Coca Cola Consumption Per Capita

The astounding amount of Coca Cola consumed in the United States compared to the rest of the world:

International Per Capita Coca Cola Consumption Graph

In the United States, an average person drinks 412 8-ounce drinks — or 3296 ounces — of Coke per year. This calculates to 39964 calories consumed per year by every American, or the equivalent of 20 days of recommended caloric intake in Coke alone. Coke soda represents 5% of recommended caloric intake for the average American.

In comparison, the average global citizens consumes 85 8-ounce Coca Cola a year, the equivalent of 680 ounces or 8245 calories consumed in Coke per year.

Below is a graph detailing the trends in beverage and soda consumption in the United States:

American Beverage And Coca Cola Consumption Graph


For more data on the subject, check out Coca-Cola’s information on global per capita consumption of Coke.


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