Mitt Romney’s $3,300 Pizza

The Article: Why Mitt Romney should have to pay $3,339.04 for a pizza by Lesley Ciarula Taylor in The Star.

The Text: A pizza would have to cost U.S. Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney $3,339.04 for him to understand how average people live.

That’s based on his 2010 earnings of more than $21.7 million and the average professional, scientific or technical wage in Canada of $63,941 a year.

If you compare his income to a healthcare worker in Canada, who earns about $1,016 a week according to Canada, the gap is bigger. Romney would have to pay $708.69 for a lottery ticket, $662.62 for a dozen eggs and $1,187.05 for a gallon of gas to know what that feels like.

The online calculator is the product of outrage from Adam Scruggs and his wife, Danielle. He’s director of analytic services at Integral LLC of Washington, D. C. , which works with non-profit organizations, according to Linked In.

“It’s unlikely he’s able to connect on that level with people and their struggles,” Scruggs said in an interview with 10News television in Florida.

It was Romney’s tossed out challenge of a $10,000 bet to fellow challenger Rick Perry in an Iowa debate last December that galvanized Adam.

“He really said that very casually. I thought, wow, 10,000 bucks is a lot of money.”

The site is entirely created by “me, my wife and Google,” Scruggs told He based his U.S. wage and price numbers on data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Even to feel what it’s like to be Prime Minister Stephen Harper, whose salary is roughly $6,500 a week, Romney would have to pay $88.06 for a 591 millilitre bottle of pop, according to Mittbucks.


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  1. Nein! Nein! Nein! says:

    The pizzas have to be order from Cain’s joints. Gotta keep it all in the family.

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