Frozen BJ Face has returned to the real world with a job

bj face part deux

Today’s article on the difficulty in finding living space faced by young people in NY who are not finance professionals was extremely exciting for me. For the simple matter that I’m glad the Frozen BJ Face from years ago has finally found gainful employment.

bj face

Seriously, don’t NYT photographers take more than one shot before submitting to press?? Beyond the retard face on the right girl, the framing here is retarded. Am I turning into a photo snob or is the NYT really slacking here? Also, what’s the deal with Outward Bound stiffing these kids on real housing or enough money to find something? Aren’t outward bound trips like $10k each for a couple weeks at a time and filled with preps from Darien, CT?

New York City Renters Cope With Squeeze

Frozen BJ Face [PBH]


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  1. Anonymous says:

    thats what she looks like when she is sucking my dog

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