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Robin Williams On Canada

Robin Williams Canada

If Canada and the United States formed a filet, Canada would be the prime cut and the US would be the deceptively tender looking parts hat turn out to be filled with fat deposits and gristle.



Jon Stewart On Guns And The Constitution

Guns Constitution Jon Stewart

Spot on, as always. This doesn’t, however, take into consideration how the rigid interpretation of the Second Amendment might affect someone’s use of their First Amendment rights in the face of a belligerent NRA member just “standin’ his ground”.



Jon Stewart On Bullshit Mountain

Bullshit Mountain

Check out more awesome Jon Stewart quotes we’ve collected right here.



Bernie Sanders’ Best Quotes On American Politics

Bernie Sanders

At a time when calling Barack Obama liberal is becoming more and more akin to confusing cheap linoleum with granite tile, it’s pretty easy to feel as if the circle of true, left-leaning leadership is wearing thin. If Republicans are the “Party of No,” Dems for some time have been the party of “I Don’t Know”. Enter Bernie Sanders, the Independent statesman from Vermont. All fire and brimstone, Sanders speaks for the people–not his pocket. And sadly, that’s an anomaly these days. Here’s big-hearted and bellicose senator at his best.

Bernie Sanders Class Warfare

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Alan Grayson On Violent Humanitarianism

Syria Quotes

A peaceful departure from a vote on military intervention in Syria may well be on its way, but this Florida congressman’s words warrant remembering for the Vietnams, Iraq’s and Syria’s of the future.


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