Rich People Are Unethical, Here’s The Proof

Rich People Are Unethical

The rich don’t care about you or the rest of society. Here’s the infographic with the proof.


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  1. Uncle B says:

    Vulture capitalism, in the Corpocracy that America has become these past few decades has proven the diagrams here to be very true. This is a natural selection process as the U.S. elite take the whole world into slavery and sub servantry to themselves. They have tackled even lowly Afghanistan and will dig into African wealth next. Vietnam was a “shot over the bow” of the Asian regions, and N. Korea depends on them for food hand-outs as it is. The Western tendency looking to Jewish, Zionist, and Uber Rich European based groups is very much a “red herring”. Fact is large multi-national Corporate interests are at the seat of all the woes of a Socialist-minded humanity. Shareholders of all nations, receiving dividends form even ‘numbered companies” in the hands of hired legal staffs sit on the boards, perform sociopathic, even psychotic deeds for shareholder security, to defend shareholder’s capital, and ti increase dividends, as is their mandate by American government enforced corporate law. – no altruism allowed, by law, American corporate law! Read up on the laws of incorporation, and the responsibilities assigned to the minions who uphold the corporation – all on the web, all revealed, and the root of much of the trouble in the world today.

  2. remillad says:

    I think the title of this graph is misleading; it should say “Unethical People are Rich”.

    I make this distinction because a perfectly good person may become wealthy, but those who are willing to exploit others for their own benefit are probably more likely to become so.

    We should not hate the rich for being rich. Passing judgement on the basis of someone’s wealth is little better than judging them on their sex or color of their skin. Rather, judge them on their deeds.

    • Really? says:

      Being rich is a choice, not an identity (i.e. gender, ethnicity, etc.). A similar case is made about crime and poverty (which is arguably not as much a choice). This infographic is just a neat idea poking fun at what every thinks. Its really NOT class warfare.

  3. Asdf says:

    This stupid pic shows everything that’s wrong with putting your faith in infographics. No citations, completely misleading data

    For example: people who own expensive cars may tend to be just jerks and not necessarily wealthier. Maybe people who buy expensive cars tend to drive faster/worse. Maybe people with expensive cars tend to be older, and can’t drive as well. Maybe people with cheaper cars have worse insurance and thus drive more carefully around pedestrians. Maybe people in expensive cars tend to be busier. They have no idea who was driving.

    Then the author pretends like you could tell how many people are shoplifting out there rather than assuming (logically) that rich people shoplift from nicer places and probably just get caught more.

    Then the author equates defaulting on a loan with being unethical, which is downright hilarious.

    • Really? says:

      are you really looking at a site called to find some fact-based evidence, then continue to try and pick apart an infographic for not having enough detail? Why don’t you look up the study conducted by berkley that it mentions? Some people are just haters…

      • it is STUMBLE. That seems to be the problem, we forget where we are and how we got here before we comment. Nothing against you at all but only the words you asked were perfect for my own reflections & struct a cord. I got here by Stumbling inn a depressed state. Just saying. and I do not believe any of one sites opinions.

  4. Kit says:

    I think a better title for this would be “A bunch of misleading statistics designed to increase entitlement voting patterns and Nanny State policies”.
    Or was that just the internal memo?

    • marvin nubwaxer says:

      and of course any science should be treated with contempt while truth is only found in the bible.

      • goodtalk says:

        your comment quite literally has nothing to do with anything. in fact, your attitude is radical and ignorant in itself. i would even go so far as to say that asking for more specificity when it comes to statistics is the most pragmatic response to “facts” being offered without proof, and furthermore in line with the point you’re trying to make (albeit, your method is infinitely more judgmental and arrogant) is it not?

  5. Moop says:

    I love the random numbers these picture rants use….

  6. Guy says:

    Bill Gates would like a word with you.

  7. Anna Gray says:

    I’ve actually read a lot of these studies, and the meaning behind the numbers are ridiculously skewed. I am not saying “rich” people aren’t bad. What I am saying is that there are other reasons for some of these statistics aside from being rich. For instance, the children candy study: they told the participants the bowl of candy was for children later, but they could help themselves if they wanted to. They had permission to eat candy. They did not steal from children, yet the study makes it sound like they did. It would’ve been worse if they did not have permission and then they took the candy. Secondly, they said a lot of “rich” people in cars did not stop at crosswalks, yet they did not stop the owners of the cars and ask them for their income. There are plenty of people who have VERY nice cars who do not make a lot of money; it’s simply where they put their income. On top of that, many of these nice cars are manuals, and, although you’re not supposed to treat the two kinds of cars differently, it is much more inconvenient to stop a manual than an automatic in the middle of the city (and on top of a hill, which is where the footage from one of the studies is shot.) This, again, is an explanation beyond being an “asshole rich person,” but the scientists (who are at a very liberal school–not saying this is the reasoning, just pointing it out) never suggest his as a possibility.

  8. Cole says:

    The average worker only makes 618 a month, lets say it’s February, 28 days, 4 weeks, they work 40 hours a week and make 5.15 an hour (minimum wage like 6 years ago). They’d make over 800 dollars a month. I’m not saying thats a lot of money, I’m just saying this is bullshit.

  9. jose la bamba says:

    Now make some graphs about how the sky is blue and water is wet.

  10. Zakkaria1 says:

    Seems this article touched a lot of nerves. Give a young child candy in a few minutes try to take it off them and you are going to see what its like trying to get the rich to take a smaller piece of the pie.

  11. BBakeca says:

    this is a true story…

  12. GOD says:

    I always find some of the rich people to feel very blessed in front of ME. they tell ME how to live. some say to put MY faith in god. to pray to get the right answers. to tithe to a church ( I did ask which one. they said any, it did not matter). that they didn’t have any problems until they found out that I am GOD and they owe ME everything.

  13. Fiercecontinent says:

    Vote socialist.
    Not because they have any chance of being elected, but just because it scares the crap out of the rich when they get more votes.
    Also 80% of congressmen get re-elected year after year. What’s with that?

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