Tea Party Fail


From Tea Party protests in Hartford, Connecticut.

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  1. afrab says:

    Uh … There is no ‘Fail’ here, except identifying this as a ‘Fail’. The sign says exactly what is intended. The carrier is using a homonym (or nearly so), ‘competence’, to play on the word ‘confidence’. The intent is to convey her skepticism of Obama’s competence.

    Sorry, but you Fail. But I’d bet *that* won’t be submitted to Reddit.

  2. afrab says:

    Ah, the mispelling of ‘competence. Ha! Now *I* fail …

  3. afrab says:

    … And now the misspelling of ‘misspell’. I must be having a bad day.

  4. Tumnus says:

    It’s ok, you’re probably the only one here.
    Except me.
    Wait, did I use “it’s” properly? It’s = it is. Whew, ok. Wait, did I use you’re correctly? Good.
    And can we please stop calling things “fail” or using “ftw”?

  5. Anonymous says:

    So much for a nonpartisan event…

  6. Anonymous says:

    I know quite a few folks who voted for Obama as Dem’s and as independents that are going and supporting the tea parties. Most of us going are ticked off at _all parties_ involved in handing out our hard earned tax dollars to corporations rather than their intended purpose of supporting our government.

  7. Retschin' Carlson says:

    She’s pretty and blonde. And she couldn’t fit all those letters on one line, so cut her some slack, okay?

    Why can’t conservatives learn how to spell and punctuate? Might it be a crisis of intelligence?

  8. Anonymous says:

    skipping letters on a protest sign is fine. Its better than not protesting at all and just slacking surfing the internets or watching TV.

  9. alec says:

    I had a tea party with your mom last night and she loved it. All 8 of you commentators.

  10. TorJ says:

    Ignorant, white trash teabaggers

  11. AnnieF says:

    These “tea parties” showed us the dumb side of America. They were full of gulible idiots who believe every lie they hear on Fox News and every scrap of misinformation that is spewed by the GOP. The Republican party truly is in shambles now. Their “base” is now a bunch of uneducated morons and/or religious extremists. Good riddance.

  12. Deeked says:

    Dumb is the person calling the protesters “Dumb”. You want a government that has total control of all aspects of our lives, then leave this country and go to France, you pot head hippy love child. lol lol lol lol lol

  13. Deeked says:

    Annie “F” = Fail 😉

  14. Berri says:

    Deeked = Biggest Fail.

    Completely agree with Annie. Is Obama a fascist a socialist? Republicans can’t make up their minds. Or perhaps (and more likely) they do not know the meaning of either word.

  15. Anonymous says:


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