Joshua says:

    The problem with America is you people are paranoid and afraid someone is coming to take your freedom from you. Well they are already here dumbasses, its called the Federal Government. I’m voting for another Civil War so we can have wholesale slaughter of Republicans (and eliminate the culture of fear) and other ignorants who make the country less desirable. The only problem with all of your rationale for torture is that you don’t care about human beings. You people sicken me, call me a pussy or whatever you want, but at least I have respect for life. Maybe we should waterboard your ninety year old ass and see how you like it. The tactics that they use on the enemy will be used on us eventually, and if you can’t see that, then I can’t help you. Freedom isn’t free, but I won’t sacrifice integrity to protect it. Maybe you Republicans are the ones who should leave the country, because we’re making gun laws, abortion rights, healthcare reform, and maybe even outlawing the dumb shit rhetoric of religion. This won’t be “your country” for too much longer, and I thank the President every day for that. I’m cheering for Civil War, so the North can win again!

  28. Anonymous says:

    Whats wrong with America? People like the person who wrote this paragraph about obama impeaching bush. Let me guess your in your mid twentys and think obamas cool right! wake up!One thing we agree on is bush was a horrible president. But if you buy into this crap obama spews from his huge hole of lies and trying to turn america into socialized nation then iI feel sorry for you and every other person that supports this man. he will be the down fall of this nation. Its not about Republician or Democrat. We are Americans, and human beings that are divided by parties from the get go. We are one nation, its time to start acting like it and quit buying the bull shit that our leaders are selling us. I am a small business owner, and follow politics very closly. I am in the business world and obama is killing us. Grant it sure bush started this mess, and obama is taking it to a whole nother level.Let me ask you question? Let me guess you dont follow politics but are strongly opionated mid twentys that thinks obamas cool. What has the government we fund with the tax and fees that we are forced to pay, that the majority of our own leaders and the ones in office as we speak have avoided paying the same taxes, dont live under the same health care or retirment plans as we do done for you but take your money and break empty promises. Go ahead and get on the obama train of bull shit empty lies and be a sucker for the hope and change slogan cause thats all it is.Like every other politician that bull shits us to get a vote. Step up and hold the government accountable for the lies and the scandles and the unjust wars we continue to fight mr, Im gonna bring our troops home obama, full of shit. This guy is a joke like most of our greed power hungry leaders that dont give a damn about you or me. I dont want to hear you are a repub or a demo, Sounds like blood and crips to me, even the same blue and red to distingish their parties. Organized crime that doesnt live by the same laws and struggles we do. We are human being and americans that are letting our leaders divide us and exempt themselves from laws the enforce on us. And for the health care. REALLY!!!! People are really buying this crap. Yes we need reform no we dont want the government to take it over. For them to even call it free health care is nuts. People come from other countries to get into america because we are different, we have rights and freedoms unlike their own countries that have half ass health care and government control, see any similarities to obamas future for america. Looks like we are taking a million steps back when we are the supposed superpower of the world that helps every other country, yet we are going to copy there failed and enjust ways. Sounds like king and queens and we are the peasants. Why did congress exempy themselves from the health plan thats is supoose to be so great for us. Shouldnt they be the first on board. Hell no, they no they are selling shit and some dumb ass will buy it. Lead by example!AND THAT IS WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH AMERICA!

  29. meg says:

    I cant even begin to say half the things iv thought whilst reading this rant and subsequent comments…firstly-well said word of the day,but i would extend it to the whole world,not just the usa!!!!!!WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON? i cant bear the overwhelming amount of pain and suffering going on to our fellow humans!i cant bear the Pain and destruction being raged against humans and nature by a limited number of powerful and influential humans! i just cant bear it any more!!!!!!AND EVERY SINGLE PERSON WHO CAN CONDONE OR JUSTIFY TORTURE,OR ANY OTHER FORM OF KNOWINGLY INFLICTING PAIN ON A LIVING THING, IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE FUCKED UP, DISGUSTING AND DESPICABLE STATE THAT THE WORLD IS IN! i am OUTRAGED! come on human race…pull your finger out and pack your fucking egos and blinkers away!open your eyes and start truly understanding the bollocks world we live in,cus we cant change it until everyone wakes the fuck up! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!!

    i felt i had to write on here because i wanted to reach out to julia who posted on nov 21st….i wanted to say i hope you’re ok…and im sad for your suffering and send you love. i wish u luck and love for your journey whether it be in this life or the next!just wanted u to know that someone somewhere does care! x
    And to the annonymous fuck head who posted after her with cold hearted words of bile, well i really hope karma does exist and you learn some serious lessons on compassion through cold hard experience you fucking moron!!!!!

  30. Anonymous says:

    Uhh, you’re an idiot!!!

  31. Alan Riaso says:

    He also spat on the US Constitution, many many times.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Gee, what do you think of America now? Obama is pretty much falling in line with the Bush decisions! He fails to differentiate himself (or the American people) from the established mantra!
    So while completely wrecking our economy, the value of the dollar, throwing away billions of dollars (to friends) while generating no jobs, increasing the size of Govt (which has created the economic problem that we have now), and pretty much identifying himself as an dunce internationally not to be taken seriously. What do you think of change now? What do you think of what the world thinks of us now?
    Maybe you should become a czar of something….. what would that be?

  33. Anonymous says:

    Fuck prosecuting the president you fucking trader! We should kill all these fucking scumbag muslims who want a jihad and get it over with. I say we pull the fuck out of the middle east and watch these uneducated fucking monkeys exterminate each other and maybe once and for all the world will have peace. You cannot educate a fucking moronic piece of dog shit like these goatfuckers who run around dressed like fucking women with the mentality of a fucking two by four. They bring nothing to the table for the good of humanity and they leave nothing in their wake but death and destruction. The world does not and should not put up with them. The quicker we expunge these filthy vermon from this earth the better off we as a whole world will be !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. This..
    Is purely thoughtless fucking stupidity.
    You have no idea where to point the blame for problems in america so you point at the ex president because you fell in love with obama thanks to the media you blinded little fuck.
    Condoned torturing terrorists.
    These people would slit your mothers throat and fuck your sister and make you watch, they deserve torture.
    Obama is a piece of shit, robbing an entire generation, creating big government and raping the libertarian views this country was founded on.
    Bush was a piece of shit, so was clinton.
    Presidents are merely puppets, smoke and fucking mirrors people. what the fuck do you vote for anyway.
    Youre a blind fucking brainless narrow mided fucking retard and i hope you open that stupid fucking head of yours one day, drop the fucking politics and think for yourself you stupid little fuck fucking little chicken fuck!.

    my rant is done.
    and its better than yours.

  35. what kind of country? as you’ve already said, “fucked up”. if not for my wife and daughters, i’d have killed myself ages ago and been done with it all…quite literally, fuck ’em all…

  36. Anonymous says:

    fuck you you skank

  37. Jay says:

    If you want to know what is wrong with America, see what happened today (last night) by the democratic president and democratic congress. Entitlement programs, liberals and unlimited congressional terms are what is wrong with America.

    Also, elitists such as yourself that think their ideals and “morals” if you can call them that, are best for everyone, who preach tolerance for all yet can’t tolerate a different opinion, you’re what is wrong with America.

  38. EKIM says:

    You left out the rapping of the Americans coffers, plundering the entire nations money and riches giving the rich more and bailing out the bankers and wall street moguls while selling us out , treason, well hell the only thing they didn’t do is openly shot someone on live TV just so they could say they can do anything and get away with it, well Chaney did Shot a poor old feller but he lived through it. Obama will be slurred, he don’t have a chance to really change anything, and I bet most of us really don’t believe that anyone will save us or really make a change(s) that helps us. We could insist something like no more NAFTA or imports, I know radical thinking like that might get someone killed but if we did not import that lead painted crap from China that ends up in landfills then we would have to build or produce it here meaning we would have a job to do? no that just isn’t acceptable, I have been trying to buy a house and the bank ask me to qualify with them, I laugh and pull out a report on their bank showing they have the credit problem with billions in troubled assets, so really who the hell are they to ask me to qualify if they might not even be around in 20 days? Just when did we loose our Backbone anyhow? When did “We the People” Get replaced by “You do what we say for we are in charge” Happen? I wish we could bring back our forefathers and show them just what has been going on here, they would explode, I could only imagine what they would say, it would be real nasty. So I tried to tell us back before this was happening just what was going to happen, I tried to rally the people, but did all you listen? No you didn’t for I said everyone and I mean everyone should boycott paying their Credit card bills, but no one did, you can ask the question but when giving the answers no one does anything. Why are we paying are credit card bills anyhow? We bailed out the banks and wall street and they that hold the credit cards so Even Steven right, but no not only do we bail them out but we fail to see simple facts like this, we are so indoctrinated in doing what we are told we have became the followers , the good sheep, Don’t make any trouble for yourself by saying something, hide little sheep, you made it easy for them to do whatever they want, and it continues? I know for a fact that we are the laughing stock for the world to enjoy, our education is in the gutter, Johnny cant pay his home mortgage, Betty lost her job, Mexicans have invaded and now have more rights then US born citizens? OK OK I am sorry but I have watched this Broken Glass house Paper Tiger craziness go on for along time with little more then a whimper out of us – mainly just internet rants and the like, no march on Washington, no real protest, a tea party with cookies maybe, so I have a theory and I am trying to be sort of funny when I say if I were some Alien form another world observing us here in the USA I would have to assume that our Government has us under TV Mind control because no way would any intelligent species allow what I have observed to continue. it would be like living in hell when paradise is 10 feet away, it makes no logical sense what so ever and all I could think of to answer to myself was that something nutty like TV MIND Control or something has to be the answer, any thoughts? I mean after this great collapse why are we still playing by the rules of those who created the collapse ? Why we still listening to them? We are free, are we not? Free to say all stop playing this game they have created? stop paying credit card bills with nutty interest? Stop paying for mortgages to banks we bailed out? the list goes on and on but the will to do thats our downfall, we do not stick together, we have no back bone to be the one that casts the first stone, we are the suckers, criminals have more rights, and yet you have seen this where some ripped some else off and because they had the money they got away with it, or they released a rapist just to watch him go kill and rape again. I have been screwed, yep me too, had a developer come to my small town, he bought a mall and hire my small family owned contracting company to remodel it, He got me to use my long good standing account to bring all the building materials in and and my crews to do the job, we did a real nice job, he stiffed me big time, I went to the DA could believe this guy tried this and wow this happened to me I was in shock and the DA checked him out, he had done this before, he refereed to him as a credit thief and other bad things, I thought good I will get this guy, at minimum I break even, but the DA he turned on me, it that he said well this Guy has a lot of money, OK, And he has deep pockets, yes go on, and well he has spent a lot of money buy this derelict mall down town and it will be paying taxes for years to come, so he broke the law right, I asked? Yes but we here just don’t have the budget to go after him with his deep pockets, you will have to hire an Attorney, Great, this attorney firm milked me out of what little I had left, lost my business, lost my house, got no justice, couldn’t afford it. So I have an unique understanding of these things. And I have to say that Norman Rockwell is Dead, This isn’t a country I recognize anymore, Greed prevails, I have seen the future and it is Grime. We all just look after number one, and how can we steal that dollar form the other guy, Well let me tell you about one thing that we should have learned from nature, since that is as basic as I can get this one thing I have learned, but a single ant is easy to kill and we are all for our one self, where as a colony well they stick together and they are in charge it is another story then. Quite dividing us, quite thinking it is black vs white or brown, it is Rich (Few) that control all these ants (US, many) and it just not natural at all. Wake up people…. EKIM

  39. Bill says:

    You’re a fucking idiot! Wake up, if not for our country’s sake but for your own.

  40. getsomeclarity/insanity says:

    You can’t fight city hall. Death and taxes. Don’t talk about politics or religion. This is all the equivalent of enemy propaganda rolling across the picket line. Lay down G.I.! Lay down G.I.!

    We saw it all through the 20th century And now, in the 21st century, it’s time to stand up and realize that we should not allow ourselves to be crammed into this rat maze. We should not submit to de-humanization.

    I don’t know about you, but I’m concerned with what’s happening in this world. I’m concerned with the structure. I’m concerned with the systems of control: those that control my life, and those that seek to control it even more. I want freedom, that’s what I want! And that’s what you should want! It’s up to each and every one of us to turn loose and just suck up the greed, the hatred, the envy, and yes, the insecurities, because that is the central mode of control; make us feel pathetic, small, so we’ll willingly give up our sovereignty, our liberty, our destiny. We have got to realize that we’re being conditioned on a mass scale. Start challenging this corporate slave-state!

    The 21st century is going to be a new century, not the century of slavery, not the century of lies and issues of no significance, and classism and statism, and all the rest of the modes of control! It’s going to be the age of humankind standing up for something pure, and something right. What a bunch of garbage: liberal, democrat, conservative, republican. It’s all there to control you! Two sides of the same coin. Two management teams bidding for control, the CEO job, of Slavery Inc.

    The truth is out there in front of you, but they lay out this buffet of lies. I’m sick of it and I’m not going to take a bite out of it, do you got me?! Resistance is not futile, we’re gonna win this thing, humankind is too good, we’re not a bunch of under-achievers! We’re gonna stand up, and we’re gonna be human beings. We’re going to get fired up about the REAL things, the things that matter: creativity and the dynamic human spirit that refuses to submit…

    -Alex Jones

    • voice of reason says:

      wow i think i love you…everything you just said is exactly right and i couldnt have said it better my self. the only bad part is now it is 2 years later and resistance is pretty futile now.if only everyone would open thier eyes and see what is happening.nothing will change unless we change it.” Give me liberty or give me death” Patrick Henry

  41. Anonymous says:

    you give me hope

  42. Anonymous says:

    what the fuck is wrong with you?
    If you dont like America…LEAVE asshole!

  43. vince says:


  44. Artard says:

    Now I lay me down to sleep,
    I pray the Lord my soul to keep;
    IIIIf I die before I wake,
    I pray for God my soul to take.

  45. loveamerica says:

    hey if you are so disappointed in america. Why dont you leave, all of you liberals that want to give and bend over backwards to change america for people leaving there homelands to come to ours. Get out, goodbye, then more jobs will open up for the TRUE AMERICAs that dont sit around bashing on our country, its our right to say what we want. GET OUT, PLEASE. Ungrateful dumbasses.

  46. Anonymous says:

    Fuck America!! Boil that whole shit-infested nation alive in donkey cum! Then go and burn in that hell you deluded, ignorant, corrupt, arrogant fuck-tards love to preach about so much.

    Do the world a favor America. Just fucking die! That’s about the only good thing about our already doomed economy…

    Long burn America!!

    • voice of reason says:

      dont blame the people in the country for the corrupt people that run it.true a lot of people in america arent to smart, thats to blame on the also corrupt media.they tell people what to think and pretty much brainwash the whole country.the problem is that people believe them to be all knowing and that if you dont listen your a traitor to our shithole of a country.the average american doesnt think by themselves they listen to the media.they just arent intelligent enough to see the downside to what they advertise as the only right decision.there are a lot of smart people in america too, but a lot of them also fall for the media brainwashing or just listen to thier dumb friends and believe they will be known as a bad person for disagreeing.little do they know that there is almost always a secret agenda.the government doesnt care about anyone but themselves, and they will stop at nothing for there plans to be done…nevermind, if you are still up for burning america invite me, ill at least bring the smorz

  47. f u says:

    fuck you….it’s our decision not yours

  48. Anonymous says:

    hey asswipe, concentrate now.

    I am a reasonable sort. Yes, there is some hyprocisy in the Bush mantra. But radical Islam started it. Period.

    Radical Islam forces this hypocrisy on the US. Our Founding Fathers could not fathom such idociy. Tell me what the hell is wrong with Islam? If a Christian organization (read, like lasts week’s crazy group in Fla that would burn the Koran) acts like an idiot, the Christion community resposnds, like it should. Tell me, no don’t make excuses, tell me where the response is from Islam when they continuously flaunt the human rights of all within their watch? What makes you think a non-Muslim is 2nd class? Who gave you that right, ass?

    Tired of talking about his crap. You are wrong, period. With Halal food, you add costs (usually to those who can least afford it) and decry a proven safe protien (pork). Ever heard of food science? Guess not. Good luck with that and may the food borne illness that you embrace since you don’t know a damm thing about Food Safety, keep you warmeth.

    • voice of reason says:

      that is exactly what the american leaders want you to think.try to see through all of the deception and look at how our government is tearing america and its peoples rights apart.

  49. alex says:

    I wholeheartedly agree that all these things are wrong, but they are nothing new. Clinton should be in jail for his policy toward iraq, yugoslavia, rwanda, and many others. Reagan should have spent his last days in some prison psych ward somewhere. Nice old jimmy carter was a tool of neoliberal colonialism (and his main man Zybigniew Bryzyznski or whatever is all up in this white house too) If you want to talk about torture and surveillance, you’re talking about nearly every president we’ve ever had. Look at what was done to the IWW, the Black Panther Party, EVERY effective African organization, Every effective workers’ party. Human beings were tortured, murdered in their sleep in the case of Fred Hampton, harassed through constant surveillance and much worse stuff. Many of the people who were sitting back waiting for Obama to change anything are waking up, but many are not, because of this mentality that the president would even want to do right things. the whole game is that people keep voting democrat or republican thinking there is a substantive difference, while the same humongous corporate interests finance ‘both’ parties. The answer to all your rhetorical questions is : “USA, Inc.”

  50. Anon too says:

    I agree totlly except for one thing- don’t blame Obama. I imagine there are wheels within wheels that prevent Obama from being the libitarian he wants to be- that 50% of America want him to be- so we should be grateful we have him at all. He’s doing a good job and getting too much opposition for what is right.

  51. Jenna Benzal says:

    I love you.

  52. Anonymous says:

    Fuck America

    • Anomymous says:

      Please don’t say fuck America, fuck the bureaucrats, bigots, and pieces of shit that think that their subjective thinking has more prominence over logical and rational thinking. Hey boneheads how about you try being more pragmatic in serving the American people, because you know that is your fucking jobs.

  53. Mark says:

    For 8 years I was told that if I didn’t support the president then I should “get the fuck out of America”.

    Now that the shoe is on the other foot: if you don’t support Obama, get the fuck out of America!

    Wow, it feels good to be on the other end of that retarded statement.

  54. Dino says:

    What the fuck is your major malfunction num nuts? Get the fuck out of my country! You’re a fucking disgrace to this country! Idiot mother fucker like you are why we have presidents like Obama

  55. ALAIN WUNSCHE says:


  56. the nigga next to mat klepel says says:

    we need our home boi 2pac. lets just go kill so dirty terrorist. lets go get high and bomb the middle east

  57. CB says:

    As time goes by this just gets more and more relevant.
    The list of wrongs keeps growing and our politicians are just really really weird. I can’t quite understand why extreme people on both the left and the right keep running for office. I’d gladly vote independent if I thought it’d count for something, but independent runners are usually cast aside…
    It these extremist politicians who keep messing up our country, which is a complete mess right now. It’s so messy, I find myself Googling “What the fuck is wrong with America” just to find out what’s going on.
    If our government can’t follow the law correctly, why would they expect us to? I’m tired of the hypocrisy.

  58. anonymous says:

    If you don’t like it here get out. It’s that simple. Just be lucky that you live in a country that gives you that opportunity.

  59. Fear not: vengenge is mine, sayeth the Lord – I shall repay. And, unfortunately for many in this country,s/he will.

  60. kim says:

    you are very right and i also hate it when
    its about sex and stuff

  61. dina says:

    you see this country
    always is having kids
    its always this country and africa they
    always have kids all the time the more
    people have kids the more we will starve 1 day.

  62. ass says:

    americans are assholes

  63. Anonymous says:

    you have said what is on everyone elses mind !

  64. Every question in this piece is totally legitimate. The Bush administration messed things up beyond belief, and George W. should be tried for war crimes.

  65. It’s funny how Obama gets blamed for all of our country’s problems. People forget that George W. did a miserable job trying to run our country for 8 years.

  66. Ken Boisvert-Boulder, Colorado says:

    You make some decent points but the truth of the matter is that both sides are corrupt! And the sad thing about it all is that they have “divided and conquered” all of us. The American people have been hoodwinked into believing that Democrats and Republicans hate each other and can’t get anything done legislatively when the truth of the matter is that they both on the same side! They are undermining the American people to accomplish the goals of the elite. Wake up! All you have to do is look at who is really running the show here in the US. The Banks, The Federal Reserve, Big Corporations and Big Oil money are calling the shots and we are all stupid enough to just go along with it and listening to the very media that is controlled by these organizations. All I know is this…….America is being destroyed from the inside out and if WE don’t do something soon, there will be nothing left to save. Look at this Budget proposal! Its a joke……$4 trillion dollars!!!! And then the Republicans are talking about fiscal responsibility and attempt to trim $80 Billion? What is $80 Billion???? What a joke! Now its down to $40 Billion. Are we going to stand by and let this country be destroyed like this?

    For all of you who depend on someone to check on your mother or father, I sure hope they do it for you without all the stealing, etc. We had counted on our so called half-sister …{the devil}, {“miss know it all”}, “F—— bully, for she bullied my mom constantly, even at mom’s age, Selda McMahan who is an alcoholic, who lives only about a 10 minute drive to check on mom and to take her to her regular appts. with the doctor and at least call her every evening or so to make sure she was alright. Why weren’t you taking her to her Dr. appts??After all, anyone who is 88 yrs. old is nothing to be messed with and most definitely needed to be checked on very regularly. You were wanting her to die….You and your spoiled child-like daughter, Aeron can’t live life without all the drama and if it isn’t there, you make it up like 2 jr high kids. You wanted the savings and checking accounts and anything you wanted…and everything should have done above board. Selda told us she shouldn’t have called us when mom had her stroke, but retardo daughter said yea you shouldn’t have called.
    Both should be arrested for going in and stealing mom’s things. Low Life people
    I talked to mom on Saturday and then on Monday and she was laughing and talking about people in the past, before she had the stroke on Wednesday and she told me then that they (Bully Selda and the retard, fat, smart ass daughter Aeron Keyes, had not been down to check on her, nor called for quite awhile and mom was mad at her and you. She didn’t like their attitudes and frankly didn’t like you or your cornball, cry, pretentious baby. Mom seemed happy at that time when I talked to her for about an hour and she told me either had not been there for quite some time and she was mad at both. She had her stroke on Wed. morning, and laid there for 48 hrs. before anyone found her, and it sure was not you that found her nor had they even called according to her phone messages and from what mom told me on Monday. You didn’t have time for her. Friday after the stroke on Wednesday, you and smartass sure found time to go to her apartment to steal all you wanted and cleaned out everything they wanted like mom’s dress clothes, our old family jewelry, all our old family photo albums, mom’s personal papers, her personal journals she was writing for me, for she wanted me to publish her a little book of her life in Dye Mound, TX, which I didn’t get and can’t finish it, cookware, her purse with all her id, papers, etc. in it. You took my name off the checking account and put her name on it and fixed it so we couldn’t get into mom’s safety box at the bank, except you and she wouldn’t tell us what was in the box, her burial papers, insurance papers, her will, etc; nor would she make copies of what was in it. You told Julia she would have copies and bring it to Dye Mound to the cemetery, but we both knew you wouldn’t do it. Her excuse was you were too tired. Hung over is more like it. Aeron kept saying that mom had been giving things away and Selda kept saying she was writing a different will almost ever week. This was all lies to cover what they had done.
    We couldn’t find her dress she wanted to be buried in, for you and the bitch had already taken them from her apartment. OMG, the clothes she went and bought to bury her in were horrendous, repulsive, ghastly and deplorable. Even the funeral home person who dressed her thought the same thing. The white top looked like a tee shirt, the tan jacket was too small and the pants looked like the real cheap denim. My mother was a very attractive woman and loved to look graceful and refined with a lot of class. She always loved to look and dress with dignity, while bringing out her beauty. I actually had to vomit for you degraded her in death as in life. She was a classy lady and liked to look classy. Oh yes, where is the pin you were going to put on her t shirt? ???? Just something else you wanted to keep for yourself.
    Although it was Judy and I that had driven 12 hrs. overnight on Friday and you even called mom’s apartment Saturday night (drunk as usual) yelling that you was on mother’s lease and you were going to kick us out of mom’s apt, which you couldn’t do. Of course, you were just a contact person and we had papers saying we could be there except smart ass Aeron, who was not on the paper, so she shouldn’t have even been there at all. It took Judy who is 70 yrs. and me 68, 9 hrs. packing and loading the U-Haul truck, with no help, which we really didn’t expect….but she was the one that was tired??????
    My mother didn’t have to die!!!! I hope self-centered, hateful greedy Selda McMahan and Aeron Keyes, rot in hell. There is a curse on them, so hopefully your worlds will spiral way out of control and their family loss can be great. It is a shame it had to come to this. One thing mom told us all, “Do not take anything from my home until I am dead and gone””” This was her one main important thing to her and they abused her wishes. My poor mother had trusted us all but there just happened to be 2 Devils among us. Judy and I came from the old school and believe her wishes were to be honored with the highest and utmost respect.

  68. Scott Gordon says:

    TORTURE is TERORISM . asshole..

  69. Bush Admin says:

    Bush and his administration cannot be prosecuted for what they did unless a civil war is desired. Obama has openly/secretly disposed of the so-called-reason we are in the Middle East; now the opportunity stands to do something different.

    Politics, don’t think you have any say unless you’re louder than the ones making the rules.

  70. M. Smith says:


  71. histeel says:

    How many scum bag bankers went to jail for mishandling the the whole financial sector? Not 1. You should all know this country is going down the shit tubes when you have to print dont put this plastic bag over your head or you will die. to prevent you from being sued. I cant wait to retire get my money and get the fuck out of this shit hole that used to be a great country. Hope all you polaticions bankers and lawyers are happy you can all eat a huge shit sandwich.

  72. Anonymous says:


    • Blk_13 says:

      Can’t wait for America to fall.

      • Obama_sucks says:

        Really? Watch what will happen to the world when the US falls. Just watch…

        • Zach says:

          We will stumble and recover just like every single other time an Empire has crumbled.

          The country and people that will suffer should America collapse will be America and possibly Mexico and Canada since their economies are strongly tied to it; however should this happen then both of those nations would simply turn Europe and Asia to sustain themselves.

          Your countries is truly not the linchpin of the world.

        • Nobby Walsh says:

          So you think the world cannot carry on without the’good ol’e us of fucking a! there are countries around the world that have been around for thousands of years dipshit and will be long after your country is gone! just watch!

  73. Charlies says:

    I agree but it doesn’t end there. We are ALL to blame for thus fucked up country. We have an Idiot electorate electing career politicians who loyalty is not to the Constitution but to their party or their president; a country where money is the new GOD and profligate, irresponsible spending is the new sacrament. Right wing politicians who still question the overwhelming facts of evolution; Left wing politicians who want to bail out everyone who have made a lifetime of bad choices; mankind induced destruction of entire ecosystems and species eradication; religious morons who thank god for sparing their insignificant, immoral lives after a tornado, earthquake, hurricane, etc. while their god allowed their neighbors’ to lose their lives and their homes; Wall street traders who have created a legalized Las Vegas gambling consortium that serves no one but themselves…BLAH, BLAH, BLAH. This is a failed state and on the decline who survived this long only because we were the ONLY industrial power left standing after WWII.

  74. danksoup says:

    Pussy. Were America. International bad asses we do what we want.

    • Old World Blues says:

      You haven’t won a war since World War II.

      The French have a better war victory record than you fine folks.

      History is something you really should check out, as well as what the rest of the world does and how it effect you.

      Though you probably won’t and if you respond it will be insulting and telling me that I “have no idea what I’m talking about”.

  75. Rob says:

    Interesting. . .

    Now – 2 years later – will the writer apply the same standard to Obama? After all, Obama has basically continued EXACTLY the same things the Bush admin did.

    We need someone from outside EITHER party. Both major parties are two sides of the same coin.

  76. Anonymous says:

    Christians are the only problem here…

  77. RaulJones says:

    And now that it’s 2011, have you found your answer?

  78. Anonymous says:

    Hey, if America’s so bad, MOVE.

  79. Anonymous says:

    Wait so Muslim terrorist want to wipe us off the face of the Earth and we waterboard them to gain information to keep America safe and you defend the terrorist? You lack any sort of brain capacity. The reason Bin Laden is dead is because of the information we gained through “torturing” those poor innocent terrorists.

    • Blk_13 says:

      The only terrorist in this world is America.

      • Obama_sucks says:

        America is the only hope this world has. You suck…

        • Old World Blues says:

          You’re kidding right?

          America leads the world in only three things:
          -Most prisoners incarcerated.
          -Most Adults who believe in Angels
          -Spending more in defense than the other top 26 countries combined.

          So when you folks say that America is Number one and that America is the only hope I don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about.

          You used to be a proud nation that revealed in scientific discovery, that defended the poor instead waging wars against them. You passed laws and struck down laws because of moral reasons and defended the little guy. You didn’t belittle intelligence, knowledge and higher learning.

          America used to be number one but all Empires must fall; my only hope is that you can catch yourself and truly be something great again someday.

  80. Me Myself says:

    You are kidding, right? I mean, the OP typed this 2 years ago and its still sitting here? Can we please extract this shit and move on? Who the fuck cares? O-bomb-a has shown everyone he is a typical Chicago-dem sack of shit and needs to be dragged thru the streets of Nigeria by a Japanese made vehicle. At least Hitler and Stalin stood for something. This putz…? Not so much.

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