Abstract Convo (pour amusement)

Holsom J: in the words of the prophet baldwin,
“thou shalt hate to love the lovers of love, and love to hate the haters of hate.”
Holsom J: its undeniable
entr Epreneur: its a fact
entr Epreneur: and facts are not proven until found guilty
entr Epreneur: under a court of creationist theory
Holsom J: cocaine is a hell of a drug
entr Epreneur: Hold on, is that evolutionary theory, or creationist fact?
entr Epreneur: Do you have the corresponding Fox News propoganda machine to prevent me from thinking this out?
Holsom J: evolutionary
Holsom J: its a plant
entr Epreneur: A plant of sin, created in gods image
Holsom J: i went to bed this morning and woke up like 2 hours later thinking i had slept all day and was mad late for work
entr Epreneur: Distorted by the liberal media
entr Epreneur: Were you stuck?
entr Epreneur: (in time)
entr Epreneur: are you stuck in time???
entr Epreneur: Is this Jesse Drummond — past present or future?
Holsom J: i rushed over there without calling cause my phone was dead and it was a ghost town
Holsom J: letting the days go by
entr Epreneur: is this a reemergence of cultural trends suspended by post-911 anxiety?
Holsom J: you may find yourself living in a shotgun shack
Holsom J: you need to ask yourself….how did i get here
Holsom J: yes i am stuck in time
Holsom J: i think its a time warp
entr Epreneur: Past – Present – Future
Holsom J: actually im probably moving backward
Holsom J: so past
entr Epreneur: so the future becomes the past?
Holsom J: but definately looking forward
entr Epreneur: I told you opposites attract
Holsom J: same as it ever was
Holsom J: once in a lifetime
entr Epreneur: You are a regurgitator!
entr Epreneur: An agitator!
entr Epreneur: A collaborator!
entr Epreneur: I believe that anyone who is not with us, should be referred to as a collaborator
entr Epreneur: Because taking part in this society is IMPLICITY COMPLYING with the norms that are destroying the very fabric of humanity
entr Epreneur: Collaborator Perry was refused life by a molitof cocktail to the head.
entr Epreneur: Catch my drift?
Holsom J: collaborator harboring regulatory labor propagators
Holsom J: we need slaves
entr Epreneur: we need ideological wage slaves
entr Epreneur: I heard GM is laying off people.
Holsom J: its part of the be green campaing
Holsom J: pink slips
Holsom J: yellow gas
entr Epreneur: Pink slips to end gay marriage
Holsom J: gays just want to be different once we give them marraige rights they’ll probably give up and try being goth
Holsom J: black slips to end gay marraige
entr Epreneur: Then we will have pink slips to end goth kids
entr Epreneur: Either way, the captains of industry do not favor paying money to their illegitimate proleteriat children
Holsom J: so we should pursue youth harvesting for project soylent green
Holsom J: opposites again
Holsom J: eating children to save earth and capitalism
Holsom J: perfect triangle
entr Epreneur: We should make an essay
entr Epreneur: with graphs
entr Epreneur: and abstract principles
Holsom J: we could make a case for just about anything
Holsom J: eating children for example
Holsom J: cause without capitalism the earth would probably stop turning
Holsom J: and people would still be savage beasts
Holsom J: not that cannibalism isnt savage…but at this point its a necessary evil
Holsom J: weve already screwed up the ecolibrium if we dont enslave massive sacrificial populations for forced “green labor” then our polluting robots will destroy us all
Holsom J: we shall compensate them with some of our corn surplus ….. yes …. peasants like corn
entr Epreneur: peasants love corn
entr Epreneur: peasants are in fact MADE of corn
entr Epreneur: little known fact: i procreated with a corn
Holsom J: that sounds kind of homo
Holsom J: all collaborators will be prosecuted
Holsom J: all collaborators will be prosecuted to the full extent of my wishes


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