Sarah Palin Continues To Be The Most Disliked Candidate Of The 2008 Election

The maverick independent hockey pitbull lady seems to be good at one thing and one thing only — completely alienating independent voters from supporting the John McCain campaign:

A majority of likely voters in a new Washington Post-ABC News national poll now have unfavorable views of the Alaska governor, most still doubt her presidential qualifications and there is an even split on whether she “gets it,” a perception that had been a key component of her initial appeal.

In polling conducted Wednesday and Thursday evenings, after the disclosure that the Republican National Committee used political funds to help Palin assemble a wardrobe for the campaign, 51 percent said they have a negative impression of her. Fewer, 46 percent, said they have a favorable view. That marks a stark turnaround from early September, when 59 percent of likely voters held positive opinions.

The declines in Palin’s ratings have been even more substantial among the very voters Republicans aimed to woo. The percentage of white women viewing her favorably dropped 21 points since early September; among independent women, it fell 24 points.

More broadly, the intensity of negative feelings about Palin is also notable: Forty percent of voters have “strongly unfavorable” views, more than double the post-convention number. Nearly half of independent women now see her in a very negative light, a nearly threefold increase.

[Via Washington Post]

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  1. American Man says:

    ya dislike her if you are a lesbo or a fag.

  2. American Man says:

    You might think this site is biased for oberhussinnation???

  3. geobabe says:

    Look, I grew up in a small town and Gov. Palin reminds of all the bitchy, controlling, my-way-or-the-highway small-town queens I’ve known. So she’s charging the state of Alaska for her kids’ travels, using her government position for a personal vendetta and firing anyone who gets in her way and her husband has more influence than Hillary ever did. Yea, I think there’s a few things to dislike…

  4. Anonymous says:

    Palin is a joke. She is an embarassment to all women all over the world.
    The US will be in deeper shit if McCain-Palin get into the Oval Office.
    Gosh… Palin is a perfect example of a closeted-know-nothing village person.

  5. The Top 5 Sarah Palin Moments of the 2008 Campaign…

    With the end of the 2008 Presidential election, a thorough retrospection of the most astonishing Sarah Palin moments is a necessity. Providing blogs with the kind of fodder we could only have dreamed of, it’s time to recap some of the highlights …

  6. TVI says:

    How about: we dislike her because she’s a power-abusing, hypocritical, lying, delusional imbecile who’s so obsessed with power she’ll trample anything and anyone who stand in her way?

  7. Maeme says:

    Everything about the Palin’s has been a fraud from day one. Todd and she with the Alaskan Independence Party membership; they say terrorists type of remarks in that movement. You betcha they do! No health insurance for a period of time, please Todd is an Eskimo; he and the kids get it for free from the government; for life; that’s some Socialism. What about the gifts from her campaign and role as governor that she has kept in violation of election laws. The oil companies giving her lots of money; heck, they even hosted her inaugural. Then that bridge to nowhere that she keeps flip flopping on, but kept the taxpayers money anyhow. We desperately need money for bridges here in Florida. Then she is stealing or mooching on the state of Alaska with charging for the family with the per diem overcharges and the trips with the daughter(s) on the Alaskan taxpayer’s tab. The airplane sale on eBay is another lie. Watch the lies about when she told the family and her staff about the pregnancy and being asked to be VP. She and Todd gave different answers on various channels of my television. How about that brand new house, it may have been built by the contractors who got the bid for the hockey rink even that cost the taxpayers millions of dollars. Who builds a hockey rink – when you don’t own the land free and clear? Sarah Palin did and Wasilla has lawsuits against them still.
    Oh yea she is giving the clothes to charity; right. What about the suits for Todd and the clothes for Willow and Piper and Trig? Look at the clothes they have been wearing – do you dress your young kids in clothing from Neiman Marcus or Saks Fifth Avenue; maybe she even got the wedding dress for Bristol on your last campaign donation.
    Look at her record — she has never stood up for anyone, but the PALINS, and Alaskans; if they are rich, not Joe – six-pack or butt crack. Start reading the comments on the Anchorage Daily Newspaper online. Her diversity record is awful. And for sports, she shoots wolves from a helicopter; while the polar bears drown she was still fighting the Feds about keeping them off the endangered species registry until last week. She incites mob mentality bringing out vitriolic hatred and prejudices in people that are quick to snap, and then is delusional in her denial.
    We should stand up for women that are true to their conviction – this one is just an opportunist who says whatever it takes and has no clue half the time what she is saying. The speech on special needs children was abysmal; she knows nothing of the current research done. And she is real vindictive, not the best traits for an elected leader; nor, the best kind of woman, a demonic liar, who has been exorcised by her witch doctor pastor, but she will be back on FOX – bragging about how she stood up to her party – when she really just ceased on the opportunity to turn in to authorities, one of the ‘guys’ because she was bored with the $150,000 a year oil commission job that lacked any limelight for her climb? She then turned around and milked that same gravy train – only using the taxpayers of Wasilla money to get elected Governor instead of the oil commission’s budget. Oh and that 40 billion gas pipeline hasn’t seen one spade of dirt turned, that deal she compromised. Is it to late to call Kay?

  8. heart28 says:

    I like Sarah I think people are afraid of someone that speaks there mind.(and she is a women if a man would act like her we would bow down and praise him. She has no more abused anything that A man in her position has done she calls white white and black black.But because she is a women lets degrade her if we would do this to a man and or someone of another race we would be racist but because it is a women it is okay. We say women should not be abused but oboy that has happened over and over again. Go Sarah you are awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Anonymous says:

    because I think she is give american women a bad name, she has to be the dumbest woman in histoy….or in politics every wher

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