Where art thou, young progressive bloggers?

Arlen over at the Daily Background poses an interesting question in the lack of ‘progressive’ young bloggers. My comment is as follows:

I don’t think there is an absence of young progressive bloggers, but I think there is probably an absence of young bloggers who specifically concentrate on politics.

I think this is why I have issues on being linked to by progressive blogs is because PBH doesn’t entirely focus on politics (though those are the majority of the articles). Also, there is probably a gap between senses of humor and views on what progressive politics is for young people. I think this is especially apparent with respects to the Democrats: I see the Democrats as equally culpable for the current situation in Iraq as the Republicans. Frankly, I think very little of the Democratic party, but I know other progressives who are keen to work within them.

I also feel a disconnect with a lot of the popular liberal blogs. A part from Crooks and Liars, AmericaBlog, and a few others, the predominant liberal blogs (ie Huffington Post, Daily Kos, etc.) as blogs for the over 35 crowd and Limousine Liberalism. How many writers for Kos or Huffington are younger than 40?

Also worth checking out is an article on Pandagon describing a recent NYTimes article on mother-daughter relationships and the prescribed normative by the writer of the article. The post itself, written by Amanda, is worth digesting, the comments though… not so much. There seems to be a strong level of cognitive dissonance among the readers from feminist sociology to their own personal lives.

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  1. Thirtyseven says:

    The word “progressive” makes me itchy, but I guess I qualified if you linked to my 9-11 article. The biggest statement I’ve made, however, is this:


    And it’s a lot more constructive and progressive than the 9-11 piece, which was mostly venting frustration on my part.

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