Isn’t it Grand to be a D1 BBall Player?


Just thought I’d mention this one since it applies to my alma mater… Two of our better players were apparently found in a parking lot near the back of campus (which you would not use as your drinking/smoking spot if you had a moderate level of intelligence) with bottles of alcohol and a small amount of marijuana (colloquially known as pot, weed, reefer, or the ganja). The two were issued citations for possession of alcohol by a minor, but police have declined to file additional charges, because they can’t figure out whose pot it is. I’m not sure that I’m familiar with any other cases in which the passengers in the vehicle claim “It’s not mine!” and they cops decide it must have magically appeared and find the occupants innocent. Is this favoritism towards the team or is it just a nice set of cops?
Wiggins, Dyson Suspensions Due To Alcohol Incident


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  1. AlvinBlah says:

    And the assholes still beat IU.


  2. alec says:

    Looks like at least one of them is back on:

    And yah it plays to be a bball player at Bball U… life shouldn’t be allowed to be any better

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