“Don’t Tread On Me”, Revisited

Don't Tread On Me

Someone has to feel the brunt of the boot heel, and it sure as hell isn’t going to be the Republican party.


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  1. GOD THE FATHER says:

    kevin at the mens club in reno nevada;
    why did you throw me out of the mens club yesterday. your sole intention was to have a confrontaion. you said, out of my face, when I stood up to comply with your rude deamnds, YOU GOT PHYSICAL! threatened to kick my fucking ass! call the fucking police! followed me outside kicking MY heels ! that is assault! you said, don’t ever come back or “GOD” would be arrested. AND DON’T EVER SHOW MY FACE AGAIN!
    days before you said you take care of the locals, and would by me a beer, and you said to keep coming back.
    I said, TAKE a look at MY web site on a note, you won’t be sorry, i was going to plug the club on MY web site. I would do you a favor if you did! I told you I was there, doing some work and, MY web site would explain everything.
    Now! there are several billion witnesses that saw it.
    as i was walking down the drive you had an employee check to make sure I was leaving and, I told him, “Tell kevin”, “HE SCREWED!” the employee smiled and said, “Okay”!
    now i don’t want rude but, that club is IN MY Universe, and this web site goes to every country. so kevin I want you shot any where in your body by the reno police department today, and you find your own way to the fucking hospital, or shoot him in the FUCKING hospital.
    He will give his test-oH-mony of the story before they shoot him.

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