What The Fuck Is Wrong With America?

I’ll make this quick and full of pomp and outrage:

What kind of fucking country do you live in where you have to debate whether torturing someone is a crime? What kind of country do you live in when you can spend 3 years prosecuting the President for a consensual sexual act but won’t prosecute a President for authorizing illegal wiretaps and torturing people? What kind of country do you live in where the supposed ‘spiritual’ and ‘religious’ leaders think it’s OK to torture non-Christians? What kind of country do you live in where you can’t even use the word ‘torture’ but have to say ‘interrogation techniques’? What kind of country do you live in when their Nuremberg defense (‘We were just following orders’) becomes the mantra for not holding war criminals accountable for their actions? What kind of country do you live in where a major candidate in a Presidential primary openly advocates for doubling the size of America’s illegal detention centers and increasing the use of torture?

Obama, you won the fucking election. Everyone despises Bush and his administration — they spent 8 years spitting on international law, good sense, and common decency. Fucking prosecute them. God damnit.

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  1. Peter says:

    I’m going to be frank. It’s not the people of America…it is the government, the freedom they claim to fight for is in the names of the citizens…the media has brainwashed much of it’s population causing all this ignorance and blindness, it is the reason for all this madness…it is they who want to establish a one-world government, to control the masses with an iron-fist…to drag and pulverize vulnerable regions of the world in order to meet their evil desires by means of some of the most well disguised schemes ever devised in humanity…noone can foresee and prevent their plans because the corrupted elements of the organisation will remain hidden behind the curtain…unless the people speak up now…much of the world is doomed to suffer a terrible fate in many years to come…

  2. dan says:

    this is not a decent world and not full of decent people. We will all die under that good or bad. Its sad but that is what we have created for ourselves. We are more interested in xfactor than ur neighbours go figure. And let our egos go.

  3. Mr.Bhoul says:

    DEATH TO FUCKING AMERICA. I’m a european. GOD damn this shitty gay country. China will beat their asses.

  4. Guido says:

    FUCK AMERICA, FUCK AMERICA, FUCK AMERICA. FUCK THEM. Everyone is trying to finish shitty america we just want USA to die. Then we can face any difficulty it will just took 4 days for every country to come back on track after the DEATH OF AMERICA.

  5. Shadow Echelon says:

    No one mentioned the real issue of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to pressure banks to lend to those who could never repay … everyone blames Republicans when it is all of them who are at fault … Bush tried to bring it to the front a couple times and the democrats wanted nothing to do with it … then they had FULL control for 2 years and look what they did (took over 1/5th of the economy, etc) what a joke … Democrats are NOT holier than thou folks and your children deserve the NOTHING you leave them.

  6. Bob says:

    Obama is worse then Bush, he thinks he’s God.

  7. Pissed Off says:

    I hear you. Now google is using their own agendas on censoring and making it “bad to promote” anything now. Like it’s a fucking third world country where were supposed to be good little slaves and not promote our cheap ass craigslist item. Meanwhile were getting bombarded by corporate ads in our fucking face every day by youtube. I’m “terminated” for life on youtube, because I promoted 3 things of my own I am selling (was) on craigslist. Fuck I hate this bullshit going on now days. What the FUCK is wrong with this country!

  8. Pissed says:

    Oh my post is gone…censorship at it’s best. WHERE DID IT GO!?

  9. Bryan Foster says:


  10. Bryan says:

    Who is controlling this shit! I can’t even post. Where is MY free speech. What is wrong with whoever is doing this!

  11. Bryan says:

    Google quit using my photos. I deleted my fucking accounts because of you. I think google is threading this thing.

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  19. scott says:

    America should change it’s name to DUMBFUCKISTAN.

  20. Me says:

    What do you have to say about your hopeful Obama now? If you care to hear my position I believe all government is corrupt and screwing us…Democrats and Republicans. Everyone goes straight to Bush if Obama is criticized but I think that neither one of them was/is impressive at all. Kind of makes you wonder how they both got 2nd terms doesn’t it considering how many people seemed to have despised them? Just look at the bigger picture. We need a real change in our government and our voting population. At the very least I think we need to vote independant to wake up both parties..

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