Boston, Raped By The Moon People.

Apparently the Moon people decided to invade us (I TOLD you a preemptive strike against the Moon was necessary). Everyone is either too busy planning war against Iran or snorting coke.


At least these guys are smart enough to be assholes back during the whole proceedings. So some fat Boston cops couldn’t tell the difference between a FUCKING CARTOON CHARACTER and a BOMB, that doesn’t mean the marketers should have to pay for others stupidity. Check out the press conference of Sean Stevens and Peter Berdovsky, the braintrust behind the Moonnite light bright:

I feel like my hair is pretty perfect but altogether I want to redirect this to the haircuts of the ’70s,” Berdovsky said, ignoring reporters’ shouts.

“I really like the one where the hair curls around to the back,” Stevens replied.

“Oh yeah, that one’s so hot,” Berdovsky then responded.

Frustrated reporters, trying to get the pair to respond to serious questions about the incident that at one point involved the participation of the FBI and Department of Homeland Security, finally tossed a question that gave one of them cause to reflect.

When asked whether they were afraid their hair might be cut if they are sent to prison, Berdovsky stopped his rant and answered, “Whatever happens I feel that my hair is safe at the moment.”

While Boston officials were livid, fans of the show mocked authorities for what they called an overreaction.

About a dozen fans gathered outside Charlestown District Court on Thursday morning with signs saying “1-31-07 Never Forget” and “Free Peter.”


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  1. […] Anyway kids, stay made prayed up, inject lots of coke, talk shit about the British, and let’s all do our part to bring slavery back. Oh, and apparently Chris Brown has AIDS and the Moonnites caused Boston to freak out. […]

  2. Attack of the Mooninites!!! Take cover and thanks for the link-up! We’ve thrown up some links of the conspiracy and e-bay auctions of the signs!

    dave and thomas

  3. alec says:

    The e-bay auctions are ridiculous! Fucking 400+ for the signs! I want one but not THAT bad.

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