Just Say No a Failure for Elderly and Youth

Drug use among the British elder generation and the country’s youth has soared over the past few years as discussed earlier today in the BBC.

It seems that substance use among the elderly has risen to a rampant new high. Grandparents in the UK have been observed smoking, and even GROWING marijuana. Today’s article details the story of a 68-year old grandmother, named Patricia, (perhaps an alias?) from Humshaugh, England, who has been convicted of possessing and cultivating pot. These types of charges carry serious penalties in the United States, and presumably most of the rest of the free world. Patricia manages to avoid time in the slammer, probably due to the expert legal counsel of some of the top drug law experts in the UK, and instead has been sentenced to 250 hours of community service.

She comments in the article that when the probation officers come to check on her, she’ll be slipping them some “medicated” biscuits or tea- a direct threat directed at a law enforcement agent. Be warned, this is just one of the many dangerous aging drug lords that run rampant these days.

Given this situation, it might be prudent to spend your time with a youth. Unfortunately, it appears that they too have been infiltrated by the drug economy. Use of amphetamines is up sharply amongst these Brits… by some measures 12.3% over a 3-year period.

As you might imagine, for a staunch anti-drug advocate such as myself, this all this boils down to one issue for me: Nancy Reagan’s “Just Say No” campaign. It’s clear the elderly were already too involved in drugs for this to have an effect… and the youth had not been born yet. It’s obvious what we need to do to counteract this issue. A “surge” in the War on Drugs!

Cannabis Grandmother Spared Jail [BBC Online]
Use of Hyperactivity Drugs Soars [BBC Online]


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  1. Visarga says:

    It is a failure because it is based on lies and goes against the wellbeing of people and common sense. For example why should I be allowed three drugs – alcohol, tobacco and coffee – and not be allowed cannabis which is safer and better?

    Cannabis has been a sacred plant used by the Hindus (Shaivists and Vishnuits) and Suffis (Islam) and Jews (around Christ’s time, 2000 years ago) and so many other smaller spiritual groups. It has been used as a sacrament and medicine for thousands of years. Why make it illegal? For that matter, why make something I do in privacy, that doesn’t directly affect anyone, be illegal? I should be allowed unrestricted access to my own body at least. Government should treat drugs in the context of health support, not criminal prosecution.

    If weed were legal, then the mafia would be at a loss, prisons will be 50% less crowded and other hard drugs would be better combated.

  2. Andrew says:

    Good fucking god. “Be warned, this is just one of the many dangerous aging drug lords that run rampant these days.” That is the most ridiculously idiotic thing I have EVER heard. She is an elderly woman who wants to smoke. She is NOT a fucking drug lord. Pot-heads are treated as criminals, and I think that it is absolutely outrageous. I was arrested on Dec. 8th 2010 for possession, and now I have to go through the legal system for something I have chosen to do on my own time, that doesn’t negatively affect anyone. Maybe things are different (somewhat) in the UK, but in America we spend BILLIONS annually to stop growth of pot, and trafficking. In Mexico people are killed hourly because America won’t legalize. Seriously, the cartels in Mexico fight for control of the border. They kill innocent fucking people every day because of this fucking bullshit country.
    Try to stop being so ignorant. Smoke a fucking joint instead of picking up a glass of wine next time, and you’ll see that its an herb, not some kind of horrible shit you apparently think it is.

  3. Andrew says:

    Oh, I almost forgot.. Please look up that old woman who you called a “dangerous drug lord” and you will clearly see that she is not in any way capable of being a drug lord.

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