Can you smell what Ba-Rock is cookin’??


Since this is my house (no, seriously), I’m considering it my endorsement on Super Tuesday (which is now). Sorry for the grey, it’s rainy. I put this up last night after returning from watching Obama suplex the Ultimate Warrior and body slam Hulk Hogan at the Hartford Civic center during Pretzelmania, Primary Edition.


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  1. i’d just like to note that this really is my handiwork, i’m mancrushin’ on obama and thought this fitting.

    and guess what? just in- obama takes CT in a fiercely fought race

  2. alec says:

    One also awesome thing: that is actually anonymous bankers house.

  3. Kit says:

    That is a bodacious house.

  4. haha thanks for the comments. this thing has really caused a stir in my predominantly old/jewish neighborhood. lieberman used to live around the corner, which made it really easy when i wanted to go protest in front of his house. people stand out front and talk about it and the local democrats have come by and tried to co-op me for their local political shens. all in, not so bad

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