biting off the soon to be trademarked and apparently making $$ at 17.99 a pop for which we need to receive royalties

so i’m cruising the internet fairly innocently at work and manage to stumble on a site with lots of ironic and fairly cool tshirts…
Busted Tees

and right on their main page theres a mediocre shirt with a rendering of billy shakes and under it, the sacred phrase, “prose before hos”

the description follows, click the link for the pic, which won’t last for long once we sic our crack team of lawyers on them, which i’m too disgusted to post (why i can deal with the text version is beyond me at this point, notice intoxicated/rant flags):

And here’s another thing. Ya know that cute girl in your english class that you’ve been trying to impress? This shirt should do the trick. It shows you’re smart and clever while making sure she knows you’ve got a sense of humor too. Place your order on a Monday, get the shirt on a Thursday, wear it to class on Friday and ask her out for Saturday. After that, welcome to Pantyville, population: you.

so basically our catch phrase has been turned into a pickup trick for hipsters who have no real game. unimpressive. well i bet those guys were too anti corporate america to trademark such a beautiful thing so that will be taken care of on monday. in any event, they got the entire spirit wrong. this is prose before hos, not prose to get hos.

i believe my crew of friends, i can’t remember which, or even if it was me, coined this key selection of verbiage. but its ours dammit. ours!


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  1. alec says:

    I knew you were good for something, my Anonymous Investment Banker/Trademark Lawyer/Substance Provider.

    Anyway, I share your sentiments. Fuck them. We get so many bitches and hos, we can afford to choose prose before them.

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